Video: Biden- Americans ‘No Longer Worried’ About Economy

Photo Credit: marcn In remarks today at the White House, Vice President Joe Biden said that Americans don’t have the same economic worries they did when President Barack Obama came into office:

“The are no longer traumatized by what was a traumatizing event, the great collapse of 2008,” said Biden.

“They are no longer worried, I think, about our economy being overwhelmed either by Europe writ large, the EU, or China somehow swallowing up every bit of innovation that exists in the world.”

See video:

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  • With airheads like this in office, there is no wonder the USA is in this kind of shape.

  • Catman

    Screw him!

  • Kent2012

    No we are no longer worried about the economy, we know it is in the dumper. We are really worried about Russia and China with this towel head commie lover acting like we are the world’s doormat…..

  • Capt.America

    If Biden said it, It’s got to be true.

  • Sue

    Biden is an idiot. Of course, we are ALL worried about the economy. He has obviously been living under a rock. He, along with all of the other Washington idiots, are clueless.

  • What gets me is that Biden thinks he is an intellectual genius. Maybe Obama did choose him as VP to make himself look intelligent. WRONG on both accounts.