Supreme Court Wants Answers After Soldier Jailed for Killing Suspected Terrorist Who Attacked Him

The U.S. Supreme Court has asked the federal government to explain its punishment for a U.S. soldier convicted of shooting and killing a suspected terrorist who was attacking him.

The word comes from the parents of Army 1st Lt. Michael Behenna, Scott and Vicki Behenna, who have been raising awareness of their son’s case through the Defend Michael website.

Lower courts have concluded that since Michael Behenna was holding the terror suspect at gunpoint, he gave up the right to defend himself when the suspect allegedly lunged for his service weapon.

The suspect, Ali Mansur, was thought to be involved in a series of attacks on American troops. The judges determined Behenna was conducting an “unauthorized” interrogation when Mansur lunged for Behenna’s weapon and he fired.

Behenna, an Army Ranger, was given a 15-year sentence and now is in Fort Leavenworth.

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  • JohnWayne

    What madness! The people who sentenced this man to prison ought to be doing time! Small wonder that terrorists continue their attacks on our people. They know we are governed by cowards and traitors!

  • Tinkertom

    Which is why trial lawyers should have no part of what happens on a battlefield between fighters. This is worth more to the enemy in propaganda to discourage our soldiors than they could possibly concoct on their own.

  • RLM357

    This is dispicable but not unexpected from an Administration that favors our Enemies the Cult iof Islam! Paraphrasing, “Death to All Non-Infidels!” ~Rick Magee, FL

  • Kent2012

    President Bush should have sent him home with a medal and a promotion…..


    I hope every service member can see this ! This outrages act by the the Army / Obama adniministration !!! There is a Major (muslim ) who murdererd 13 Army personal at Ft. Hood, Texas and wounded many more , and don’d even have a trial date set yet ? Please share this w/ all Military personal you know . God bless our troops , all branches !!!

  • Joe1938

    How can we expect our young people to volunteer to be subjected to such curl and heartless punishment?

    However, one must remember that we serfs are subjected to the same heartless punishment when we protect ourselves and our families and our property here in the USA.

  • skikruse

    We send them to war, put them in an untenable position, then put them in jail for killing the people we sent them there to protect us from.

    Top it off, we elevate Kerry, I man that lied about and slurred every one of us VietNam vets.

    I do not understand why these good men even serve. But, God Bless them for doing so.

    • Kent2012

      Because they are good, clowns like kerry sign up for the additional entries to their resume and medals that he can put in a frame on his wall. oh after throwing someone else’s medals over the fence at 1600 pennsylvania ave………….

  • Linda


  • Nellie CA

    Why is our Military, Border Patrol and Police being put in jail for doing their job. This is Obama’s way to demoralize them. This is what Hitler did to Germany.

  • Nellie CA

    This is Obama demoralizing the Military. Hitler did the same thing when he took down Germany.

  • Puncher

    Where do I send my money for his defense?