Video: CNN Absurdly Asks If Rubio’s Sip of Water Was ‘Career-Ender’

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore“So can a drink of water make or break a political career?” Blitzer asked. “A U.S. Senator, possible presidential candidate. We’re going to find out, whether he likes it or not.”

The fact that a major media outlet could even pose such a question does more to expose the utter vacuous nature of the modern world than anything.

The lines have been blurred between make-believe and reality to such an extent that petulant children in the press demand showbiz at it’s best, while completely ignoring substantive public discourse.

No wonder the media cheerleads a “leader of the free world” whose persona can be summed up by a teleprompter and fist bump.

Serious public discourse, and a real record of accomplishment be damned. Lies, incompetency, and scandal. Never mind. He’s “cool” (whatever that means), and he can read a teleprompter like no other.

Meanwhile, the middle class guy who believes in free markets and seeks to engage in adult conversation is finished. And what did him in? “Watergate,” of course. The guy had an awkward moment on TV, and gasp, took a drink of water in the middle of his speech. So unpresidential!

See the media’s manufactured scandal below:

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  • Kent2012

    teddy turncoats well trained chimps once again ask those spine-tingling, get right to the core, kind of questions that only a seasoned veteran news person knows how to phrase….

  • Disgusted

    Goodness Gracious! Do they have nothing of importance to say. Media people are just as stupid as politicians. They are all idiots, morons and imbeciles.

  • GSoros

    Only in America is a man scrutinized for drinking water after a communist takes the stage for over an hour to destroy the Constitution. Wake up people, the media is changing the subject!


    Which of two Hispanic senators get’s bad press coverage?

    The Republican that takes a drink of water…….or the Democrat that screws underage Dominican hookers?

    Fair and balanced? You decide.

  • exile

    no, but his association with rove sure is.