Video: Woodward Says Obama’s Decision Not To Deploy Carrier ‘A Kind Of Madness,’ White House Threatens

Bob Woodward said this evening on CNN that a “very senior person” at the White House warned him in an email that he would “regret doing this,” the same day he has continued to slam President Barack Obama over the looming forced cuts known as the sequester.

CNN host Wolf Blitzer said that the network invited a White House official to debate Woodward on-air, but the White House declined.

“It makes me very uncomfortable to have the White House telling reporters, ‘You’re going to regret doing something that you believe in,'” Woodward said.

“I think they’re confused,” Woodward said of the White House’s pushback on his reporting.

Earlier today on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Woodward ripped into Obama in what has become an ongoing feud between the veteran Washington Post journalist and the White House. Woodward said Obama was showing a “kind of madness I haven’t seen in a long time” for a decision not to deploy an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf because of budget concerns.

See video on White House threat:

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  • whisperatnight

    WE all know that Ovomit has mental issues. Just look at the way he runs our country!! When are you officials going to STOP wasting you time with this man? He needs to be REMOVED FROM OFFICE!!


    To Whisperatnight: Bravo, Bravo. I’m ready..It’s time fellow Americans. This is the United States of America. BHO has no qualifications of any kind, to be President of anything. How long are our employees…the House and Senate–they work for us….going to allow the farce to continue. Move it! Do it NOW….we are tired of waiting. We DEMAND ACTION NOW…NOW !!!

  • Kent2012

    Bob kenyan boy has no intention of scaring the crap out of his towel head buddies, they are supporting his re election campaign along with rooshans and the chinkee clowns.

  • liberty49

    It’s time to rid this nation of this illegal President and his inept communist czars who know nothing about running ANYTHING! NONE of them have ever run a company, met a payroll, negotiated a budget. When will the Congress wake up and save this country?