Obama Calls on Boy Scouts to Welcome Homosexuals

Photo Credit: tedeytanPresident Obama called on the Boy Scouts to open their ranks to homosexuals.

His response came during an interview ahead of Super Bowl XLVII. CBS News’ Scott Pelley asked the president if scouting should be open to gays.

“Yes,” the president replied. “Gays and lesbians should have access and opportunity the same way everyone else does.”

BSA national leaders are meeting this week in Dallas to discuss lifting a ‘no-gay’ ban on both members and leaders.

On Monday a group of 42 religious groups will publish a half-page ad in USA Today calling on the Scouts to resist political and economic pressures to lift the ban.

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  • Capt.America

    Being a homosexual himself this should not surprise anyone.

    • Joe1938

      Sources in Chicago’s gay community report that Obama was attracted to Man’s Country’s older white clientele because he generally enjoys being fellated by older white men. Obama would regularly be seen at Man’s Country on Wednesdays. His running partner was Rahm Emanuel. They called it whip it out Wednesday.

  • Jim Chambers

    Sick bast**d. Leave the kids alone.

  • harrycobalt

    he couldnt take them time to wish them a happy 100th birthday in 2010 so he shouldnt take time to get in their business now. a real leader,Ike,took time out of his busy schedule in july 1960 to go to jamboree in colorado springs to wish them a happy 50th,obama should take a lesson from his predecessor on this as well as immigration

  • Harold

    Could it be that Obama wants to join the scouts?