Video: Piers Morgan and Guests Laugh About Killing Alex Jones

photo credit: thisiscow

If you’ve followed the flap with Piers Morgan over gun control and the Second Amendment, you know how insistent the CNN host is about infringing on our “right to keep and bear arms.” It’s supposedly all in the name of shutting down violent crime in America.

Yet, Piers and his friends take the issue so seriously that they can talk and laugh on national television about shooting a critic with an assault rifle. What kind of message are they sending to America’s children?

Gun control advocates are apparently not really all that offended by violence. They celebrate it in Hollywood, and promote it in the gaming industry.

Let’s be honest. Isn’t it really more about control without dissent? Watch video below:

  • CSN

    Poor Alex Jones is made the brunt of their evil designs. Alex got a little bent out of shape, but I predict, and I predict this with clarity and certainty, that those who are laughing at Alex Jones, including Sean Hannity, are going to be crying and as upset as Alex when all of these things get underway, and when our Country completely becomes a Police State. It is my opinion they’ll implement some major catastrophe, possibly some suicide bombers or encourage jihadists to blow something up, and then implement Martial Law, and then they’ll have their play day about taking away our guns completely. Piers Morgan should take a long walk on a short Pier along with all of the other people who keep themselves protected with guns and body guards, and would wish ordinary citizens to defend themselves with pitch forks.

  • Nina

    Completely hypocritical of Piers

  • Those poor misguided idiots are either evil to the core or too ignorant to see why Americans need and should have weapons equal to the military’s. Think how the media would come down hard on any conservative who advocated the shooting of a liberal, but when liberals do it, it’s funny? Sick, really sick.

    • This low-life piece of crap should be deported back to the UK or Iran

  • Watchdogman

    I heard a group of Libs talking yesterday about beheading Piers and his guest because they were not vocal enough about killing all white people except liberal white people…So I guess it is who will be killed first?

  • Destry

    The hypocrisy of the left know no bounds.