Video: NRA Has Added 100,000 New Members Since Sandy Hook Shooting

The National Rifle Association has gained more than 100,000 new members in the past 18 days, the organization told POLITICO’s Playbook on Thursday.

The number of paid new members jumped from 4.1 million to 4.2 million during that time.

“Our goal is to get to 5 million before this debate is over,” the NRA told POLITICO’s Mike Allen.

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  • Ken A

    Just sent in my renewal to the NRA for 3 more years. I have to have
    someone out there big enough to stand up against this tyrannical
    government. If you are not an NRA member yet, it is high time to join
    up to help to keep your rights to self defense. Obama is attempting to
    use the Newtown tragedy as a way to strip you of your God given right to
    self defense at the same time that he has now been given lifetime Secret
    Service protection. What a total hypocrite! Obama believes that protection for him is a good thing but it is
    not acceptable for you serfs and peons to have it, including the mislead people who voted for him.

  • dexter60

    Obama is no simpleton but a man of great faith. By playing his game to keep his anti-gun clowns close and fellow travelers pumped up with his excesses; he can also have the NRA walk away with a promising increase in membership — a toothless threat to him as phony as the other crises created for the Lumpen Pros to whine over.
    This is another one of those many faces of fraud.
    The reality is, however, armed conflict with the citizenry, especially over their right to self defense in the face of a government that will neither obey the law nor enforce it, would wipe out this fledgling tyranny in a matter of days — government spending would go to zero in thousands of empty govt offices in all but a few corners of the nation.
    Rescinding The Constitution automatically dissolves the Republic and flushes this form of ‘government’ out — Armed Guards for Life may only be for a matter of days.
    A serious corner to paint oneself into without a supreme effort of Allah.
    Woe unto those who have no experience or thought to feeding themselves if there is yet another bump in the road, yet without the direct assistance of other despots, just the feeble hope Americans will submit.

  • H.M.Stumpf

    I am joining the NRA today. Obama and his gang of dimwits have convinced me. Thanks Holder and Obama !!!!!!