Video: Ted Nugent Schools Piers Morgan Yet Again, Says He’s ‘Full of Crap’

While President Obama was out on a tour of the country to promote his latest brand of tyranny, Piers Morgan was jonesing for another fight on gun control.

As one might expect, seeking out the Nuge wasn’t the smartest move Morgan has ever made.

Per usual, Piers was impervious to the facts. But hey, who can blame him? It’s a grand liberal tradition.

Nugent not only schooled Morgan in debate, he even allowed the gun-control advocate to try out an ‘assault rifle,’ which he had to admit was pretty cool.

  • dranalog

    That was fun to watch. Morgan had no answer to Ted Nugent’s logical arguments. I just love to see liberals self destruct.

  • rlqretired

    I don’t know what Ted Nugent’s position is on Obama’s forged
    identity and lack of constitutional eligibility to be president but if he would
    take up and combine this law enforcement confirmed fraud and critical national security issue with his pro 2nd Amendment defense against Obama, he could quickly become the leader of a national movement that could not be stopped in the Tea Party’s conservative take over of the Republican Party.

    This guy sounds just as good as Ronald Reagan did when his radio spots were sponsored by 20 Mule Team Borax some 40 + years ago. Please, somebody talk to this guy about becoming that leader.

    • Guest

      The issue is that we need to focus one one issue at a time, when we split on our points they become muddled and distorted, and that is how we loose. Funs first then Obama citizenship, then IMPEACHMENT TIME!!

    • The problem is that we need to focus one one issue at a time, when we split on our points they become muddled and distorted, and that is how we loose. Guns first then Obama’s citizenship, then IMPEACHMENT TIME!!

      • rlqretired

        If our Republic is to survive, the Republicans must get off
        the constant defensive positions Obama has kept them in for the past 4 years and go on the Offense and the only way Obama can be defeated, before his transformation of our Republic and our constitution into something more Marxist/Islamic to his liking is complete, is to tackle, head on, his only Achilles Heal which is his forged identity and eligibility. Otherwise all you are going to get is 4 more years of the same confusing defensive state we patriots fined ourselves in today.
        Ted could be the man to lead this offense and would scare the pure hell out of our usurper, his complicit party and the media. There would me much media coverage and the public will be informed of the truth. Attack!

    • mr nuggetpants’ positions are all crap.

  • CaptTurbo

    Why would a fruitbat like Piers ever want to tangle with a Patriot like Ted?

  • disqus_XBIDo6mkiL

    This Brit would have Ted on every night to increase his ratings!

  • srmskm

    Piers is a liar. The AR 15 was not used at Sandy Hook it was found in the trunk of the criminals car.

    • ndjinn9

      I have heard that too, but don’t you think that if that were factual (I am not saying it’s not) Mr. Nugent would have corrected Morgan?

    • rp

      And the gun wasn’t even an AR15. It could have been an AK47 type weapon such as a Saiga 12 or the variation of the AK that has a round about the size of a .308 NATO round. A larger round was seen coming out of the weapon. There is a video showing the police emptying the weapon and grabbing the slide at the side of the weapon and ejecting a larger round from the chamber. To do this with an AR15, a person has to grab behind the grip at the top of the weapon to empty the chamber. The AR15 was on a hit list of weapons to ban and confiscate. This was a hoax designed by the media and the Justice Department to build up anti-gun sentiment, so there could be a green light on confiscation. Funny how Diane Feinstein could whoop out a gun bill so quickly after the shooting, but it has taken months to find answers on Benghazi and years on Fast and Furious with no explanation.

  • disqus_9HmfSLuBjV

    Australia have heavy gun control and even confiscated guns…the crime rate is climbing….especially home invasion….research for video…scary

  • jpeters3270

    Uncle Ted Nugent for President!!! Pony-tail and all!!!!

  • Churchillian

    Morgan is emblematic of the wacko left when he compares the US to Yemen. In Yemen they wed 9 year olds and drink camel’s urine to heal ailments and he thinks they are no differnet than us? What a nutcase.

  • CSN

    As Nugent said, “Obama is a pathological liar”. He’s intent upon removing all guns from the hands of honorable US citizens and all in the name of staged gun violence, which can be tracked to Dept. of Homeland Security. Interesting that all of these gun attacks were in areas where Homeland Security was having training sessions nearby.

