Sen. Sessions Presses USDA For More Info On Mexican Food Stamp Use, Participation Rates

Photo Credit: Daily Caller

After an effort to defund the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s food stamp outreach partnership with the Mexican government went down in committee Thursday, Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions continued to press the agency for more information about non-citizen participation in the food stamp program.

In a Friday letter to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack obtained by The Daily Caller, Sessions — who has been exchanging letters with Vilsack about USDA’s partnership with Mexico since last summer — requested additional information about the people the USDA has been enrolling in nutrition assistance programs and the agency’s program goals.

Last month, in a letter recently obtained by TheDC, Vilsack revealed that the share of overall Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or food stamp, benefits going to legal non-citizens has accounted for between 3.5–4.0 percent of the total caseload since 2004.

The agriculture secretary further addressed the fact that those non-citizens who enroll in SNAP are not considered to be government-reliant under the current policies governing immigrant inadmissibility under the public charge statue. He additionally noted that the agency has provided guidance to this effect — pointing to a February 2010 letter from USDA Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services Kevin Concannon to all state commissioners.

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  • aimee

    Let’s see…we shut down the White House; impact the parks and impact the military but we must insure that individuals that are not citizens of this Country we give away food stamps to! Why can’t there be a line on our tax returns where we can mark where our money goes to and the Federal Government gives a quarterly report showing where out money has gone to!

  • BenDoubleCrossed

    Should immigration be allowing legal status to foreigners who cannot feed themselves?

  • we could straighten out this country if we had more republicans like jeff sessions rand paul and michele bachman

  • Nellie CA

    We are importing Mexican and foreign food, especially produce from Mexico and this is putting our farmers out of business, we don’t know what health issues these pickers have. We are still allowing illegals to stay here and no jobs on the farms or the farmers are hiring them for cash and the American Mexican citizens don’t have jobs. Boycott foreign food! Bring our jobs home.
    Costco’s needs to stop buying Chinese can food!

  • Why are we funding Mexicans with Foodstamps??!! Sheesh the wasteful stupidity of the federal government is mind boogling!!

  • It is pretty clear–illegally in this country NO federal or state benefits..Why is it so difficult for politicians to understand something a 5th grader can understand. Stop giving hand outs to people who violate the law.

  • CKDT

    Why won’t our elected officials stand up for “we the people” and stop all of these free giveaways! We could easily balance our debt crisis if we weren’t giving away free money to millions of illegals!! Wake up America!

  • Does anyone remember Collard & Piven ? Please google these left wing economists and read Obama’s playbook .