Is John Brennan Blackmailing Obama? (+video)

In early 2008, it was reported that a low-level employee at Analysis Corporation, a State Department contracted company that processed and stored passport records, had breached Barack Obama’s passport file on three different occasions.

The incident was reported to simply be mischief, and the employee involved was reprimanded. We would later find out that John Brennan, then-advisor on intelligence and foreign policy to the Obama campaign, headed the company.

After Barack Obama won the election, the issue was quietly forgotten.

Obama, a radical leftist ideologue—anti-military, anti-war, and anti-torture—proceeded on Day One to surround himself with far left ideologues.

So it was odd when Obama put John Brennan at the top of the list for CIA chief.

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  • pearl87

    I find it disturbing that opposition to TORTURE is listed as a detrimental factor. In my opinion, this should be a prerequisite for any person serving in our govt. Torture, and support for it, should be considered treason by ALL Americans.

    • JaniceSix

      Let’s see if you continue to hold this La-La land opinion when Obama’s weak policies allow terrorists and other America haters to invade (already happening) and overtake our nation and its citizens. You might then reevaluate your definition of “treason.” Wake up, Pearl.

      • CSN

        You’re a woman who smells the Coffee. Obama is bringing in Terrorists to disarm us, and then kill us. If you Don’t believe it then wait until it happens, but don’t give up your guns.

    • Pearl obviously has a fairy tale view of real life. If your child’s or wifes life were at stake you would probably expand your scope of acceptable interogation methods. At the end of the day there are two questions, does the suspect have the info and how badly do you need it.

  • Nels Tomlinson

    The first unstated assumption here seems to be that 0bummer’s administration is somehow different than Bush’s. Based on their actions, I don’t see any difference: 0bummer is continuing most of Bush’s policies, including the ones he ran against.

    The second unstated assumption seems to be that Bush’s neo-cons are different than 0bammy’s overt liberals. Again, the evidence doesn’t support that.

    In short, a progressive statist is going to work for another progressive statist. These people cycle from office to office as the administrations change, and there is nothing new or surprising about it.

  • I strongly sugest that those of you whom share the same beliefs as
    “Neis Tomlinson” should wake and smell the coffee, Retired President
    Bush and obama are as differant as night and day, Bush had the
    military experience and abilities to navigate his military movements
    into action with accompolishments and success, Bush had knowledge
    and experience to run a company, business and interprise, And Bush
    had the qualification to secure the most high office of the United States,
    not to mention his personal persona or personality detailing in a truthful
    manner and presenting to the people in social situations, Which obama
    has exactly none of these qualitie’s or qualifications.

  • Linna

    I agree with Herman McCloud – if anything Brennan blackmailed Justice Roberts to sneak in Obamacare. Please give Bush credit where credit is due … those were different times and we were lucky to have such a wonderful president who believed in protecting the american people. Now we are under fire from our executive branch, czars, United Nations … doesn’t anyone worry when Pinetta has to ask the UN BEFORE he goes to war and then, perhaps, Congress. we need to wake up! There is nothing more important to Obama and left wing than destroying Bush and the GOP … we don’t need conservatives piling on too. Wake up!

  • Linna

    Obama is the puppet of Soros and the left wing … also Saudia Arabia — notice we have a secret drone station there, that we are not taking them down as an Arab Spring like the other countries that we have illegally invaded … President Bush had nothing to do with these thugs and thieves.
    And Obama had this plan all along …

  • Greg Stoddard

    Bush and Obama are very different. Obama is anti-American and so is his wife. Bush made huge mistakes, but none were with the intent to destroy America. Similarities aside, Bush was not intentionally hurting America. Obama is though. Whether a citizen or a product of affirmative action, Obama is not American at heart, to say the least. He is a communist hell bent on the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

  • di from Oregon

    Well, if this video is true, John Brennan needs to expose obummer as the fraud that he is pronto, for the good of our nation. Hello!