Famed Navy SEAL Chris Kyle Murdered at Gun Range in N. Texas

Photo Credit: G Laury PhotographyGLEN ROSE, Texas — A former U.S. Navy SEAL who gained recognition during the Iraq War was one of two people fatally shot southwest of Fort Worth on Saturday, KHOU 11 News has learned.

Sources close to the investigation identified the former SEAL as Chris Kyle, 39, author of the New York Times bestselling book, “American Sniper.”

Kyle was shot point-blank while helping another soldier who was recovering from post traumatic stress syndrome, officials said. The murders happened at a shooting range near the town of Glen Rose, about 53 miles southwest of Fort Worth.

The Erath County Sheriff’s Office issued an alert for the arrest of the suspect, who was later identified as Eddie Routh, 25. Officials warned that Routh was traveling in a Ford F-150 pickup with large tires and rims. They said he was believed to be highly trained with military experience.

Routh was reportedly later captured in Lancaster, south of Dallas.

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  • Brian Perry

    Sad, you go to war and survive all that just to come back home and get murdered.

  • Yeah, just after he spoke out against obama….

    • kaj

      Coincidence????? I don’t think so. We are living in a dictatorship……. soon to be communist country.

      • Pac

        LOL, you think Obama killed him? Mabey Bush had him killed for speaking out against oil recovery efforts of Iraq war. Dems and Repubs have blood on they’re hands and you think you’re right wingers are going to get anything done that does not have big business in mind. Man you Americans are idiots

        • CSN

          …..get lost troll!

          • Kent2012

            just like some of the communist gun banner pu$$ies on newser that are talking through their a$$ about Chris, Pac is probably one of those panty waists from canada or pakistan…………

        • Robbie Wilsdorf

          I bet you dont have the guts to say something like that to an American’s face. Your just a coward that hides behind a computer just like every other coward that bashes America

    • CSN

      I was thinking the same thing….didn’t he expose something with regard to how the killing of ben Laden was handled? Is this another Death by Mind Control as the killer was on psychotropic drugs…..look into this folks.

    • Robbie Wilsdorf

      I was wondering if I was the only one to think that.

  • brabbie2002

    Let me guess – Routh is a liberal nut job hired by oblowhole to rid himself of one more sharpshooter. This does not surprise me, folks, as oblowhole probably plans to murder or arrest top gun people to put “the fear of allah” in the rest of we gun owners so we turn in our weapons. Sounds like something that narcissistic ass would do. Wonder how much Routh’s family got in this little deal?

    • Pac

      And you can prove this how? Just redneck winging it? Where does it say turn in all of youre weapons? Idiot Americans


    There are no garauntees in this life, we sign no contract, this man was a man who always stepped up to do the right thing, he will be missed and his service to the nation will always be recognized….Condolences to his family and may he rest in peace..

    • simpletony1


  • aimee

    Truly sad, he loved his Country so very much! God bless him and his family.

  • zoeusa


  • simpletony1

    Lotsa bad people around these days who’ve pretty much ruined our American way of life. Crazy ass liberals who’re blind to the hell that muslim obama has in mind for us. People act like they don’t realize what that means. Nothing surprises or shocks me…Good Lord, we actually have a muslim for a so-called president, and they evidently rigged the election too. Large voting precincts without a single Romney vote? I don’t think so. Dead people and animals voting? I think so. Well, as far as that goes, democrats are dead…brain dead.

    • Pac

      Or people like you that are blind to the fact that you’re big business, or should I say government have you in they’re best intrest. You sir are brain dead. It’s all a fix and if Romney did get in, we would still be sitting in a crappy enonomy. Republicans are just as bad as Democrats. Don’t worry because you’re country music and guns will all be replaced with Rock and Rocks. You idiots don’t know how to handle guns anyway. Shooting yourselves at gun shows. If you actually had an open mind you could see Bush’s war caused post tramatic syndrome and caused this mans mental decline and then he killed this Seal. See how dum that all sounds. Stupid ass Americans. Why don’t you kick yourself out you’re an imigrant too.

      • simpletony1

        You cracker butt hole, it’s a shame you learned a little about writing anything, clearly not your best thing. We don’t care where you’re from, we just wish you’d go back to it and leave us alone; we have enough problems. What’s your IQ, about 25? Wanna compare? I don’t think so, now stay off the damn computer as a gift to the rest of us, OK? Thanks.

      • Kent2012

        which war are you talking about? the last “war” this country was in was WWII, since then all of our engagements have been “police actions” UN sanctioned efforts to stop clowns like your buddy saddam and your heroes like ho chi minh, mao tse tung, stalin and castro. These UN actions are multi national in scope, that means more than one country. When you pull your head out you may figure out that we have not gone to war against Afghanistan or Iraq. I am sure that is too technical for you bush people to understand…………..

