Feds Pay For Study On Why Lesbians Are Fat

Photo Credit: Daily Caller

A Harvard-affiliated hospital will study why so many lesbians are overweight, thanks to a $1.5 million grant from the federal government.

The grant was recently approved by the National Institutes of Health. It will allow Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a medical center affiliated with Harvard University, to examine an issue of “high public-health significance,” in the words of researchers.

Three quarters of gay women are obese, according to the grant for the study. But gay men have much lower obesity rates than heterosexual men—a discrepancy for which there is no scientific explanation, said researchers.

An NIH spokesperson claimed that the study would be in the best interests of public health.

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  • LOL Duhhhhh, Carpet is fattening. 🙂

  • silverbackV

    Welllllll, how about they eat to replace natural feelings and impulses. They eat because they are deviants. They eat because “everybody loves fat people.” They eat because they can. They eat because nobody understands them.

    How many twinkies will $1,500,000.00 buy?

    I don’t think they should be discriminated against, but at the same time, they should not be granted special rights as a minority. That diminishes Blacks, Women, Indians, etc. Homosexuality is a behavior, not an ethnicity or a gender! Grow up people!

  • SirGladiator

    If Rosie O Donnell didn’t exist, I wouldn’t be able to name a single fat lesbian. The idea that 3 out of 4 lesbians are fat is unbelievably insane. Who gets paid to make up these numbers?

    • steamdwarf

      agreed. though Rosie herself equal to three fat lesbians most of them I see parading in the streets during our wonderful SF celebrations seem to be skinny ugly mean-spirited (keeps them lean) creatures.

    • CSN

      Chastity Bono.

  • pFeather

    Lesbos are fat because they eat too much, now where’s my study grant?

    • Bosque Bill

      There should be a background check for all spoon purchases. That’s why Rosie is fat! Lesbians should be discouraged from purchasing spoons.

  • CSN

    Just when you thought you’ve heard everything.

  • Disgusted with Washington

    Lesbians are fat because they eat too much and exercise too little. That is why anybody is fat. No federally funded grant should be paid to figure this out. What an incredible waste of money. Our government gone insane. Stop it now.

  • They’re fat for the same reason every fat person is….they eat all the wrong things instead of the foods that “are good for you”. Who thinks up these dumb things?

  • The insanity of liberal logic is amazing. This just proves liberal are not only idiots, they’re stupid as well. Too bad Americans are so lazy and entitlement hungry that they voted all these liberals into office and key leadership positions. Now instead of cutting the fat, they are spending our money to study fat. Asinine!

  • Joe1938

    Re “3/4th of them are fat”; How about 3/4th of them are on food stamps?

    • David iin MA

      then that means that 3/4 of them are black?

  • Leave it to the O-Dark-Zero regime to get it all perfectly bass-ackward….it would make much more sense to ask why so many fat-assed old sows are clam-bumpers. And I can tell you that at no cost other than the few minutes it takes to post it and save the tax slaves that one and a half million.

  • james

    Why can’t the Feds pay for a study on “Why politicians are guilty of treason, and should they be tried for it? Or, “If politicians are guilty of treason, should they not be hung for it”?

  • David in MA

    Maybe the explination for lesbians being fat is because they feel guilty about their lesmianism and eat in excess to feel good?

    • peoriaboy

      If they had a male partner they would be exerting some good exercise and keep trim for many years to come as the real thing is what they need .

  • boysenberry

    So Lesbians are fat. Yea, they eat too much.
    Liberals: But, but, but, it isnt fair, gay guys look so good and are mostly skinny.
    We have to find a cure or someone to blame, yeah thats it, sue somebody.
    Dont be surprised!

  • Capt.America

    Who cares if they are fat, they are perverted!.

  • Jerry39

    They’re not fat because they’re lesbians, they’re lesbians because they’re fat.