• Brown Trees

    So when is it Progressive Season?

  • JMerklin

    Better yet – when is it politician season? That’s number one!

    • Kent2012

      I hope the tags are not too expensive……I would like three or four….

      • JMerklin

        Whatever the cost, it’ll be worth it. Imagine the bounty on the heads of certain politicians! 🙂

    • combatvet

      I’ve got a great idea, since it’s alright to hunt humans, it appears to me by her comments that frankenfeinstein is volunteering to be the test case. While it is difficult to classify this subhuman as a human, in her case I believe she should be the first to be hunted. I consider her a traitor, an enemy of America and therefore no other justification is warranted!

      • JMerklin

        If Obama, Feinstein, Holder, Reid and all the others do not have to obey the laws of this country, then why should we be aby different? If Obama and his thugs can murder people and not be arrested, then we should be allowed the same. 🙂

  • james

    What is in this persons head between the ears. Cow dung? Tele-prompting at its best. Christian Europe, centuries ago had laws prohibiting jews from public offices. Now you know why. This country should outlaw zionist polititions from office. Too many Israeli firsters, with dual loyalty.

  • Nellie CA

    The politicians have bounty on heads of people who don’t agree with their agenda. I believe Clinton had about 75 people die during and after his election. Obama is working on disqualifying military personal, Police officers, Border Patrol and anyone that don’t agree with him. Exclusive orders takes over Obama’s agenda. Appointing his people to offices that can control his agenda. GOD HELP OUR COUNTRY! Obama isn’t interested in jobs here, he is only interested in bringing Refugees and illegals for votes. Obama is taking our country down with-in with debt.

  • She is an IDIOT

  • 1_Eddie_1

    I was just thinking, that maybe Mrs. Feinstein isn’t too far off the mark on this topic. The second ammendment after all was written for us to hunt tyrants. Our founding forefathers knew that if the government feared the people, that there would be liberty. So, I think I may just have to concur with her statement, and maybe my fellow Americans should too.