Video: Warning to Politicians – People Will Fight for Guns

“Come and Take It,” the song that has rallied gun owners with its remember-the-Alamo-like message, now has an accompanying music video with a special message for Barack Obama and members of Congress.

As WND reported, Grammy-winning musician Steve Vaus, creator of the Buck Howdy character, recorded the song that defies those advocating gun confiscation with one of the slogans of the Texas Revolution, “Come and take it.”

Though the song itself is more vague, the video leaves no doubt who Vaus is talking to in the lyrics.

“Mr. President, members of Congress,” Vaus says in the opening to the video, “you’ve been making a lot of noise about taking our guns away. But you might want to review history.

“1835. Gonzales, Texas Territory,” Vaus continues. “The authorities wanted to confiscate the big gun that protected that colony. You know what the people said? ‘Come and take it.’ Because they were willing to fight for their freedom and their guns. So are we.”

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  • Nellie CA

    Not only is Obama trying to take our guns, he is trying to up our country under the U.N. He has put us in debt, we are supporting the world and now bringing them here to cause more problems with fraud in S.S, Welfare, Food stamps. Taking the jobs from the American people. They pay no taxes because they are being hired by the UNIONS run plants. They keep the salary lower so the refugees qualify for food stamps, medical insurance and housing. Obama wants to be GOD! Remember he was brain washed by his pastor of 20 years. I am surprised Wright is still alive!

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    I wrote this for my blog in 2008-

    Ode to the Second Amendment-

    Tuesday, April 1, 2008
    EASTER 2008

    Until Christ comes AGAIN
    To Change the Hearts of Men.

    I am moved
    To remind…THAT
    Every tyrant from
    The beginning of time
    Has ITS eye on
    What’s yours and mine.

    All tyrants come from
    The league of men.
    For control of others
    The laws they bend.

    The only way we can survive
    Is to exercise
    Our covenant
    With any government…
    Amendment II
    The Right of Arms to Bear.

    Until He comes AGAIN
    Making All Hearts Pure…

    If it is Peace
    You seek…

    You must PREPARE for WAR!!!


  • v steve

    Government didn’t build “that.” John Browning, Samuel Colt, John C. Garand, Smith & Wesson, Strum & Ruger, Remington, Winchester, Sharps, Eugene Stoner did.

    Elected Federal and State government officials reluctantly claim they support the 2nd Amendment while causing chaos by not supporting the 2nd Amendment.

    The conflicting claims of Federal officials elected by We the People that are perpetuated across the United States are:

    1. State elected officials can ban or approve firearms in their States

    2. Federal elected officials have authority to approve or restrict the production of any firearm based on design and appearance of a State’s firearms that a State has approved.

    Those two directives are clearly conflicting and provide Federal and State elected officials the power to disarm American citizens. If either Federal or State elected officials claim authority to restrict the manufacture and purchase of firearms by We The People based on design and appearance, then they are thereby ignoring and destroying the function of the 2nd Amendment.

    The 2nd Amendment guarantees the right of American citizens to own and bear firearms. Firearms without ammunitions are useless, so the 2nd Amendment also guarantees as understood, ownership of ammunitions.

    What are the sources available for American citizens to obtain those firearms?
    + New firearms are made by We The People
    + Firearms are sold by We The People to the US Military
    + Used firearms are sold back to We The People by the Military
    + Firearms owned by We The People are transferred through Estates of deceased firearm owners to Americans.
    + Sales and purchases and between licensed owners.

    What are the sources available for US Military to obtain firearms, ammunition, munitions?
    + Purchases of firearms manufactured by We The People. Browning and Samuel Colt, John C Garand, Eugene Stoner and other US manufacturers.

    There are no “military guns” manufactured by the government. John Browning and Samuel Colt John C Garand designed and manufactured the guns we use in the military. Eugene Stoner designed and manufactured firearms we call the M-16 and the AR-15 assault style firearm, and the AK-47 assault style firearm was designed and made by a Russian citizen, not by the Russian government.

    Firearms were designed and produced by John Browning, Samuel Colt, John C Garand, Smith & Wesson, Strum & Ruger, Remington, Winchester, and Sharps, Eugene Stoner, all citizens of America, thus not credited to the US government or military, but are weapons of We The People. Thus, there are no “military” guns, as guns were designed and manufactured by citizens of the USA and sold to the US military.

    If we allow elected Federal and State officials to restrict or ban guns based on the category they assign to the firearms according to appearance, the 2nd Amendment is useless without the need of verbal or written invasion of the amendment by any politician. It is automatically inept.

    The elected officials who are involved in these maneuvers and manipulations must be removed from office for refusal to do their job of adhering to their Oath of Office to support and defend the Constitution of the USA, and for actively enabling procedures that destroy the effectiveness of the 2nd Amendment.

    By continuing to annoy Americans with this obvious game of strategy, politicians are proving their misjudgment of the wisdom and willingness of the American people to follow the instructions of Founder and Patriot Thomas Jefferson.

    Not a good idea to use the tragedy of the innocent child victims at Sandy Hook as a game piece in the destruction of the 2nd Amendment, which doing so will cause that tragedy to become a casualty of war in an intensive Constitutionally required, reaction.

  • Bob

    As I say, the reason it’s called the Second Amendment is because once it is abolished, everything else you cherished will be gone within the second.

  • JSebastian

    You won’t take my guns but I will give you some bullets!

  • keepersleeper

    There would be no other Amendments w/o the 2nd Amendment!

  • AK grandma

    Come and take it? How cute. Problem, as I see it, there were no tanks or fighter jets in the 1800’s. And if you start thinking that our “boys” will not turn on US citizens, let me say, Kent State, Ruby Ridge, and Waco. I think our leaders WANT us to revolt so they can bring in the big guns like they did at Waco. And killing women and children didn’t bother them a bit. One or two really good examples of what happens when you refuse to turn in your guns should be all it takes.

    • No, I do not believe that a wholesale military fight will happen as most of the GI’s would refuse to follow an obviously illegal order… Our military is filled with the best and brightest our country has to offer, and to think that they will just roll over on this is only more rhetoric spoken to inflame. Kent State was a much different time, Waco was one agency and a lot of cops did not participate and voiced concerns when Kill ’em all Janet Reno gave the order to start the attack.