  • CSN

    Interesting to note that the Media is using a Non-US Patriot Citizen to attack Americans for owning AK-15’s or other types of semi-automatic weapons. “Shall not be infringed.” means exactly what it says, and a Armed Militia is what each State is to have. Gun safety is necessary…yes…but that can be handled easily through Gun Safety Groups and Sheriff’s Shooting ranges which teach such things…look it up in your area. Stop the psychotropic drug use, and ban them from the market, which allows people to be mesmerized into doing whatever they’re told to do, including mass shooting.

  • GunnerV1

    Piers Morgan is nothing more than a “Talking Head”, “Meat Puppet” for the radical Left. I can’t beleve anything that come out of the orifice that he calls a mouth. He’s so full of sh*t, his eyes are brown. I have spent a lot of time in Amsterdam, the crime rate there is sky high, but you won’t hear a word about it unless it’s a Politician that gets shot, yes, I said “Shot”, There are guns there, but you can’t legally own one, only Military/Police can have them. You won’t hear a thing if it’s an ordnary, run of the mill citizen. If your out at night there, take a “Steel Baton” with you and have your hand on it while it’s in your pocket. Theft and Muggings run high there, but you won’t hear about it here.

  • Live_Free_Or_Die

    Pier’s realizes his days are numbered on TV and trying to “shock”… he is a dope!

  • Live_Free_Or_Die

    Question: Is there an America across the pond trying to change their Constitutional rights?

  • Gizmo

    Mentioning of England – Doctors are pleading with gov’t. to limit KITCHEN KNIFE SIZE!!!

    All these “statistics” need to be brought together & studied & reported on as to what they actually are statistics of! When gun deaths include police actions?!?!? That’s NUTS!!!

  • The media and halls of congress are deaf to what Nugent and others are saying about the constitution, rights granted by God, and an indigenous American choice to be responsible for one’s own safety. The problem with such deafness is that people will be required to choose between a tyranical government or freedom, once again. What madness is the media stirring up, and why?

  • pac

    LOL. What if, and this is hypothetical, Piers is actually an undercover right wing gun advocat on a ploy to help the left destroy they’re image. Not that they need help. He is either this stupid, or on the right track to blend in with the left and exploit they’re effort to meddle in our rights.

  • Jim Bergdoll


  • james

    This guys elevator doesn’t go to the roof. He definetely has cow shit packed between the ears. Nobody should waste their time watching or listening to this guy. Piers repeatedly babbles the same special interests over and over again. To who’s benefit? Stalin called them usefull idiots. They all ended up with a 9mm to the skull, by ol’ uncle Joe. This guys a piece of shit.

  • there should be no discussion. its constitutional law, period. and the constitution can not be usurped. why don’t the liberals get that? of that’s right they say the constitution is outdated.

  • CSN

    Look up Yemen, and Piers is full of Baloney and a huge amount of Bull Debris, as Yemen probably doesn’t have as many guns as we do, because they have a Military, but the people probably are not armed. My guess is that he made that stat up completely. Research it folks…he’s got to make something up.

  • NHMI

    Ironic that Switzerland where every house has a machine gun because it is mandatory, there is little to no gun crime. Piers Morgan is a moron. Yemen is violent because like most of the Middle East, the people have the mentality of Rabid dogs and since Islam requires violence, those who live it will produce violence…every American city with a higher armed civilian rate has significantly less gun crime…not to mention only 400 people were killed with “assault rifles” last year…anything that looks cool is now considered an assault weapon though there really is no such thing…more people are killed by cars, drinking, smoking, hell, I bet more people die walking their dog than are killed by AR’s and AK’s. Why wont the left just say they want to disarm us to finalize our enslavement into what will eventually be another utopian failure…they already abuse the citizen constantly and don’t even care about the individual. had our founders cared more about the collective than the individual we never would have become a great nation in the 1st place.

  • Flayer

    Thanks to Piers Morgan Americans are even more convinced of the beauty and brilliance of the 2nd Amendment. He’s a gift that keeps giving. Please keep talking, Piers. We love ya!

    I wonder if it ever occurred to Piers that we would still be a British colony if not for an armed citizenry.

  • mr poopy pants certainly would know about crap, wouldn’t he?

  • Thanks for the laughs this morning!!!!!

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