Video: Chuck in the Muck – Hagel Skewered By Senator Cruz for Calling US “World’s Bully” on Al Jazeera Network

Former Sen. Chuck Hagel on Thursday faced a barrage of criticism about his fitness to be the next defense secretary, including his agreement with a controversial statement that the United States is the “world’s bully.”

President Barack Obama’s nominee to be defense secretary ran into sharp opposition from Republicans on the Senate Armed Services Committee who questioned Hagel on an array of controversial policies.

Senators questioned Hagel about his opposition to tough U.S. policies toward Iran, his calling the successful U.S. military surge in Iraq a “blunder,” and his support for sharp unilateral cuts in U.S. nuclear forces.

Hagel also backtracked on past statements that a “Jewish lobby” was intimidating the Senate into adopting “dumb” policies.

Hagel maintained a calm demeanor but at several points in the hearing appeared unprepared for some questions during seven hours of testimony.

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  • JohnWayne

    My vote for Mr. Cruz has been well made! We need more like him!

  • GoTexas!

    Proud of Senator Cruz…called his office and applauded him also!

  • mrbp

    obumble picked hagel because they are both of the same cloth. Traitors to this country. hagel doesn’t care about this country and would sell us our in a heart beat. Add him to the list of politicians that should be in prison.

    • SmithWinston6478

      The word ‘treason’ or ‘traitor’ insinuates a perpetrator has changed sides. That’s what Hagel so impotently denies. However, in the case of owe-bow-mao, the titles ‘Trojan Horse’ and ‘saboteur’ are more appropriately applied to one of questionable origin bent on destruction after entering under false premises.

      The koranic principle of taqiya allows adherents of that intolerent primitive religion to deceive as neccesary ‘to convert the world by word or the sword’.

  • Jeff

    I love that Ted Cruz is from my home state, I wish we had more just like him !

  • Dempseycoleman

    Now he will not have to travel as far to get on Al Gors
    old tv station to trash America