NJ Mother Pressured Turn Over Her Guns, Charged With ‘Terroristic Threats’ After Reading The Constitution At Tax Dispute Assembly

A New Jersey mother was arrested and told to turn over her guns after reading the Constitution and peacefully protesting at a tax dispute forum, she says.

Photo Credit: the Hart family

Eileen Hart was with her husband Keith and her 7-year-old daughter on Saturday at the Gloucester Community Center to dispute a mandatory home re-evaluation that would roughly double her property value (and therefore dramatically increase her rates), objecting on multiple grounds. As an Orthodox Jew, she refused to have the inspectors in her home when her husband was away at work. As an American citizen, she objected to the seemingly arbitrary reappraisal, noting that she is not planning on selling her home and hasn’t renovated her kitchen in 30 years.

But at the forum, Hart was allegedly told that since she didn’t let the inspectors into her home, they had a right to “assume” its value under the New Jersey state constitution.

“How could they assume that my value had doubled when there is absolutely no housing market?” she asked TheBlaze rhetorically over the phone. “There is basically no GDP growth.”

After Hart started citing the Constitution, a representative of Appraisal Systems, Inc.– the company contracted by the state to conduct appraisals– started “freaking out,” she said, and called for Gloucester County tax assessor Robyn Glocker-Hammond.

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  • Kent2012

    Ah underling you have insulted the sensitivities of comrade robyn glocker-hammond of the kenyan boys local tax collector’s enforcement division. You will be stripped of all your possessions and boiled in oil as per the latest dictator mandate from the Benghazi bungler. Then your carcass will be hung from a street lamp for 30 days as a reminder to other sheep that this is not a republic………..

  • Barbbelen

    No woman should be forcced to or pay penalty due to a desire to have her husdand or some other third party present while a stranger is in her home! I do not ever have workers in my home unless my husdand or one of my brothers or a friend or other relative is with me. For safety and my peace of mind.

  • reggiec

    If the other attendees of the meeting back up Eileen Hart’s version; she will be able to pay her higher taxes for life with the law suit proceeds.

  • james

    The raping of the American public. This looks like a police state to me. The housing market is a joke. Where do they get off doubling someones property assessment in this date and time, when property values have collapsed. Greedy governments, local, state and federal. Money, money, money. Lying sacks of S***’s. We are being taxed to death. A protocal of communism.

    • My question is (Where is the Govenor ?)
      Can’t He do what is right and help this poor woman????

  • 1_Eddie_1

    I believe Eileen Hart. I find her side plausible, and I have seen people that would do exactly what she claims was done. I believe that we have vindictive people in our government. Let this serve as a lesson to all so that we may learn from this situation. Bring a camcorder and record anything and everything when you go to any public meetings that involve the government.

  • Disgusted

    Totally unbelievable. Lady, do not be intimidated and stand your ground beause you are in the right.