Video: FPSRussia Gun Enthusiast and YouTube Channel Founder Murdered

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ga. – A Georgia man behind one of the top 10 YouTube channels has been found dead. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating the death of 32-year-old Keith Ratliff as a homicide.

Ratliff was mainly behind the scenes in the videos from FPSRussia, but he did occasionally appear in them talking about — and firing –a high powered gun. The video have been view more than 500 million times on YouTube.

Ratliff also worked for FPS Industries in Franklin County, a company that makes weapons and weapon technology. He was found dead inside the business from a gunshot wound to the head, according to GBI spokesperson John Bankhead.

Levi Fox, a neighbor of Ratliff’s, said he couldn’t believe that he had been shot to death.

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  • johndillinger

    be careful what you say, these bastards are watching everyone.

  • David Muzzatti

    “You are so dead-on-balls-accurate with that statement Dillinger. In order to keep the illusion that we live in a free society, the people are allowed to hear what you say. However, once the people start listening to what you have to say…….well…….then there is a problem.”

  • Popo2

    An obviuos “hate” crime perpetrated by the gun haters. Let’s see if the libtards prosecute it as such.

  • dempseycoleman

    The crazies are out if you work in the business
    you need to watch your back at all times.