Netanyahu Jokes To Obama: You Seem To Have ‘Incestuous Relationship’ With Media (+video)

Photo Credit: The Israel Project

President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu had a light-hearted moment when Obama introduced his chief foreign policy speechwriter Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes. Pointing at Rhodes, Obama said to Netanyahu, “Just remember that anything offensive that I say, it’s because of him.”…

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  • OH YES….incestuous is one truth, I believe, and “bullying husband syndrome” over the media through intimidations and threats of retribution on media members careers!…lja/JMJ

  • gracentruth

    Prime Minister Netanyahu is a wise man and hits it on the head. Incest – it is not a joke, it is true. Peace,


    Incestuous is really to mild a word, the word depraved comes to mind and conjures up a image of the MSM bent over from the waist and the Faker in the WH having a backdoor affair with MSM enjoying every second of this disgusting relationship….Trust but verify Israel or he will throw you under the bus..

  • Kent2012

    PM Netanyaho, failed to mention the fact that this relationship has this dynamic duo screwing Real Americans, the rape of the USA…….

  • CaptTurbo

    He’s right. I wish it was a joke.