McCain Defends Immigration Plan To Angry Residents

Arizona took center stage in the national immigration debate Tuesday as Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano toured the state’s border with Mexico and Sen. John McCain defended his proposed immigration overhaul to an angry crowd in suburban Phoenix.

The presence of the top officials is the latest sign that Arizona will play a prominent role in the immigration debate as President Barack Obama looks to make it a signature issue of his second term.

Napolitano toured the border near Nogales with the highest-ranking official at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the incoming chairman of the Senate’s homeland security committee and an Arizona congressman. Napolitano, Arizona’s former governor, said afterward that comprehensive immigration reform will strengthen the nation’s border against criminals and other threats.

Also Tuesday, McCain hosted two town hall meetings in Arizona, during which he defended his immigration plan to upset residents concerned about border security. A bipartisan group of senators — including Arizona Republicans McCain and Jeff Flake — want assurances on border security as Congress weighs what could be the biggest changes to immigration law in nearly 30 years. Arizona is the only state with both of its senators working on immigration reform in Congress, a sign of the state’s widely debated border security issues.

Immigration activists and elected officials say it’s only natural for Arizona to continue to take the forefront in the national conversation on immigration after years of internal debate on the topic.

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  • dufus

    McCain and his Republican cohorts have sold out the American people.
    I used to be a staunch Republican, and sure as hell would never support a
    Democrat, as I am sick up to my neck with the politicians in Washington.
    It is time to clean them out and get some sanity to our government or watch lthis Hitler take us to our graves. It’s time to get off our lazy asses and do something about it!

  • thomacx

    I live in AZ and believe that both of our Senators are sellouts. Although the elections were to either select the frying pan or the fire, so, we didn’t really have much to chose from.
    McCain is out of touch with reality and needs to be replaced. I heard somewhere that if he did not receive the GOP nod for senator this upcoming term that he would run as a Dem.
    Wolf in sheep’s clothing!

  • Nels Tomlinson

    McCain and his Republican cohorts? I thought he and Feinstein were democrats? How do you tell a repub from a dem now? They are all trying to pull the same unconstitutional garbage!

    I’ll vote for a conservative regardless of party affiliation, but I’ll never vote for a Republican or a Democrat.

    • NellieCA

      I AM ready to drop the Republicans and join the Tea Party. I don’t think McCain would have made3 a good president and he would have stopped Palin’s ideas. She got more people at her campaigns meetings than McCain. I only voted because of her, not McCain. We didn’t have much of a choice! Hopefully Obama will be tried for treason against our country.

  • Capt.America

    Bought and paid for. Any doubt?

  • exile

    mccain should either retire,or just go work for obama,oh,he already does.

  • Dempseycoleman

    I was hopeing Jeff Flake would not be the USEFUL IDIOT
    that John McCain is

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    ma cain quote-

    “There are 11 million people living here illegally,” he said. “We are not going to get enough buses to deport them.”

    My take-

    It is because of mc cain an those like him that we have had a sieve border forever!!

    and – what about the terrorist cells that are sending their willing followers over our US border!?

    It is time we in the US who believe in the original intent of the Constitution- to stand up!


    • NellieCA

      The longer the amnesty is going on, the more illegal women will come here from all over the world to have a baby, that baby is a citizen. The baby will come back here at age 5/6 for foster care and free education. That takes care of the one baby law in China. Korea is doing the same thing. Korean and Chinese churches set up foster care homes for these kids who were born here by an illegal woman, THESE KIDS ARE CITIZENS! WE NEED A BIRTHRIGHT LAW! STOP ILLEGALS FROM TAKEING JOBS FROM CITIZENS. SEND ILLEGALS WHO ARE IN OUR CRIMINAL SYSTEM BACK TO HOME COUNTRY.

  • BenDoubleCrossed

    When are Americans going to start electing ‘representatives’ instead of petty tyrants and dictators who treat us like children. Lord knows these idiots make enough mistakes. Even if we turn out to be wrong on some things, aren’t ‘We the People’ still supposed to be the BOSS?

  • Nellie CA

    McCain gave the presidency to Obama when his speech writers wouldn’t allow Palin to go after Obama. She can now go after Obama and McCain has joined the Obama gang of 8. McCain has not only sold out AZ, he has sold out our country to the illegals.
    I voted for Palin “NOT” McCain!

  • Tim

    if the border between North and South Korea can be secured, so can ours.

  • NellieCA

    McCain has sold his life to the Democrats and illegals. He has caused more problems in AZ and CA. The illegals who are not getting jobs in AZ, no Welfare, are moving to CA where our Congressman and Senators welcome them. They word for cash, live on Welfare and all the nice perts. THIS IS TAX PAYERS DOLLARS! FRAUD! ILLEGAL! WHAT PART OF THIS DOESN’T MCCAIN OUR CA GOV. UNDERSTAND. MOST OF THE CRIMINALS IN OUR SYSTEM ARE ILLEGALS.