    • Herbie

      Simple — You are right on the money about the treasonous mooooooslum obama. I wouldnt be surprised if the shooter was a moooslum also or had been paid by the moos or the filthy democrats to do the job. A follower of mohammad asked the prophet what the greatest deed was that could be done for allah! “The greatest deed is to wage war and KILL for allah!” said the prophet.
      Lets get goin folks. Its time to start organizing military styled groups to destroy America’s enemies.

  • America has lost a warrior and his family lost the irreplaceable.

  • bouboulina

    1-Demonize guns; 2-demonize mainstream gun owners; 3-demonize those who are experts with guns; 4-ongoing — coddle/encourage America’s urban street criminals so they have free rein on our streets against good citizens–with no consequences–& you have the makings of something that will look like today’s Syria in no time. The next step will be to institutionalize most if not all returning veterans & even those who have been here for some time. Remember that many of our vets have been enduring the current admin.’s new rules of engagement which ensured the criminal spike in troop deaths & woundings that occurred beginning in 2009. To combat the (intentional) increase in angst & suicides the military then “resorted” to filling troops with the same SSRI antidepressants & other harmful drugs that have been a factor in nearly every school shooting. Military veterans continue toll face increasing unemployment and little or no medical/psychological care while being forced to suddenly withdraw from these dangerous medications, with the attendant negative psychological consequences. Coincidence?– or all part of the complex & carefully crafted plan to bring America to its knees? It sounds as if Napolitano/Homeland Security’s pronouncement targeting returning vets as a threat was more game plan than a reaction to any real threat. Never underestimate the diabolical minds of the so-called “czars” who are shepherding America & Americans toward a very dismal–at best–future.

    • C-CS

      I agree-Great TAKE-

  • joebeckmann

    I would have thought he was safe since he was carrying a gun.

    • Jim

      Yea, if Obama didnt take his gun. Oh wait. Now I’m confused by Faux News.

  • JaniceSix

    Sounds like a set-up to me. . . hmm? Wonder who or what organization or entity might do that? Any guesses, folks?

    • Pac

      Bush? No, he just caused the war for oil that caused this young mans PTS. (Call it fake then go slap a vet) Then the instability of this mans mind caused him to make a horrible decision

      • CSN

        Seems to me Obama is sending Missiles, Guns, Airforce Jets and Tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood to wipe out Christians and Jews….think he’s innocent sir?

        • Kent2012

          no he is helping his towel head buddies, islamy and communists first, Real Americans last……

  • kensabic

    I question as to what was the motive for Routh killing Kyla?

  • Guest

    Sounds like a hit.

  • Poppo

    Probably knew too much. Wouldn’t pass O’s new litmus test.

  • exile

    strangely, the killer has an “islamist” beard style, a coincidence, or a jihadi mission ? how easy it is going to be to use post traumatic stress syndrome
    as a defense. something smells as bad as ft.hood hassan,being charged with “workplace violence”or n.y.p.d. sgt. hamdi, who after shooting a national guardsman, during a routine traffic stop was originally charged with “road rage” seems ridiculous, until you realize that n.y.p.d. unit, is attached to h.s.a., who in turn, has the muslim-brotherhood well placed
    in the agency,so it is no wonder that it took noel polanco’s family, from oct. 4th.,to mid january to have charges changed to murder, so it would come as no surprise to see navy seal kyle’s life to be dragged through the media

  • C-CS

    Something SMELLS!!-

    Just like the SMELL I got when the news came out that Breitbart has ‘suddenly’ died–and the corner who handled his autopsy-also’ ‘suddenly’ died!!

  • This is so sad! Our country is being overrun by the mentally ill. In the good old days these people were locked up in mental institutions. Today they are running around free and if and when they commit crimes and are caught, they are being provided free lawyers and if found guilty they
    spend life in jail living the good life while we pay their bills.

    • 1jam

      You forgot, they are also running the Country.

  • Winston D

    I don’t doubt that the muslims, through this Routh guy, put the “hit” on Kyle with obama’s ok – obama being the treasonous commie muslim shit that he is. A special thanks to our great American public education system for giving us an electorate that is as brainless as a brick, otherwise we wouldn’t have that azole in, what was formerly, the White House.

    —It’s time to arm up and organize people.

    —It’s time to go to war with our, so-called, government.

    —It’s time to take the bastards down!

    —It’s time to burn the public schools and the universities to the ground!

    —It’s time (to paraphrase Jefferson) ‘To start all over!”

  • simpletony1

    First, execute Routh. Then let’s annihilate muslims, ALL of ’em starting at the top. I’m too old to do any more than cheer and applaud, but Onward Christian Soldiers!