Counting The Ways The Media Lies About The Economy

Photo Credit: John NoltePop quiz: What was the biggest news story this week? And I don’t mean, what was the biggest news story according to Obama’s media.

Obviously, it was the economy taking a nosedive into negative territory last quarter, along with the fact that hardly enough jobs were created last month to keep up with population growth. Oh, and the unemployment rate increased. Of course the economy is the biggest story; it affects the most people and Obama’s doing it wrong.

But not only is the media never-minding the economy, much of the media coverage related to economic bad news is forever being spun into good news. A few examples…

Politico saw the jobs numbers as something that “could soothe some of the renewed economic anxiety in Washington[.]”

The AP saw the jobs numbers as proof “[t]he U.S. job market is proving sturdier than expected” and “mostly encouraging.”

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  • exile

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