Video: Ruling Class on Track to Destroy Middle America in 2013

It’s time for us in the middle class to get smart – the debt is going to destroy us. And both parties are making sure of this.

I met with Senator Tom Coburn two weeks ago. He suggests that the American experiment could collapse within the next two years. Why? Because the debt bomb is going to explode and destroy every dollar you and I own.

Who suffers? The middle class. We will be destroyed and along with us, the Republic.

Will our millionaire federal masters get real in 2013? Probably not.

  • CSN

    God is in control….the planets and the Heavens are ruled by his hand, and the earth is His and everything on it, and He will care for us the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, no matter what the rulers of any country do…Rome Fell and Christianity prospered…perhaps we have to see a fall before a rise again.

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    Isn’t great to enjoy playing in the great outdoors with your children!-Enjoy!
    I’ll be out w/ my horse and husband-working- but enjoying every minute of it…
    I hope all heed your advice —

    • joewmiller

      Thanks, Carol. My daughter is up from Mexico and wanted to do a little snow machining before she went back. We all had a great time.

  • gracentruth

    Amen and amen. Great advice, Joe. Peace,

  • Rev. Irving Goldfarb

    We get the government we deserve.We turned our back to God,He has turned His back to us,thanks to our phoney priests and preachers.

  • v steve

    We now have a TYRANT government, time to enforce the Declaration of Independence before it is to late.

  • John Sharp


    1.If Sen. Tom Coburn, OK. is in your ‘camp’..then may I presume that Gov. Sarah Palin is also among that group..They, along with Allen West,FL, Mike Lee, UT. Marco Rubio, FL, etal are the building blocks we need to restore our country to it’s “Constitutional” origin..
    2. Back in 1984 my step dad, Joe O’Day passed away..& my Mom, Pauline, “Shorty” O’Day were homesteaders in Tok & owned the “Husky House”..but had retired to Fairibanks..They had several ‘cabins’ in Tok filled with ‘STUFF’ that Mom eventually sold to a Mr. Miller who was in the ‘junk’..etc. biz..Curious to know if he may have been a relative of yours..Think he was also involved in the “Wein” Airlines..B4 it became “Alaska Airlines”..

    • joewmiller

      John, I was the magistrate in Tok for four years (1998-2002) but didn’t have any relatives there before me.

      Thanks for continuing the fight to restore the country to its constitutional foundation.

  • Sally Pollen

    I’m amazed that there is not a unity of top military, political and Christian leaders in this country to turn things around. Are we just rolling over and playing dead? True conservatives like Glen Beck, Allen West, Joe Miller, , Perry Stone, Billy Graham, and the list is thousands long. WHY do not these people sign on together and call for impeachment and justice??? Our Congress is one huge leach, taking us down week by week. Half of the nation needs to pray without ceasing and the other half start kickin’ butt big time in Washington DC. Where is Sarah Palin, btw? People with influence, where are you??

  • coomback

    hey, vaguely bearded one, why don’t you get the hell out of Alaska and go back to wherever it was you came, seriously, you’re not welcome here, carpetbaggin’ grifter

    • Last Frontier Lover

      Hey you establishment troll, Joe has lived in Alaska much longer than the average Alaskan, has had five children here, has started businesses here, and owns property throughout the state. Please, crawl back in that corrupt RINO hole you slithered out of.

      • coomback

        no, tell me, how long’s the scum been here ?
        see he’s into that spawnin’ thing bigtime too, makes for more-o-that socialistic PFD payout, eh