Starbucks CEO: If You Support Traditional Marriage, We Don’t Want Your Business

At the Starbucks annual shareholders meeting on Wednesday, CEO Howard Schultz sent a clear message to anyone who supports traditional marriage over gay marriage: we don’t want your business. After saying Starbucks wants to “embrace diversity of all kinds,” he told a shareholder who supports traditional marriage that he should sell his shares and invest in some other company. [Click HERE for Schultz’s recent statement regarding guns in Starbucks]

According to a report by Forbes, Schultz seemed a bit intolerant of any Starbucks shareholders who opposed gay marriage for moral or religious reasons. During the meeting, shareholder Tom Strobhar (who founded the Corporate Morality Action Center) pointed out that after the company voiced its support for a referendum backing gay marriage in Washington state, a boycott by traditional marriage supporters caused a drop in sales revenue. Schultz told him “You can sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares in another company” if he did not agree with the company’s pro-gay marriage stand.

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  • RonaldusMagnus

    Oh, OK schultzie. Don’t go there anyway, coffee’s way too bitter, like you?! You sell coffee or milk shakes? Your decision is probably good for business, Right? McD’s coffee is much better and smoother, great decision howie.

    • Independent Voter

      “Seattle’s Best” is owned by Starbucks.

    • Elena0411

      And they have wifi as well.

  • It’s amazing… Schultz thinks we’re the intolerant bigots.

    • ddt

      he can take his coffee and shove it where the sun dont shine
      its crap anyway

      • jeannie

        amen to that ddt no more for me!

    • Chris Doebert

      Well… you still are, aren’t you?

      Just because he’s intolerant of intolerance doesn’t change the impact of your bigotry.

      • No. We have every right to support or NOT support any business with our wallets – especially when the business flouts its views in such a manner. Just as I fully support Chick-Fil-A, I will NOT support Starbucks – ever again.

        The circle of intolerance can spin forever – but the gay supporters lash out with hatred and name calling, yet refuse to recognize we have the RIGHT to our own religious views.

        • Totally agreed.

        • Donna Miller

          YES! We are called the intolerant and the haters, however the intolerance and hate is on the sinful side

          • Yes, because homophobes don’t hate people..not at all *dripping with sarcasm*

        • Amen Dan Meyer!

        • You have the right to your religious views, you however do not ahve the right to dictate anyone else’s life by it.

        • jeannie

          We do have an opinion . Go Folgers!

        • The problem is that you push your religious views onto others through laws. Thats something you DON’T have a right to do. Freedom of Religion grants both the freedom to believe whatever religion you so choose, but it always grants you the abstinence of religion if you so choose. Anti gay propaganda is fueled only by religion and not by any hard facts whatsoever and hence no laws should ever be made using them as basis.

          And to expect a gay person to like a homophobe (yes, thats quite the accurate word) is like expecting a black man to like a racist person, just aint happening.

      • Better_learn_Chinese

        Homosexuality will never and has never been normal. You can call it whatever you like, but it’s a demented and warped condition. Now, would you like cream and sugar?

        • matt

          We are not animals. we have dignity and self respect. if you wish to compare your disgusting lifestyle with animals…so be it.

          • K

            Animals have dignity and self-respect. That was the dumbest statement I’ve read on this thread. Watch the fucking hilarious “guiltiest dog ever” video on YouTube. It’s even simple enough for the most closed minded of people to understand.

          • Some animals have some measure of dignity and self-respect. Some, on the other hand, do cannibalism and rape. That’s what you get when you normalize something just because animals do it.

          • Dr. Rob

            So you’re a lifeless being, like a rock, or something? Cause last time I checked, humans are mammals and, by definition, mammals are animals. We (I loosely use this term as I am excluding you), are intellectually smarter than many other animals in the kingdom, but are no less an animal as the Lion who hunts to eat as you may hunt for a McDonalds to satisfy your chemical addiction to processed foods and pre-diabetic causing sodas. 😉

            Your brain may be a rock, but I suppose you’re still an animal.

          • We are animals. Humans are an animal species, albeit one of very high intelligence. To say that we arn’t is to try making us out to be much more special than we actually are and in the end, fooling oneself.

        • Yes, because no animal has ever been demented and warped. All animals in nature are perfectly healthy.

        • Males of many species will attempt to mate with a male if no females are available when trying to mate. That does not make them homosexual. YOU ARE AN IDIOT IF YOU THINK YOU CAN GET THAT BY ANYONE WITH A FUNCTIONING MIND.

          • um, if one male animal trying to have sex with another male animal isnt the definition of homosexuality, what is?

          • John Thomas

            I do support traditional marriage- and that only- always did business with Starbucks but hey if you don’t want or need it I just gave it to someone else..Not a problem Starbucks….

          • There has been many examples of males mating with males regardless of female presence. Please do try again.

        • Austin

          Technically and zoologically we are animals sooooo…

        • Better_learn_Chinese

          I never use that scripture. Try Rom. 1:26-27; 1 Cor. 6:9-10; 1 Tim. 1:9-10. We have been in ministry for 15 years, working with college students and also high school, so your critique of our understanding of the bible or intelligence is laughable. Your arrogance tells me you fall into the “stereotypical” gay man role, “I’m so supreme, so wonderful, you are not worthy to touch my intellect” blah blah…I’ve seen this so many times. Haughty, belittling, above it all. Listen, when you are done wanting what you want over what God wants, maybe you’ll grow. Otherwise you will sit in your crap and like it.

          • JoeBlowFromKokomo

            As a non-christian, there is nothing in your statements that encourages me to join your faith. In the immortal words of Mohandas Gandhi: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ”

          • enjoy your afterlife……oh wait you won’t have one….

        • Jessie

          Ummmmm for your information,, if homosexuality was shown in the animal species,, they are quickly killed by the Pack or the rest of their kind,, u might want to learn what u are preaching here,,, survival of the fittest is paramount and anything that is congenitally or biologically deformed are left to die!!

          • false

          • While survival of the fittest is the key to evolution, the rest of your post is actually wrong. The only thing that happens is that their genes wont get passed on, nothing else.

        • It doesn’t matter how old the bible is ….even if were a trillion yrs old…it is God’s word and that has never changed…amazing how you think time and man can change it…..hey here is a idea….let the whole world be gay…then in one generation time everyone will cease to exist…….God’s plan…don’t think so…..

      • It is not intolerant to support 5000 years of history and it is not bigotry to not support what every real religion says is a sin and is an unforgivable sin.

        • Go fuck yourself with your religion and mind your own fucking business!

          • enness

            Nice language. If only there were an argument in there somewhere.

          • Jessica

            When did supporting gay marriage turn into supporting “polygamy, pedophilia, bestiality, or whatever other crap”? I don’t see what homosexuality has to do with any of those things.

          • rhubarbarian

            But it’s quite alright the CEOs of Hobby Lobby or Chick-Fil-A speak their minds.

          • They didn’t speak their mind, They were asked a question of their personal opinion on gay marriage and when it wasn’t in support of the liberals they freaked out. Chik-fil-a does business with and even employees homosexuals. Unlike Starbucks by which brings their personal opinions into the business aspects as being its core and discriminate upon those who do not hold the same opinion as them. Their is a difference of having a “personal opinion” and a “business opinion”. I don’t recall Chik-Fil-A telling homosexuals that they don’t want their business.

          • anazagasty

            Chik-Fil-A admitted to only trying to hire people who were married to a person of the opposite sex. Hope you aren’t single wanting a job!

          • drayome

            Chick-fil-a was asked about his personal opinion.
            It’s one thing to embrace diversity, BUT funding to change the law/definition of Matrimony is much different.

          • When you respond with such immaturity you negate anything of value that you might be saying 🙁

          • 32eagle

            man what a wannabe barbarian!!!

        • I am a christian and i will try to avoid buying from star bucks but homosexuality is not unforgivable God will for give all sins except Blastpheming

          • He forgives all sins if the individual REPENTS and asks for forgivness

          • god is love

            that will achieve nothing, and if you hate them why will never come to know Christ. Love God, Love Others – EVERYONE.

          • only if they repent……don’t look like that’s happening….you are gonna “TRY” to avoid????…let’s hope some one don’t drag you in there and pore that coffee down your throat…

        • If you are thinking of the Greeks, they didn’t “support homosexuality” unconditionally. In most cities only pedophilia was allowed. Two grown man having sex was ridiculed. Yes, wonder why they embraced Christianity later. Maybe they saw their ways weren’t so moral after all.

        • GodisLove

          you should read your bible better, what do you know about true religion… clearly nothing.

          Thats it. Thats all… No matter what.

        • Doesn’t matter….God doesn’t support it…..

      • What does being a Christian and having morals,have to do with being a bigot ? Are you one of those intolerant liberals who expects everyone to get in line behind you and agree with everything you think is okay ? You’re going to be in a VERY short line..And I don’t care what you think about me.I’ll continue to worry about what God thinks,he’s more important.

        • AMEN!

        • Im4Jesus

          Amen Shelah…”And do not fear those who kill the body, but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Pleasing the Lord and doing what is right in His eyes is way more important than compromising our beliefs and appeasing those who would rather live in sin than repent and be saved.

      • StopObama2012

        Chris, you’re obviously a very intolerant person. How’s that working for you?

      • Gay people are an Abomination in God’s eyes!

        • Let he who is without sin cast the first stone fucker!

          • MC

            And twist not the scripture least you be like satan! Jesus did say that “he who is without sin cast the first stone! but he also said go and SIN NO MORE.

          • rhubarbarian

            And I’m pretty sure MC that he didn’t put you in charge of making sure no one sinned.

          • traditional values

            Please take this verse in CONTEXT. The pharisees where trying to trick Jesus when he stated “he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Romans 13 tells us that the authorities are well within their duty to judge.

        • jj

          The act of homosexuality is an abomination in God’s eyes… Homosexuals are loved like the rest of us sinners. Please don’t lump real Christians in with the hate spewing bigots!

          • Nomore

            It is? Did God come down and speak to you? Are you the new Christian leader?

          • christianmom

            jj thank you

        • God is Love

          Not true, God loves everyone and it is our commandment to do the same! Love God, love others.

          You are not helping anyone by hating them, how will the people you hate ever come to know Jesus if they think he hates them? That so wrong, Jesus loves them and wants to be in relationship with them. Just like He does with you!

        • You’re likely wearing clothes of two different fibers, you’re just as much an abomination.

        • Dr. Rob

          Now if you’d like a lesson on the Bible, in which I am fully versed, neither God nor any of his sons spoke of the homosexuality as it is today as the famous (out-of-context) verse of Leviticus 18:22 states: “Man shall not lie with mankind as with womankind, that is abomination,” which refers to a kind of homosexuality as we define as pæderastia which was an older man having brutal sex with a young boy – This Book in the bible also abominates many things that you and many other people do today because of modern scientific advancements (i.e. eating pork, mixed-cotton clothing, etc.) – You clearly have no understanding of what you’re talking about but that’s cool cause freedom of speech is the ultimate struggle for many Americans.

      • you know just because a person chooses to support traditional marriage, or same sex marriage doesn’t make them a bigot. Schultz seems to be the person displaying his bigotry here!

      • Donna Miller

        Because I don’t agree with him doesn’t make me a bigot.

      • You are wrong! IDIOT..NOT LIKING same gender marriage
        is no more a bigotry than anyone else LIKING same gender marriage! Grow up!

    • It wasn’t bad enough when Debbie proved she was bonkers. Now Harold? The whole family’s embarrassed!

    • NoMore

      I kind of agree…

  • I openly admit to being a bigot; I am bigoted against A**holes and that’s what Schultz is!

  • jb80538

    I’ve never liked Starbucks coffee. I really hate their politics. I will NEVER buy a starbucks product!

    • Better_learn_Chinese

      It’s bitter… the pill they are shoving down the throats of most of America.

  • steamdwarf

    Dunno why business entities, particularly public ones, venture into these areas, this guy should keep his bias on on personal level as an opinion. I don’t have any of their stock, but yea, I will act locally on this and avoid buying their products.

    • Good for you steamdwarf! I use buy their cinnamon muffins on occasion, but that’s over now. Never again.

      • ReL

        You and Steam will be back at Starbucks. You’ll forget all about this BS, everyone does, like Chik-Fil-Et and their stupidity. So all that hype about boycotting the franchise, is stupid. If you are going to boycott them then boycott every thing and live in a hole in the ground. So what if the company has something they believe in, The share holders may feel this way, that DOES NOT speak for the employees. Share holds can control product line and advertising, but they cannot control the hearts and minds of its staff. So please,get over this self-righteous attitude before it sink you into the ground.

        • MacDaddy

          Boycotting Starbucks is not that hard. Several of us have done this in my town for the past three years because they came in and caused better local coffee shops to close by marketing the hell out of it and pressuring the same landlord to raise their rent on them. Why again should Ria “boycott everything and live in a hole”? If a company decides to take a political stance, then the consumer can as well. When ever a CEO makes these statements as the CEO, then he/she does speak for the company.

        • Nellie CA

          We need to stick together and stop these people from killing themselves. I will not buy one Starbuck product. I don’t buy Mexican produce or Chinese products. I have to be desperate! There is American products. Bunn is the only coffee maker that assembles their coffee makers here. I found American made single edge razor blades at Sears. I found an American made hot water tank. BUILD OUR ECONOMY! OBAMA IS IN RUSSIA SELLING US OUT.

          • Bill

            You do realize that most of the American-made products, outside of the big industrialized stuff like cars, is done in American territories in the Pacific where labor laws aren’t all that much in effect, right? Most of the workers that make your MADE IN THE USA products are sold into the industry by black markets in China and are paid ludicrously little in horrible working conditions.

          • Nematocyte

            I guarantee you bought a product made in China within the last year. Also, don’t forget your tinfoil hat when you’re out traveling.

        • Klaus Fischer

          at $4 for a Latte it’s not hard at all, matter of fact, think about that!

          • Patti1947

            Starbucks is NOT that good and their items are so overpriced . I rarely went there for anything but these comments seal the deal for me. I do support traditional marriage period….. Everyone can do as they please, but I don’t need a big mouth CEO telling everyone what they can do if they don’t agree with him. He must be a gem to work for.. When are all these CEO’s, Politicians, and Hollywood elite going to learn to keep their mouths shut and stop trying to push gay life style on the rest of us? I don’t have anything against gays, but they believe what they want and I believe what I want. As far as this CEO saying don’t come into Starbucks with your gun, if a person as a concealed weapon permit, they have the right to carry their gun.

          • M

            “…and stop trying to push gay life style on the rest of us?” Really?? Who is trying to make you gay?

          • Carrie Hollister

            I doubt that is what she meant and you know it. Tolerance goes both ways and we are tired of being told we MUST tolerate the intolerant. We are tired of being told that we must tolerate something we believe is wrong. We are tired of being called homophobic just because we don’t agree with that lifestyle. We are NOT afraid of homosexuals and many of us love them but just don’t agree.

          • Nematocyte

            How did anybody push a gay lifestyle on you based on the information you read in the article?

          • mikehardin63

            Um, being told you aren’t welcome as a customer or a stockholder if you support traditional marriage is certainly pushing a pro-gay political position. No one is pushing us to BE gay, but certainly to condone homosexuality and same sex marriage regardless of our religious beliefs about the same.

        • Debbie Young

          Crawl back in your hole homo.

          • Cindy Kay

            Uncalled for Debbie Young and quite hateful. Simmer down.

        • Gary Neal Alford

          Yours is the attitude which sounds self righteous. I may or may not forget about this starbucks thing. You don’t know. “Chik-Fil-Et and their stupidity”? What stupidity? You must have gotten confused and be referring to your own stupidity. It is true that if you boycott every company that disagrees with you on any important matter, then you would have a hard time getting by. But if someone chooses to boycott Starbucks because of this, there is nothing wrong with that. It is each person’s right to choose where they shop. And on the other hand, if we (Christians) would band together and really boycott many of the major companies, our society would be much better.

          • Zachary Chastain

            I totally agree. I haven’t eaten at Chick-Fil-A since I found out the CEO donated significantly to a homophobic hate group. Used to eat there all the time, but wasn’t all that difficult to stop.

            These people have the same right to boycott Starbucks if they want. Just as Starbucks has the right to take this stand, and as Chick-Fil-A had the same right. Is it wise for corporations to get involved in issues of morality and religion (from either side)? Personally, I would say no, but it’s their prerogative to run their business as they see fit. Just like it’s your prerogative to choose to do business with them or not, just like I chose to end my long running patronage of Chick-Fil-A when I found out what my money was being used to support.

            One thing I have found amusing though, all of the people I know personally who want to “boycott” Starbucks have also mentioned that they never go there anyway because it’s too expensive. Can you boycott a business that you never intended to do business with to begin with? Is it really boycotting, does it mean anything?

          • Gary Neal Alford

            What ‘homophobic’ hate group are you referring to?

          • Zachary Chastain

            Groups like Exodus International and “Family Research Council.” This is a conservative website, so I realize your viewpoint will probably be different and you probably won’t consider those groups as hate groups.

            Personally, I think any group is a hate group if it’s actively committed to a cause that takes civil liberties away from any group of people based on who they are.Whether that group is gay people or Christians.Because of my opinion about those groups, I chose to stop doing business with Chick-Fil-A.

            I’m not under the impression that my boycotting is going to seriously impact the overall company, just as boycotting Starbucks isn’t going to have much impact on the overall business. It’s just a matter of principle. I don’t want my money being donated to or supporting someone who donates to a cause I so strongly disagree with.

          • Zach

            It’s not a civil liberty for a gay couple to have the same marriage rights as a man and a woman.

          • Zachary Chastain

            That’s your opinion, and it differs from mine. I didn’t come here to bash your opinions, just to share my own view.

            Do you really think a single sentence with no supporting argument is going to change my mind? There’s nothing you can say to me that will even make me feel like the way we treat gay people is right.

          • Cindy Kay

            Even if you don’t frequent their coffee shops, there are plenty of products sold at your local grocer or Amazon. When a CEO invites a boycott at a shareholder meeting, I’d divest myself of the stock forthwith.

          • Cutenu2

            Homophobic? Money was given to a group that’s afraid of homosexuals? Imagine that. LOL!!!!

          • Zachary Chastain

            I suppose they are afraid of them. Homosexuals aren’t hurting them. If you hate a group of people who have never wronged you in any way, that hate is usually a product of fear of what you don’t understand.

            So yes, great insight, that’s exactly what happened.

          • mikehardin63

            Your money was being used to buy a chicken sandwich. Once you ate the sandwich, it ceased to be your money. You didn’t like what Dan Cathy’s money was being used to support.

          • Zachary Chastain

            Semantics . Dan Cathy’s business only has money because it has customers. If I support his business, and his business supports a cause I disagree with then I am indirectly supporting that cause by giving him money that he can donate to those causes.

            I never disputed that my money became the property of his business after I paid them. Quite the opposite, my point was that I don’t want to enable their support of hate groups by giving them my money.

            I guess you learned something new today – you vote with your dollars. If you don’t support something, then don’t give your money to someone who will.

          • mikehardin63

            Which single religion is it based on? Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism all have historically defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman. So have all, or nearly all secular cultures and governments throughout human history. Only in the last quarter century, after millennia of human history, has marriage begun to be redefined around the world as anything other than a covenant/contract relationship between two people of the opposite sex.

            Were the definition of marriage based in some solitary religion, as you falsely claim, I would agree that it would be unconstitutional to defend that definition. But it’s a claim that just doesn’t hold muster.

            As for denying you equal rights, I don’t condone denying you any rights. I do support maintaining the traditional definition of marriage. Under that definition you have the freedom to marry any consenting adult of the opposite sex you choose. If you aren’t attracted to people of the opposite sex and choose not to exercise that right, that’s not my fault.

            But I don’t hate you. I don’t have to give you everything you want not to hate you. As a matter of fact, I can love you and not believe that what you want is good for yourself or our society. You can disagree, respectfully or not. But whether or not you agree has no bearing on whether there is hate in my heart.

          • Riley Secrist

            Classic goal post movement.

          • Zachary Chastain

            Care to explain how so? I’m not seeing it, so you’ll need to elaborate if you want me to take you seriously.

          • Riley Secrist

            I don’t care if you take me seriously, it won’t change that you moved those goalposts.

          • Zachary Chastain

            Actually it does, because I don’t believe you. You’re making that assertion, but refuse to attempt to prove it. I expect that’s because you can’t.

          • Riley Secrist

            Again, not worried about *you.* You won’t accept any explanation I give you, no matter how true.

            I posted that so that anyone reading this thread can go back and realize that you did it after re-reading your obvious logical fallacy.

            Because anyone but you, the one who said it, will quickly see I am right.

          • Zachary Chastain

            You don’t really know that, because you haven’t tried to provide any explanation or evidence, just a baseless claim. If you could prove I committed a logical fallacy, I would admit to it. You can’t, with any honesty, claim to know whether I would or wouldn’t.

            In fact, to assume the conclusion of explaining your evidence to me as the basis of arguing why you shouldn’t step up and accept the burden of proof is begging the question, a logical fallacy.

            What goal post have I moved? If you can’t answer that simple question with the confidence that anyone besides me who reads your response would agree with it, why bother writing it for anyone to read?

            Who will take you seriously if you have so little confidence in your answer that you won’t provide it? I had no problem explainging *how* you committed a logical fallacy. Why are you not willing to do the same, if for no other reason than you can’t, because I committed no fallacy for you to explain?

          • Riley Secrist

            I have enough confidence I am right that I don’t need to type two long novels to prove my point.

          • Zachary Chastain

            You refuse the burden of proof multiple times, attempt to use 2 logical fallacies to bring one alleged logical fallacy you claim I committed to light (by the way, if I had used a logical fallacy and you knowingly used two while complaining about it, doesn’t that also make you a hypocrite?), have no rebuttal for the multiple fallacies you’ve used, and still feel you don’t need to provide anything beyond the original baseless claim?

            I suspect at this point it has more to do with you backing away slowly before you accidentally stick your foot in your mouth again, rather than any confidence in any potential answers you could provide.

            If your reasoning was solid, you would not be afraid to share it. If it was solid, you wouldn’t be afraid to let it stand against any possible criticism from myself or anyone else who may read it.

            I do have to say that you are right. Right to keep quiet lest you out yourself once again as a hypocrite, or ignorant of logical fallacies, or however you’ll stick your foot in your own mouth next.

            The wise man is silent, and the fool opens his mouth and removes all doubt. Glad to see you’re finally ready to stop being the fool. 🙂

          • Riley Secrist

            If it makes you feel better to believe what you wrote, so be it 🙂

          • Zachary Chastain

            It is the only logical thing to believe. I base it not in emotion, but in logical deduction.

            If you felt your claim had substance you would try to defend it, rather than sit back and let me tear it apart.

            You’re a clown. Anyone who reads this will see through your BS. 🙂

          • Riley Secrist

            ok 🙂

          • Zachary Chastain

            And let’s not forget that attempting to shift the burden of proof, whether it’s on to me or on to whomever happens to read this later on, is its own separate logical fallacy.

            You made the claim that I moved the goal post. You make a claim, you accept the burden of proof. It becomes your responsiblity.

            To attempt to shift that responsibility to whomever reads this later is to commit the logical fallacy of shifting the burden of proof.

            I’ve got you 0 for 2, my friend. I think it’s time to put up or shut up regarding the case of the moving goal post. I explained to you how you committed 2 logical fallacies, can you not do me the same courtesy to explain how I allegedly committed one?

          • Zachary Chastain

            Just to clarify, when I say “I totally agree.” I totally agree that if someone chooses to boycott Starbucks, then there’s nothing wrong with them making that choice. The rest of your statement is made up of pretty strong opinions that I don’t agree with.

