Video: Why Americans Need to Own Assault Weapons

As has been widely reported, the Obama Administration is contemplating massive new gun control measures.

And at least eight bills have been filed by liberal gun control advocates in Congress.

This has stimulated strong responses from pro-Second Amendment activists. For example, a Marine veteran wrote a letter that has gone viral in response to Senator Feinstein’s public statements against guns and then went head-to-head with a CNN anchor over the constitutional purpose for individual ownership of guns.

Even Alex Jones got into the act with his appearance on Piers Morgan several days ago. This followed Piers Morgan’s meltdown with Gun Owners of America President Larry Pratt the week before.

But if you really want ammunition in support of your right to bear arms, pass around the following video. It’s entertaining and is right on the mark:

  • jdelaney3

    Very well done. Too bad this can’t be aired on TV/Radio. Lack of funding?
    If the people understood the issue there would be precious little support for gun control. It’s all about educating a dumbed-down, drive-by electorate which is teetering on the edge of its own self-destruction.

    • sparkysr15108

      Myybe it’s time to start attacking the news media and the freedom of the press, the same way they are attacking our gun rites. The 1st ammendment does not give the press the right to remove my right to own a gun. Soooo maybe it’s time to newter the press. After all, without the 2nd ammendment it will be easy to silence the press. DUH!!!

  • The mainstream stupid media is vile, rife with lies, irresponsible, and Communist. Wag the Dog is here to stay, adding to the reason people need to adhere to the Constitutional right to bear arms.

  • Dumb Rock

    Read Spartacus,
    Rather you believe in God or not. For those that need a brief
    refresher on history. White, brown, yellow or green, creed is irrelevant, we
    all need to dial back and just review. Those that don’t know the past are
    doomed to repeat it. Read your Bible if have one. If you don’t this might be a good time to consider getting one.

    “ The times ‘ they are’a chaangin’ “