Al Qaeda Calls For Jihadists To Kill Ex-Leaders Clinton, Bush, Blair

Photo Credit: Ron EdmondsThe latest edition of al Qaeda’s English-language online magazine Inspire urges readers to become “lone wolf” jihadists focused on assassinating current and former leaders of Western countries.

“It is easy,” an al Qaeda “consultant” writes of killing the U.S. or French president.

“These people have many weak points, especially during parties, ceremonies and election campaigns.”

In the article titled “You ask, we answer,” the consultant says that “individual mujahids” or holy warriors, who are daunted by the task of killing current world leaders should consider murdering their predecessors.

“If you think you are unable,” the consultant writes “then you have easy targets like [former U.S. Presidents George W.] Bush [and] Bill Clinton, [and former U.S. Secretaries of State] Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, … [as well as former French President Nicholas] Sarkozy and [former British Prime Minister] Tony Blair. “It is now easy to reach these guys, especially since they aren’t in office anymore.”

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  • ,,many Americans probably think this is a swell start as well…

  • gracentruth

    When Hagel puts USA into the UN criminal court, they will be prosecuted along with others that the marxist government in USA does not like. Peace,

  • Amanda

    This is so silly a child could see through it. “Lone wolf” and ex-presidents? What would going after the ex-presidents do to help their cause or to harm the American structure? Lone wolf attacks? This give the ability for our government to blame any crime on the Al Qaeda. What power to terrify Americans our government has! Our government writes that magazine as a psych-op, while they perpetrate the terror crimes against others in our country and around the world. Why do you think that they let out illegal hardened criminals?

  • K M

    are they not going after the standing president because they also believe he’s a muslim and on their side? not that I want anything bad to happen to the obamanation, but I think it’s a fair question.

  • Nellie CA

    Our government doesn’t have a clue who the refugees are that the agencies are bring here. They learned in their world, violence, fraud, killing and we are either with them or killed. Obama don’t care how much it cost the tax payers or our economy to bring the Refugees here and allow the illegals to stay. Obama is taking our country down with-in. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY! OBAMA IS CUTTING THE MILITARY AND GIVING MONEY TO COUNTRIES THAT DON’T LIKE US.