            Was just re-reading my previous comment and realized that my opening statement came off as though I supported everything you said, rather than just the one sentence in the middle there.

          • bob

            i highly doubt that you (christians) would ever be able to band together and try to boycott major companies, simply because you all still cant agree if you need to be baptized or not. lets also not forget that fact that there about 30,000 different sects of christianity. so if you cant agree when it comes to how to get to heaven, then what makes you think you can put a company out of business??

          • Paul

            Been there, done that, and continue to boycott all of them, Gary. What these liberal have forgotten is the basic concept of free enterprise. We the consumer dictates who wins and who loses and not the business or government.

          • Nematocyte

            So what the Starbucks guy did is wrong but Chick-fil-a was in the right? Is that what you’re implying here by questioning “what stupidity” they committed?

          • mikehardin63

            The president of Chic-fil-A never said he didn’t want the business of people who disagreed with him. He always said he wanted everyone’s business, and was glad to serve everyone, so yes, Starbucks guy is wrong, and Chick-fil-A guy is right. Which one is being inclusive?

        • Mind Your Own Business

          I am sure you are the same kind of person that supports the largest Chinese Slave Labor Retail Outlet in the world. I don’t shop at Wal-Mart and I will never buy anything from Starbucks. And personally I don’t care if you are gay, straight, black, white or whatever you are but when you try to ram your desires down my throat and tell me because I think differently than you to go else where then you piss me off. Raciest BITCH !!!!
          Now that’s what I think !!!!

        • LINDY LOU

          OH SHUT UP!

        • Kgel

          I’ll never buy another damn thing from Starbucks. Wait a minute, I’ve never actually bought anything from them anyway, so that shouldn’t be a problem anyway. BTW…I love me some chik-fil-a

        • Paul

          Rel, you are forgetting that the companies, their employees and their shareholder depends on the people to buy their product in order to survive. By ignoring the majority to support a small percentage of pee pee puffers is pure stupidity. You’ll see soon enough.

        • Richard Lewis

          Seems your the one who needs to dig yourself a hole to hide in….so the rest of us don’t have to listen to YOUR BS

        • starbuckshatesus

          Boycott? BOYCOTT??? Dude, the CEO told me to not shop there!

        • Matt Van Camp


        • SandyIam

          Chick Fil-A did not offer a COMPANY opinion or philosophy. It was a PERSONAL opinion of the man who just happens to own the company and he was specifically asked for his opinion.

          Starbucks has incorporated this philosophy in their BUSINESS; it’s not just Schultz’s personal opinion.

          A world of difference between the two.

      • Brandie Prine

        Ria, I’m with you. Their pastries are SO expensive anyways and actually I quit buying them several months ago. Girl, I will make you some good cinnamon muffins and send them to ya ha-ha

      • steve0321

        Not a tough decision. Over-priced, over-brewed swill

    • Jeff, No one said that you can’t voice your personal views, but you should keep them out of your business practices. Chic-fil-a’s owner voiced his opinion but did not let it affect his business practice, Howard Schultz made a business decision based on his own bias.

      • Melissa

        He encouraged share holders that didn’t agree with him should sell they’re shares. How about this, turn the tables, let’s say he made some horrible, insult comment about gays and said they should all be ashamed of themselves for they’re lifestyle choices. And then said that shareholders that support gay marriage should sell their stock and go somewhere else, people would be so freaked out and it would be all over the news. Tell me I’m wrong.

        • He told one investor who threatened a boycott that if corporate support for gay marriage made him uncomfortable, he might be better off investing in a different company.

          Turn the tables: if an investor in Chick-fil-A said “I don’t like the way the company advances traditional values” and Truett Cathy said “Well, if so, I don’t know why you’re investing in this company,” it wouldn’t be offensive. It certainly wouldn’t imply “WE DON’T SERVE GEYS!!!!”

          • bobmoonman

            NOTE! Chick-Fil-A does NOT sell shares. It is not a publicly held company. Completely owned by the Cathy family.

          • Ah. Well, suppose Chick-fil-A was publicly traded. 🙂

          • Micky Baker

            The left is so hypocritical. The blew up about Chik-Fil-A and they knew they were lying. They do it daily to justify their extreme prejudices.

        • KathiMR

          Only he actually didn’t say that. The article unfortunately is inaccurate. Follow the links to Forbes for what he actually said. The pro-marriage shareholder raised the issue of the boycott hurting share price. The CEO responded saying their return for the year was I think 38% so he challenged him that if he could find a better return, that he was free to sell & buy that. He did NOT tell him they didn’t want him as a shareholder nor want his business.

          However it is clear that he supports same-sex marriage & apparently uses corporate profits to do so. So even though I didn’t buy their coffee much anyway, I will make it even more of a point to not spend $ there.

          • Micky Baker

            Yeah, the bully pulpit. The CEO should have kept his mouth shut. Most of his customers don’t support gay marriage.

        • Micky Baker

          You’re not wrong.

        • Micky Baker

          Yes, HE DID.

      • Micky Baker

        Maybe the one where he told the investor that if he supports traditional marriage that he should sell his shares of stock. This would want me to buy more and to get more people to buy more to get the CEO ousted.

        • Only he didn’t say that at all. When an investor argued that the company’s policies were hurting business, Schultz countered by citing a few investment return statistics and told the investor he was free to put his money in any business he thought would yield the highest return. That’s all.

    • Chic-fil-a didn’t say they didn’t want your business. They simply stood by what they believed. Don’t know why this guy got so cocky, but if he don’t want my business I’m good with that.

      • bigfoot15

        also, the chick-fil-a response was the CEO’s personal belief, it had no actual ties to the restaurant/company.

        • Meh

          That must be why Chick-Fil-A is closed on Sunday…nothing to do with the CEO, you know.

          • They’re free to close whenever they wish, they don’t owe you anything, they are not a publicly traded co., they are completely privately owned… period…. duh

          • Chic-Fil_A answers to a higher CEO, ….. and God Bless them for it!

        • suck my dick

          Except for the millions of dollars they funnel to hate groups. You don’t read much, do you?

          • proudtexan62

            Considering your name you don’t read too much of value either do you?

      • Well if he really feels that way, he better speak up, I see a Starbucks boycott in the works..

        • Indeed… it has started and includes my relatives, friends and home, it was the only one I bought but it’s over.

        • proudtexan62

          Too late for that now. People need to stop and think before they make statements. Once those words are spoken, they are hard to take back. “oh, I meant………” doesn’t get it after you have said what you meant the first time.

      • sarandipity

        Exactly, Chic-fil-a just stood their ground and didn’t let the liberal media drive them under. This company has voiced a political stance, which always means a loss of business, no matter which side you’re on.

        • proudtexan62

          Chik-Fil-A didn’t lose business at all. You can still hardly find a parking place at those restaurants in my area. Their CEO’s position began from the Obama administration trying to force companies to buy the “morning after pill”, challenge of their closing on Sunday and other of the stupid restrictions the present administration is trying to force down the throats of the American business people. All the while he is running around overseas giving out millions of taxpayer dollars to our enemies. The liberals think we are all ignorant and apt to cave under there constant oppressive behavior. They underestimate The American Patriots.

      • KathiMR

        Not sure how you got the idea that I support same-sex marriage. I adamantly don’t. I campaigned for Prop 8.

        Just saying this article inaccurately stated what the CEO said. Just because he is apparently fine w Christians or other supporters of biblical marriage patronizing them & adding to their bottom line does NOT mean that I am fine w spending my $ there.

        It is clear that he doesn’t care about our views.

        • LouiseCA

          I agree. They are over-priced and I seldom buy their coffee anyway. I already knew they have disdain for the Christian and traditional points of view. It’s no loss to me if they want to make fools of themselves chasing after the homosexual movement which represents about 1% of the population, as so many of these foolish businesses are now doing. It can’t be about money, because the vast majority of Americans still believe in traditional values. They’re doing the same thing the idiotstream media is doing. They’re trying desperately to actually shape opinion (force it on us), instead of going along with what actually is, just as the media no longer reports the news, they make it up as they go along.

      • LouiseCA

        You need to read his post again. You missed his point.

      • He never said he doesn’t want you business. That’s people putting words in his mouth. He said “You can sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares in another company”.

      • Starbucks never said that either. You need to stop believing everything you read in a blog.

        • Actually, he did. This is what Mr Schultz ACTUALLY said:

          “If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38 percent you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares of Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much.”
          I don’t see anything in that statement that would indicate he is AGAINST traditional marriage.

        • RescueKyron

          Go figure what was said and try to make it what YOU mean. Keep the PC, don’t like the taste.

      • They contributed money to anti gay causes.

      • You make a strong case against the validity of Christianity as being a religion of love.

      • gjsmith_62

        Who is forcing whom to conform? Christ said marriage is between man and woman. You’re acting as though the law states sodomites are to be stoned. Sorry, that’s Islam, not Christianity.

        Then again, want to see the gov’t change its mind? Let’s allow man to marry dogs, cats … whatever. I’d love to claim every ant in my front yard as a dependent.

    • That’s not what the CEO of Starbucks said either.

    • I disliked Chik-fil-A to begin with- their stance cemented my refusal to patronize them.

      • Agreed, the food is honestly terrible, so me doign a boycott would have been moot.

        • Record sales every year with terrible food…riiiiiight LOL

          • Record? I could make a sale of $1 and call it a record. Either way I was talking about my own tastebuds, which seem to hold it in the same esteme with toxic waste.

        • Micky Baker


          • Exactly, my opinion of their terrible, unseasoned, chicken would have made a boycott from me moot.

    • Gregory Smith

      You did not read or listen to what happened…. He was not expressing his personal opinion. Mr. Schults was responding to a question for someone who owns 1 share of Starbucks stock about a company policy.
      The author of this piece has lied about what actually happened in that exchange… as a matter of fact, from what the author states, HE has not listened to the exchange nor has he researched what happened.
      So you are acting on something you know nothing about based on a comment from someone who also knows nothing true about the incident!

      • Elena0411

        Mmm..You responded to yourself.

      • sarandipity

        If this is true, why doesn’t he come out and make a statement to that fact?

      • Actually, Greg, the story may not be 100% accurate BUT that is EXACTLY how Starbucks feels, whether said or implied. They are up there with Ben and Jerry’s with their support of gays vs. support of traditional values.

        • asdf

          Traditional values, like raping women and lynching black people.

          • MavisRooster

            asdf – raping women and lynching black people? Like the leftists do in Africa, you mean?

          • gjsmith_62

            No he means the democrats that formed the KKK and wrote Jim Crow laws.

            Slavery, segregation, abortion and socialism, it’s what the democrats stand for.

          • You’re associating modern day Democrats with the Dixiecrats of yesteryear – these individuals became Republics. They were Democrats, originally, because Republicans could not get elected in the South (associated, as they were, with the North) AND Democrats supported the farming industry to a greater extent back then. Things flipped and those Democrats became Republicans.

          • Wrong, Brandon, Lincoln was a Republican, Gore was a Democrat, that’s Gore Sr. Republicans, have always been for all freedom. Live and let live. Bull Conner, Democrat. Lyndon Johnson, Democrat, fought civil rights for years and then switched sides as President, taking credit for everything he fought against for years as Speaker of the House, once the battle was won by Republicans and some good Dems.

          • Unhipcat

            Lincoln would be aghast at what the Republican Party has become.

          • Daniel Cote

            Lincoln was a conservative so you have no idea what you are talking about.

          • Daniel Cote

            You’re absolutely wrong. Out of the 19 dixiecrats only 3 became republicans Thurmond, Helms and Goodwin the 16 others remained democrats.

          • MGM46

            You should not confuse folks with the facts – shame on you.

          • gjsmith_62

            Right, just saying those awful democrats became republicans must make it true, right?

            Sure lie some more. Only ONE of the democrats who voted against the ’64 Civil Rights Act became a republican. The rest? Stayed democrats until they died (1/20) … So, nice try. And BTW, the majority of them were replaced by democrats too.

          • Democrats love poor people so much, they keep creating more.

          • Look at the economic history of the USA as it applies to liberal and conservative leadership and then get back to us.

          • Funny since most red states have the worst economy.

          • History lesson is on order.

          • Micky Baker

            Yeah, this is why you’re considered a low information voter. That is one of the most moronic posts here in awhile.

          • LouiseCA

            That’s all that people like you have, isn’t it? Just slams and lies and name-calling against anyone who disagrees with you.

            It’s the democrats who tried their best to keep black people from voting and having equal rights. And most rapist and murderers are liberal in their thinking. How dare you accuse people who honor the values and traditions that our Founders fought so hard for.

          • Thomas Weathers

            speaking of lies and obfuscation, you do realize the same southern democrats who tried to block african americans from voting switched to the republican party once real democrats supported the civil rights movement. they hid their disgust at joining the slave freer lincoln’s party because at that point 100 years later the republican party had become the party of bigotry and oppression of people who aren’t white and christian. just as they are today in their stance against gays. you are the one who should be ashamed, you and all the other bigots who are against gay marriage

          • Cindylu

            The gay rights push is NOT about Civil Rights, they can marry anyone of the opposite sex they chose, and some have. Black Americans don’t usually change their skin color or have had access to even the rights of white gays. This gay rights agenda is about what goes on in their bedrooms, not discrimination based on ANYTHING else.

          • With marriage equality all adults will be able to marry anyone of legal age and consent regardless of gender.

          • Revnref

            Why discriminate against teens? Maybe two 12 year olds want to get married. Should we not give them their civil rights as well?

          • Actually heterosexual minors can marry one another if they have parental consent and/or a court order – this has come up for minors in cases of pregnancy.

          • Cindylu

            It’s not even about equality, it’s about an un-natural sexual act. An act that can and has caused body parts not to function as intended, which has opened the door to other problems. People do as they choose because we were created with free will…but some choices are detrimental to the health of gays and straights.

          • OneNation245

            @ Thomas -Where did you learn about history? Your liberal ideology has obfuscated your ability to read facts and interpret the meaning of words.You are 100% incorrect Your interpretation indicates liberal ignorance and bias. It only makes sense to your sick way of thinking.

          • Thomas is pretty spot on, why don’t you prove him wrong instead of just spewing ad hominem remarks?

          • choate

            no , no , no he is not spot on , comeing from a fag you would believe him .

          • Coming from a bigoted asshole like choate….Go fuck yourself in the ass bigot!

          • LVRichardson

            Wow, Evance. Nice. Join right in. Show yourself for what and who you are. You’re the one calling everyone else a bigot. You’re the only one who is the bully and the bigot around here. Not to mention low-class, crass, and vulgar. I’m sure the gay community is proud and happy to have someone of your brains and stature on their side.

          • YOU CONSERVUTARDS are too stupid to read history. Sickos.

          • Daniel Cote

            You are absolutely wrong. Only 3 switched to the Republican party Thurmond, Helms and Goodwin the other 16 Dixiecrats remained Democrats. The switch to backing civil rights was a strategic move for control of the black population the democrats knew there was too much resistance to segregation and they were loosing votes by supporting it. By the switch to supporting civil-rights it made the blacks think the democrats were on their side. It allowed the democrats to control the black population by throwing them bones like welfare and food stamps. This way they could keep the blacks voting democratic and control their progress. The fact is the Republican party for years prior to 1964 tried to pass civil rights legislation but were blocked by the democrats I bet most black people don’t know that.

          • Conservative Lo

            You are absolutely right. When President Dwight D. Eisenhower tried to pass Civil Rights legislation, ten Senators John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson filibustered it. When Johnson became President Johnson, he hijacked the black vote by passing Civil Rights legislation which was passed when a Republican Congressman from Illinois broke the filibuster.

          • The civil rights bill was supported along liberal lines and opposed along conservative lines.

          • Janju

            Then explain to me why every piece of civil rights legislation was passed by a Republican majority and not a Democrat majority! You don’t know your history.

          • It used to not be a matter of liberal or conservative. The Dems also pretty much used to be the conservative, racist, party.

          • In fact Martin Luther King was a Republican, until he found himself in prison. He made a deal with JFK that if her got him out of jail and protected his son from being murdered, he would get 10 million votes for JFK! The greatest lie, democrats have always been against civil rights! They are enslaving blacks now with keeping them stuck in a cycle of the “nanny state”, the black community have sold there freedom for what they call “being taken care of” for free!

          • God Bless you anyway!

          • Bigots? Because we believe in God’s words. That is what this is really all about. Why do you think our government has positioned hatred for Christians? Because we do not agree with murdering our babies nor do we agree with marriage being defined other than what God created it to be! The secular and progressive left want Christians to go along with their sinful agenda so they can “feel” good about the sin they commit! It is not going to happen. Let us get quite real, the battle is not with we that find this movement disgusting..but with GOD! No matter what names you call us or how much the “law” of the land is changed, it will not ever, never change the fact that this is not normal nor acceptable before God!

          • Marriage equality is about all tax-paying consenting adults being treated equally under the law. Your God might be disgusted by it, however America isn’t a theocracy so his opinion should have no bearing on how this country treats it’s citizens.

          • DiannaB

            You can say that OUR God, but if you live in America then it’s YOUR God too bc OUR country that YOU live in was founded on God & God’s word! Now argue that?? That’s on the back of all the $$ you spend yet people that are more worried about being POLITICALLY correct forget

          • DiannaB

            And all these people are so worried about being fair & letting ppl live the way they want to & not be judged…ok, then those of us who disagree with gay marriage should have the right to feel that way without being judged as well! This shouldn’t b a one way street yet it has become that way! We shouldn’t disagree or dislike anything anyone does but yet it’s ok for us Christisns to be condemned for the way we live or believe! When will America WAKE UP?!?!?

          • You can disagree with marriage equality all you want from your home to your pew – but your disagreement with it shouldn’t stand in the way of other tax-paying citizen’s right to their pursuit of happiness!

          • disqus_F3W3a9jm41

            That is the thing you are missing, it is not our disagreement, it’s GODs’… But, if you choice is to fight GOD, have at it good luck with that.

          • Kal Galath

            YOUR god. not necessarily everyone’s god.

            I have never understood why people don’t seem to get that.

            You can believe whatever you like, worship however you like.. but when you attempt to make your beliefs law, without a basis in science/fact, then we have an issue.

            You have no right to try to force anyone to live based on what you believe.

          • mrtrips

            Tell that to the muslims, and let me know how that turns out for ya, Kal…….sheesh!

          • Jimbo Velasquez

            My GOD is spelled wth capitol letters

          • straightandproudofit.

            Go to the Middle East and ask to see Sodom and they will show you burnt Sodom and the tour bus guide will tell you to wipe the dust from your shoes so as not to bring the curse home with you. They have already checked out places in the bible and events scientifically and PROVED the stories instead of the intended disprove the bible. You are not taking a christian on. You are taking on God. Now you might not believe He exists. But that is your mistake.

          • DC

            We as Christians are not to judge to love as Christ loved. But what we are to do is dislike the sin.
            Everybody will say what they want, the battle has been won and Jesus Christ has won. It’s over except his coming back for his church.
            I don’t force anybody to listen to what I say, but when the Holy Spirit moves for me to speak, someone is really needing to hear what is said.
            But rem this: on that judgement day, every knee will bow and every person will be judged. Only U send yourself to heaven or hell. You sin, u burn.
            He gave us the book of life to guide us witch way to go. He even said to chose life or death, then tell us to chose life. He stands with open arms for all that will turn from there sinful way and call on his name. Jesus, the son of the living God. The only true God.

          • Steve V

            There is only 1 GOD. There is no “Your GOD” and “My GOD.” The problem here is that you’re trying to tell me what to believe. It’s not enough for you to believe what you like, for you to be happy, I have to agree with you. Well guess what? It’s not going to happen!

          • PoFoke

            You might wanna try practicing what u preach.

          • Klaus Fischer

            agreed, and you have no right to change an existing law because you disagree, or it doesn’t meet your lifestyle. Living and letting live doesn’t mean to change things to your way of thinking if the majority has been living as such.

          • Judge

            Life STYLE???

          • Lynne Tuck

            I gave scientific fact! The law of nature! We can not exist without procreating. Women can not reproduce nor can men reproduce without the opposite sex. If nature had intended for this to be that would not be the case! You can not argue that fact!

          • Jeremy Reynolds

            we can procreate without sex. you cannot argue THAT fact!

          • guest1234

            Homosexuality exists across many species in NATURE and is scientifically documented as a natural occurence across a wide range of species who flourish widely and prolifically just like humans. Your argument is scientifcally flawed and useless. Ignorance breeds bigtory. It always has, and it always will.

          • Judge

            God doesn’t make mistakes….WAKE UP……it’s not an opinion~

          • just me

            American laws are based upon the majority vote. Believing and worshipping and choosing to do as the bible states is my right. You believe that gay marriage is acceptable. This is a belief that you live by. And thus base your opinions and polls off of. So either you need to go back and re read about why the American ppl are free why we vote instead of having a king or queen. Or need to get over it because ppl will have different opinions until the end of time. Basing my life off gods word is a RIGHT given to me not by man but from god himself, and nobody can take it away.

          • Bill in Mizuri

            You have no rights based on a sex act ! . . . Go to a 3rd world country where you can marry your goat if you want to. . . . Even over there they consider you “abnormal”. . . .Does THAT tell you anything ?

          • GTeye

            @amp69:disqus , and what exactly is standing in the way of anyone pursuing happiness?
            Can they not go to the same places and do the same things?
            What you want is forced acceptance.. not tolerance.

          • straightandproudofit

            no one wants to sleep in your bed. Can you let it go without calling them a name or is your whole existence predicated on this type of sex?

          • Rezouli

            I’m guessing you don’t understand that there are benefits that go beyond just a ring and signed agreement.

          • Katie

            No they can’t. What if your husband/wife was dying in the hospital and you could save his life by stating you wanted him to have an operation? You can do that, many partners CANT they do not have legal say.

          • Suegirly

            BULL. There are TONS of legal options that enable you to have control over ANYONE’S legal and medical affairs. Ever heard of a medical power of attorney?? STRAW MAN.

          • Lynne Tuck

            It’s called Power of attorney. You trust your partner enough to p[ut your life in his/her hands have a power of attorney drawn up!

          • kobe14

            There are things that are more important than happiness

          • Rezouli

            Because not allowing gays to marriage will prevent them from being gay. Yes, great, in the end it’s going to be the same, why not let them have Equal Rights? It’s not affecting your life in the least.

          • straightandpruodofit

            No one here is squealing but the gays! We are all tired of your accusations and name calling if no one wants to piggyback!

          • PoFoke

            squealing… bumpin butts huh? lol

          • what

            No matter how it screws are kids up. Just as long as you’re happy.

          • Judge

            What are you afraid of???

          • Genesis 1:27, Genesis 2:21-24

            The to different kinds of judging: biblical and wordily and where some christian fail at is they come out of their emotions of lashing back at and not the Bible nor the Spirit of God in which have been placed in them.

            The bible states not to judge according to the world but the bible (He Will; His Kingdom/God’s way of doing things).

            (1) John 7:24 “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.”

            (2) Galatians 6:1 Dear brothers and sisters, if
            another believer is overcome by some sin, you who are godly (Christians, spiritual) should gently and humbly help (correct, restore) that person back onto the right path. And be careful not to fall into the same temptation yourself.

          • straightandproudof it.

            Sodom did not care who was on top! Tell me what the abomination was that caused God to deliver distruction. They were corrupt. They did not acknowledge sin or repent for it. They were selfserving and perverse.

          • Aaron McBride

            Actually Sodom was destroyed for two reasons, 1 because of the lifestyle of those who lived in Sodom, but more serious was because the ones who were supposed to be righteous stopped living righteously. The truth is, if it was sodomy that was going to destroy Sodom (which God never said that is why he was going to destroy it), then why did God say He would spare Sodom if he had found 10 righteous people? He destroyed it because of the lack of righteousness by those who were supposed to be godly.

