Which 80 Prominent Republicans Just Signed A Legal Brief Proclaiming Gay Marriage Is A Constitutional Right?

Photo Credit: APAs the gay marriage debate continues to heat up, prominent Republicans — and some surprising names at that — are emerging to voice their support for same-sex unions. Following a blistering loss in the 2012 presidential election, discussion about social issues, particularly gay rights, has emerged as a potentially-problematic area for right-of-center politicians. And in an era colored by increasing support for homosexual marriage, the pressure is mounting.

This week, more than 80 prominent Republicans, including top advisers to President George W. Bush, four former governors and two members of Congress signed a legal brief that proclaims gay people have the right to marry under the U.S. Constitution. The document will be submitted to the Supreme Court this week, where it is purportedly intended to add to the voices that will be heard during two upcoming gay rights cases, The New York Times reports.

Next month, the High Court will hear a battle over Proposition 8, California’s controversial law banning same-sex unions. Additionally, a separate case concerning the Defense of Marriage Act will be argued. The legal brief could have an impact on conservative justices who support traditional marriage, but who are also sympathetic to gay marriage arguments surrounding equal rights.

Many of the names on the document argue that legalizing same-sex unions advances conservative values by expanding personal freedom and supporting family structures. The Times has more about some of the surprising names who are accepting this view:

Among them are Meg Whitman, who supported Proposition 8 when she ran for California governor; Representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida and Richard Hanna of New York; Stephen J. Hadley, a Bush national security adviser; Carlos Gutierrez, a commerce secretary to Mr. Bush; James B. Comey, a top Bush Justice Department official; David A. Stockman, President Ronald Reagan’s first budget director; and Deborah Pryce, a former member of the House Republican leadership from Ohio who is retired from Congress.

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  • skikruse

    Once homosexuals can marry, we will have another question to answer. Is there any form of perverse sexual activity that can not be called a marriage.

    • Barry_Suxx

      Funny you should say this… I was just about to add:

      Folks, Let’s not let this Act stop-up-the-works. We need “ACTIVISM”; we need to have them include ‘Bestiality’ as a Properly-Endorsed, Properly-Embraced Form of Marriage TOO.

      Think of all those poor souls who have to ‘live their lives in the closet’ (with their goats), simply because they cannot invite them along to Social Events.

      (sarcasm off)

  • raynbene

    No matter which way this goes from a legal standpoint – there is no such thing as two males or two females ‘marrying’. Period. Just because we have allowed ‘gay’ activists to take over the moral and social issues with their bullying and well-financed campaigns the last 30 years does NOT make what they are doing valid, moral,or the ‘right’ thing to do ! !

  • Dempseycoleman

    I hope every Darn one of these Ass Wipes wake up. Sin is NOT A RIGHT SIN IS STRAIGHT TO HELL THAT IS YOUR RIGHT RIGHT

  • CSN

    I wish people would point out statistics on Gay Marriage and Divorce, child molestation from Gay Marriages, etc. It is astonishing and sickening, but if someone pushes this Agenda the RINO’s fall right in line. This is about saving children from Child Abuse and Sexual Predators. It’s bad enough to see Foster children abused by perverts, but to adopt an infant to someone who intends to reduce them to their evil life styles and abuse is beyond the pale. This country is going to hell in a hand basket, and I’m beginning to think to the point of no return. We better either pray we can endure, or leave as soon as we can, because the wrath of God is coming down hard.

    • Paul

      Don’t worry CSN, hang tight to the Lord with all of your might; the agony and torment has only begun. As much as I hate to say it, what is happening now was written in the Holy Bible and it must come to pass. If not, there would be no hope for humanity nor the 2nd coming of our Savior.
      Go ahead president Buckwheat, be as Judas and have your way with this world while you can. Your time will reach an end soon and I’ll pray the Lord has mercy on your soul. You see, even you (Mr. President) has a part to play in the Lord’s plan. He uses both good and evil for his plan.

  • What is in question is the legal right for a man to demand alimony and fifty-fifty property rights from another man with whom he has lived in a relationship for any length of time. It is about money, especially now that health care is anti-marriage and insurance is equinanimous.

  • gracentruth

    What a tangled web humans weave when we play God. Truly we are in the time when the world and its lusts are passing away. Stand fast in the truth as God washes us with the water of His word. Peace,

  • MrChicken

    Saying something is alright that God has clearly condemed, is calling God a liar. I pray these people open their eyes before it is too late.

  • stinkyboy

    what part of mind your own business and leave other people alone don’t you so-called libertarians understand?

  • Poppo

    Move over, Sodom. Make some room for us Gomorrah!

    We have abandoned God, desperately need a place to hide.