‘I Cling To My Bible, Guns,’ Says Black Female Senate Hopeful

Photo Credit: Human Events

Tennesee’s outspoken African American female Senate candidate in 2014 spoke to Guns & Patriots about gun rights, racism, and the Bill of Rights. “Gun control historically begins with blacks who were forbidden from owning guns,” said Brenda S. Lenard, a 2013 political science PhD candidate from the University of Tennessee and a resident of Kingston.

“It was very easy for slave owners to keep and control blacks with gun control,” she said. The same thing is happening today, she said. “It is a slow process of gun confiscation.”

It starts with certain groups of people, or certain types of rifles, and turns into an outright ban of firearms, said the two-year NRA member. Lenard said the term racism is over-used. “I think that diminishes real issues of racism.”

“The government should not infringe on anyone’s rights,” she said. Although blacks were one of the first groups to be targeted, today’s gun grab is not just about race, but about fundamentally altering civil rights for all Americans, she said.

The Bill of Rights does not matter anymore, she said. “This is about power and control.”

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  • Kent2012

    Hope she is telling the truth and that she is elected…..

  • Disgusted

    I would vote for this lady. I am also one who holding to my Bible (that’s my survival guide) and my guns (that’s my protection).

  • Gary Cook

    I cling to all of my rights, Guns, bible, family, privacy, choice of any kind. My rights are just that mine. I don’t want either side to use their rights to take away mine. I don’t tell anybody who to worship too and I don’t want anybody telling me what to do.
    If you don’t like what I believe to bad get over yourself or so hey I don’t agree but it is your choice and you have to answer to God on your judgement day.
    Stop using God or the constitiution to take away my rights!!!

  • Any man or woman who is not willing to stand up against Tyranny is against GOD! YOU do NOT condone tyranny! Lastly for alllll you who think we need to ne “NICE” Please look up that word in the dictionary…I have a Websters 1828 dictionary and there are several descriptions of the word “NICE” the 13th description says..NICE…Weak, Foolish, Effeminate, Triveal, and others, …fastideous, Delicate, easily injured, prpoerly soft, delicate. NICE is a NOT a VIRTUE…IT IS Capitulation and it is giving into and going along w/whoever wants you to give up your scruppels or Morals or standards to fit their will….I WILL NOT BE “NICE” when it comes to Bible (KJV) standards concerning this nation and all other bible principles!!

  • gracentruth

    I pray that voter fraud does not keep this woman from office. Peace,

  • Ken McClelland

    the lady has a point. go to youtube and type in ‘no guns for negroes’

  • History is still the same . Democrats were the slave owners . They were the ones for gun control, against the right of my African brother and sisters. Still to this day they are doing the same old thing. But what really bewilders me is this. Why would you vote for the party that . Did not want to give up slavery and the KKK came from the democrats. So why would you vote for them. Now the new agenda for them is to enslave all with communism!!!!