          • Klaus Fischer

            If we are going quote scriptures, allow me

            1 Corinthians 6:9-10 – “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.” (

          • Lynne Tuck

            You left out Leviticus 20:13

            King James Bible
            If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

          • TellTheTruth

            Poor you.

          • SoTM

            Nah..POOR YOU. I cannot wait for REAL Americans to wake up to this PC BS that is being forced down our throats. Enough!!

          • pscc

            we don’t preach to you that it is wrong to be a Christian do we? So don’t preach to us, quit throwing God at us.

          • Jimbo Velasquez

            You don’t have to catch the replies,just let them go by

          • straightandproudofit.

            No one is throwing God at you. Go! What you do not understand that if we give you consent then we too commit the same sin. So we are obligated to point out the distance you are making between you and God. Actually most of it is friendly advice. Throw it away if you choose. But live and let live instead of this orchestrated effort to kill our values and devalue God.

          • Brian Holsey

            Are you kidding? You do it all the time.

          • Kal Galath

            you can believe and feel however you like.

            the issue is that a lot of people are trying to tell others how they must live based on that, which is wrong.

          • Steve V

            Yes, some people are trying to tell others that they must accept SIN as normal.

          • Lynne Tuck

            That is the mentality that has this great country flushed down the toilet!

          • cjjones

            You have every right to disagree but keep it to yourself…this is so immature. God would not want this stone throwing to go on and Christians is spelled C-h-r-I-s-t-I-a-n-s. What you believe about marriage should not be forced on anyone else. Wow get a life. I’m sure there are areas in your life that you can spend this energy on because clearly you are upset about someone else’s freedom of choice to love whom they choose and stand before their God and not you as a God. Ok, I’m done with this and on my way to meet my girlfriend at Starbucks for coffee.

          • DeeJay

            I would just like to point out that you are passionately stating how you are anti-gay in one sentence and immediately after requesting the rest of the world to not judge you even though you are judging others who aren’t the exact same as you and your beliefs. You are a large contribution that the rest of world thinks Christians are crazy, bible-pushing psychos.

          • cabaedium

            Nobody’s trying to take away your right to disagree with gay marriage. You’re the one who’s trying to take away the rights of others.

          • America is not a theocracy. Just as you have freedom of religion, I have freedom FROM religion as well. Now argue that!

          • LVRichardson

            You actually don’t have freedom from religion. Religion and religious expression can’t be removed from the public square. It’s all around and it will remain so.

          • pscc

            so will we remain, and if it can’t be removed, what about schools?

          • LVRichardson

            Sorry, haven’t been keeping track of this discussion. What about schools, pscc? What’s your question?

          • Gunrunner1

            Fine, Marriage is a religious ceremony. If bugger boys want to have “Civil Unions”, go for it. Freedom from religion is freedom from a Marriage “ceremony”. Don’t force our churches to change “marriage” into honoring two rear-enders going at it.

          • GTeye

            @Amp69, you are correct and you also have the right to marry someone.. you just want the rules changed… no one is saying you can’t marry…

          • straightandproudofit.

            Thank God! Therefore we declare you free and us free so quit critising our choice in God and your choice of the Black Hole. No pun intended. NO Coffee. Remember Chick Filet? 4 gays showed up and thousands supported the store and bought out the Chicken. This was a stupid move on Star Bucks part. Learn to shut up and enjoy your lifestyle while you have time.

          • Steve V

            America is not a theocracy. You are welcome to be free of my religion. You are NOT welcome to change my religion or my beliefs! You can change the law of man to make that which used to carry a death penalty legal, but you can’t change GODS’s law and make it not a sin! You can place any two people together and call them a couple. They SHOULD have all the benefits of being a couple as any other couple. But the institution of marriage is exclusively between a man and a woman. That is my opinion and the opinion of many other Americans and there’s not a thing you can do about it, ever!

          • Bill

            No one’s asking you to change your opinion. No one’s asking you to change your beliefs. No one is threatening your religion. Just because we don’t want you to use your beliefs to control the freedoms of other people doesn’t mean we want you to change. Where do you get this idea from?

          • just me

            Nobody cares if ppl want to be gay. Go be gay!!!!! But keep it out of our churches!!!! Until the undying end I will love jesus above your sin. And so help me Sometimes the only reason I try to love people like you is for the sheer fact that Jesus loves you.

          • BabyDuck

            Sorry. You fail and need a history lesson. Our founding fathers (the majority) did not identify as Christian. Try again.

          • LVRichardson

            They did. They were Christians. It just went without saying because it wasn’t controversial. It was just the water they were swimming in. Like college students today don’t think of themselves as liberal because they’re swimming in the liberal pool.

          • williambraski

            DiannaB — You mean the same founders that crafted the separation of church and state amendment in the Constitution? Thomas Jefferson rejected the church and organized religion and said those beliefs should be the individuals beliefs and not be foisted upon others. If you don’t want to marry another woman, don’t. Legal gay marriage would not require you to. It does nothing to force you behave differently.

          • LVRichardson

            If everything is “to each his own” why are gay groups suing everyone right and left every time someone refuses to marry them or cater their party or host their reception? Why we are not all entitled to our beliefs?

          • SoTM

            LOL….please quote the amendment that says “separation of church and state”.

          • Connor

            Read exactly why Separation of Churcha nd State was made Dianna….It was made from a letter from Jefferson to a CHurch saying they don’t want a offical state religion not to keep religion out of politics and civil life. TRY again. Thanks.

          • williambraski

            People could use more of their brain back then than they can today? Where is your evidence?

            We’ve put people on the moon when they thought the Earth was still the center of everything. Cured disease when they didn’t even know what germs were.

            Homosexual relationships have been a part of human existence from the beginning. To say that something that has existed since the start of humankind is unnatural makes no sense.

          • murder has been around since the beginning. Does that make it ok? what about Theft? Lies? Rape? These things may be occuring in nature, but does it make them good? And if you say yes they are good, and Gay Sex and homosexuality is good because they really love each other, whats to stop a man that really loves a 5 year old girl, or boy for that matter NAM

          • Katie

            You did not just compare gays/lesbians in loving relationships to a man sleeping with a 5 year old girl or boy? Good grief SMDH.

          • Gunrunner1

            Yes and with our science we know that homosexual practices are filthy and spread unbelievable diseases such as anal warts, homosexual bowel syndrome, AIDS. Now that we are smarter, we can condemn homosexuality not just on a religious basis, but on the basis that it is a danger to society and to generations to come.

          • Chris Williams

            beastality has existed since time began too, would you consider that natural?

          • Steve V

            Makes no sense? Homosexual is by definition “unnatural”. X+X or Y+Y relationships can’t possibly reproduce! It may have been around since the start of “human existence” as you say, but except for a few historical cultures that failed after decline and decay, it has never been socially acceptable. In fact, it has been punishable by death throughout most of history and still is in a very large part, if not the majority of the present day world! Be happy with being allowed to be a couple and receive the benefits. Quit asking me to change my beliefs, because Marriage is X+Y only!

          • I will use another source than the 2000 year old book, when you find a government that lasts half as long as the priciples those primitive savages wrote about.

          • Truth

            So you must still believe in slavery right? You know, the kind the bible talks about.

          • dejoka

            ill just pick one – Exodus 21:20.. Let readers read that passage from where the relevance begins – i.e. EXODUS 21:2. two things: #1: A Bond-Servant in Israel was someone who owed a debt that He/she couldnt repay and therefore agreed to pay it off through servitude for an agreed period of time. However by law, every 7 years all Hebrew servants had to be freed unless they loved the family & chose to stay. #2 Servitude is not a Godly law as God is clear that all men are created equal. Servitude was a result of survival in a corrupt world. God shows no favoritism (Rom 2:11; Eph 6:9; ** Coloss 3:25) and judges all fairly and according to His laws & statutes. You need to prayerfully read the scriptures and maybe you will be granted some understanding to your cloudy mind.

            Your ongoing reference to this Straw you’re clutching at reflects your ignorance. ..Scripture is also a collection of history books – remember that.

            Also – I personally couldn’t care if Gays want to get married, really what difference does it make in this evil world? Get married in court…but Not in a church of My God. That is Arrogance & a cheek! – really, America is not Gods country and people. Let them do what they want. America will no longer be a blessed nation as we see even today. .. Why not fight to get married in a mosque or some other religious place??

          • imaspamar

            Read Blackburn, the primer for US law until the ivy leagues corrupted it in the late 1800’s after infiltration by the European existentialists/German deniers. The precursors to Marx.

          • Devin Andrew Ring Cassidy

            From the declaration of independence:

            “When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of NATURE’S GOD entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

            Further in declaration:

            “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, they they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain unalienable rights…”

          • cjjones

            uhhh no, living in this country does not give everyone the same God.

          • Jimbo Velasquez

            He may be an athiest or worship many gods!!!

          • Jeremy Reynolds

            thats a lie and you know it. wtf is the FIRST Amendment?

          • Rezouli

            I love how people use the print on the back of our currency as “proof” that this nation was “founded” on Christianity. “One nation under God,” wasn’t added until Eisenhower instated it due to the Cold War and defining American’s as the opposite of the old Soviet Union.

            Too go further than that, look up a phrase known as; “Separation of Church and State.” Oddly enough, this seems to be a forgotten section of our Constitution. I love how you can’t have Equal Rights when Christianity is involved… Not hating on any of the Christians who do and act as they are meant to. Loving everyone, seeing other’s sin and instead of yelling and preaching at them, knowing it’s not their life or their decisions to make. Instead, they accept, love, and continue to be a great person. By doing that, you’re doing God’s work more than any bible-thumper.

          • Connor

            Anmials are not gay they hump and have sex with anything they can…i’ve seen dogs try and hump pigs…doesn’t make them inter-species prone just makes them beasts and animals.

          • Veracious OneForever

            Its dominance not procreation. We are not beasts, we are made in Gods image. Using dog humping is stupid. … Agreed Connor

          • God

            Some animals mate exclusively with the same gender, despite availability of the opposite gender. Please explain.

          • Spaniard

            The last line of our Declaration of Independence states: “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” Divine Providence is a Christian theological concept. Nice try ignoramus.

          • God

            My apologies. I didn’t realize that the Declaration of Independence was the same document as the Constitution.

            Ignoramus indeed.

          • Steve V

            Your citations are correct but incomplete. Your premise is entirely wrong! You need to do some reading. Start with the Federalist Papers to learn what the founding fathers intended and how deep their religious convictions were, and how that influenced our country coming together!

          • God

            I note that you claim my premise is wrong, but give no evidence except that I should read the Federalist Papers.

          • Steve V

            It always amazes me how Atheists can be so opinionated on a topic they don’t believe in! Ignorance I could accept from them, but an ignorant opinion is stupidity…

          • God

            It amazes me that Steve can’t figure out why someone who lives in a society dominated by religious belief would have opinions about said belief.

          • ReL

            No. I am not a Christian, nor do I wish to be. Just because I am a natural citizen of the States, does not mean that YOUR God is my God. I don’t care what is written, I don’t but faith in someone who does not exists. The bible wasn’t written by any great deity. It was written by men, men who were drunk or crazed lunatics. If God were truly real he wouldn’t care about what people did, as long as it didn’t hurt anyone else. Seriously, if gays and lesbians get married, who does it hurt? Are you physically hurt by a same sex couple living in THEIR own house. living THEIR own loves? How does this really affect you? They don’t live in your house, they do not affect you physically mentally or emotionally. If They do, that is YOUR FAULT. You choose to let it bother you. Maybe its tike the human race grew up and evolved.

          • cabaedium

            Nope. America isn’t a theocracy, and was founded on the principle of the separation of church and state. Are you actually stupid enough to suggest that all Americans are automatically Christian because the country was founded by Christians?

          • Mike

            You forget that this country was also founded on the idea that everyone lives freely to do and say as they please as long as it doesn’t infringe on someone else’s right or life. So stop trying to shove your god down peoples throats.

          • lowdf62

            Wrong we are a secular nation not built on God it is clearly stated in our constitution. Also the words under god we’re added sometime in the 50s. So hell no we were not created as a Christian nation moron

          • our God isnt just our God he is yours to he created you , but in the end you get to choose sides just dont wait until the end choose your creator He loves you.. and if you was God you would get to call the way you want things to go , so God that loves us so much lets us call it the way we want it even though it isnt Hes way but then that is way the world and people are so messed up, He created man and women to marry period, even if someone doesnt like this that is your choice but then you arent part of the solution but

          • If your God “lets us call it the way we want it even though it isnt Hes way” then I’m perfectly okay with going against your God and will continue my support for equality for all people.

          • suckit

            there is no god.

          • just becaue you dont want God in your life or you refuse to believe in HIm, that doesnt mean there is no God.

          • williambraski

            Just because you believe in a God and that the Bible is the word of God does not make it true.

          • LVRichardson

            Not believing it doesn’t make it false. God exists whether you believe or not. Like gravity or electricity. It’s there for you if you want it. If not, suit yourself, but your life will be much harder.

          • Cindylu

            Who says? Do you know how to search for Him?

          • LVRichardson

            And your post name says it all, now doesn’t it. Have a great life!

          • LVRichardson

            Again, your name says it all. Have a nice life. 🙂

          • dangkids

            Try ‘Our God’ sir! I believe God is gave people a choice and is hoping his teachings would be the right thing to do.
            Trust me when I say, People, Most humans are the ones disgusted by two men having anal sex! And women the same. Those holes are not supposed to be used for that. THAT in itself should be disgusting enough for even the homosexuals.
            I don’t care why anybody says or does with their life, YOU ALL have to answer one day. But Homosexuals having anal sex is just FREAKING WRONG!!!!

          • He is not my God as I do not follow him.

          • You will tell Him that when you stand before Him, Saul. As Pascal said, we all have a choice – believe in Him and serve Him and maybe some day find out we were wrong, but will have lived a decent life. Or choose not to believe in Him and some day find out you were wrong, and face His wrath. It’s really up to you.

          • If I truly have the choice to follow your God or not, I willfully chose to not follow him and I’m more then willing to face his wrath because of that choice…I don’t know what else to say to make that point anymore clearer.

          • Bible Girl

            Hey Saul, I would like to apologize on behalf of us Christians who believe that love, real love is a whole lot more enticing to those who reject Christ then speaking in anger and a lack of kindness! Moreover I hear you when you say you have a choice not to follow Christ you do, especially when your heart has not come to understand His love and sacrifice for your sins! You are non the less a creation of God, He loves you, and gave you your life! And yes we will all be judged according to our deeds and the only difference between you and I is that I am being interceded for by the one true God who sacrificed His very life on a cross so we do not have to suffer the consequences for our sins! I also recognize that it is His grace and not of my self that I will be able to enter HIS KINGDOM. Christians you need to remember that! Remember you used to be blind also and only by His grace can you see the truth! Sual you are in my prayers, God bless you!

          • Amen!!!

          • williambraski

            If God is so loving and wants us to be happy, why is he such a jerk all the time?

          • LVRichardson

            God is not a jerk. You are responsible for your own choices and the things that happen to you. God does want you to be happy. God loves you. That’s all.

          • Renee

            That is the Devil. God is loving & wants you to be happy but he does not force himself on no one he gives you a choice to choose. The devil comes to kill, steal & destroy.

          • LVRichardson

            No wrath. Just enjoy your life. Right now. Right here.

          • Sounds like a TV ad, LV. Unfortunately life is not like that.

          • LVRichardson

            Life IS like that. Life is what you make of it. You look like you’re living a very fine life, from your picture. Enjoy it. Right here and right now. You are a privileged child of this time and place. God provides for you right here and right now. When you pass on, it will just be better. There will be no wrath. Wrath is not associated with love, and is not an aspect of love. God is love. Nothing else. Ever.

          • Saul I think the problem is you don’t understand how terrible hell is. The Bible says there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Doesn’t sound like fun, does it? God prepared hell for Satan and his angels. People who don’t choose God will end up there, whether they believe it or not.

          • LVRichardson

            Pepper, you’re the one who doesn’t understand hell. You’re making something up that doesn’t exist, at least not in the rest of the universe. Now, if you want to talk about creating hell right here on earth, well, then, that’s been done. By humans to themselves and to each other. But it’s not necessary.

          • Beautifully said, Ken.

          • dangkids

            Gayle, you are very much right.

            Saul silver needs prayer, because he has no clue.
            Who can even FATHOM how bad the Wrath will be?????

          • LVRichardson

            God loves everyone and doesn’t have wrath. Our punishments are experienced here on earth. After we die, all is well. No matter what. Really. God loves us and wants us to be happy. That’s it.

          • dangkids

            You need to read the Bible!

          • LVRichardson

            I’m good. Thanks, though. 🙂

          • The God of the Bible only gives us directions in order to acheive real happiness. it doesnt say do as you please. the ten commandments speak straight to this. There are God given laws that are a back bone for principle even if its inconvenient and God promises following his laws will bring happiness.

          • LVRichardson

            Thanks, Joe. Got it. 🙂

          • God

            I sure hope you picked the right god, Gayle. After all, there have been thousands over the course of human history. Looks like Zeus might zap you really hard.

          • LVRichardson

            No there’s just one. Just different ways to get there, ha, ha!

          • God

            That doesn’t make much sense. Most gods are exclusionary to other gods. You sure you’ve read the 10 commandments? Zeus is part of a polytheistic religion that is incompatible with yours.

          • LVRichardson

            The real God is one God and doesn’t care what you think about it, or how many gods you want to talk about or think about or fight about or imagine, etc. God is what God is, and God is good with that. The rest is all made up by humans, maybe with some spirit influence, which can be right or wrong or indifferent. Spirits are not God himself. They are fallible like humans, and the information they impart to humans as to God’s will is not always the case. Just treat it like you would any other secondary information. Use your best judgement. 🙂

          • God

            So every individual just makes it up as they go along. Thanks for the clarification that god is simply a human construct, even if not literally, in practical effect.

          • LVRichardson

            Ha, ha, you’re funny. I didn’t say the actual God was a human construct. I said all all the gods we make up as we go along are a human construct–you know, the wrathful one, the vengeful one, the jealous one, etc. Also, of course, the god of weather, war, inspiration, etc., in their pagan forms–those are human constructs. The real God exists, as he is, in a form we can’t comprehend entirely with our physical human minds. We get to know more after we die, but there will be no hellfire, damnation, torture, judgement, etc. That is just not there. That is not part of God. God loves you and wants you to be happy, kind of like your mom, ha, ha! (or at least, the idea we normally have of mom.) Unconditional love. No matter what. Feel the worthiness and know the love. It’s there for you.

          • God

            Well gosh, I feel so much better now that I know that Hitler, the Jewish people, and I can chill in heaven. Rapists can hang out with their victims again (one night is never enough, is it?). Torturers and tormentors can continue their reigns of terror! Your sky daddy is truly amazing.

          • LVRichardson

            Obviously, what goes on on Earth, is not going on in Heaven. You are being obtuse. Try to imagine something more. Try to imagine the environment of the world beyond ours might be different (it is different). Don’t fixate on what you see here in this physical world, and then drag it into the next with you. You can do better, I’m sure.

          • God

            Indeed, the sad part is, that YOU cannot. You haven’t a clue what happens after we die, but instead of dealing with it like an adult, you resort to child’s tales of which you know nothing. P.S. I didn’t say those kind of activities happen there. Merely the presence of someone’s rapist or torturer can be painful. Ask any victim of those crimes. Who’s being obtuse again?

          • LVRichardson

            What’s fascinating is that you assume I’m a Christian, which I’m not. I haven’t said anything about Jesus or the Bible in any part of any discussion. You are not interested in what others say, or your reading comprehension is limited. Either way, you haven’t given one iota of intelligent analysis to anything I’ve written, or you wouldn’t conclude I’m Christian. You just know what you think you know, and you assume you are smarter than the average Christian, which I can assure you, you are not. From what you write, I conclude you have no imagination and no interest in learning about anything other than what you think you are experiencing in this physical world. There is no point in further discussion with you. You are all set. Enjoy your “one and only life”. 🙂

          • God

            —What’s fascinating is that you assume I’m a Christian, which I’m not. I haven’t said anything about Jesus or the Bible in any part of any discussion.—

            Fair enough,though you use new testament doctrine throughout, even if not by name. I wonder how you came to such an interestingly similar set of doctrines as a lot of Christian churches?

            —From what you write, I conclude you have no imagination and no interest in learning about anything other than what you think you are experiencing in this physical world.—

            You are right to the extent that I have no interest in anything that can’t be somehow substantiated by evidence. If there are things other than the physical world (depending how you define it, there are), they can be discovered through evidence. How you came to YOUR conclusions, no one will ever know because you either made them up or were “told them by god.” Otherwise, how would you KNOW all this stuff?

          • LVRichardson

            Enjoyed your response. Obviously a lot of effort to argue against an idea that you seemingly don’t think much of–God. But, hey, suit yourself. You don’t want God in your life–no problem for God. God is there anyway. God loves you and wants you to be happy. The being happy part is on you, though.

          • God

            I’ll translate your most recent post for you. I don’t know how to respond because deep down inside I know that you are right. Instead, I’ll post nonsense.

            If you need to know why it is nonsense, apply your rationale about arguing an idea you don’t care for…to slavery. Then, realize how big of a jackass you sound like.

          • LVRichardson

            You are so funny! Your post applies exactly to yourself! I would never call you a jackass, of course, but I had the exact opinion of your posts as you have of mine–that deep down you know I’m right, and that all your arguments are nonsense. You know there is God. That’s why you keep looking. You will find eventually–if not in this life, then the next. Either way, everything is just the way it’s supposed to work and all is well. God loves you and wants you to be happy. It’s true. You should try it. Don’t worry about what other people are doing and then blame it on God. God is not responsible for what people do to each other. People do what they do out of ignorance. Hate comes from ignorance. Sort of like your hate does, in a way. But you are trying to find out, so that’s good. Keep looking–you’ll get there one way or the other. I wish you all the best.

          • God

            I am funny, aren’t I?

            I’m actually not sure if you’ve ever learned this but you can’t just always reverse the language on an argument and then send it back the other way. My post wouldn’t apply to my own post. It only applies to YOURS because YOU make the argument that I shouldn’t spend time arguing something I don’t care for. I don’t make any such argument, so my post can’t be applied to my argument.

            While semantics are clearly not your strong suit, I nevertheless feel obligated to point out that I didn’t call you a jackass. I said that if you apply your argument to slavery that you would sound like a jackass…which you do.

            Question: If god loves me and wants me to be happy, but provides no evidence (which she knows I want) for herself, can she really expect anything other than ignorance (and apparently sadness) from me? What a stupid concept you believe in without any sort of proof.

          • Renee

            I know one thing for sure Hell is a real place & if anyone is lacking the Holy Bible I do have extras to give out. Just let me know!! God Is Good!!

          • God

            Saying the following two things in the same post is unbelievably hilarious. You gleefully send people to hell. What a good Christian.
            “God Is Good!!”

            “I know one thing for sure Hell is a real place & if anyone is lacking the Holy Bible I do have extras to give out. “

          • No kidding.

          • LVRichardson

            I like your posts, but there’s no wrath. Just love.

          • goatygrammy

            Pretty sad for you. NOT choosing to follow God IS choosing to follow satan, you will NOT enjoy your eternity in hell! God is REAL, He is Creator, He is Judge, He is Love; AND He GAVE His ONLY Son for you, and me, AND everyone else who has ever lived and ever will live. I pray for you and ALL the other lost souls who, as they live here on earth, are experiencing the ONLY heaven they will ever know…satan and his hell-kingdom awaits, and misery LOVES company.

