Gun-Toting Hollywood Movie Stars

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore Hollywood might be a liberal town, but there are plenty of celebrities who own guns — and they’re not afraid to use them.

An E! Online report quotes gun owner Angelina Jolie talking about her willingness to protect her family: “If anybody comes into my home and tries to hurt my kids, I’ve no problem shooting them.”

She isn’t alone. Whoopi Goldberg of “The View” and James Earl Jones are both NRA members. Even Donald Trump — who spoke exclusively to The Times in November on the issue — and “The Avengers” star Jeremy Renner admit to owning firearms.

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  • CSN

    It’s nice some Hollywood people own guns, but the “Right to Bear Arms” is for everyone in the country, and it doesn’t matter if they own a gun, just that they shouldn’t take them from those who do, and especially good and decent citizens who have no intention to go out shooting people for sport. You can’t stop evil men from doing evil things, but you also can’t stop people from protecting themselves should someone decide to do just that, and without a gun to protect ourselves from those who would misuse them, you’re making a recipe for Mass Murder.

  • Keven

    China, as you see in Iraq, you don’t need weapons to do mass damage to troops. If you are afraid of America’s guns – then just know, we are 50 times more deadly and if you think back to the Civil War Obama, we gunners can do a hell of a lot of damage with even single-shot blackpowder weapons. Stop trying to disarm U.S. and get your ass to work on identifying the mentally insane and build them some homes and institutions. Stop your baby pandering and tear up those 28 Executive Orders. Our Constitution ( Remember that thing on Inaguaral Day ) that you swore to defend. Those 28 cuts at the fabric of OUR Constitution probably just ended your parties chances next time around. We don’t need a Marxis president or a King. We the people will make sure that your Executive Orders are ignored and we will continue buying weapons and joining the NRA – At least they seem to know what the Constitution is and that you should have learned in Law School. I for one say stick all those Anti-Gun orders up your ass.