Brother of Infamous Nazi Hermann Goering Up For Prestigious ‘Righteous of the Nations’ Award

Albert Goering, the brother of infamous Nazi Hermann Goering, is now among the candidates to receive the Righteous Among The Nations award. Albert was a German businessman who died in 1966.

According to accounts, Albert saved hundreds of Jews and political dissidents during the Second World War by helping them obtain exit permits and through other means.

Irena Steinfeldt, director of the Righteous Among The Nations department at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial and research center in Israel, is supposedly preparing a file on Goering. The award is given to those who not only saved Jews, but risked their lives in doing so.

Despite their conflicting political views, the Goering brothers remained close.

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  • SammysDad

    Anything that keeps the holocaust in plain view should be applauded.

    • Especially when it exposes it for the money making fraud that it has always been. Since when have jews had any more of a right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness than any of the rest of us? You show me the jew who can walk on water and piss Dago Red and maybe you will have a case…not until then. And holographic projections don’t count.

  • Dempseycoleman

    This sounds like a better decision than Obama Awarding that Muslim Woman that honors the killing of Americans on 9-11-13 in Bengahazi and killing of Jews wearing her Bandana. Sun Glases and a Shit Eating Grin

    • And how about the totally worthless bastard receiving the Nobel?….how deranged can you get?