White House Denies Involvement In ICE’s Decision To Release Detainees (+video)

Photo Credit: DonkeyHoteyThe White House and the Department of Homeland Security were unaware of Immigration Customs and Enforcement’s decision to release detainees until the agency announced it, administration officials said Wednesday.

“This was a decision made by career officials at ICE without any input from the White House, as a result of fiscal uncertainty over the continuing resolution, as well as possible sequestration,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said Wednesday.

Personnel at Department of Homeland Security headquarters in Washington were also unaware of the decision until the announcement was made, a department official told POLITICO.

ICE announced Tuesday that it has released several hundred undocumented immigrants in recent weeks as funding cuts loom. The detainees will instead be monitored in less expensive ways, the agency said.

[Editor’s note: Notice how precisely Carney’s prepared statement is tailored to the question asked by this reporter, if I didn’t know better I might think the whole thing was staged. Surely the White House Press Corps wouldn’t go to such lengths to bail the President out of a sticky situation?]

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  • ihatelibs

    If Obama is going to release them, don’t arrest them, shoot them.

  • gwedem5995

    Doesn’t it seem funny that the white house never seems to know about anything that is happening in their departments. And it takes them months and months to find just exactly who did the dastardly deed. When in fact, they never seem to know who did it etc etc. Just makes me more sure that the government is just too big. I bet a CEO of some company would be able to get to the bottom of something like this in a few days at the most.

  • gwedem5995

    When they were released they should all have been put on Obama’s million dollar bus which was purchased from Canada, by the way, and shipped right back over the Mexican border.

  • hookemowls

    B.S!!! Not buying that they didn’t know, Incopitano, head of Homeland Security didn’t know?!! B.S!

  • nexgenesis

    If obama didn’t know about the release of these prisoners then he should be impeached, if he knew about the release he should be impeached. Either way he should be impeached.