Perverse Judge Recieves 60-Day Suspension

Will County Judge Joseph Polito, leaves the Will County Court House Wednesday afternoon, April11, 2012. | Scott Stewart~Sun-TimesA porn-addicted judge who used his courthouse computer to view hard-core sex websites has been suspended without pay for 60 days.

The Illinois Courts Commission ruled Friday that Will County Judge Joseph Polito must serve the two-month ban for what it called his “highly inappropriate behavior.”

The 69-year-old finally confessed a lifelong addiction to porn in November, seven months after the Chicago Sun-Times revealed he regularly looked at a variety of websites during work hours in 2010 and 2011.

In a written ruling, the commission accepted that Polito was addicted to porn, noting that “persons may become addicted to pornography as well as to alcohol or drugs.”

It found that Polito’s workplace porn habit hadn’t affected the quality of his work, but added “in an era of declining judicial resources, many judges carry heavy caseloads, and Judge Polito’s conduct was an inexcusable waste of judicial time that should have been spent on available judicial duties.”

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  • 1jam

    In IL. nothing is unethical, or illegal.

  • Judge not that ye not be judged….a “judge” is nothing more than a lawyer who knew a governor. Frankly, I wouldn’t trust most of the “judges” in this country’s JU$T U$ system very much including those seated on the bench of the SANCTUM ASINORUM of a Supine Court to judge a dog show honestly or intelligently. If any court judge reading this wishes to hold me in contempt for saying that America’s entire justice system sucks elephant wind…bring it on: I know the exact legal definition of “contempt” and we’ll go before an honest CommonLaw jury in a CommonLaw court of competent jurisdiction and see who is really guilty of criminal contempt…any takers?