EPA Corruption and Scandal

photo credit: wallygThe EPA and Ms. Lisa Jackson, its chief, have committed extensive violations of law that should receive in-depth scrutiny from Congress, law enforcement and the American people. Yes the Obama administration has yet another serious scandal on their hands. The scandal features a fantasy administrator, ‘Richard Windsor’, and ‘his’ email account. The account was established and used by Ms. Jackson to camouflage controversial EPA processes, discussions, decisions and accountability. To date the known evidence suggests violations of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), mail and wire fraud laws. Additionally it surfaces another example of the Obama administration’s epidemic chicanery with the law, Congress and the Constitution and another failure to keep faith with the American people.

Upon closer inspection the EPA like the GSA and other Obama administration agencies, demonstrates a lack of managerial/administrative control. It also exhibited a culture of obfuscation, malfeasance and corruption that did not blossom overnight. And like other Obama scandals, the mainstream media has again decided to cover it with their much practiced three monkey act.

For perspective a little recent history is in order. Lisa Jackson, who is departing the EPA, stated in November of 2011 that “…What EPA’s role is to do is to level the playing field so that pollution costs are not exported to the population but rather companies have to look at pollution potential of any fuel or any process or any plant or utility when their making investment decisions.”

Simply translated Ms. Jackson makes clear that her job and the EPA’s are to hurt companies/industries that produce energy counter to the wishes of the Obama administration (and the left’s agenda). Ms. Jackson also demonstrates a very low economic IQ, since higher costs incurred by energy companies will be passed to end users/consumers.

Coupling her statement with President Obama’s pronouncement of a year ago, i.e. “Where Congress is not willing to act, we’re going to go ahead and do it ourselves”… exposes his strategy to “legislate” by regulation and executive order (with Jackson and the heads of other agencies helping). Although Obama indicated it would be “nice” to work with Congress, his intentions are to evade the two centuries-old legislative process of the Constitution and impose his will on all Americans. The EPA under Jackson has become a key bludgeon in this political and ideological power grab and has used illegal methods in the effort.

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  • Stealth

    Corrupt?? Nawww… Just an extension of the President himself!

  • SammysDad

    “Most transparent administration?” Only the uninformed, apathetic, ignorant and racist Americans believe this impostor. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them.

    • Unfortunately a lot of the one’s uninformed is simply because they don’t take an interest in what is going on in our great country.
      That has come back to bite them in yhe butt / wallet.

    • Kent2012

      and when you add in the worthless government union vote and all the voters from the cemeteries you have enough votes to put kenyan boy and his communist entourage back in the driver’s seat

  • Douglas

    Let’s see if this is correct, O has his gang take orders from his speeches, like we will not Honor the Constitution in our work, and do what they want without Congress/Voice of American (all) People…then the Courts get involved and state that either O or one of his appointees has over stepped their authority and….

    Still waiting for the conclusion after the and…while so am I after the courts decisions had been made, where does it go from there???

    Not only does O show the American people that he does not honor his Oath of Office…but the Courts have no good use in our New America…under the dictatorship of O either….they will make a decision that O or one of his crooks have committed a crime and end of story. Wasn’t it just a week ago that O had overstepped his authority by appointing various other crooks to office without being vented by Congress during O’s claim of recess, the courts there decided O had violated his authority and his Oath…nothing changed!!

    I don’t know how we are going to stop this man peacefully, if Congress doesn’t do its job in both houses…and Senate follows up on the Impeachment procedures. If they also get our Guns we will be left at their mercy and that won’t be good.


  • Bob

    The EPA has way over stepped their original intended role in government, but then again, so has the “Executive” branch. BOTH need to be corralled & made to toe the line provided in the Constitution! There are supposed to be 3 branches of government, each over-looking the other, so that none over step the boundries provided by law. Why is that not working? We have whimps in Washngton who are not fulfilling their Constitutionally dictated role in policing the other branches. THYE need to shape up or ship out!

  • What should we expect but corruption when Our Congress allowed a Muslim/Socialist President to staff the Executive branch with known communists and gangsters? Congress has allowed Obama to assume powers that is not granted, or intended, by Our Constitution. We the people must demand that those we have hired to represent us in Washington, stand up and do the job they were hired to do. They all took an oath to uphold and defend our Constitution, and it time that the be held to that oath. Only Congress has the responsibility and the power to enact laws, and they should declare all the Executive Orders issued by Obama null and void insofar as the American public is concerned. Executive Orders are only a means for the President, or any department head for that matter, to direct their employees in the conduct of their jobs.

  • SturdyStew

    Ninety-five percent of the media gives the American people leftist propaganda. Most are too busy living their lives to dig out the truth. The media is the problem not the American people.

  • BlueSpud

    Although its ugly head has risen higher; it’s not only under this administration the EPA has shown it is too filled with ideologue zealots
    not bent singularly on protection of the environment but more so on their own version of “transformational change” in government and land ownership. As Mr. O’Sullivan suggests it is past time to dismantle the EPA.
    Gee, I wonder how much that could contribute to balancing the budget?

  • Dempseycoleman

    Another offence that Screams IMPEACH

  • gracentruth

    EPA is another one world government entity and always has been in violation of our constitution. Peace,

  • Capt.America

    A lot of real Americans think it is very transparent(we can see thru them)

  • Until we start taking these people to court, getting them convicted, and putting them behind bars to serve real time for their crimes, we will continue to get a government run by criminals. Our Congress isn’t fulfilling it’s duty because far too many of those “serving” are in it for themselves and have serious flaws of their own. We as voters need to become more informed before we dare step into the voting booth and elect corrupt people like Jesse Jackson Jr. and Robert Menendez. When we continue to elect people lacking in good character, we end up with a corrupt, dysfunctional government.

  • Carlos Ramos

    I’ll bet Richard Windsor also draws down a six -figure salary

  • BenDoubleCrossed

    Obama really must think he was elected emperor and not President. It is time for him to be impeached!