Oklahoma to Allow Horses to be Slaughtered for Human Consumption

Photo Credit: Christinamari

Oklahoma took a step toward allowing livestock owners to slaughter horses for food on Friday when the governor signed a bill that permits the practice, but processing plants must first be authorized by the federal government…

Governor Mary Fallin’s action legalized the slaughter of horses so that their meat may be prepared and packaged for export. But slaughterhouses must get U.S. Department of Agriculture authorization, Fallin said.

The slaughter of horses for food had been illegal in Oklahoma since 1963 and was carried out only in Texas and Illinois until Congress stopped it in 2006. The congressional ban was lifted in 2011.

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  • brabbie2002

    I don'[t belong to PETA, but I find this the first step to killing our wild mustangs. I am not a vegetarian, but if people are going to slip horsemeat into food any time soon, I will become one. Sorry – we rode to greatness on the backs of horses clear through WWII and now you want to slaughter them for food. What the hell kinda sickos are you? Frenchmen? Japanese, who also kill whales for no reason along with porpoise? SHAME ON YOU!

    • slidng2gomora

      I agree brabbie — our country has lost its way completely — we are in a rush to become a third world mentality where nothing is sacred or where nothing is beneath us and no one or nothing is safe from the mental sickness that those with power to dictate have developed. Horses represent the symbol of freedom and rugged independence we once showed as a nation and now it is only a step away from being treated no better than a vermin and many are ok with that. Our world has become ass backward in too many ways to count. At this rate, cannibalism will soon become the rage- why stop with the animals we treat as family? The sickos have no regard for any life but their own.

    • fatman45

      There are very few, if any, “wild mustangs” left. I know because I live in an area where there are a lot of what are more properly termed feral horses. Most of them are descendants of horses that people just turned loose when they could no longer afford to feed them. Frankly, I don’t understand your opposition to human consumption of horse meat. What’s the difference between a horse and a cow?

    • rizzo

      Did you know that our soldiers in World War 2 ate horse meat to survive..It’s called the circle of life.. Since we closed the slaughter plants here in the US more horses have been sent to slaughter because it destroyed the Horse Industry. This was due to people unloading their horses because they became worthless over night..Actually, all you bleeding hearts that wanted them closed have more horses blood on your hands than if they had stayed open..

  • Delores109

    Do NOT eat horsemeat. The horse is the largest land animal to carry the Influenza A virus. Three-hundred people died in Mexico where the H1N1 virus originated. Horses were being hand slaughtered in Mexico only, and people were eating horsemeat in Mexico. The H1N1 virus spread all over the world, because it was never contained in Mexico. CDC and WHO allowed this. This virus is Influenza A.
    Delores Smith
    [email protected]