          • Why are you so concern with other people sex lives – I’m pretty sure homosexuals don’t concern themselves with your intimate life.

          • dangkids

            Like I said, I could care less what the homo’s do, but in NATURE, It is WRONG to have anal sex, it is called SODOMY. It is not a normal thing for your body to go through! And YES, it is disgusting, just as disgusting as those who think it’s right!!!!
            And Gayle, you are exactly right, EVERYBODY will have to stand before their maker, including the Satanist, homo’s, and the rest of the idiot non believers.

          • Obviously you do care otherwise why bring it up – the sex lives of homosexuals has not to do with marriage equality. And for the record even though I’m sure you and your God doesn’t approve it but heterosexuals engage in anal sex as well and if you think they don’t clearly you have a limited view of human sexuality.

          • anonymous

            he was saying he doesnt care about the gay marriage thing he isn’t opposed to it or otherwise he doesn’t have a concern for it but he does think putting anything in or around anyone’s asshole is gross and not normal our bodies aren’t meant to go through having a dick shoved in our asses someone one day just out of sick perversion discovered it aroused them and it caught on lol now we have people who want to make it an issue who someone else is sleeping with who they want to marry shouldn’t matter it has nothing to do with their sex life you dont sleep with your husband or wife anyways that’s what your lover is for right?lol

          • Anon.

            Since we are examining the sex lives of others on the internet… I am a Christian man, who goes to church and Bible study with my family, but I enjoy anal sex with my wife in addition to the many other positions God has enabled us to do. Where do I fit in with your so-called “christian” views? Are my “christian” values not as “correct” as yours? Am I going to hell because I enjoying a fulfilling relationship with my wife even though it may be different than the relationship you have with your wife? And, may I ask, who are you to judge?

          • Oooooo – shaking in my boots at that – the imaginary God will judge my imaginary soul. Thanks for the heads up, though.

          • goatygrammy

            Enjoy your eternity in hell, if you do not change your tune. God is NOT imaginary, He is REAL, He is Creator, He is Judge, He is Love; AND He GAVE His ONLY Son for you, and me, AND everyone else who has ever lived and ever will live. I will pray for you and ALL the other lost souls who, while living here on earth, will experience the ONLY heaven they will know…satan and his hell-kingdom awaits, and misery LOVES company.

          • Paul Metcalf

            If that were true, why are they pushing their agenda on us and trying to justify their lifestyle by pushing propaganda in schools to school age children to indoctrinate them with their pervesrsive lifestyle. What we need is a better desease that attacks the faggots only and when they do their unnatural sex acts like the animals they are, then the desease will kill them quickly and painfully.
            Then they will think twice before the explore or yearn for the same sex, simply to be provacative or for their sick lust.

          • LVRichardson

            I was with you through the first sentence, but the rest of your post is a bit much… 🙁 God doesn’t want people to die a painful death, I assure you.

          • Actually, what we need is a targeted virus that incapacitates jerks like you. And it’s not sick lust – it’s just lust.

          • SoTM

            I’m not concerned with what they do in their private lives. But they are marching down main street, marrying, all over television, and forcing their very minor views down our throats. THAT is NOT ok.

          • choate

            according to who , you , I don’t think so

          • I don’t understand your comment, please clarify.

          • EC

            It’s not directly about what God feels. Remember that Christians are also citizens. What they think does matter. Everyone gets a vote regardless of whether they are religious or not.

          • just check your brain at the door so anything can mean everything or nothing all at once. Saul I hate to say it but we are supposed to be people of principle not politics. politics is a means of ensuring principles. Like murder is wrong. Like theft is wrong. And where do we get these crazy ideas…?(Maybe God, the bible, christianity, evolution?) because sometimes these principles are inconvenient yet we uphold them for some reason Because its the law? who gave these politicians authority to controll my life on these issues such as theft and murder an make these things illegal all in the name of fairness? Well take a christians belief in God away and he is responsible to no one the the morals and conscience he has will have no bearing at all any longer. And He would only vote and act based on what feels good or benifits him, where as a belief in God and his morals will make a christian act on principles that may be inconvenient for him, but what he believes to be right and just, rather than a warm fuzzy feeling. My point being God has everything to do with people forming there conscience and so to take God out of any meaningful matters is to act without Principle.

          • dejoka

            I agree, America is not Gods country & will therefore no longer be a blessing but a curse. However it is an arrogant cheek to mock God & get married in Gods church. Why dont Gays fight to get married in an Islamic Mosque???

          • GTeye

            @amp69:disqus , the issue here isn’t being treated equal under the law, it’s redefining the definition of a word and tradition.
            You’d actually find most people couldn’t care less if you receive the same “benefits” as traditional marriage… what they do care about is a minority of people forcing society to change the meaning of the word “marriage”.
            It’s two different arguments.. it’s sad so many on your side fail to see that.

          • cjjones

            God tells us to love one another. We should live and let live because we are nobody’s judge lest we be judged as well. God sees all sin the same and only man put sin into degrees and categories so they can point the finger and say your sin is bigger or worse than mine. Preventing someone from loving someone else is sad and not purchasing a product because someone support their right to be treated fairly is just plain stupid! I believe in traditional marriage, God is head of our home and I drink the mess out of Starbucks.

          • imamomoftwo

            marriage is between 1 man & 1 woman. So, a gay man has the same right to marry a woman as a straight man does; the fact that he DOESN’T want to marry a straight woman isn’t a reason to change the definition of marriage. So, to say he is being denied the right to marry, is wrong, he has the right to marry, he just chooses to NOT follow the definition of marriage.

          • frogbalz

            amp69, While I agree that free people should do as they please without harming others I resent having this BS “shoved down my throat”! The “others” can do as they please just don’t bother me with it!!! If I have to $ubsidize it, put forth effort for it, or have my young family members subjected to the crap the “others” put out as knowledge or education , then yes, you’ll here from me about it!

          • Steve V

            I would be interested in seeing your historical facts regarding the evolution of the, “definition of Marriage” you describe. For the record, I believe any two people should be able to call themselves a couple and receive ALL the benefits of being a couple. But a “Marriage” is between a man and a woman!

          • Suegirly

            Our government is involved in CONJUGAL marriage for one reason only….it has PROVEN benefit to society. THAT is why it gets tax breaks. If you want government to give you a tax break because you have a roomie who you perform sex acts with, or a roomie you don’t or a pet or 5 roomies and a pet or whatever else…fine. Pass a law to give tax breaks to whatever you want. But it has ZERO benefit to society and the raising of children so that is why it has NOT been recognized by our government up until this point as marriage has been and in the opinion of many, should not be.

          • Lynne Tuck

            They have to adopt, have a sperm donor or a surrogate mother because last I checked a woman could not get pregnant by another woman nor could a man conceive, carry or give birth. Now I ask you, if this lifestyle were supposed to be man on man or woman on woman don’t you think they would be able to procreate without aid from the opposite sex? If it was not meant to be man & woman then why is it the human race would cease to exist otherwise? Whether you believe in God or care how He feels about homosexuals you can’t argue with nature!

          • just me

            As long as he is my god he will have an impact over every decision that I make. With or without your approval. 🙂

          • Yes

          • Keep your Jeebus OFF MY PENIS!

          • Thank you for speaking the truth in love. Refreshing! <3

          • Paul Metcalf

            You know what I don’t tolerate faggots.either.

          • Swords_men

            Go, read my comment at the top. I don’t care if you attack me I really don’t. But if you think your Christian, you could have fooled me because I don’t see it.

          • Paul Metcalf

            Let me tell you faggots another thing, you may want to call it “Gay marriage” , but it will never be a marriage, marriage is only marriage because it is bond maid in heaven between a man and a woman in is blessed by God as Holy Matrimony, you can’t bless an obomination and make it holy. Faggots will never be Holy, you will always be the scum of the earth, the shit I wipe off my feet.

          • AT

            God would never be against two people loving each other. To each their own, everyone deserves love and kindness. I encourage you to keep this in mind when trying to exclude human beings from basic rights,” would I still feel this way If I were in their shoes?”

          • Ken

            Do people really believe that Love = sex? You can Love many people for many resons, but it doesn’t have to involve sex. Do you Love your Grandmother, Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Teacher, Pastor, Priest, Neighbor, Friend, etc. Jesus Loved ALL people and gave up His life for ALL. Sex had nothing to do with it. Anyone can have sex without Love and Love without sex.

            Also, we can Love many people, but we don’t need to marry everyone we Love.

          • Jane Doe

            Nanette, don’t waste your pearls on the swine…

          • BabyDuck

            Constitutionally speaking, God does not have a say. Separation of church and state. Therefore, your argument is moot. Try again.

          • TellTheTruth

            Roe v. Wade is law. You are bigots. You hate. You judge. You are racists. Watch Zeitgeist. It will be an eye-opener for you honey.

          • TellTheTruth

            When your church starts paying taxes, maybe the rest of the nation will listen to rants likes yours.

          • What the heck does paying taxes have to do with the truth ? So,we have to pay you,so you’ll believe the truth over a lie now ? I think there’s a medicine for that…

          • pscc

            can’t you stand on your own without dragging religion into it? There is also a passage that states “I knew you in the womb”. My mother-in-law is a devout Catholic and also a Eucharistic minister and she says there is nothing about “loving” a person of the same sex in the bible.

          • Your “Eucharistic minister” lied to you..And just because someone has the title “Rev.” at the beginning of their name ,does not mean that they know what they’re talking about.I suggest you read The Bible yourself and quit believing everything you hear from someone else…

          • Jeremy Reynolds

            you can hide behind god but you’re still a bigot

          • Nanette

            Standing alone, biological facts are enough to be evidence in it self how the human body parts functions and why. To deviate from what is evident biologically and the harmful repercussions physically to said body parts , is in itself deviate behavior. In the bigger scheme of things what we, as individuals, post is not going to change my opinion or yours. They become moot points, however, opinions will never trump facts. Choosing blindness and sinking to name calling, are not even worth responding to anymore and has become a waste of time.

          • Jeremy Reynolds

            if you’re a bigot you’re a bigot. dont whine about it when someone points it out

          • Katie

            Interesting, I wonder if you follow everything the bible says or do you just pick and choose? I ask because that is what my family does, they hate Gay people just yesterday my mother said and I quote “dont waste your prayers on them they will burn anyway” so many Christians hide behind the bible they pick and choose which law to follow. Homosexuality is bad, eating shellfish ehhh that’s ok.

          • Tina

            Well put!!!

          • Nanette

            Why all this discourse. God stated things very clearly, the issue of sin, that we as fallen man all do. It is clear and simple, we are but fitly rags before God! IT is about accepting Jesus and his gift of salvation, but that also means to repent! Not that as “children of God” that we will never sin, but are to allow the Holy Spirit to transform! You know full well, that to “be cleansed” and forgiven does not mean we have the “freedom” to continue to remain as we were before salvation and have the freedom to mock God. Am so confused katietaylor, that you think you have the corner of knowledge to tell all “what Paul REALLY meant”, when all one has to do is read scripture to see the truth was repeated in the Old Testament and as well as the New by different God inspired writers! Simple fact, the homosexual movement is to get people to STOP repeating what God said very clearly…it is a sin and an abomination before God! The same with this so called “pro-choice” state it as it is, “pro-murder!”! HUMANS make it statement “I think…” that is pride..the capital ” I “! Fact, as Christians, we are persecuted by the secular world because we follow and believe God’s literal words! We are to be “in the world” not “of the world”.

          • sam

            one day youll learn that the world doesnt revolve around a book. nor will it ever.

          • Judge

            Judge not least ye be judged. God doesn’t make mistakes. It’s not a lifestyle or choice. You really think people WANT to be hated???

          • jrogersp

            It is Idiots like you who get everything wrong and then try to lay the blame at others feet! Just listen to your own words and then ask who is the Bigot! We are all allowed our own opinion and we are all allowed to believe the way we see fit, but Morons such as yourself want to take those rights from Us and force us to believe in the trash you are pushing.

          • The word marriage is already taken. Gays should find a word of their own.

          • They have it’s called Civil Marriage – look it up.

          • kjersy

            How about Civil Gay Union?

          • kjersy

            I suggested Civil Gay Union

          • Paul Metcalf

            They can call it a Butt Bumping Union……HaHaHaHa!!! not that was funny.

          • Why are people of differing values labelled homophobic, bigots, fundementalists,and accused of hate?

          • choate

            well , well another fag has arisen , o well go to hell !

          • dgalem

            They didn’t switch,, Strom Thurmond?? wasn’t he a dem,,,how many dems were lynched trying to bring the vote to Blacks? or ridden out of town on a rail, tarred and feathered,,,you have actually proven their point,,, dems switched when they had to,,, not when they wanted to,,,,

          • The “real” Democratic Party has never supported the African-American population they just changed their focus to enslaving people in poverty with the Welfare system. They didn’t become republicans the Republicans were the Party that delivered the Black people from slavery starting with Lincoln to this very day.

          • You’re a typical Liberal dude. Kinda like Obama criticizing Bush for “un-Patriotic” acts like increasing the deficit; then jack it up himself without restraint. Look up Senator Byrd (the Liberal favorite son) and tell me a) what was his position within the hallowed Liberal organization called the KKK b) what ex-POTUS defended his past upon his death (hint: can’t blame Bush) and c) what Party did he belong to when he died? Liberals have a pathetic habit of thinking because they give themselves a characteristic, we are obligated to accept it, especially if the media echos it. Obama is no Fiscal Hawk, Reid is no Mormon, Pelosi is no Catholic, and Planned Parenthood isn’t the least bit interested in promoting women’s health. Peddle your Liberal lies elsewhere!

          • Wow what crazy koolaid have you been drinking???

          • Gunrunner1

            You mean like KKK Grand Wizard Robert Byrd?

          • Barrak Obama

            Listen gay stuff has been around for years but that doesnt mean it should be taught to be ok. Gays and gay behavior should be hidden and not publicly shown, mainly because it is gross and unsanitary. It will always be here no matter what, it just should be hidden, gays are weak, talk with a fake girl voice and try to be different since they had a bad child hood or were beaten up in school!! Sorry gays but this is the truth, you all should have no word just hidden silence

          • Bill in Mizuri

            You can’t even manage to get your sexual orientation right, and we should listen to you regarding other matters why ?

          • tim

            Weathers, you should probably take a course to learn how to use punctuation.

          • avnrulz

            You realize it was Southern Democrats who created the KKK don’t you? And that the NRA was founded in NY state to teach blacks to defend themselves, following the Civil War?

          • Jimbo Velasquez

            …..and if nobody agrees with you they are racist & bigots,moron !!!!

          • straightandproudofit.

            Why are gay anything above the rest of society. If you truely wanted respect you would do what you do and shut up. I have never discussed my sexual moments with anyone and you are dying to wear your penis on your vest. Get a life you are not my victim.

          • ALHL

            That would be a big fail for you Thomas. KKK is party of the democrat party, nothing has switched. Dems have been trying to hijack the Republican Party ever since it’s beginnings. For reference check out senator Byrd. That’s just one example….. Civil rights were headed by once again, republicans. If I was a democrat like you, I would be embarrassed of the democrat history too.

          • Rob

            Back off, you pretentious, overbearing, soulless pile of proggie tripe! You are a pseudointellectual like all the rest of those who perpetuate your vile ideology. You depend on biased junk science by leftist pseudoscientists with their agendas and zero morals. By the way, the prefix “pseudo” means false, fake, phony..need I go on? You are irrelevancy defined, and you are clinging desperately to the shambles of your failed beliefs. There is absolutely ZERO evidence of any link to homosexuality and genetics. One more time, Tommy Boy. It is a choice. Period. End of Discussion. It’s a vile, repugnant choice, and those who make, and those who support them, deserve whatever negative treatment they get. You’re beaten, little man. Go weep for your own stupidity.

          • Jim Anon

            As much as you would like this to be true, it is not. Nixon thought he would lose the south to George Wallace. Nixon also had a stout record as an anti segregationist. You may examine the efforts of the Eisenhower-Nixon administration for this record as well as Nixon’s own comments on race. This observation has been a convenient ruse to hide the democratic parties efforts for well over a century to oppress many people, including the mentally ill, mentally challenged and people of other races. Let us not forget that the KKK was the militant arm of the Democratic Party, designed from the outset to keep blacks and republican’s in check. Democrats also opposed anti lynching laws from the outset, instead passing Jim Crow laws.

            Who do you hear calling republican’s bigots and such? Democrats. Any time there is a discussion on policy and how it actually impacts the group that they purport to be helping and the discussion is not going well the next phrase is absolutely certain to be an ad hominem attack on race, sex, national origin, etc…

            This is authored by a person whose family has been republican and in the south for well over a century. We have had more than our share of KKK visits to our homes in that period of time. We do not cotton to racists in our ranks.

          • alnga

            yep and if you believe this you need to get on TV and spout that off to let say: Oreilly or Hannity.

          • Edwin Alexander

            BS, Strom Thurmond was the only one who changed parties.

          • John W. Kerr

            Nicepartison LIE, buy into it as much you want since its free!

          • mikehardin63

            Tell me their names. Who are these southern democrats who became republicans? Of all the democrats in the senate who voted against the 1964 civil rights act, only one, Strom Thurmond, ever became a Republican. Take that tired lie and go somewhere else with it. Georgia didn’t elect a Republican governor until 2000, 36 years after the 1964 Civil Rights act. The South turned red because a generation that grew up in integrated schools and was NOT racist grew up and started voting while their racist parents and grandparents died off and quit voting.

          • Yes, when Democrats were the conservative party, I suggest that you brush up on your Aemrican history.

          • Amen

          • Jane Doe


          • BabyDuck

            Because gay marriage, lynching of black people, and raping women were what our founding fathers were worried about? Please. Tell me more.

          • williambraski

            LouiseCA — The founders didn’t give women the right to vote.

            Where is your data to backup your comment about rapists and murderers?

            Is that all you people have: emotionally charged remarks that have no basis in reality?

          • TellTheTruth

            Oh sweetie… what you point a finger at is exactly what you are guilty of. Look up “House Republican Obstructionists” and what Romney’s son had to do with voting machines. You have probably never read the Bill of Rights nor the Constitution, or if you have, you’ve twisted their words to suit yourself. Typical Con. Hypocrite.

          • TellTheTruth

            Oh shut up. Hypocrite

          • pscc

            as opposed to people like you who either throw the bible at us or some other baloney about values

          • Right, the Democrats. That’s why Obama’s this nordic blond guy, right?

          • Right on Louise! And it is the liberals who are pro-criminal and anti-victim.

          • Judge

            Now that’s calling the kettle black..

          • That would be the Democrat Party from the past, not conservatives. Republicans freed the slaves, and past the Civil Rights bills. Ignorance is bliss isn’t asdf, you coward, say your name.

          • Since 60% of new HIV cases come from male homosexuals, you support a public health risk?

          • Gay marriage would cut down that number, not increase it, Think out your arguments.

          • Homosexuality within itself doesn’t cause STDs, it is irresponsible behavior that is the cause of STD infections.

          • jrogersp

            That’s right! And Homosexuality is an irresponsible act! HIV only started to pass on to the normal society once people started accepting homosexuality or normal!

          • Except for the millions of HIV infected heterosexual people in Africa.

          • jrogersp

            You can thank the Govt. for that, they sold it to the African Govt. for population control.

          • And with that comment, all I have to say is – nice chatting with you and have a lovely day.

          • musicacre

            They were deliberately infected with used needles….everyone knows this by now.

          • JoyceA

            Truthmonger, traditional values does not include raping women and lynching black people! Both are wrong! Traditional values stand for doing God’s work, whether you are black,white!

          • Sue Beal

            Very silly remark. Always with the racial stuff.. Have you no better comments.. In other words conservative value meaness and nothing else.

          • Quit making yourself sound so stupid! An apple is not an orange!

          • You are a brainwashed IDIOT!

          • cherokee_warrior

            Apparently you are not a student of history, or you would know that the lynchings of black people, after they were given their freedom by President Lincoln, were being conducted by those guys who rode at night, wearing white robes and flour sack maskes, who often burned these iitials on buildings and bodies, KKK.
            And, lest you forget, if you already knew, the Democratic Party was, and is still the home of the KKK.
            So why do the black people cling to the party that killed many of their ancestors? That is the puzzlement.

          • You are an idiot of you think raping and lynching are “traditonal values”.

          • Jeanette Victoria

            That was simply beyond pathetic.

          • hcool

            If that is what you want to do

          • LVRichardson

            What a clever response–yes, that’s right, all us traditional marriage folks are all about raping women and lynching black people. That’s all we do all day long. Go be a troll somewhere else.

          • pscc

            well put

          • That sounds like bigot talk to me, asdf.

          • dejoka

            asdf ~ yes unfortunatly corruption has always been around. .. Lynching black people.. well that is rooted in evolutionary mindset since a Christian believes that All men were created alike.

          • Mark 2112

            typical liberal over-reaction.

          • ApocalypseSoon

            Well, the feminazis have arrived. EVERYTHING is considered rape to you gals. the fact that i just called you gal, is considered rape, to you. fuc#ing die in a fire, please? I can’t wait to shoot you types when the revolution begins next month.

          • kobe14

            what a dumbass bigoted post smh

          • straightand proud of it.

            women have birthcontrol NOW. So why murder the child. They have the choice to open their legs or shut them. That my friend is real womens rights. 500 black men lost their lives to other black men. Over the Martin Luther King weekend. Can you explain that?

          • NoLib

            What a despicable comment.

          • Boots32896

            I sorry, I thought both things were against the law and not considered values or mores

          • Jim Anon

            I fail to see how this is a “traditional value” of any type as both actions are against the law.

          • alnga

            wow, your intellect is overwhelming.

          • Misty Sutton

            What the hell is wrong with you. Not one person on here has talked of raping women or lynching black people. I personally wouldn’t call marriage between a man and a woman a traditional value. I would call it only right. Men and women were made in such a way that they fit together. Men and men do not fit together and women with women does not fit together.

          • just me

            Actually no. Those aren’t traditional values at all. At least not where I was raised.

          • cc

            Really what hole did you crawl out of? Who got lynched recently. Quit riding on the coattail of the past!!

          • mikehardin63

            That’s idiotic. No one considers those “traditional values.” Traditional values are little things like waiting until you are married to have sex, move in together, or have children, and acknowledging that marriage is the union of one man and one woman, and that no matter how much you CALL something else marriage, it doesn’t make it so. It has nothing to do with raping or lynching anyone. Just because something happened in the past doesn’t make it traditional, or a value.

        • ESQ

          There you go!

        • Wow, supporting liberty for ALL Americans, how terrible.

        • MGM46

          Knowing to whom he is talking lets you know why he responded as he did. He is talking to Tom Strobhar, whom the Huffington Post identifies at the founder of the anti-gay marriage Corporate Morality Action Center.

        • It’s ridiculous and lacking in integrity to portray someone as saying something they did not. There’s a word for that. And we DON’T know how people feel unless they say so.

        • LightBulb24

          Truthmonger, in looking at Webster’s Dictionary, I find the definition of a Monger as; a person who attempts to stir up or spread something that is usually petty or discreditable. Therefore, what you have to say can’t be backed up with actual facts or sources to back you up.

          So, when you say “BUT that is EXACTLY how Starbucks feels” you ACTUALLY say this w/o VERIFIABLE supporting evidence.
          So, if you are a spreader of untruths, does this make you any better than the way you believe about Starbucks?

        • Kevin Kain

          Ben and Fairy’s Rainbow fudge?

        • Joe

          Doesn’t matter.

          Let’s see how the free market plays it out. If you’re so appalled by a private company taking a political stance, then don’t shop there and if everyone feels like you then Starbucks should go out of business next week.

