Going Rove on the Tea Party? Marco Rubio Says Former Bush Strategists’ SuperPAC is ‘Good Idea’

Photo Credit: APSen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) gave a strong defense of GOP strategist Karl Rove’s Conservative Victory Project in a recent interview, arguing that the super PAC offshoot, designed to quash conservative Senate candidates who might be too extreme to win general elections, was sensible.

Speaking with David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network, Rubio was asked if he thought Rove’s endeavor was a “good idea.”

“Yes,” Rubio responded, going on to explain that Rove and his American Crossroads super PAC had been some of his biggest supporters during his rapid rise and eventual victory in his 2010 Senate race.

Rubio also gave credit to the Tea Party supporters that backed him, saying that both Rove’s group and conservative activists “have a place in American politics.”

Rove’s new election effort has quickly highlighted rifts in the GOP’s foundation. Tea Party activists have largely regarded it as a direct affront to their broader goal of putting forth highly conservative candidates. While Rove has pointed to Senate candidates such as Missouri’s Todd Akin and Indiana’s Richard Mourdock — both of whose campaigns suffered irreversible damage after offensive comments about rape — as a justification for his project, Tea Party activists have countered, arguing that Rove’s new push would have clipped the wings of successful candidates like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rubio before they could take off.

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  • CSN

    Rubio distanced himself from the Tea Party during last years Primaries…..he’s in thick with Jeb Bush, and if that isn’t establishment, what is??? All this talk about Rubio being the Savior of the Republican party is hogwash. Rand Paul has the Tea Party interests at heart, is passionate about his convictions, and would make the absolute BEST CANDIDATE for President this country has seen since Reagan….period!

    • former MR backer

      What feels like a knife in the back is most painful when it comes from a man that this “old timer” held up to his skeptical friends as the “genuine” conservative. Oh, well, just another RINO. My Rubio Victory bumper sticker and mailer are going in the shredder. Not another dime!

      • CSN

        Don’t feel badly, as many have gone his path which leads to destruction….prayer heals souls.

  • Capt.America

    Rubio is a fart the media is giving us another leader like Dole,Bush 1&2 McCain, Romney now this @!#%$^&

  • ConsGram

    I like Rubio, but I don’t think he realizes who he is dealing with. The left will lie and promise you anything you want, than do the complete opposite. They are not to be trusted, and I don’t think Rubio gets it. Rand Paul however is more in tune with what we need in DC. You can’t comprise with evil.

  • Lizelot

    Always had doubts about Rubio, just the pricking of my thumbs. However, his cozying up to McCain & Schumer (!!) on illegal immigrants and white washing yet another disastrous non-amnesty solidified my doubts, only to feel my doubts turn to stone now he sides with Rove of all destructive pseudo-conservatives. Yes, he’s close to Jeb Bush, too.

  • exile

    by aligning himself with the rove school for political death, rubio has become part of the incompetence that placed obama in the white-house
    in 2008, and again in 2012.i’d like to know what kind of tea marco is smoking. i hope he has bought his prayer rug, well, at least, he was not wearing the “muslim” awareness ribbon, for his disappointing response to jihado boy.