Video: NRA President Says Anti-Gun Advocates Threatened to Kill Son, Daughter

Photo Credit: Gage SkidmoreIn an interview with Ginni Thomas of The Daily Caller, NRA President David Keene called out President Obama and his allies for their hypocrisy relating to civil discourse.

Civility is clearly a one-way street. Conservatives are expected to act in concert with the cannons of common decency, but liberal are constrained by no such law.

Keene went on to tell how an advocate of gun control had threatened the life of his son and daughter upon finding out who their father was.

See video:

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  • JohnWayne

    These radicals are going to keep on until they get their butts kicked! The majority of Americans are NOT ready to roll over to Communism regardless of who is in charge!

  • Capt.America

    We are a conquered nation.Our Gvmt. is a criminal enterprise. The party in power decides what laws and upon whom to enforce them upon.You ain’t seen nothin yet.

  • Bruce Feher

    What do you expect from progressives?

  • Soldier of Fortune

    The so-called tolerance of the left is a myth.

  • Robbie Wilsdorf

    The progressive libtards live by a double standard. It’s sickening!

  • James Vetzel

    Why I thought that the Liberals were all about Peace, Love of your fellow man (snicker-snicker) and singing Kum by ya around the fireplace, guess I was wrong. I guess that image will be forever tarnished now (snicker-snicker).

  • Watchdogman

    This just opens the door to hunt loud-mouth liberals…First ask them if they own a gun, then ask them if would shoot/kill any NRA member…or kill any firearms owner..the answer they give will determine their life expectancy.

  • blogengeezer

    History is a wonderful teacher. Too bad it is so Harsh, when repeatedly ignored (IGNORE.. Ignor-ance). Far more ‘effective’ than the ‘Keynesian’ utopia imagining teachers of today’s USA. One only need research, to find parallel comparisons. Lenin-Marx, Stalin, of course NAtionalZI (National Socialism), Mao, Pol Pot, Robert Mugabe, Idi Amin, etc etc etc. It ALL Ends the same… sadly.

  • teapartypatriot

    That ends the debate about whether or not Liberals should be on the Mental Health list and not be able to own a firearm. It more than proves that conservatives all need to own a firearm to protect themselves from domestic enemies (Liberals) as well as foreign.

  • bill

    Come to my house and threaten to do harm to my family,you might as well bring a bodybag and toe tag because you will never leave on your own power.

  • CSN

    This is an Oxy-Moron from the Morons who are the “Leftists, Communists, Fascists” in America, since they claim they hate Gun violence, but would advocate for Death to children of Gun Advocates and 2nd Amendment Rights to Non-Violent citizens which are the final majority. We’ve got a real problem here in America, and it may turn into a Civil War if it doesn’t end now..

  • Arm every member of the family when their lives are publically threatened. Hire armed security, too. Do not take these threats lightly! Yes, it is hard to believe anti-gunners would use a firearm, but would they hire assassins, or use bombs or burn the house down while you slept? One suspects most Dems would not pass a mental competency exam. Death threats, especially against youngsters, in some States constitue the act and are therefore punishable by law.

  • 2manyhobbies

    The threat of murder, assault, or bodily harm is a crime, PROSECUTE THEM JUST AS THEY WOULD US, contact the State police, file charges, have them arrest, and put in jail then see if hey still are as bold with their words.

  • JOE

    Well at least they promised they would have them killed Fast and Furiously.