          I find it amusing conservatives are championing a “Free market victory” in thinking Phil Robertson is back on A&E because they protested, but when you come to the realization that Starbucks will still be making as much money next year and next month, you’ll realize that 1) Most people don’t care about something stupid as this, and 2) Starbucks is providing a free market option that people still buy even if they don’t want their politcal agenda.

        • j.j.

          What exactly do you mean by “how starbucks feels?” because I work at a starbucks and this doesnt necessarily reflect any of my or my fellow employees beliefs, and everyone boycotting starbucks and causing any local establishment to close is not going to lose howard shultz any money, its just going to put 10 or 15 college students out of a job. just saying.

      • Gregory, We are free to buy any coffee we want and if we choose to avoid them now it’s our call. You can’t jail us for it so get over it…. buy on dude if that’s your call. My decision is mine to make, period. We don’t need your endorsement here….

      • Micky Baker

        It’s clear how the CEO feels now. He said he doesn’t want about 80% of the country’s business.

        • 98% of online statistics are made up on the spot. You’re is 100% sure to be false.

        • TAL

          Sorry? Where do you get 80% ? It’s clear that a majority of Americans support Gay Marriage. Your number is falsley inaccurate.

          • Gay marraige has lost at the ballot box everytime. What is clear is you believe whatever the media wants you to believe. EVEN California voted against it twice. God instituted marriage, not man. The government shouldn’t have anything to do with marriage, then gay people get get married all they want, but then there wouldn’t be any unfairness involved.

          • Your God also instituted rape marriage, where the rapist was punished by being forced to marry his victim.

          • In Maine, Maryland, and Washington marriage equality was passed by the voters of those states .

          • God

            I guess you forgot about Colorado and Washington.

          • And where do you get the idea that the majority of americans support gay marriage?

        • Most people support gay marriage.

          • Daniel Cote

            Hate to tell you but every state where gay marriage was put on the ballot it lost. Only states where it was passed by the legislature and not by ballot was it passed. That doesn’t sound like the majority agrees with it about the best you might get would be civil union but not marriage.

            The Supreme Court when it ruled on polygamy in 1879 stated that marriage was between 1 man and 1 woman so hopefully they will vote again the same way.

          • In Maine, Maryland, and Washington marriage equality was passed by the voters of those states – look it up!

      • Jane

        I worked for the company for 10 yrs…that’s not policy. That’s how he personally feels. If he doesn’t want the business of those who don’t agree with him…then who’s the one not embracing diversity. And embracing diversity is written through out Starbucks documents about the culture of the company.

        • Embracing diversity would imply not being opposed to gay marriage.

          • Sue

            embracing diversity would also imply not being opposed to traditional marriage. it runs both ways people.

      • Sue Beal

        I remember Starbuck’s putting little liberal statements on the cups of coffee. I would not put anything past them. I don’t really give them much credence.

      • Since you seem to know what went down; if he supports gay crap then the previuos remarks are still on par.

      • Iceman47 seems that you are the one who does not know what he is talking about. What difference does it make if the person owned one share or a million shares? He had every right to be there and express his opinion or ask a question. Schwartz is the idiot for making the statement(s) he made. I hope that Starbucks learns a very costly lesson from this. BTW, by coincidence, I came across a $10.00 Starbucks gift card that someone had given me and I had not used. It’s in the trash just as I hope Starbucks will be in time.

      • Genesis 1:27, Genesis 2:21-24

        But that person was not the only Christian Stockholder! As well as christian customers that daily invest into Starbucks!

        He stated it so he would not loose his customers and that money!

      • Joanney Uthe

        What the CEO said was that his personal agenda of support for same-sex marriage was more important to him than the money lost from a boycott of those who disagree. That easily translates to “we don’t want your business.”

      • John MasterGuns Lewis

        Just wondering…did you support the protest/boycott against Chick-fil-A because Dan Cathy said he opposed gay marriage? No, wait. He didn’t say that, but that’s what the left heard.

      • GTeye

        What difference does it make how many shares someone owns?
        That has no bearing on what was said.

      • Jimbo Velasquez

        1 share or a thousand shares,the response is clear !!!!

      • Steve V

        You make some Gigantic assumptions Gregory Smith! I reached the same conclusion as Ria and this posting was not my source of information on this topic. Your input is not required or desired! Why don’t you worry about what you’re doing and let the rest of us worry about how we form our own opinions?

    • Just like a reporter should keep there biased opinion to themselves and report, we don’t care about there personal thoughts either

      • Then I guess you don’t watch msnbc for that very reason….

    • Chris

      Chic-Fil-A was minding their own business when they were lambasted because they chose not to financially support gay marriage. Huge difference.

      • Chic-fl-a was actually donating to groups that worked against gay right. not just the CEO but the company itself was, including groups that worked against marriage equality, hate crime protections, and to groups that did gay to straight “therapies” that have been shown to do more harm than good

        • how can 2 different types of marriage be equal? That is nonsensical. “have been shown” is a lie, more harm occurs in practicing homosexuality. They have more partners, get more diseases, and die sooner. Yea, like we want those types raising kids!

        • KathiMR

          He donated to Christian, pro-family groups that have been demonized by LGBT supporters.

          It is becoming clearer that LGBT activists want to demonize anyone or group that supports what the bible teaches, which includes that homosexual practices are sin. Now they are pressuring people not to speak at churches that support the bible & a pastor who about 15 years ago, as he was teaching the bible, taught what it had to say about homosexuality it a way that affirmed that it like any other sin can be forgiven.

          Don’t believe all the propaganda you read about therapy to help those w unwanted same-sex attractions. There are many who have been helped by it, including those who suffered same-sex molestation & resulting confusion & trauma that they needed help w.

        • Micky Baker

          No they didn’t. They hire gays. You people on the left are so extremely dishonest and it reflects badly on our country and what everyone knows our traditional values are, including you. And don’t use “you want slavery race baiting strategy” either. It wasn’t the left that ended slavery, and they still hate they can’t do it without coercive practices through government largesse.

    • Chic fil a hires gay people, Jeff. They are tolerant, UNLIKE pro gay groups. They are hate filled. Look at their behavior at chic fil a. Starbucks will be hurt by this as they are hateful. As are most pro gay groups.

      • gays are the intolerant ones, If they were tolerant they would make up their own word for their anal unions instead of trying to filthify the word marriage.

        • You do realize that marriage predates most if not all religions of this age, and that includes homosexual marriage, right?
          Your traditional marriage is not the oldest marriage in history just because you wish it to be.

          • Micky Baker

            No, that isn’t true either. Go back a lot further than just 700 or 800 years ago. Go all the way back to the later Greek and Early Roman eras when Christianity began and see that it was in fact a religious genesis to marriage and also note how the Christians were treated up until the time of Constantine.

          • KathiMR

            Your post seems rather confused. The bible goes back to the beginning when God set up in Genesis 3 that a man would leave Father & Mother & cling to his wife & the 2 would become one.

            & no, I’m not aware of homosexual marriage way back. Obviously there were those practicing homosexuality, but have not heard of any same-sex marriage until recent times.

          • FullblownJesusFreak!

            Sounds like you should read the Bible. Just start at Genesis then rethink your post.

      • Sara

        Do you really not think there are hateful namecalling people who are against gay rights? Do you really not think there are christians out there who are violent and hateful in expressing their views? There are always some people who are unkind however to judge one persons behavior and apply it to entire gorup – well thats the basis of judgement and blind discrimination. And no matter what you believe i hope most people would agree that discrimination is wrong no matter what the basis.

        • Sara

          And the fact you use this argument to defend people for hating gays and bullying in the end of your comment but cannot use it for the people who were rude to you on online forums makes me see that you only see morality when it supports your argument and not in all cases. And i find that sad to say the least

          • Micky Baker


            You’re the one here that is the hypocrite. Christians aren’t trying to shove their religion via law down your throat.

          • sara

            i dont think you are hearing me at all. i am not saying anything one way of the other, pro or con with gay rights. you are making blind statements without even hearing me. my case is not one for gay rights my case is one for the decrease in judgement based on one persons actions applied to a whole group. I didnt say anything about my beliefs but i see that you assume i did and called me a hypocrite, which honestly makes no sense.

          • KathiMR

            Where did you get the idea that I was defending anyone for hating or bullying gays? You might want to learn to read a little more carefully instead of jumping to unwarranted conclusions. I don’t put people in boxes. I may generalize sometimes based on experience, realizing that it is a generalization & not true of everyone. Nobody should be bullied for any reason (& there are a lot of reasons people are bullied besides their perceived sexual orientation).

            I don’t hate them nor do most people that I know, contrary to all the false accusations that have been thrown around by the homosexual activists for years. I don’t appreciate being called names & I don’t call others names. & I have rebuked some claiming to be Christians who used slurs & have encouraged them to speak the truth in love.

            Some of the people I have encountered in online forums over the years haven’t just been rude, they have displayed real hatred, likely because they do not like the truth or anyone–even God–saying that what they are doing is wrong.

        • Micky Baker

          There might be, but it isn’t anything like the vast majority of LBGT activists who are also mostly atheists and are extremely bigoted against any person of religion.

          • sara

            again, i dont think you heard anything i said. saying things like that is like other people saying ” most Christians are hateful people” because one christian was mean to somebody and i saw it. Or even if i saw a bunch of Christians be mean i would not apply to that to the people as a mass. This is wrong and the basis for so many wars and pain in the past. This something we as people must try to move away from regardless of belief.

        • KathiMR

          Yeah, there are some hateful name calling people like Westboro, but they are really a very small, fringe group that gets way too much publicity for their size. & No I don’t think true Christians would be violent & hateful in expressing views.

          If you look I did use the word activists. That is who I was referring to–not all homosexuals. & it has not been 1 person, but many over a period of quite a few years who have been hateful toward Christians, the bible & God, but again not all, but it has been common behavior for activists in pushing their agenda.

      • Micky Baker

        Yes, pro gay groups discriminate. How about, let’s say pro-people and pro free choice. Stop making excuses.

      • Micky Baker

        Almost everyone that I’ve ever addressed on the web view their opponents with extreme hatred. I have gay friends, too and they are down to earth and don’t think their rights are being violated.

    • atl2ptown

      the real question is, do you care if this article is totally bogus or not?

      • Dmember

        AMEN…this article (report) is false.

      • KathiMR

        While it is inaccurate about telling the CEO telling him to invest elsewhere because of his support for traditional marriage, it is accurate that the CEO strongly supports same-sex marriage & is apparently using corporate profits to that end & doesn’t care if some shareholders disagree.

        So while he didn’t say to sell his shares based on different views on marriage directly, in a sense he was indirectly saying that.

        So yeah, he doesn’t have an issue w people investing in the co or spending $ at Starbucks who support traditional marriage, he’s not going to listen to their point of view, & is going to continue to support same-sex marriage, presumably using corporate profits for that.

        So yeah, the article exaggerates what he said, but it is NOT totally bogus in that the CEO strongly supports same-sex marriage & doesn’t care what investors or patrons think to the contrary.

    • Ditto, how stupid of them… my family and friends and I can’t believe they said and did it… oh well, there are many good coffees and were long before this outfit.

    • Micky Baker

      I have been avoiding them for awhile already.

    • LouiseCA

      CFI did nothing but state their belief in traditional marriage. That’s it. They employ homosexuals, they serve homosexuals, they extend friendship to homosexuals. And for that, the homosexual community did everything they could to try to destroy them.

      Things that are different are not the same.

      • They donated money to groups trying to deny them their rights, I’d say defence of their rights is a perfectly good reason to protest them.

    • That is exactly what you are supposed to do, boycott the company products.

    • It seems to be a ‘bias’ that is what he opposes.

    • Daniel Cote

      I’ve written to them to try to get one in my state. Unfortunately the nearest one is over 50 miles away.

    • drayome

      Yes, Too
      bad they had to make it political. It’s one thing to embrace
      diversity, but funding to change the law on Matrimony is different.

    • drayome

      I agree, too bad they had to make it political. It’s one thing to embrace diversity, but funding to change the law/definition of Matrimony is much different.

    • hcool


    • Gerald Spencer

      When someone purchases Starbucks stock for the specific purpose of undermining Starbucks and perpetrating fraud then Starbucks can tell that person or religious group to shove their opinions up their sinful asses. It is all that Starbucks did. People who are perpetrating fraud in the name of religion are being consigned to Hell every single day. These are the ones that Jesus will say, “You’re kidding me, right? You didn’t do it in my name, you did it in your own.”

    • Klaus Fischer

      Dwarf, they just can’t keep their personal opinions to them selves, it’s a sickness.

  • mrbp

    Hey; Sgt. Schultz; you can keep your slop. Haven’t stopped at a Slop-bucks in years. Now that we know what you think of family oriented Americans, you can keep your slop.

    • Laksa jack

      Maybe you could buy a thesaurus with the money you save from not buying coffee. You’re pretty slop-happy.

  • 41 yr married man to a woman

    I have a better idea. Everyone who supports traditional marriage by as many shares as possible of the company and then we can vote him out. Wonder if that would send a message to the arrogant, liberal bigot. Oh, I forgot, only conservative white males can be arrogant bigots, just ask of the aforementioned.

    • Its a great idea however by doing so we are showing our support and allowing the company to grow with our money. I think letting the business die a slow painful death is the best way to show that there is more of us who support traditional marriage than those that support gay marriage. Again I have no issues with gay or their union I have an issue of gay marriage as its intendent for a man and a woman who can procreate.

    • StopObama2012

      Just don’t buy there crappy coffee and save your money. Most Americans will find this offensive and if we all boycott this stupid company their stock will drop and become worthless. That will send a clear message that such intolerance of others views by a public company isn’t a good business model.

  • disqus_iCgF4UjXVT

    Anybody that works for me and drinks Starbucks coffee will be
    removed. No more Starbucks ever. Dunkin
    Donuts coffee is better any way. Also
    stop at Sheetz and have your coffee your way for a hell of a lot less.

    • Maybe people should not tell you their personal business

  • Delores109

    Take your coffee and place it where it won’t be sold. Make certain it is NOT
    too hot. You are overestimating your coffee. WATCH YOUR SALES VERY CLOSELY. I SUPPORT TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE. I know now that I do NOT want to enter your businesses, because it must be loaded with HIV.
    Delores Smith
    [email protected]

    • DJG

      What an incredibly ignorant comment. There are plenty of straight people who have HIV, possibly even more.
      I am a gay man in a committed relationship with my fiance. I am also Catholic, educated in Catholic schools for 18 years. Show me anywhere in the bible where Jesus renounced homosexuals. I’ve read the bible from front to back several times and never once did he renounce ANYONE.

      • mikeswife

        I think you should actually read Genesis again. God made male & female of every thing that has the breath of life in it! He did this for pro creation and it also states a man will not lay with another man. Can you please tell us exactly which bible you are reading?

      • Daisy

        in the bible it says it’s wrong for a man to be with another man… Leviticus 18:22 which describes how God feels about homosexuality – that’s homosexuality, not homosexuals. There is a BIG difference.

        The oldest translation of the Bible still in common use is the King James version. It is very clear–to lie with a man (have sex) as you would lie with a woman is a abomination to God.

        • beth

          The Douay-Rheims is the most accurate translation of the Bible. The KJV is not a direct translation from the Latin or the original languages. KJV may be more common in Protestant traditions, but it is not at all common in the Catholic Church. Still, all translations of God’s Word condemn the homosexual act.

  • The coffee there is nasty, I thought that for a long time. So I don’t spend a dime there and I have friends that will stop. StarBucks is going to lose a lot of money now. It was Adam and Eve ,Not Adam and Steve. Where was these people raised.Damn sure not in a Church or they would understand ,This life style is a sin against God and Nature! Good Luck Losers!

  • Huge corporate mistake. Most Americans are not queers, and when it right down to it most Americans are repulsed by homosexuality. Great business decision.

    • Erin

      Are you kidding me? You are the reason this country is the most hated and the most corrupt. I am REPULSED by your judgement and your hate. You are disgrace.

      • Actually Erin,Our country is in the crapper, because of people like you.Only a brainwashed mind like yours, would see someone standing up for their beliefs as hatred.And “YOU” are the disgrace…

        • mel

          “People like you”? People who are against hate against other HUMANS? I love it when people use to term “brainwashed”. It can go both ways

          • Mel, stuff a sock in it.I don’t hate anyone! But I can make an exception with you.I don’t give a dang what you think.

          • Donna Miller

            You’re against hate but you hate anybody who doesn’t agree with you? Pot, meet kettle.

          • We don’t hate you, we hate the fact that you want to have a say in my life! Bitch, its my life, fuck off!

          • Dustin, you need to put your big boy panties on and get a grip. I believe your speech is a strong resemblence to what is termed hate speech.

          • SLS

            Define hatred.

          • “People like you” assume because many of us who don’t have the same beliefs as you, we must base those beliefs on hate. We don’t; rather, we are FOR traditional marriage. Gay couples have the benefit of civil unions, which gives them the same rights as everyone else. As someone else said, “marriage” is an institution and is not mentioned in our Constitution. Therefore, gay couples have the same rights as the rest of We the People.

          • anazagasty

            I live in New York which passed laws allowing gay marriage. They also said that any religious leaders that did not want to marry gay couples did not have to. No one is forcing you to take part in them.

        • DJG

          Shelah. How have you contributed to our country? By preaching hate? I would bet Erin better represents our country with her acceptance for everyone. We are a country founded by independent thinkers looking ahead to the future with respect for all mankind. It’s about time we got back to that place.

          • In what way should I contribute DJG ? And what business is it to you what I’ve done anyway ? And you can shove it too, just like your buddies responding to me.I’ll tell you what I told them,I don’t care what you think about me.Are you gay ? Is that why you don’t like what I believe ? TOO BAD.

          • DJG

            As a matter of fact, I am gay.. and engaged to my boyfriend. I have no problem with your beliefs until you instill hate and inequality upon me and my family. You are entitled to your opinion as am I, but that does not give anyone the right to call me a second rate citizen. I come from a very conservative, Catholic, Italian family… and I too am Catholic and conservative. But guess what, my family loves me and realized God and Jesus wanted me to be happy just as they are. That does not mean I will be getting married in a Church, but I deserve to be recognized as an equal.

          • I believe in God and God says you’re wrong.Don’t shoot the messenger.I won’t censor my beliefs,just to appease you.I never said I hated you or anyone else.But I still get to believe as I choose.You don’t get to decide that for me.

          • DJG

            I’ve read the Bible several times from front to back. Find me one instance of Jesus stating that homosexuality is evil and a sin. I’ve been taught by every Catholic religious order from Franciscans to Jesuits to Sisters of Mercy, etc. None of them have found any verse of Jesus renouncing anyone. You’re entitled to your opinion but don’t blame it on God. Unless you are a prophet, you can not know what God says. The only fact is that God created us all in his image and loves us all.

          • I give you the same advise.And it’s all over the Bible stating that homosexuality is an abomination to God,right up there with sleeping with animals.Don’t try to school me,both my parents are ministers.Now don’t address me again.I’m bored with your lack of respect to our creator..

          • God

            You want us to believe you because both of your parents are ministers? Why not just cite the passages (hint: it’s because you can’t find them “all over the bible”)?

          • Hey goofy,frankly I don’t care what you think.If you’re too stupid to know what The Bible says,then you sure aren’t going to believe me if I tell you.

          • God

            Classic. When you know you have no argument, you attack the person, not the argument. At least that way you have a response, right? Very Christian of you, by the way. Would Jesus have done that? I think not.

            At any rate, it’s really sad that you can’t provide examples of your assertion, so the rest of us will simply assume it’s baseless.

          • jlb

            “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ “and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh?’” (Matt. 19:4.)

          • Sharon

            Leviticus 18:22
            Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

          • Sharon

            Leviticus 20:13

            If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

          • Leviticus 18:22 | Read whole chapter | See verse in contextThou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination
            .a·bom·i·na·tion /əˌbäməˈnāSHən/

            A thing that causes disgust or hatred.
            A feeling of hatred.Synonyms
            abhorrence – loathing – disgust – repugnance

          • anazagasty

            The word abomination is a mis-translation made by humans. The word that mostly is used is toevah. Which they are not sure what exactly it meant, but equate it to taboo.

          • Liberty is the best policy

            I don’t know why you guys refer to Leviticus when it clearly says you can’t plant two crops in the same row, wear mixed fibers. you must stone disobedience children to death. I also like exodus 21:7 so I can sell my daughter as a sex slave just because god says I could. As a libertarian, your social conservatism is KILLING the republican party. what business is it of yours if two consensual adults marry each other? NONE. We are not a theocracy or a christian nation, never is, never was. The constitution prevents that. Get the government out of marriage before you lose another race. idiots

          • Amen to that.

          • God

            I see you know god’s thoughts. That’s amazing!

          • Amen !

          • I recognize you as an equal, DJG! 🙂 And I know God loves you just as much as any other one of his children. I do believe, however, that he is dissapointed with society as a whole and the way we have neglected or misinterpreted his teachings and with the disintegration of the institution of the familiy

          • This is why I’m atheist. I bet someone made this shit up. (not gay, and I don’t care about the issues. I’m just logical.)

            No religion is logical.

          • Scott

            Not really, your logic is flawed. Religion is only illogical if God can be proven to not exist. Since he can’t your conclusion is based on a faulty premise thus illogical. If you are an atheist due to faulty reasoning then by demonstration none of your reasoning can be counted as logical in the realm of religion because your reasoning is at best circular, and at worst erroneous.

          • Good luck telling that to God when you have your knee bowed and your tongue is confessing Jesus IS Lord.

          • wygit

            If you want to live in a country run by religious dogma, move to Iran. We don’t do that here.

          • I have to put my 2 cents worth in here. You’re assuming those of us who are FOR traditional marriage are “preaching hate” and we are not accepting of others. “People like you” don’t accept our beliefs, so is that based on hate and unacceptance? You’re right, we are a country of independent thinkers and many, many of us think for ourselves. Many, many of us are FOR traditional marriage and that doesn’t come from a place of hate. Liberals assume so many things about we conservatives and you know what they say about assuming…but I’m not the one who is an ass…

          • wygit

            I’m for traditional marriage. Also gay marriage. Seems to be working fine in Massachusetts, where they have been coexisting pretty well for the past 9 years.
            Why do the homophobes insist on calling their stance “For traditional marriage”?
            Nobody’s against traditional marriage. Some people are against gay marriage, which has no affect in any way, shape or form on traditional marriage.

          • We are also a country founded by Christian forefathers who believed in the Bible

    • Donna Miller

      They have equal rights, they want EXTRA rights.

      • If they had equal rights then they would also be allowed to marry.

        • beth

          Marriage is not a right. Even so, nothing prevents them from marrying a person of the opposite sex. They enjoy all the rights and privileges of US citizens. Marriage is an institution, and can be only between one man and one woman. Civil unions provide for any legal and/or secular needs of homosexual couples. Homosexual acts are unnatural and sinful, no matter how many young people think differently. Truth does not change because a majority may not like it.

          • I stand in total agreement with you!

            As far as them saying “The folks who are ‘repulsed by homosexuality’ are in the minority and will be dying off in a few years.” , I believe they are wrong; the Lord will have his way. I have & always will stand for the institution of marriage between one man & one woman, as God designed & ordained with God being the 3rd strand.
            Homosexuals have scales over their eyes blinding them to the truth. Their “union” will never have the 3rd strand leaving it weak & unable to bind together.

          • KathiMR

            abby, its in the bible in Romans 1. But yes, God does have ways of revealing his will to people.

            But He really loves us all & wants all to come to repentance of sin (LGBT or straight) & accept God’s free gift of eternal life (John 3:16-18)

            I would encourage you to read the New Testament, starting w the gospel of John. If you are at all interested in truth, you can even ask God to show you.

