Video: Ted Cruz On America’s Economic Problems – ‘An Awful Lot of Republicans Failed To Stand For Principle And Contributed To Getting Us In This Mess’

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore Sen. Ted Cruz: We’ve got a job and right now I think the U.S. Senate is the battlefield. Unfortunately, Republicans are in the minority. This last election did not turn out as I had hoped, but I nonetheless think that if we had principled, effective conservatives who make the case that the most effective engine, for economic opportunity, the most effective engine for climbing the economic ladder, for helping those with nothing to achieve anything has been free markets, has been limited government has been the incredible, American system. If we make that case, we can preserve that system. And I think that’s what the stakes are.

And so, my focus every day is on the substance of winning the fight, stopping the out of control spending and deficits and debt so that our kids aren’t crushed with those debts and getting the economy growing again. You know in the last four years under President Obama, our economy has grown 1.5 percent a year. That’s less than half the historical average. The historical average since World War II has been 3.3 percent. If we can’t get the economy growing, we can’t solve any of these problems.

If you want to get the 23 million people who are struggling to find jobs back to work, get the economy growing. If you want to transform our federal balance sheet, change it from the train wreck it is right now, get the economy growing.

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    thats an understatement makes me think there all on the same side just playing good cop bad cop with americian public.there are some gop politicians i believe are closed door cool aid drinkers

    • CSN

      Two sides of the same coin….exactly.

  • CSN

    We need to Clone Ted Cruz 535 times in Washington D.C. and throw out the rest, except for a Rand Paul and a Michelle Bachmann or so.

  • CSN

    I have an idea….don’t allow one single Representative in Congress or Senate receive a salary….PERIOD! This should be a voluntary and free market principle Legislature, which permits individuals to run for a said office, but they must hold a 9 to 5 job in the meantime, inbetween their sessions in Congress or Senate, so these establishment politicians will leave, or be let go. We might see a different era if we did that. We might see real people who give a darn about the country finally running it again. Just my idea.

  • Capt.America

    He are one.

  • Good job, my friend.

    What a breath of fresh air for a politician.