Video: NRA CEO Responds to Obama’s Gun Plan; Says ‘Americans Are Going to Stand and Fight For Their Freedom’

  • Robert

    Cuomo, Cuomo, drop dead, you homo

    • Barry_Suxx

      Can’t think of a Better Promo.

      GREAT ONE. 10-Point Bell-Ringer there Sir Robert.

  • KalevEfrayim

    I am unconvinced that a formidable amount of people will not stand and fight for the 2nd Amendment. IMHO we have become too complascent, even cowardly.

    • Robert Hauser

      That’s right—-they’ve been lobotomized by the public fool system and their local church with its “love thy enemy” apcray (Gospel According to St Matthew, V:39.44). In America we are cursed with a Moron Majority that are worse than easily duped, cajoled and lead down the Primrose Lane to slaughter at the abattoir. I don’t know how the cards will fall on this one—hopefully there are maybe just enough Americans (instead of just excuses for such) who have what it takes to tell the Monkey who would be King, that he has not only no clothes but no brains either.

      • Carol-Christian Soldier

        public “fool” system- : – )


  • Stealth

    Those of you who will NOT stand & Fight….might as well jump off a cliff, cowards! I want to remind you people that we had a CIVIL WAR once that pitted family against family, neighbor against neighbor etc. And you punk-A** men had BETTER start standing up to your LIBERAL wives/girlfriends, MOST of who voted for this ( and OTHER ) usurper-morons!

  • Harold

    It’s time to start organizing already.

    • JMerklin

      Do you remember the million black man march? I have been suggesting a half million armed citizens march to the white house, ONTO the white house grounds, INTO the white house and capitol hill, and get these bastards ourselves. Why?? Here’s why…

      The law states that if the president commits treason, which he has done starting 4 years ago, then congress must act and impeach. They have not.
      The law further states that if congress does not act, then the supreme court must act to impeach the president and congress. They have not.
      The law continues and states that then the military must act and take out the president, congress and the supreme court justices. They have not even tho they have an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against enemies, foreign and domestic. Obama is an enemy BOTH foreign AND domestic.

      What’s left? The people. WE MUST ACT and the sooner, the better.

      We only need a leader… one true blooded American.

      How about if we all join the NRA? NO, I do not work for them. I am a new member but at least they’re on our side and there, we can advocate together as a means to the end of this fascist dictatorship and incompetent congress.

  • Obama has a big surprise coming if he thinks people will willingly give up their guns. We’ll stand and fight any Leftist, Communist, Muslim, or any other Anti-American son of a bitch who thinks they are going to try to disarm us. This is simply an attempt to make America helpless when he shows his real intention of bringing us to our knees.. Screw this communist mother fucker.

  • Evil sometimes looks like a newspaper or web page. Evil sometimes looks like someone who holds a very high office. Always evil hates the truth and the NRA dares tell truth after truth. Onc again Mr. LaPierre is right; on this issue people will stand firmly in the original Constitutional law and they will not comply with illegal dictatorial mandates. That is the truth.

  • Capt.America

    If we stand and fight who should we fight ,judges and politicians?

  • Capt.America

    Look for our guns to be taken by incremental legislation.

  • Capt.America

    Hey Harold, conspiracy laws are in place,we can count on the Federal Bureau of Integration to help us organize.

  • phil

    i would rather die on my feet then live on my knees. My children are worth more the this life and I will not let the government take away their freedom.