NRA Chief: Public Cannot ‘Trust’ White House On Gun Control

Photo Credit: DUCKofD3ATHThe head of the National Rifle Association (NRA) said Sunday the public should not trust the White House to pursue limited changes to gun-control laws.

Wayne LaPierre, chief executive of the NRA, accused the Obama administration of wanting to seek more restrictions on guns than they currently are saying, arguing that the White House was similarly deceptive on the president’s healthcare law.

“I think what they’ll do is they’ll turn this universal [background] check on the law-abiding into a universal registry on law-abiding people,” he said on “Fox News Sunday.”

When pressed by host Chris Wallace on the fact that the White House has said nothing about a universal registry, LaPierre responded, “And ‘ObamaCare’ wasn’t a tax until they needed it to be a tax. I don’t think you can trust these people.”

LaPierre was referring to the administration arguing the healthcare law amounts to a tax before the Supreme Court — an argument the high court agreed with in upholding the individual-mandate portion of the law as a valid use of taxing power.

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  • Kahr PM9

    It appears Chris Wallace has a little to much pro gun control in him.

    Would Gabby and her husband be spouting gun control if she would have defended herself with HER gun and saved people’s lives ?

  • Barry_Suxx

    Chris Wallace, if you actually believe, like so many brain-dead Leftists do, that inventing MORE Gun Laws will ‘somehow’ Inhibit Crime/Criminals, then You are Obviously a Very Special Kind Of STUPID!

    Wayne, I hope you washed your hands really well after meeting/greeting those DC scumbags.

  • aznative

    We need to do what our founders would do and now!