          • bill

            they do what ought not to be done.29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. 32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death,they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.

          • God also thought it was okay for two daughters to get their father drunk and fuck him in a cave to repopulate, so homosexuality= wrong Incenst=fine and dandy with the lord, hell if we are all from adam and eve that means we are all mutant products of incest…..oh wait that’s right…..its a proven fact that you can’t keep sustain a population through incest because it will lead to genetic mutations that eventually get so bad that procreation is no longer even possible. Damn you science for proving things!!!!!

          • Samantha

            I think Mark Twain said it best when he said the Bible “is full of interest. It has noble poetry in it; and some clever fables; and some blood-drenched history; and some good morals; and a wealth of obscenity; and upwards of a thousand lies.”

            The word of your god was written by men.

          • KathiMR

            Well, writer he may have been; bible scholar he was not. Repeating ignorant quotes like this–no matter how famous the person who said it–is an easy way to escape dealing w what the bible has to say.

            Again, I would urge you to read it for yourself. God inspired men to write the bible, but it comes from God. The supernatural nature of the bible is demonstrated by, among other things, the hundreds of fulfilled prophesies–especially those dealing w the coming of the messiah Jesus. they include the timing of His coming, that He would be born in Bethlehem, that He would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver & lots more. Also the book of Daniel has prophecies of what were then future world empires.

            There is plenty of evidence of the truth of the bible for anyone who is at all open to the truth. Even those trying to disprove it have instead been convinced of its divine origin when they actually studied it.

            We can choose to accept or reject it, but our choices have consequences.

          • Anonymous

            Yes he will, and he will forgive them for they have the lord’s unconditional love. And there is no real evidence on what truth religion even holds anymore. Unless you are from the times when Jesus was around and you lived the real religion, before the church got their hands on the matter, then don’t be preaching things you are not certain of. Just keep your opinions to yourself. Now I am not saying anyone is wrong, but the simple fact that not one human being will ever truly know what will happen to someone in the end. Only the Lord gets to decide this.

          • GODless

            your magic sky lord is fake. face up to facts…if he was real and was angered by this it would have shot lightning out of its penis

          • Jessie

            the act of a sexual union (procreation) is to actually MATE! We are the only Animals that do it for pleasure! MATING is between a male of the species and a female of the species and that is to produce offspring to carry forward future generations,,, i hardly think that taking it up the anus will produce anything other than diseases! Infact it has produced diseases and it was at the beginning secluded to the gay community until it spread to hetrosexuals due to transfusions, deviancy and intraveniously.. So mebbe God was trying to rid us of the scurge,, unfortunately it spread!

          • Coausti

            1) Humans are not the only animals that mate for pleasure, dolphins have been known to do it too. 2) animals world wide practice homosexual tendencies 3) Heterosexual sex has become a leader in the spread of STDs, i think you should really learn your facts…

          • jessie

            typical faggot reply!! why dont u get you facts straight…….animals act on instinct which is inate,,, humans have higher brain functions which make their acts learned as well as inate… why dont u read some fracking evolutionary books and behavoural psych books!!! you might learn something

          • steven

            actually it has been proven that several animals mate for pleasure, and if you think about it, no child is aborted (which goes against your God argument) or abandoned, or a mistake in homosexual relationships. They are adopted and loved, and not an aborted mistake. Also, not all animals need to mate to reproduce.

          • What? You lost me. I can’t tell if I agree or not.

          • yvonne

            Lord Jesus, please help this poor soul to see the light …Lord you said that your people perish for lack of knowledge and for rejecting your truth…mercy upon his lost soul….

          • Wrong again, we are not the only animals that have sex for pleasure. Also you will find that anal sex does not cause diseases lol did you take sex ed in the back of father omalleys unmarked white van behind your middle school?

          • Coausti

            wow…you disgust me…

          • The Goddess Hel is completely fine with homosexual unions, as is her father. These two entities predate your God, and there were homosexual marriages in those times alongside the straight marriages.
            I guess it depends on which God, if any, you put your beliefs into.

          • Dmember

            Too bad you didn’t get the message….

          • I know that my God is completely fine with it. His name is Loki, by the way.
            Also his daughter Hel is most likely easier to anger with shunning homosexuals, than she would be at someone for the way their brain is wired.

          • FullblownJesusFreak!

            No judgement passed here, but by what you write you are not a believer in Christ so you wouldn’t understand the above post. But yes you can have a conversation with God and HE can open your eyes to many things.

          • Excuse me Beth but please have your HUSBAND respond for you as he IS your superior just as Christ is his superior (1 Corinthians 11:3). As we are servants of the Lord, we should heed the words of the Bible.
            Know your place.
            If you do not belong to a man, please have your father post remarks in your stead (and if that is not possible, please wait until you are married and delete this post).

          • Hank

            Beth isn’t married so getting her husband is not going to help you.

          • Hank… hence my statement, “If you do not belong to a man, please have your father post remarks in your stead”.
            Read the Bible!!

          • Are you just being argumentative or are you really as stupid as you portray yourself? Brother!!! Get a grip, get an education and some common sense before you come back to this board.

          • I *am* educated Sharon Mead. Read the 1 Corinthians chapter and verse I mentioned.

          • Laurel

            the male makes the final decision. However, the Bible also teaches that a wife is to be a strong “helper”… which was translated incorrectly. The original word did not suggest a hierarchy, but a partnership. This being said, much of the bible was manipulated by patriarchal societies and translated incorrectly. I try not to take the Bible literally.

          • We *cannot* pick and choose what we take literally and what we take figuratively. If we are to take Leviticus word for word, we must take Corinthians, Mark, Luke, John, Timothy – WORD for WORD.
            No ambiguity! Read the Bible!! Heed the WORD of the Lord.

          • L

            Why is it sinful? Because “God” told you that? Hate to break it to you, but God never told you that. Infact, God says to love all his children. Christians are so hypocritical, not good people.

          • Mike C

            Leave it to non-Christians to tell us how we are hypocritical. God condemns homosexuality. Calls it an abomination. So, get your facts straight.

          • L

            I want to see where in the “bible” it says that? And if that’s so, why would god have created gays? Or in your small brain, created people who choose to be gay? Explain that. I’m sure you have an excuse. All Christians change the rules to adjust to them…. I would be very open to believing I god if people represented him correctly.

          • Mike C

            Lev 18:22, Lev 20:13, Mark 7:20-23, 1 Cor 6:9-11, Rom 1:25-27, 1 Tim 1:8-10. And if you understand Christianity, it’s about living your life for Him, not for yourself. So if you’re gay, and your God calls it an abomination and a sin, guess what? You got a great way to show that you love and want to serve him, by denying your sexual desires, which as we ALL know, are unnatural.

          • L

            Trust me, I’m sure there is plenty you do for yourself. There’s plenty you do that would defy god. You just want to judge. So have at it, and the gays will continuing living life happy with their choices. And I also think that god can only damn those who believe in him. You’re arguments are mute to me. Have a nice night.

          • God doesn’t “damn” anyone. It is people who choose to separate themselves from him and his will who find themselves in a very hot place some day. Anyone human is a child of God whether they are Atheists or Christians. All who want to separate themselves from God can be separated from him after they die also. So let the gays continue to live “life happy with their choices.” Life is only a blink of any eye in all eternity. The Romans thought it was a good idea too.

          • enness

            Now you’re making accusations you couldn’t possibly know. There are such things as saints. Unlikely they would be in blog comboxes, but you never know.

          • That is ALWAYS the unsaved’s excuse for continuing in their sin, Don’t judge me, no one is perfect, God loves me anyway.. As Christians, we are to Judge ALL things that is what the Word says and to tell the Fag the Truth about his choice of living IS NOT judging him, it is speaking the truth in Love hoping that maybe they will become saved and renounce that sick, unnatural lifestyle they live.

          • Dylan

            Are you seriously gonna represent Christ and call someone a fag in the same sentence?

          • Dmember

            Calling someone a fag is mild in comparison to what Christ called other sinners in his presence.

          • We are not judging – only stating what God Himself said. And we wouldn’t have to worry about it if everyone had stayed in the closet. I would choose for everyone to be saved and follow Christ’s example but I have no power to make or force anyone. I would like for everyone to be happy and live the life they choose for themselves although it breaks my heart to see people going down the wrong path. I don’t think anyone would say anything but for the fact that we are being forced to deal with gay lifestyles thrown in our faces. It’s wrong but we are supposed to change our thinking and say it’s right?? No, just quietly go away!

          • Mike C. sorry, that was not for you!

          • FullblownJesusFreak!

            I have it proved everyday. GOD has done so much for me in my life that would be impossible to have happened without him. Others may chalk it up to coincidence or just plain luck but in my heart I know everyday is another Blessed by GOD and I only hope others will grow to actually learn about the bible and Jesus as I have and accept him into their heart to then see what is right and wrong in the eyes of our Lord and Savior. God Bless

          • Mike C

            So….where do you get that statistic? Pulling stuff from where the sun don’t shine? True. Don’t point out the spec in your neighbor’s eye and ignore the plank in your own. Sure. I understand. But guess what? Too many times Christians have disarmed by statements like this for too long. We ARE allowed to judge, as long as we judge *righteously*. As Paul said in 1 Cor 6:2. Calling me heartless and unchristian is not going to prove me wrong. That’s just slander, which *everyone* knows is wrong. 🙂

          • jj

            In the letters from Paul, more specifically 1 Cor 6, Paul was speaking to believers (Christians) about other believers. We are only to judge other believers as we are to hold each other accountable for our actions. Judgement for all others is for God.

          • Dmember

            You are so wrong. How are we to discern good from evil men if we don’t use judgment? God tells us to judge righteously. We are to judge as He does.

          • zento

            Is this why homosexuality is found naturally in over a thousand other species? If you’re going to back up theories, at least know there is scientifics evidence and FACTS proving you wrong before making false claims like ‘unnatural’.

          • Dmember

            Are you saying homosexuals are beasts. I guess I can agree with that.

          • Dmember

            What you call ‘love’ God calls vile affections.

          • Thou shall not lay down with man as you do with woman . —HOLY BIBLE

          • msjohn

            Want to talk about “traditional marriage”, take a look at your “holy bible”. Buying a woman for 50 shekels of silver when you deflower her and get caught. Yep, that’s some real family values.
            Deuteronomy 22
            22:28 If a man find a damsel that is a virgin, which is not betrothed, and lay hold on her, and lie with her, and they be found;22:29 Then the man that lay with her shall give unto the damsel’s father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife; because he hath humbled her, he may not put her away all his days.

          • Mom of3

            Funny we just had a sermon on this…people taking verses and not understanding the historical time and not looking at the verses before and after. I think if you would do that you would find the meaning of Deut.

          • enness

            Mosaic Law was appropriate for a particular people at a particular time — specifically, a very hard-hearted and stubborn people. We have the great benefit of living post-Resurrection, but few excuses. Read Matt. 19.

          • God didn’t “create” gays. He gave humans free will. Humans make bad decisions. If you look in Leviticus or Romans or several other places in the Bible, it is very clear. Why do people who follow God’s word or simply observe what he created have “small minds?” We don’t change the rules. The Bible has been around for thousands of years. We believed it then and we believe it now.

          • nemnem

            go get a Bible or do a Google search! Or perhaps you have never heard of Sodom. Where the word Sodomy comes from…..

          • enness

            Why did God create alcoholics?

          • L

            Exactly. Why did he?

          • Why did he create pathological liars? Bipolar murderers? Compulsive thieves? He did not create their sins, they were drawn into them by their own sinful desires. We all possess sinful desires because of our wounded natures. That wound having been inherited from the sin of adam and eve. Christ died to redeem us but He calls upon us to make use of that redemption and save our souls. He will not force anyone through those pearly gates.
            One major problem with homosexuality is that those who are mired in it have a very dangerous tendency to equate their sin with their very being. When you cling that closely to any sin, it takes a miracle of God to pry you from it.

          • MGM46

            Seems like you already have the answer – God did not create people gay, they become that way because they choose to.

          • FullblownJesusFreak!

            It’s not that GOD created gays, it was back with Adam and Eve where the serpent(Satan) tricked Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. After that we knew the difference in good and evil and was left with MAKING OUR OWN DECISIONS of right and wrong.

          • ObviouslyOpenMinded

            I am a christian, and everyone has their own way of sin. God knows this and still loves us all. What is everyone’s issue. Can we all just get along as GOD wants

          • Mike C

            The Body of Christ is not “everyone” getting along together. It is the followers of Christ who follow the teachings and rules that were laid down. Sure, as Christians we’re supposed to minister to EVERYONE. It’s the Great Commission. But if you claim to be a Christian, then there are rules, standards, way of life, etc. that you are required to follow. You don’t get to pick and choose. And lets get this straight. We can only know God *through* Christ’s sacrifice. He paid the price. He atoned for ALL sins. You don’t get this gift though unless you accept Him as your savior. And if you accept him as your savior, then you *know* that you can’t live the life of a homosexual.

          • They might need to re-evaluate themselves to make sure they are truely Born Again, they should know that Jesus said,”Not everyone who says Lord Lord shall inherit the Kingdom of God, but he who does the will of my Father. God is a God of Love–BUT He is also a God of Wrath and is not willing that Any should perish but that all would come to repentance.

          • Amen Mike! That’s real talk!

          • archerb

            True, NoMore, most people in the world are not Christian. But most people in the world belong to one religion or another and ALL major religions teach that homosexuality is wrong. Sorry, NoMore, but popular opinion is not with you here. Most of the world’s people oppose gay marriage.

          • GODless

            and most of th world believed that the earth was flat. just becuz the whole world is idiotic doesnt mean its right…

          • All major? Hindus and Buddahists don’t, and those two combined make up ~25% of the world population, It’s really only the abrametic religions condeming homosexuality. Hell, Hindus have a gay god on top of that.

          • abby

            You don’t get to pick and chose, huh? Mike, are you married? If so, does your wife wear pants ever? Oh, no, well that is an ABOMINATION according to the Bible. I guess she is going to hell. And you can’t eat anything that comes out of the ocean unless it has fins and scales, or it is an ABOMINATION. No oysters or calamari or you’re going to hell. So you think homosexuality is an abomination because the Bible says so? Well, a few verses later it says people who commit this abomination should be put to death. Do you agree with that too? Remember, you can’t pick and chose.

          • GODless

            dont forget tattoos, those r evil

          • FullblownJesusFreak!

            Where did you get that from? It actually states not to mark your body or pierce it in the name of someone who has passed. So how is a tattoo evil?

          • Where in the bible exactly says that. Because as far as I know I haven’t found that verse yet, that woman can’t wear pants.

          • Dmember

            NoMore….Your version of Christianity….the false one?

          • If you are a Christian, you are a Deceived Christian. If you were a true Child of God you would know what his word says about homosexuality.. Truthfully, they WILL NOT inherit the Kingdom of God and will be separated from God for eternity.. Do you honestly think Jesus went to the Cross for nothing?? He paid a TERRIBLE price for our salvation and WILL not overlook this sin. They need to repent of this sin and get his forgiveness before it is too late are yes, they will spend eternity in hell. That is what his word says as a christian you should now this.

          • What Bible are you reading? Jesus said He came for this purpose. People will be divided, mother against daughter, son against father; People in our own family rising against us. He told us (Christians) that the world that hated Him will hate us (Christians) also. No surprise that the liberal media, homosexuals, and the left mock us and verbally persecute us. We’re in good company…Better to suffer for righteousness than for doing evil…Yes, we’re in good company>>>With Christ! */*

          • SMSURFER

            God says nothing about getting along…He says to be obedient…unto the teaching of Christ. Christ did not come to make all get along, he drove a wedge into that kind of thinking.

          • Dmember

            Did Jesus say let’s just all get along? Or did he say it’s my way or the highway?

          • Yes, they simply Do Not know God’s word.

          • Amen Mike!

          • God forgives ,MR.Truett does not

          • So is eating shellfish. Your same God says that a rapist can marry his victim if he gives her father 20 pieces of silver. So until the day you sell your daughter to some guy who rapes her you have no business telling anyone else to follow your Bible.

          • Mike C

            Lets get this straight. There is the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament was written for a people during a certain time in history. That doesn’t mean that everything in it should be disregarded. “All scripture is useful for teaching, rebuking and training up in righteousness.” But there are things in it that have to be taken in context. Notice, everything that you cite against Christians is in the Old Testament. Judaism ONLY has the Old Testament as their scripture, but I don’t see you bashing them left and right. Only Christians. Also, lets look at what you cited. That was for a particular time, but in the New Testament, there is something very similar. “If you fornicate with a woman before marriage, marry her.” It’s about taking responsibility for your actions. Doing what is right.

          • FullblownJesusFreak!

            Sounds like you need to read and understand the Bible. And it’s

            NounA person who indulges in hypocrisy.

            Also that would be impossible because GOD is not a person.

          • CalmDownandMindYourOwnBusiness

            Well riddle me this Batman, why do you even care that this happens if you’re not the one getting married?

          • Ben

            The bible says in many passages that it is an abomination to Him. and God’s children is a interesting phrase to use there, He said you would know his children by those that keep his commandments …. Love…. You might want to read that bible before you go bashing Christians …. at least you would have some fuel for a real debate here your just gassing us with your own form of hate and hypocrisy…. Intolerance is not Hate….

          • L

            I do not hate Christians, and I have read the bible. I attended church for many years and just took from it much different than obviously you did. I hate hypocritical, judgemental Christians. Because that is not what you’re supposed to be. You’re supposed to love. Let your “god” do the punishing if he seems it so fit. I am now someone who is open to all good people. I don’t care what you do, who you are, what you look like, who you love… As long as you’re a good hearted person. Same with gays. I’ll hate you if you do bad things, but I won’t judge if you do good. We are all human beings living on the same planet. Why would you think you’re better than ANYONE? You aren’t.

          • You, my friend, “hate Christians” because they stand for God’s word which opposes a sinful lifestyle that you don’t want to be called on. You want to defend your sinful lifestyle as “ok” by going to some mighty silly extremes and useless arguments. It’s not ok to steal, it’s not ok to practice homosexuality. Period.

          • Laurel

            “let your “god” do the punishing if he seems it so fit.” I don’t see any Christians trying to punish gays here… simply state where they stand on the issue, and what their religion has to say about it. According to Christianity, God does not hate the person… he hates the sin. In other words: a gay person can not help being gay…but he can choose not to sleep with another man. Anyway, these self-proclaimed “christians” who judge and “punish” those who they disagree with, simply aren’t Christian. This being said, I do not believe in religion… I believe in faith. I am simply trying to explain the issue.

          • pls

            You say you hate hypocritical judgemental Christians? Sounds like you are a self righteous individual who hates someone who does not think like you…Bible says a lot about hate…So you went to church for many years…evidently you did not hear/learn what you should have and/or it was not a Bible teaching church…You can be a good loving individual and that is no guarantee of salvation….

          • SNAKEDOCTOR

            We should not HATE people, we are to pray and love them. We just don’t like their ways. I don’t hate anyone. I just pick up my sword of Justice and slay the beast.

          • FullblownJesusFreak!

            Why would you hate anyone? And apparently you weren’t in church for the right reasons, or you had just went to the wrong church because you aren’t still attending and have the wrong outlook completely. And you still put a label on Christians so did you ever accept Christ? Just reading the Bible doesn’t mean much either, but do you understand and study the Bible? And I’m not better than anyone just not of this world Praise the Lord!

          • ObviouslyOpenMinded

            How is it you think intolerance is what you’re implying with “bashing” and “denying” equality. What makes “straight” people so superior?

          • being gay is not a race… is an action…a sin. No one is born gay. It is a choice just like choosing to be a murderer is a sin….choosing to be gay is a sin as well….

          • Torrey Parker

            It’s not a choice. No one would choose that stigma and all the hate that comes with it.

          • enness

            It is a cross.

          • FullblownJesusFreak!

            Yes they would. It’s just a fad, or chance to be different, and for some just a chance for argument. Everyone is born being able to make choices.

          • Kris

            For someone who claims to be “ObviouslyOpenMinded”, you sure are a close-minded person.

          • SNAKEDOCTOR

            Kris, Kara was raised Christian. She knows right from wrong like the majority of us. So, cut her some slack.

          • rhubarbarian

            Do you remember the exact moment that you chose to be heterosexual?

          • FullblownJesusFreak!

            Yup when I was raised in a Christian home and understood right from wrong.

          • Wow! Comparing murderers to people who are simply attracted to members of their own gender….I’m at a lost of words.

          • FullblownJesusFreak!

            Um I have words it’s called SIN is SIN and that’s the bottom line….

          • Thanks for adding nothing to the conversation.

          • SNAKEDOCTOR

            THe Declaration of Independance says al men are created equal, the Bible does not. Homosexuality will get you cast into the lake of fire. It’s not normal and two of the same sex can NOT make babies. It’s Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve.

          • enness

            Uh, Snake, we arguably would not have gotten that phrase in the DOI without a basis in the Judeo-Christian ethic.

          • rhubarbarian

            I have many heterosexual friends who are in childless marriages either by choice or by physical limitations. Their union is no less valid because there are not children born of it. Making babies is not the end all or be all for people to love and be committed toward each other.
            You know, I’ve heard that people who handle snakes are repressed homosexuals (snakes being phallic symbols and all). You might want to change your handle.

          • FullblownJesusFreak!

            So you’re saying if we were all gay that it wouldn’t become the end all? I know not everyone is meant to have children (Nuns for instance or internal problems) but that doesn’t mean it’s ok to be gay.

          • enness

            No person is superior. However, there are good ideas and bad ideas, good behavior and bad behavior.

          • It is best not to be so open minded that your brains fall out. *chuckle*

          • God says to Love people not SIN! You need to read the Bible and see it for yourself! He also tells us to turn our back from evil and wrongdoers. SIN is SIN mo matter whet it is!
            Homosexuality, Fornacation,Adultery,Beastality all of it IS SIN AND WE ARE TO ABSTAIN FROM IT ALL!! GOD says marriage is of one woman and one man so therefore we are to follow what GOD says not what people want us to do or accept.. I will stand on GODS word no matter what or who it is!! I Love people but I don’t like sin not saying I’m perfect I sin daily but I dont willing go out and sin.

          • ObviouslyOpenMinded

            God also stated that judgment was for him and him alone. It is as if all the retaliated negative “gay hate” posts can quote the bible and can pick which parts they relate too but this is not His entire word and you all should be ashamed of yourselves. WE ARE ALL SINNERS IN OUR OWN WAYS. You are no better than I.

          • Chelly

            Correction we are not all sinners. If that is the case then Jesus died on the Cross for NOTHING. Yes we are all born in sin, shapen in iniquity so because of that we must realize what we really are. We are nothing and must be born again and allow Jesus to Change us on the inside out, all things become new. That’s when we walk in our new nature that God through his son gives us. Through the blood of Jesus all of our sins are forgiven, Through the blood of Jesus we are justified, made righteous,just as if we had never sinned. Through the blood of Jesus we are sanctified, made holy, set apart for God and his Service.

          • anazagasty

            Its funny that you say we are not all sinners. In the twenty years I spent in church I was always told you have to admit to being a sinner before being saved. And that the bible said we were all sinners because Adam and Eve sinned.

          • FullblownJesusFreak!

            20 years you spent in Church. Did you actually listen to anything in all that time? We are born in sin, but have the choice to be born again in Christ where our sin is washed away, you just have to believe and ask for forgiveness.

