Senate Refuses to Ban Former Illegal Aliens from Healthcare Benefits

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

The Senate rejected an amendment to the budget that would have banned illegal immigrants from qualifying for “ObamaCare” and Medicaid during the period of legal status.

Senate Budget Committee ranking member Jeff Session (R-Ala.) introduced the amendment, which failed on a 43-56 vote. His amendment would have prohibited illegal immigrants, who later gain citizenship, from getting healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act or through Medicaid.

“My amendment would simply say if you are here illegally and then get lawful status, you do not qualify for ObamaCare and Medicaid,” Sessions said ahead of the vote early Saturday morning.

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) offered a counter amendment that restated current law, which says undocumented people cannot receive federal benefits. His amendment passed by voice vote.

“Current law already explicitly excludes undocumented people from receiving benefits,” Menendez said. “This is not a great way to do your outreach to the Hispanic and immigrant community.”

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News Editor’s Note: Both of Alaska’s Senators, RINO Lisa Murkowski and liberal Democrat Mark Begich voted to allow former illegal aliens medical benefits.

  • Kent2012

    VOTE: 43 Real Americans vs. 57 communist puppets

  • Caribou “FIRED” Barbie™

    Only one problem. We are NOT broke.


      • Caribou “FIRED” Barbie™


        Fear and more conservative fear.

        • Kent2012

          no it is borrow and more borrow, but that is just fine the clowns will tell the flock that they will raising the taxes on the “rich” once again. Of course what they do not tell you is the “rich” are the 53% that pay taxes…….

        • JLGTK

          Again We borrow the money for everything. It is not conservative fear, it is liberals who live in la la land that are destroying this once Great Country. Wake up little Barbie doll and pay attention.

    • JLGTK

      When you borrow money to pay for things and are 16 trillion in debt that means you are broke. How hard is that to understand?

      • Caribou “FIRED” Barbie™

        OK. So what should be done?

        • And, when those Senators are “home on vacation,” pound on their doors, and force them to listen! A civil war must be begun, and while I don’t advocate going out and shooting the Senators per se`, I do think we should all stand together and let them know we are no longer just the quiet little constituents we have been for far too long!
          Begin by pounding the Congressional Members with all sorts of phone calls, emails, snail mail, twitters and tweets or Facebook! Drive them completely off the rails, and triple-dog DARE their staffs not to let us speak to the individual him/herself!

  • Wasillabilly

    There are two separate issues here, folks. First, Obamacare in it’s current form is unsustainable. The second issue that this article addresses is continuing to penalize aliens after they come into legal status. The proposal that was voted down provides no incentive for illegals to become “legal”, whatever that means. It’s a bad idea. The whole illegal alien thing needs to be treated with pragmatism. We need to get these folks documented and get them on the tax rolls so they can do their part to support a system that they are benefitting from. I’m fine with “no citizen will receive federal benefits”, but don’t schwack people that are trying to correct their illegal status. That won’t help anything.

  • Disgusted

    As long as illegals are here illegally, they should NOT receive any type of government aid (period). The cost of maintaining them is one of the many reasons this country is broken.

  • wygit

    Doesn’t “former illegal aliens” translate to “US Citizens”?

    • The problem, Wygit, is that they are “illegals,” first, last and always! Evidently you have never lived in a border state or even close to where these people congregate! To them, crossing the border illegally is not a crime, they don’t RECOGNIZE the U.S. as being a real, viable country made up of real, honest, hard-working people–they see it ONLY as the ugly government who tells them they CAN’T come here; therefore, when they do cross the border, it is a HEROIC, magnificent act, and they are PROUD to have stuck a finger in the U.S.’s eye! For generations, afterward, whoever crossed the border in a particular family, is revered as a hero, a pathfinder, a wonderful person!
      I asked one illegal’s daughter if she ever thought her mother had displaced an American when she crossed the border, and if the mother or any of the Anchor brats ever considered what their presence did to the American economy.
      How did she answer?
      SHE LAUGHED, and said it didn’t matter what or who within the Americans were hurt by the illegals’ presence, because AMERICANS DIDN’T MATTER ANYWAY!
      One thing I have noticed about these people, and I have known a lot of them! They do NOT know or care how the Americans ever reached the high point we have, nor do they care or know much about the Constitution—all they know is that they want a big chunk of the freedoms and rights that Americans have fought and died for, but they don’t give a snap of the fingers of HOW those freedoms and rights were gained!
      Again, Wygit. These people don’t see us as PEOPLE, but as things to be gotten out of the way! THEY think we invaded their “lands” and took them, not realizing they never had those lands in the first place, and they honestly believe they are RECLAIMING what they perceive as theirs. No, to them, they are not “American citizens,” but still citizens of whatever country they came from—especially the Latino nations!

      • wygit

        Thank you for one of the most idiotic, racist rants I’ve read in a while. I can’t even get irritated at that one, because I’m laughing.

  • As usual, our government is selling us out! My granddaughter is slowly dying from a brain aneurysm and extreme fibromyalgia–yet, we cannot get health care for her—yet these criminals will come into our country illegally, and get everything handed to them! The one way I can see for us to get back at our pansy-rumped congressional members is to vote them all out in 2014! Perhaps more of us “ordinary citizens” ought to step up and consider running?