Video: Senators Ted Cruz and Chuck Schumer Debate Gun Control, Debt Ceiling, and More

photo credit: gage skidmore

Newly elected Texas Senator Ted Cruz appeared on Meet The Press on Sunday with David Gregory and New York Senator Chuck Schumer to talk gun control, the debt ceiling, Chuck Hagel, and Colin Powell’s latest charges of Republican intolerance and bigotry.

Up against one of the most formidable Democrat interlocutors in the United States Senate, the freshman Tea Party Senator more than held his own, performing as a seasoned veteran.

If this interview is any indication of Cruz’ future performance in the Senate, it appears Conservatives will have an able spokesman on the national stage for the foreseeable future.

  • F

    “you can buy 20 guns and sell them to anybody”

    True, however what law abiding gun owner would sell a gun registered to him to someone who might commit a crime. It would be traced back to him and he would have a lot of explaining to do! These people think that legal gun owners are criminals which they are not.

    These laws apply to handguns only.

    You only need one law to stop violators…..You cannot commit murder or a crime with a gun….any crime……Life imprisonment with no parole. If you keep putting criminals back on the streets you will never solve the problem.

    But it keeps Cops, Judges and Lawyers employed!!!

  • Watchdogman

    When I sell a gun or two I only sell to someone that holds a CWP…I keep a copy for my records…

  • jon

    what does shall not be infringed mean to you chucky you frikkin communist

  • Bob

    Well, first of all Chuck, who are you, who never served a day of his life in uniform, to dictate to me or anyone else what we do or do not “need’ in our own homes in the way of self-defense?…You know, this is most decidedly the Land of the Lying Hypocrite—-the loudest mouths and most rubberized lungs bleating for gun control are jews like you, Swineslime, Bloomberg and the whole tribe, yet you are all the first to LIE and claim that Hitler confiscated firearms owned by private German civilians…which he definitely DID NOT. Quite the contrary, Hitler encouraged working class German CIVILIANS to join shooting clubs and maintain their shooting skills. Chuck, you and the Brady Bunch and all the rest of you oath violating bastards should eat dirt and go to hell.

  • Bob

    Well, Ted, why would you “weep in the heart” or get upset by Biden’s stupid comments about chains?…This was the same Biden who came jubilantly running up to a bereaved father, waiting on the Andrews AFB tarmac to view the remains of his seal son who had been killed in Afghanistan, and blurted out, “has your son always had balls the size of cue balls?”

    Ted, the voters of this country don’t give the proverbial rat’s ass what gets dredged out of a sewer and dumped on the plush carpeting of high office and you should know that from being in the scatosphere of politics as long as you have.

  • Cruz got 10% of the time to speak. I never watch Meet the Depressed because it is not a debate, it’s an ambush. Dems own the media. Period. Why would I waste my time?

  • Elegy56

    Schumer and his allies are nothing less than domestic enemies. They know exactly why they are pushing gun control, has nothing to do with preventing murder, they want to enslave the American people. 99% of the gun control crowd are pro abortion, they have no regard for human life.