          • rhubarbarian

            When did you choose to be heterosexual? You just are, right? Just like homosexuals just are. I don’t consider them to be mistakes anymore than I think folks born blind or deaf are mistakes. Homosexuality is a natural occurrence in the animal world and has been identified in many species. Did these animals choose to sin against God? Of course not. It’s nature. It happens. Homosexuals are born of heterosexual unions and no style of parenting or environment has been identified in creating them. Deal with it.
            And one more thing, I hope you would be happy for your daughter to marry a gay who was saved from homosexuality by religion. Me thinks you probably wouldn’t be. Because deep down you know it’s not a choice, it’s the way they are wired. And your daughter would live a horrible life married to someone who deep down desires someone of a different sex.

          • FullblownJesusFreak!

            Just like posted previously why would you compare us with wildlife/animals? Would you eat your child? Why not animals do it everyday? Animals are not born with choice like we are. You chose to be gay, and defying GOD just shows we are all one step closer…..

          • “God dosen’t make mistakes” if your god exists he made one hell of a mistake on my youngest son who was born with a CHD.

          • FullblownJesusFreak!

            GOD never makes a mistake. Maybe you just turned it into one. I think it’s time you turned your life around, and gave it all to GOD, then see what happens.

          • Turned my life around? I guess owning my own bussiness and raising a beautiful family isn’t good enough? No god needed for my sucesses, nor my tragedies. Let me point you to the logic of this, I don’t belive in your, or any other, god, therefore I don’t think ze made a mistake. Now lets look at where your logic goes, if your god makes everything, then in your eyes he made my son, him only having half a heart is a pretty big design flaw if you ask me.

          • The Bible, the word of God, says it is wrong. No Christian has the authority to say it is sin but He does and did. You cannot pick and choose what you want to believe in the Bible. Of course God says to love all his children. Do you even really know what it means by “God’s children”??? I bet you don’t even know the accurate definition of that.

          • God says that one man lying with another is an abomination to Him.

          • SNAKEDOCTOR

            100% correct BOB!

          • Thou shall not lay down with man as one does with woman.—HOLY BIBLE

          • Gregory Smith

            Don’t eat shrimp and when you have your period go outside of the city for 7 days. Don’t wear blended fabric. HOLY BIBLE

          • pls

            Guess you do not know what God’s holy word says do you Beth….

          • God said it is an abomination unto the Lord,litterally and with moral teachings such as Sodom and Gamorah. Gods love is for the children who turn to Him. In fact the Bible/God said to seperate yourselves from the wicked.What does God have to do with Gay marriage? You will give an account one day before Him,ask him then or I suggest do it now.Now is the time for salvation. Gods people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

          • I will,knowing the great mercy of God,say that His grace is sufficent for us who slip in any area we are attacked.

          • Christi

            Wrong. We are all Gods creation. Only those that accept His gift of pardon / redemption / forgiveness are His children.

          • Jeff

            He made 2 sexes to procreate and populate the world. The Bible was written at a time when the world was not over populated. So now, that we have like 6 billion people in the world and people are living into their 70’s or 80’s, some of what was written may not apply anymore. Also, truthfully, GOD wrote/said nothing, it was his apostles that WROTE the BIBLE.

          • The teachings of the Bible do not have time restraints. They are like God, everlasting and unchanging.

          • First of all, those who reject Christ are NOT children of God. So let’s abolish that LIE that we are all God’s children. Now God has commanded Christians to love their neighbor as Christ loves them. And for the most part we do. But we WILL NOT love them into hell. Love means telling a person the truth. Even when they don’t want it. So who’s the hypocritical one. Those who call what is sin, good, and call what is good sin. Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

          • God’s say’s that in HIS Word. God never told you it was ok either!!!

          • Love the sinner, hate the sin…That is what it says in the Bible..

          • Read God’s word. It’s there! And God is the author!

          • Joby

            Do your research before making comments. God does say it is sin.
            Leviticus 20:13 If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman both of them have committed an abomination
            Also 1 Timothy 1:10 and Romans 1:26-27
            God says to love the sinner not the sin.
            Jude 23
            Rescue others by snatching them from the flames of judgment. Show mercy to still others, but do so with great caution, hating the sins that contaminate their lives.

          • SMSURFER

            L…remember if you really want to be a great debater, look at the argument presented. You can tell if there is a truth there. God does speak thru many means. If you examine the lives of homosexuals, and all the physical battles they must go thru just to have a relationship with the same sex….its enormous. In a pure sense, a heterosexual relationship can withstand time. But a homosexual relationship could never last as a way of life. if you want the truth, you can see it. If you are not intersted in the truth, then we are all wasting our time.

          • We should love all God’s creation even our enemies. Got that one right.. Sins is what goes against God’s creation.. 1 Timothy 1:10, 1 Corinthians 6:9 Leviticus 18:22. Even God gave us free will. We believe or not believe.

          • Dmember

            Many people who God loves are Hell bound.

          • NitaNorbert

            Another ignorant, hateful moron.

          • Sounds like a Catholic woman to me! Thank you for standing up to the secularism of today’s pagan society.

          • Dave

            Beth, I don’t think it’s about being equal per se, it’s about wanting everyone to approve of their disgusting and sinful lifestyle. They flaunt what should shame them and defy God or man to disapprove of their sick choice. None the less, Christ died for their sins too and all they have to do is repent and trust Jesus as Savior. We must pray for them. It’s hard for me to do that I must admit but I am trying.

          • GODless

            wait wait…so your telling me your magic sky lord is so petty that it gts mad when penises go into buttholes? cuz thats wut ur saying. get a grip. its 2013, god is FAKE

          • nermf

            what a foolish statement. bigot!

          • ObviouslyOpenMinded

            Being judgmental is also a sin…. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

          • Dave W

            We Christians are not obliged to be openminded about error. We are obliged to love the sinner, but definitely NOT the sin. That includes sodomites.

          • Good one Beth!

          • utopia

            Beth, think about this for a second: Jewish people believe that eating pork is sinful. How would you feel if the government banned everyone from eating pork because the Hebrew bible says so? Would you be okay with that? No? Then don’t force your religious beliefs on others either, please.

          • Anonymous

            If the Lord’s love is unconditional, why wouldn’t the Lord condemn people for being happy with someone they feel a deep and intimate connection with? Who is to say what is unnatural? You don’t have the right, nor do I. Until we meet the lord at the gates, you should keep your “factual” opinions to yourself. =^w^=

          • FullblownJesusFreak!

            Because a deep intimate connection isn’t True Love. And the Bible says what is unnatural.

          • GODless

            btw, marriage is the combining of two things. was around LONG before ur idiotic religion started preaching hatred

          • FullblownJesusFreak!

            Your screen name shows me that your lost in life. God Bless you. I can only hope you find your way one day.

          • thoughtsfromflorida

            Actually, the Supreme Court has determined that marriage is indeed a right.

            If we look at your rationale, then when there were laws against interracial marriage, they were also fine. Whites could marry Whites – Blacks could marry Blacks – everyone could get married – all is equal.

            Civil unions do NOT provide for any legal and/or secular needs of homosexual couples. There are over 1,000 protections and benefits that are only available to those who are legally married.

            You are free to believe as you like about homosexual acts. Your religious beliefs, however, are not the basis for our laws.

          • Marriage offers MANY rights that unmarried people do not have and as for the “nothing prevents them from marrying a person of the opposite sex” so by that logic you would marry a gay person for personal gain? also Civil unions DO NOT offer the same rights as an actual marriage and you would know this if you didn’t spend most of your days talking to yourself and making every choice you make by a book written by many people over thousands of years and actually looked something up on your own for once instead of believing everything your preferred media outlet tells you.

          • Your bible doesn’t get to dictate laws and rights in this country I hate to break it to you.

          • Marriage predates the Bible, including homosexual marriages. Truth does not change that fact.
            Also, Civil Unions don’t allow many of the benefits and rights that marriage does, including being by your loved one’s side while they are in the hospital because you aren’t “family”.

          • FullblownJesusFreak!

            How could marriage predate something that starts with the world being created.

          • FullblownJesusFreak!

            That last sentence is the best thing I have read on this whole page.

        • Sam H.

          No one else has the right to marry someone of their own gender, either. So we ALL have the same rights. So-called “gay” marriage is ridiculous.

          • Straight marriage is ridiculous! Sam you are an ignorant fool!

          • ObviouslyOpenMinded

            I love God and believe God has the first and last say of anything but no one else has these rights as to judge. So why sin and make judgement over someone else’s personal form of sin? Who are you to make judgement of marriage. There is TWO sides here. Gay’s view and Straight’s view. Both DESERVE equal rights. Whether there is an agreed stance or not.

          • Dave W

            We DO have to judge things to be good or evil. Read that Bible you love so much! We are to hide from evil when we see it coming. in other words, get out of the way! That includes, don’t get caught up supporting unnatural and sinful stuff like killing your own offsping, and sodomy.

        • NC77

          They are allowed to marry, someone of the opposite sex.

        • James F

          Homosexuals are already allowed to marry, there is nothing stopping them from marrying someone of the opposite gender. I’m a normal heterosexual guy and I am not allowed to marry another man either. EQUAL RIGHTS is already a reality! Gays wants EXTRA rights.

          • serp002

            You’re an idiot. Yes you can’t marry people of the same sex but if you’re heterosexual then you DONT want to. Homosexuals do, they are in a different situation and they marrying someone of the same sex is the same situation as you marrying someone of the opposite sex. Your argument is invalid and idiotic.

          • L

            What if the world was opposite, and the “normal, moral” way of living to be with someone of the same sex, and to love someone of the opposite sex was perversion and wrong? Would you sleep with or marry someone of the same sex just because close minded people told you you had to? NO! Because you day choose who you love. Why would homosexuals choose to be hated and shunned? And what gives you the right to judge anyone?!? You aren’t perfect, FAR from it actually.

          • miostreams

            Why do liberals always try to make up fake realities to make a point? You even said yourself, homosexuality is not “normal” – so why do you keep trying to force *everyone* to say that it is?
            Nobody is hating, shunning or judging, and to say that is just more liberal mantra.
            You simply DO NOT have the right to force me to say that homosexuality is normal. THAT is what this is about.

          • ObviouslyOpenMinded

            Who is forcing anything? Do we force you to grow up and have a more broad view of life? No we only ask for civil rights not that evil people shun us. Your daft response to a liberal mindset is shameful and childish. So there was an analogy and the only thing you could attack. Take a grasp of reality. Normality or not. You all have NO right to be so classless and God IS the only person to make these judgments. He gave us freewill and we do not attack your sins.

          • ObviouslyOpenMinded

            If you are not Gay you do not have the right to say what Gays want. I do not want EXTRA anything you pompous closed minded dolt. I want to follow my religion and make my vow to God to love and respect my wife! Just because you sin differently does not mean you can fight my sin separately! Shame on you all.

        • NitaNorbert

          Exactly Corey. I would say Starbucks is one place I will be supporting. Not those hateful moron’s commenting here.

          • Why is it always ‘hate’ if someone disagrees with you? In essence, you are saying God is hateful then because of his commandments and his instructions to us in the bible. It is really a loving act for someone to point out to you how wrong it is by way of scripture. If you don’t believe then fine, but then you need not bring God into your argument(s) by saying God just wants us all to love each other or if God wasn’t for gays, he wouldn’t have made them. There are thieves and murderers too, God made them–formed them in the womb. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate for us to assume sin got a hold of them and their minds became twisted and “justified” their behavior through lies? Same with gays. You simply cannot make wrong right–no matter how many laws are passed. God’s law is final.

          • NitaNorbert

            You’re nuts.

        • You cannot marry someone of the same sex. You may have some sort of ceremony calling it what you like, but marriage, among other things, is for procreation. You cannot do this with same sex. Morally wrong, not blessed by God; doesn’t happen no matter how much you think it does.

        • ObviouslyOpenMinded

          I do not believe it is equal you can marry someone you love and I cannot marry someone I love. How is your straight view point fair in any form? Because you have religious view and some gays do not. I have current news for you. Some gays ARE believers of the good Lord and are loved by God. Maybe realize marriage is a way Gays can say they do love each other and in a witnessed way to their Lord they are binding their relationship to follow their RELIGION to marry and create a family. To not be deceitful and act upon other sins as premarital sex and cheating. Gays deserve to marry just as you. Just because the not-fully-decoded-bible doesn’t put a title to Sinning STRAIGHTS. Does not mean you are any more in the right of way.

          • “They are binding their relationship to follow their RELIGION to marry and create a family.” I guess you said it best…….it is “their religion.” It is not what the God of the Bible says, so it must be something different.

          • FullblownJesusFreak!

            It is impossible for someone to be gay and a Christian. You might now God and the Bible but you are not saved. How can gays create a family anyway? Well you said it THEIR religion not Christianity.

        • Preston

          Straight people can’t marry the opposite sex either… Sounds equal to me

        • bapdco

          I don’t care if they choose to marry. Just don’t call it a traditional “marriage”. It’s not!

        • Jessie

          marriage is just a way to be recognised by the church as a legal union between 2 ppl (man and woman) since homosexuality is NOT approved of by the church,, what do these abominations want.. about time they just grew up and realised that they dont need a marriage to make a commitment,,, stop trying to change institutions that have been around for thousands of years and the ppl who follow them and their rules just because you want them to change for YOU!!!!,,, We shouldnt have to change for you!

        • Corey, Marriage is a religious sacrament not a right, yes everybody has the right to chose who their partner is, and everybody deserves the same legal protection under the law. However, this subject is an attack on peoples religious beliefs.

        • Dmember

          There’s nothing equal about sin and marriage.

        • Jeanette

          Of course, they can marry: a man and a woman can marry! That is the same rights that I have.

      • Melanie

        They do not have equal rights. How would you like it if your spouse passed away and you had no right to any of the things you shared together, because you legally had no rights. i myself do not choose to be gay ,but have many loved ones who I feel deserve the same rights that my husband and I do. Chick-fil-a bashed gay marriage and no one boycotted them.

        • miostreams

          Your argument is ill-informed silliness — I can leave my estate to anyone I choose when I die. That is regardless of whether I choose traditional marriage or perversion.

          • ObviouslyOpenMinded

            It is different in different locations. Do not call names when thy response is the same mindset.

        • Chick fil a suffered greatly at the hands of protestors and boycotting by gays. Where do you get your information?

      • NitaNorbert

        “They”? Boy are you hateful.

      • Donna apparently you are ignorant! Extra rights? WTF are you talking about! Get a clue! What extra rights are “WE” wanting? Marriage isn’t an “extra” right!

      • Exactly Donna!

      • rhubarbarian

        Oh Donna, when you say things like that it makes me want to marry you…oh wait, I can’t.

      • BS

      • Anonymous

        Gays in no way have equal rights. Gay partners do not partake in the same benefits provided by the government that straight married couples do in any way whatsoever. Educate yourself, Donna Miller.

    • I suggest you pick up a copy of Fall of the Roman Empire since you erroneously believe “time is on their side.”

    • those who believe in righteousness are still around..and many are YOUNG! TIme will tell who is right..and it wont be you!

    • They have equal rights. They want more rights. Get that through your thick skull. Oh, and HIV is a gay disease. Here’s your sign!

      • rhubarbarian

        Homosexual adults don’t have the right to marry who they love. That’s a right heterosexual adults have that they don’t. As for your HIV comment, that’s so last century.

    • L

      You’re a close-minded moron. If infact most Americans were actually “repulsed” by homosexuality, states wouldn’t be passing laws for gay marriage to be legal. Sorry for you sir, but you will soon be the minority with your bigoted ways of thinking. Probably best you start packing your bags and move somewhere that welcomes you (which will be hard to find considering most countries are also open minded and non judgemental).

      • beth

        Last I heard, 31 of 50 states affirm marriage between one man and one woman.

    • They are sickening perverts and it is apparent you are one of the Godless sodomites as well

      • rhubarbarian

        Hey Paul, coming from you, I’ve got to be doing something right. I’ll wear that badge with pride. Oh, and by the way, you shouldn’t spend so much time imagining what other people do in the bedroom and calling it perverted. Unless you and Mrs. Brown are young and beautiful and not middle age and overweight like most of us, I’m betting most folks would probably gag if they had to watch you two getting it on in all your heterosexual glory.

    • NitaNorbert

      What an ignorant, hateful person you are…Sad

    • NitaNorbert

      What a hateful and ignorant individual you are. Sad.

    • Equal rights? Maybe, but that, or something along that line, can be achieved without attacking or changing traditional, heterosexual, marriage. M/M or F/F commitment is no more traditional marriage than Thomas Beattie is a man. She can take hormones, shave, have parts removed and added, but she, is still a woman, and claiming that a 5,000 year tradition of M/F commitment is the same thing as M/M or M/F commitment is no less ridiculous.

      • rhubarbarian

        Traditional marriage also included dowrys which society doesn’t require anymore. Traditional marriage in the Mormon faith recognized multiple wives just a couple of generations ago. Traditional marriage used to mean girls regularly got married at age 15. Traditional marriage used to mean you didn’t get divorced and remarried every time your turned around (see Newt G., Donald T.) These were the traditions for hundreds if not thousands of years. Traditional marriage has been upended by society even before the LGBT issue is brought into the picture. If two adult, tax paying citizens want to make a commitment to each other with hearts and minds, regardless of body parts involved, they ought to have that right IMHO.

    • baldguysaregay

      I really think all bald guys are gay are you having trouble coming out of the closet?

    • Bob Fairlane

      Homosexuals are defectors and traitors of the worst types and should be expelled everywhere they crop up.

      • rhubarbarian

        As soon as you can figure out how to get heterosexuals to stop giving birth to homosexuals, please share.

    • Monte, you sound like a homophobe.

    • You can distort the numbers all you want, but numbers pulled out of butt are worthless, and anything from “meet the depressed” is just wothless. Your little group of perversion is estimated to be less than 5% of the population, 5% will never keep starsucks alive……. However 95% of the population gladly supports Chic-fil-A!!! Dispute those numbers….

    • enness

      Look, I am in favor of you having every authentic right to which you are entitled. I won’t try to stop you from having a job, a home, medical care, free speech, etc. etc. What you don’t have is a right to re-make reality in your own image. Marriage is not a right. It is an institution that springs forth logically and naturally from our biology.

      If I’m a bigot, I’m a pretty inconsistent one.

      And about that whole minority dying off thing? My traditional friends are the ones having six or seven kids each.

    • NoMore

      Great Corporate stand!! It looks to me that this site is very homophobic and is trying to spin the news to suit its point of view.

    • rhubarbarian

      I have all kinds of heterosexual married friends that don’t have children because they either didn’t want them or they couldn’t have them. I consider their marriages just as valid as mine but then I don’t define a marriage based on procreation but on love and commitment. Their childless marriages are less than optimal based on your definition. A gay couple can be just as committed to each other as a heterosexual couple.
      There were many Christians who supported America’s slave culture and found their justification in the scriptures.
      I consider myself a follower of Christ and for the life of me I can’t find those verses where Jesus talks about homosexuality.

    • wygit

      Is that why 70% of Americans under 40 are in favor of gay marriage?

      The only age group where it’s a minority is those over 65.

      Check Wikipedia for “Public opinion of same-sex marriage in the United States”, then scroll down to “Generational differences”.

      Then get very, very scared.

    • Momo

      I’m not oblivious to people who practice homosexuality. I have a lesbian friend who has a very attractive personality. I never though they were a distant people of unrelatable character. But, that does not have the power or authority to all of a sudden make the unnatural, natural. Let them get married of want. What do I care? Just don’t label me a bigot for not jumping on the new band wagon in town.

    • JoeJoeGun

      How would you know you’re repulsed? I guess by having tried it. Homosexuality, that is. Kinda like sayin, “This tastes like shit!!!”, and you’ve never even tasted shit.

    • Your percentages depend on the particular poll you choose to use. LOL

      I am neither repulsed by or supportive of homesexuality. I am more of a ‘live and let live’ person. Gay marriage is not living and let living. I believe that it is an infringement on a very important religious tradition. A marriage union between a gay couple will never be the same as the marriage union between a man and woman. Nature won’t allow it. A gay couple can never create a child with their union without outside help. I don’t say that to be mean. It is a simple fact. It is also why a gay couple will never be the same as a straight couple. Marriage will not make them the same. All it will do is take a very special thing away from heterosexual men and women. It won’t make gay couple ‘equal’. Nobody and nothing can make a person or people equal. People must act equal to be equal. Forcing gay marriage is not acting equal.

    • Anonymous

      Piss off sir. Don’t call human beings “queers”.

    • Anonymous

      By the way; nice grammar. “And when it right downt to it (insert comma here) most Americans are repulsed by homosexuality”. If you post something, at least try to do it right. haha

    • Ruth Lawler

      God defined marriage, the union of one man and one woman, in the book of Genesis. Today we shake our fist at God and redefine marriage based on emotional responses to supposed inequalities where none exist. Civil unions give same sex couples all the equality they need, and they will never fit the definition of marriage. They aren’t eligible, but in our present world of make believe, anything goes, whatever you want, you got it. I suspect someone will pass a law saying men have the right to have babies, for the sake of equality of course.

    • GODless

      actually you retard 58% of americans support “gay” marriage. do some fact checking then go die under the rock you crawled out of

      • Jessie

        and how many ppl voted.. considering voting is not compulsory there i can hardly think that the majority of the population would be actually giving the gays a passing thought, infact i would think that hte ‘give a f******g sh*t factor isnt there’ for the perverted SOB’s… so mebbe u can come up with some proof of your 58%

    • Jessie

      i agree Monte,,,, Ppl have to now days be ‘Politically Correct” in public,, but that doesnt mean that behind closed doors that accept or approve of homosexuality,,, more ppl are conservative than not and over 50 % of the ppl world wide believe in religion which does not advocate homosexuality.. When you consider that only around 2% of ppl world wide are actually homosexual, i would say that Starbucks has just shot themselves in the proverbial Foot!!! Good luck to them,, and to all u other fast food places,,, Stay out of the politics when it comes to these hot topics,, u might find more ppl may be offended by u supporting it than just staying quiet about it.

    • That’s an understatement. Most Americans are homophobic and undercover. An some as educated as they seem are very ill educated. The term “queer” is not used properly here nor there.

      I agree that it was a corporate mistake. Business and pleasure should not be mixed together. And this could affect his profits. But let’s speak on a professional level when giving a statement. Your non factual opinion of “Most Americans” can flush your decision and stand straight down the toilet.

    • Dmember

      Homosexual ‘marriage’ is not “equal” to marriage.
      Marriage is real.
      Homosexual ‘marriage’ is the counterfeit.

  • Elaine M

    amazing how tolerant they are to those who believe the bible and live their lives based off the teachings in it. “we will not tolerate intolerance!” can we say oxymoron?

  • concession

    I think that we can take our business elsewhere, There are an abundance of coffee businesses who make a lot better product than Starbucks, I will give them my business and hope that everyone who supports traditional marriage will do the same. It is time for these businesses to understand that decisions have consequences.

  • Stealth

    Personally…I always DIS-LIKED Starbucks anyway!

  • So I can’t support traditional marriage and gay marriage at the same time? Now that seems ignorant.

    • Better_learn_Chinese

      No. Marriage by definition is between a man and a woman. What’s next? A man and a dog? A brother and sister? Please.

      • Let us not forget the man boy love association. But it is all relative, right? I do believe that there is an organization that supports bestiality. I will never step into a Starbucks again and I like the product and had some reservations about their politics but now, will never buy the product, including Seattle’s Best

    • Actually,if you believe in God,you can’t.God said if you’re lukewarm he’ll vomit you out of his mouth.Which means you can’t take both sides.God does not “tolerate” that.

      • One cannot serve two masters.

      • yes, it is sin that God does not tolerate! there is no bending the rules!

      • wygit

        Um, you know we don’t have a theocracy in this country, don’t you?

        They have one in Iran. Maybe you’d like that better. They don’t tolerate homosexuals their either.

