Complaint Filed Over School’s Purge Of Professor Who Told the Truth About Islam

Photo Credit: WNDOfficials with the Thomas More Law Center say they have filed a formal complaint challenging the accreditation of the National Defense University after officials there disciplined an instructor for teaching an approved course on Islam.

The law center said the complaint was filed with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, which accredited NDU as a degree granting university, and the organization confirmed a preliminary review was launched.

TMLC said its complaint “provides overwhelming evidence that several NDU and Department of Defense (DoD) policies relating to academic freedom were violated when Lt. Col. (LTC) Matthew Dooley was removed from his teaching post as a result of demands by Muslim organizations that all training materials offensive to Islam be purged and instructors using the materials disciplined.”

Richard Thompson, law center president, said, “The actions taken against LTC Dooley are astonishing. NDU’s own policies recognize that academic freedom is essential to the integrity of the university classroom setting as well as U.S. national interests. In fact, the Department of Defense had specifically directed the National Defense University to establish a climate of academic freedom within the university, with the directed purpose to foster lively, classroom debate in the examination of national security issues. Contrary to these established policies, NDU and DoD have subsequently gone on to violate their own rules in handling this incident concerning the ‘Islamic Radicalism’ elective.”

TMLC also asked the commission to conduct its own confidential on-site interviews of NDU faculty members to determine the extent to which academic freedom has been diminished and what measures should be taken to insure the future integrity of NDU as a university.

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  • Kent2012

    good show, these communist breeding cesspools need to be reorganized into institutions of higher learning instead of a source of lies about communism being the way to go….

  • SammysDad

    If they can demand something every time they are shown to be less than they are, then so can we continue to expose them as these fear mongering, crazed zealots they really are. Muslims do not want and will not ever assimilate into our society. They only want to take control of our society, and if Americans don’t get the word and fight this clandestine dilution of our populace by these vermin, then we deserve what we will reap.

  • “The Thought Police” are everywhere. Orwell’s 1984, was just about 29 years too soon. In 2013, our “diverse” society that the Washington Liberals have so patiently perfected over the past 50 years, is about to proclaim that America – as we used to know it – is ‘no more’.
    Our wonderful President – BHO – started the ball rolling, when he proclaimed before a Muslim audience; “AMERICA IS NO LONGER A CHRISTIAN NATION.” In your wildest “Dreams”, Bozo. YOU, are perhaps no longer a Christian, because you are exposed for what you truly are; An enemy of the American people – a ‘closet-Muslim’.

  • exile

    as the judeo-christian teachings are openly discredited, no, actually denied the freedom of religion as insured by the 1st. amendment, but in actuality

    a limited and revised concept. the gov’t involvement on the representation of a religion; actually violates the 1st. amendment by sponsoring a religion as an officially sanctioned religion, a clear cut violation of the constitution.

    can sharia be that far behind ?

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    posted on this -Sept 2012-

    Thomas More Law upholds the Constitution and Christians who speak the truth–
    Do you all see why I have been giving $$$ to Thomas More Law!

  • Linda

    Well, why don’t Christians demand that any thing being taught contrary to our beliefs be banished ? islam is a religion from hell and their so called “prophet ” was a sex pervert !

  • Nellie CA

    Every student of all ages needs to know what the terrors and the religion of Islam is trying to convert our students to their way of life. If someone can take Welfare and all the free things that is given to the Muslim community, paid by the tax payers they should be thankful and stop trying to change our laws and schools. This is wrong and this teacher shouldn’t have been denied to teach what Islam is is trying to do to our country. We are never going to be safe after 9/11 and our borders are not safe when we have illegals from all over the world coming across our borders. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY. Remember, Japan didn’t invade us because they knew the Citizens of the U.S.A had guns to protect us. The government is trying to take those guns away from us now. Who will protect us. We have Military on the borders of S. Korea to protect them from N. Korea! Why don’t we have more Military on our borders now!?? There is good and bad in everyone. I don’t think our government knows or cares who is coming into our country. Our Senators are using every shooting incident to try and pass a law to take the guns, then only the criminals will have guns!! Obama passed a law on abortions! This has killed more children than guns.