    • mel

      you can suppose whatever you wish. that’s the beauty of being an american.

      • mel


    • You cannot please everyone all of the time. You sound like you want to just be in agreement with everyone all the time. You CAN support both, but reality is, marriage is between ONLY man & woman. You can try all you want to call men/men, women/women unions marriages, but in the final analysis—which belongs to God, it is only between man and woman. I guess it all depends on whether you believe in God and his word, without taking away or adding anything to it.

      • wygit

        Another Sharia law supporter, I see. The Pilgrims came to this country to escape state-run religion, but you seem to want to put the priests back in charge.

        Traditional marriage and gay marriage have been getting along just fine in Massachusetts for 9 years now.

  • wrongheifer

    Bu-Bye Star_ucks…Way to insult half the population!

    • wholenote92

      pretty sure its more than half that population

    • It will be interesting to see how the CEO of Starbucks views this by next year.

  • Danny

    The CEO never told you to go away. He told a shareholder who was worried about sales figures that if he thought he could do better than a 38% return, he could sell his shares and invest in another company. This is the quote: “If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38% you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much.” This isn’t exactly religious persecution.

    • Better_learn_Chinese

      Talk about spinning this….no thankyouverymuch.

    • You have no idea,what was actually said, unless you were in the room with the Bigot.He can take his overpriced swill and you can go drink it with him.And who are you to decide what religious persecution is ?

      • wygit

        It’s on video. Just Google “starbucks ceo marriage video” and you’ll see a hundred links to it.
        It’s really not rocket surgery, you know.
        I realize it’s more comfortable to just listen to whatever lies your little tea party website tells you, but you really can check the facts for yourself.

  • I do Support Traditional Marriage and since you don’t want us, than you must be, well lets just say you are an undesirable in which case, I’m glad you put it out there.

    • wygit

      Read the post above yours for the actual quote, which is nothing like this site is saying it is.

      And I’m for traditional marriage too. Also for gay marriage. The two aren’t incompatible, you know. They’ve been getting along quite well for 9 years in Massachusetts.

  • No more Starbucks for me… Although I have no problem with gays or their union I have a problem with any company telling me what my beliefs should be. I do not support gay marriage but I do support gay rights such as the union and freedom just like the rest of us. But the marriage is for man and a woman just like God has created us. As an every day customer I will no longer be visiting this despicable company!

    • wygit

      The CEO never told you what your beliefs should be. He told a shareholder who was worried about sales figures that if he thought he could do better than a 38% return, he could sell his shares and invest in another company. This is the quote:

      “If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38% you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much.” This isn’t exactly religious persecution.

  • So glad I don’t waste 5 bucks on a cup of coffee I can make for 40 cents with a keurig, like millions of liberal bigots do

  • Better_learn_Chinese

    Hey, we go to Starbucks atleast once a week, no problem dropping my support there too.

  • Fuck them! I”ll never go to their establishment!

  • Are u for real? If u r, then send me my money back that is on my Starbucks card! I don’t need to deal with people like u in that case!!

  • TruthToBeTold

    The Redcoats in Washington will bail them out with our money if they start to go bankrupt. It’s called SOCIALISM.
    That’s why it’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL to use Public monies to bail out Private businesses.

    • amen

    • wygit

      They had a 38% return on their stocks last year. I don’t think they’re worried about getting bailed out.

  • My wife who spends a lot of money at starbucks every week will no longer be drinking their coffee

  • The Princess

    Bye bye Starbucks. Never did like your coffee.

  • Who cares about their overpriced water anyway ?? This company is openly anti-American,anti-Military and now they’re anti-marriage ? I haven’t bought their coffee ,since I found out how they treated our military and hearing this,makes me glad they haven’t gotten one dime of my money and they won’t ever again.

  • Um…exactly what statement was he trying to make. I have no problem with whatever other peeps choose for a relationship. However, I am married to a man and have been for 21 years. I’m thinking that makes me a traditional marriage supporter. So he doesn’t want my business. Hmmm… Good.

    • wygit

      He didn’t say that, you know. This site and a few others are lying their butts of about it.

      Someone at a stockholders meeting said profits were lower than he liked because of an anti-gay-marriage boycott, and the CEO replied:

      “If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38 percent you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares of Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much,”

      He also said some things about respecting diversity, not the bottom line, which I found amazing. A CEO, not putting the bottom line above all else?

  • So ’embracing diversity of all kind’ means insulting traditional marriage? Talk about extremism…I guess I’m just not that concerned with what others do with their lives…it’s their choice. But I can be concerned where I spend my money and Starbuck’s has pretty much lost my business. Not because it has an opinion but because it’s intolerant of anyone else’s. Being pro-gay marriage and anti-traditional isn’t any different than being anti-gay marriage and pro-traditional. Prejudice goes both ways but is still wrong no matter which direction it goes.

  • Valdez

    I will never walk through a Starbucks door again, ever.

  • I support traditional marriage. I also think boycotts are stupid because they only hurt the people that work for the company. I opposed the boycott of JC Penny and Chik-Fil-A. This one I will support since the CEO declared he does not want my business, I guess I’ll have to get my hot chocolate somewhere else! I’m sorry for the baristas,

    • fantasywriter

      Hey, if business declines and some baristas lose their jobs it is on Schultz. He’s the one that stated that he didn’t want the business.

    • old_ogre

      Boycotts are a good thing! If Starbucks goes out new business will pop up and take its place. If we would do this enough the libs would get the message!

    • wygit

      OK, what if he DIDN’T say that? Because he didn’t, you know. This site and a few others are lying their butts of about it.

      Someone at a stockholders meeting said profits were lower than he liked because of an anti-gay-marriage boycott, and the CEO replied:
      “If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38 percent you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares of Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much,”

  • Ten__Bears

    BFD, never went there never will. Just another leftest company – what else is new?

  • i stopped patronizing Starbucks long time ago because they support gay marriage. if they dont want our business we can and will go else where. oh and heres a tip….put cinnamon, pumpkin spice etc, in your coffee grounds before brewing and you get a tastier cup of coffe than with artificially flavored syrups. make you own lattes at home and a box of biscotti is cheaper at the grocery store. who needs starbucks. if all they want is to cater to the queer agenda then to hell with all them.

  • Well…..I will, staring Monday, cease taking my coffee at SB….I will start caring my own home brew! A better coffee, cheaper, and less of an annoyance not having to wait on lines…THANKS SB!…..lja/JMJ

  • Never really went there anyway due to the fact it was $7.00 for something that I could go to WalMart, buy an expresso machine and make the same thing for free at home. Now with the government taking more money outta my hard earned paycheck, I know I’m not going to be visiting Starbucks.

  • old_ogre

    What are all these idiot companies going to do once the MAJORITY of Americans finally get fed up and drive the queers back in the closet? Its one thing to teach tolerance, its a totally different thing to force your point of view and many of us are sick of it.

  • Sandram

    Hmmm caught the TEA PARTY in a post similar to this about two weeks ago. Looked the info up for myself ( it wasn’t the starbucks) and LO and behold, the party I thought was finally a trustworthy party was ” not being truthful”. I commented on it, and am now blocked from commenting. So,,, I don’t care if they do put up a site. that doesn’t make it true. and I highly doubt this one. They had the article I commented on partially right, and would be willing to bet this isn’t what they are making it.

  • old_ogre

    Never been to a Starbucks or any other stupid place like it. Here is a “novel” idea… Get a damn THERMOS!!

  • For the cost of 2 cups of their coffee, you can buy a full pound of an expensive coffee and brew your own. No need to support a CEO who doesn’t want your business due to his own bigotry.

  • deltutt

    Monte YOU are so right good luck STARBUCKS

  • Goodbye Starbucks…your coffee isn’t THAT good!

    • atl2ptown

      this story is a lie

  • Mr. Schulz is showing what’s wrong with this country. Most of the major religions do not condone homosexuality and say it is a sin. I’m not a coffee drinker anyway; I detest the crap. However, my son loves coffee and enjoys the bottled Frappucino drinks, but when I told him about this, he said he’ll never drink it again. Is Mr. Schulz a faggot himself, perhaps?

    • wygit

      Really big on that Sharia law, are you?

      The mullahs are TOTALLY against homosexuality.

      And your son is going to change what he drinks because of something someone made up that you read here?

      I have no idea or interest in Mr. Schulz’s sexual orientation, but if he can run a company that gives an annual return of 38%, in spite of an anti-gay-marriage boycott, (which is what the actual quote was about.) then he’s certainly not an idiot, which is more than I can say about … never mind.

  • old_ogre

    Sorry, too funny!!!… Valdez? as in Juan Valdez? From the coffee commercials 😉

  • Okay, Herr Schultz, the gauntlet was thrown. No more Star Sucks for this kinder. You have really cut your throat over this.

  • drip

    dumb mistake. I am so going to share this over and over

    • atl2ptown

      then you’re going to lie over and over

  • J.W. Mayfield

    Don’t worry Starbucks: you won’t be getting ANY of my family’s business nor any of my friends either!!!

  • weatherman66

    Starbucks started down on Skid Road; the waterfront in Seattle where men were men… and now men are women as well… I suppose Starbuck’s justifies their actions because they think they’re so big… The Ferries land and debark from there, that they have their own Navy.

    • wygit

      I KNOW!
      Respecting their employees!

      Putting their rights ahead of the bottom line! How unAmerican!

  • I never drink their diarrhea in a cup anyway.

  • WOW

    So, we have to put up with his pro-gay stance if we want his goods, but anybody who thinks differently can go to hell? There’s tolerance for you. Who the heck died and made him God? He can keep his coffee.

  • Txtraveler

    If Starbucks doesn’t want my business, I can oblige…Dunkin Donuts it is!

  • Not a problem for me to ignore starbucks! I have a better coffee! Boresha BSkinny coffee! find me on facebook!

  • Oh hey, No problem! I will spread this all around…. Starbucks does not want your business if you support traditonal marriage…No problem!

  • I just had my last cup of Starbucks today.

  • StopObama2012

    Goodbye Starbucks, it wasn’t even that great while it lasted. What a foolish CEO you have to ruin corporate image with such unthinking PR issuing such an ignorant arrogant and intolerant statement. Who needs your coffee? What, you think American don’t have alternatives to avoid your bigotry, not to mention your bitter overroasted coffee? Panera Bread stock is going to soar. .

  • Sad to see

    Wow, people are really missing the point here. The statement only states how they support equality and civil rights. It’s sad to see how many people cannot diversify themselves and understand that using a term such as “traditional marriage” is prejudice towards the gay community. The civil right of marriage should be granted to ANYONE who loves each other. Who really has the right to call anything what is normal or not?

    • God does.

      • wygit

        And maybe someday we’ll have a theocracy and that will matter.
        Until then, let’s just leave letting the priests run things to places like Iran, shall we?

  • theresa

    they are being butt i will never go back to one again,i thought they were better then that but i guess not.i hope they go out of business are get a lot of people kick they ass in court that will be nice to see.

    • wygit

      I’m really surprised you’re allowed out in public without supervision.
      Or maybe you’re not. I guess they finally got web access wherever it is they’re treating you.

  • Well, looks like I’ll be going to Chic Filet or Dunkin Donuts. Oh well.

  • SMFH okay Starbucks will not ask you if your gay lol

  • Curt

    Stupid is as stupid does, just shot themselves in the foot, I will do my very best to never buy another cup of their coffee, Dunkin has got my business…Chick-Fil-A will do as well

  • Sadie

    No more coffee at this place then!

  • pissed_off_liberal

    All of you people should be ashamed of yourselves. How are LGBTQA people hurting you by wanting to marry one another? They’re not. But you are oppressing them. Did any of you read the original story and not this bullshit propaganda? The CEO said that he, and the company, supports gay rights and if anyone else has a problem with it then they can sell their shares and quit their bitching. He never said he hates traditional marriage. By the way, HE’S MARRIED TO A WOMAN.

    • that means they DON’T support ot value diversity, they only support and vlaue what THEY believe…if they supported diverisyt then they would support my right to valur traditional marriage…starbucks can choke on it…


    You people are quite pathetic passing your hatred and judgement. Its amazing that YOU and your government think you have the RIGHT to tell me who i can and can not married. While most of you cheat and lie to your spouses. 60% of marriages end in divorce but me and my partner are going to ruin marriage for the rest of you right? Pathetic. You people truly are a joke. And the people that have open loving minds are all laughing at how ridiculous you are.

  • mel

    So it’s ok for chik-fil-a but not for starbucks? Why? Because it goes against your beliefs? And why do people believe everything they read on the internet? Seriously where did this guy actually say he doesn’t want the business of traditional marriage supporters? That’s asinine and I don’t believe it for one second.

  • paxman

    Following the same very successful JC Penny business model, I see.

  • mmm starbucks sounds amazing right now, I support anything that makes people happy. Do you see the divorce rate of traditional marriages? Maybe the lines will be shorter now with all you people gone 🙂

  • This post is SPIN. It’s a LIE. Howard Schultz didn’t say that. This is a conservative interpretation of what was actually said. I’m right-wing just like all of you, but I HATE it when people lie about what was actually said and interpret the words just to get people inflamed to support an agenda. I favor traditional marriage, but Joe Miller doesn’t have to LIE to get his point across. It’s lazy and dishonest, and quite frankly it’s beneath us.

  • Memdi

    How about you just sell me a cup of coffee, regardless of what I support? Starbucks is a place to buy coffee, not a place to spout your intolerance. Everyone has preferences, get over it.

  • bySergio

    Bye bye Starbucks 🙁 After every decision comes consequences…

  • They’ll all be put in camps anyway when the Muslims take over. With Obama in office it won’t be too long now.

    • wygit

      Please go back on your meds. It’s been too long.

  • So, you do not want to hear about MY beliefs and morals and values BUT I am supposed to agree and accept and even change what I believe because YOU say so? No Starbucks for me!

  • Mary josh

    Am I now intolerant because of my union to my husband as a woman? It is not I who is intolerant. Unless this article is skewed in the writing, it would seem the CEO is the intolerant one. Frankly, there are a great many of us who are sick of a double standard. I respect all people until I am given a good reason not to, reason given!

    • wygit

      Read eight or nine comments above or below this one and you’ll see that isn’t what he said.
      The site didn’t skew the story, they outright lied about it.

  • jake

    Hahaha I don’t think he’ll be CEO for long. Telling your customers, the vast majority of which are straight, that you don’t want your business isn’t going to make your share holders very happy. By the way, Starbucks uses a Satanic symbol for their logo. I wouldn’t buy their shit if my life depended on it.

    • wygit

      You might have a point if he actually said anything like that.

      He didn’t.

      And a mermaid is now a satanic symbol? Really? Or are you talking about the pentagram, like the one that appears 50 times on our flag?

      • Jake

        The article clearly says he doesn’t want the business of people who believe in traditional marriage. Im going to go out on a limb and say thats A LOT of people, but just one is bad business practice. And when u turn the logo upside down, there is clearly a goat head with an inverted 5-pointed star in its goatee. Thats one of the most recognizable satanic symbols in the world. Plus its where the company got its name. STARBUCKS, a male goat is a BUCK.

  • I’ve never bought into the overrated products these clowns push on suckers! Now there is absolutely no need for me to go there, NONE..I hope all the queers keep buying their coffee so that we won’t have another bailout.

  • John Dykstra

    I read the quotes more completely in local paper & this post doesn’t accurately representing Schultz’s comments. I’d like to think we’re better than those that tried to boycot Chick-fil-a.

  • Elena0411

    I buy $40.00 Starbuck gift cards for each of my children’s teachers for Christmas and end-of-school. I also purchase coffee, frappes, desserts and their paninis at least 5 times a week for me and my children. No more. I can get coffee anywhere now that fast food places are serving better quality coffee.

    • wygit

      Wow.. Joe Miller must be so proud that he can write a bunch of lies about something and affect you so strongly.
      Half the comments here are pointing out that the Starbucks CEO didn’t say anything resembling what this site is saying.

      • wygit

        Joe Miller published the lies. Look at the top of the page.
        You were saying that you’re going to change your coffee buying choices because of those lies.
        That’s all.

        • Elena0411

          It was implied: “If you don’t want to recognize sodomites as equal to normal men and women, take your business elsewhere.” I did and so are many others on this comment board. Again, why choose me?

  • Lmao you guys are hopeless. Marriage is a union between two people who LOVE each other, regardless of sex.

    I can’t wait for your generation to die, so us progressive youths can give the LGBT community the rights they deserve.

    Please. Just die already.


    • How discriminatory of you… a union between TWO people… how dare you violate the rights those wanting a plural marriage. And, how judgmental of you… why must it be people who LOVE each other. Why can’t people who tolerate one another get married in your world?

      At least you are broad minded enough to allow underage children to be wed thanks to your PEOPLE

  • F that. If you REALLY want to get under his skin – BUY MORE STOCK. Then, when you make money off his business, make sure to let him know he’s making traditional marriage supporters wealthier.

  • Donna Miller

    This would be the perfect time for Chick-Fil-A to start selling coffee (iced coffee, frappes, etc)

  • jason

    (From a purely Christian standpoint, speaking to followers of Christ) Romans 12 has a good lot to say about how we should engage those who do not share our views. 1 Cor 5:9-13 says that we should not judge the world. we leave that to God. we, on the other hand, have been commissioned (Matt 28:16-20) to impact and disciple. How can we be influencers of change if we remove ourselves from where change is needed most?

    • Discerning right from wrong is not judging. A Christian would not want to put their money into the world to promote sinful living. However, if you feel you can effect so much change in Starbucks, they probably would not kick you out for going in, having a seat and talking to them or their customers for a short period of time.

  • Patti Wadsworth

    Well, Ok Mr. CEO of Starbucks….If your Company doesn’t want MY business, I can deal with that. STARBUCKS isn’t the only people out there who sell Coffee! Kiss my last $$ GOODBYE!

  • Elena0411

    What we ought to do is have conservatives buy MORE stock and get voting control, then oust the CEO

  • Wasillabilly

    Thanks for the fact check, Tauna. Now check out the fact that this article wasn’t written by Joe Miller…

    • wygit

      Correct. Just “published by” Joe Miller.

  • Elena0411

    Should siblings or parents and children be able to marry if they wish?

  • It realy does NOT matter what this company says is okay or what the commentators say either..what MATTERS is what GOD says! it is a sinful lifestyle PERIOD! what people believe does NOT change things! THis company will pay the price eventually. And wouldnt you say that shultz IS THE INTOLERANT one??? HE does not believe in allowing people the RIGHT to believe what they want ! HE is forcing HIS beliefs on others! Funny…when Chick-fil-a or Hobby Lobby took it stand all hell broke out…but if a LEFTEST SInner takes a stand against morality and right..its OKAY??? Double standards I would call it! But One thing I do know is fact: GOD IS NOT MOCKED!! HE WILL REPAY!

  • Dale Wadsworth

    CEO Schultz…..Your coffee is not the Best out there anyway! This was absolutely the last straw….your unpatriotic views of our Servicemen & refusal to sent them your product……AND NOW THIS????? Wife & I both have GOLD CARDS which will now collect dust in our wallets… won’t get any more of our Hard Earned Cash. Kiss My Grits!

  • June

    At the end of time good shall be called evil and evil shall be called good. Just leave it up to God and the company will go belly up they also wouldn’t support our troops that are protecting their [email protected]#$ [email protected] they can be free to carry out [email protected]#$%^ lifestyle and serve their OVERPRICED SLOP!!! Sorry I used God and this attitude in the same statement but it makes me firing mad that people are soooooooooo dumb!! they want to follow satan!!

  • Melissa

    Although I do not support gay marriage, you have misconstrued what was said in the exchange. While Schultz is clearly pro gay marriage, his comment to the gentleman was that if he could get a 38% return on his investment elsewhere he could invest elsewhere. That was in response to the claim that Starbucks lost money from the boycott and that it hurt stocks. SHAME ON YOU for twisting it up. This does not help the conservative side, which I am a part of!

    • Malcolm Van Atta

      Well Said! I thought the same thing!

  • Just signed on to my Starbucks account and asked for a refund of my balance on the card. I am in a traditional marriage and feel like I was just slapped in the face. So I will take my business elsewhere but will miss the baristas and people that I got to know so well. Sorry gang but if this is the way your bigoted boss feels about heterosexuas, then we are done. I think it will be Hills Brothers from this point forward.

  • SLS

    I don’t frequent their business now, but they have just given me more reason to buy from their competition and encourage everyone else to do that as well.

  • Rita Mounce

    Why don’t these rich creeps keep their politic out of their businesses. Do they actually think it helps them? In the long run it only hurts. The world is changing. People are getting out of hand. More hating. More killing, More abortions, More everything and anything that is immoral. We are becoming a evil and wicked world.

  • Stanzhausmom

    You know, politically, we are encouraged to be open minded. As a Christian, we are taught to love the sinner, not the sin. But it seems that Starbucks CEO is more narrow minded than most of AMerica. Support a Traditional marriage and Starbucks doesn’t want your business. Do you think the gay community alone is large enough to keep your business alive? Hmmm.

    • It is international expansion he is thinking about- Asia, Asia, ASIA.

  • Lalulila

    It is ok….I never go to Starbucks!

  • Jessica

    Hypocrites. I hate that gays expect respect but they don’t even respect the people that don’t support them. Stupid.

  • He didn’t say “should”. His quote is:

    “If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38 percent you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares of Starbucks and buy shares in another company, ” Schultz said.

    He is pointing out that if someone isn’t happy with his position, they have the freedom to go elsewhere. I don’t support homosexual marriage but I’m also tired of each side skewing things to make people upset.

  • Do you really think a big company like this would make remarks like that.And most of the owners are married.How stupid.

  • Sam H.

    Howard Schultz does not want those who believe in traditional marriage to patronize his stores. So, where’s the tolerance and diversity?!? He’s just a fascist like most of the rest of the far left-wing liberals!

  • Trey

    How odd is it that there is a Big Ole’ Starbucks advertisment at the right of this report on Restoring Liberty! I defend 1 man + 1 woman – marriage…
    just sayin…

  • Downyocean

    Buy Starbucks stock. If and when it goes up, sell, and donate the profits to a traditional charity of your choice. Or spend it all a Chick-Fil-A. Or short it and do the same thing. Then send a little email to Howie and give him the good news.

  • Tired of media lies

    I am a total supporter of traditional marriage, but I read for myself the forbes article and you have totaly taken his comments out of context. The CEO of Starbucks said he could sell his shares if he thought he could get a better return in 1 year than 38%, not if he supported traditional marriage. Nice spin to get attention, to bad it’s not the truth. This is exactly what makes media a joke.

  • Dice341

    The Government needs to get out of the Religious act of Marriage. Separate from church and state. Government should only do Civil Unions. Leave Marriages to individual Churches and/or any other type of belief you have.

  • I for one don’t go to their stores anyway, never seen what the big deal is. the only time I have drank their coffee is when someone gave me some. There are many brands I like better, so no big deal for me, except that now I will definitely never step one foot into a Starbuck’s.

  • The propaganda is working; Liberals will sacrifice themselves to their Marxist masters.

  • I quit Starbucks over a year ago. I will go anyplace else.

  • I’m just baffled as to why so many public companies are coming out in support of gay marriage for no reason. It can only serve to alienate the majority of the customer base. They think they’re being humanitarian, I guess, but it makes no business sense whatsoever.

  • Dustin Gruwell

    “If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38 percent you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares of Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much”

    Typically when you quote what is said. You put the whole quote in the article and not just a piece of it to spin it to your side. All he said is if you think you can do better than a 38% return then you can go somewhere else.

  • Fred Albertson

    FWM, I just today decided I no longer want his coffee. I spent an abnormal amount of coffee time at starbucks in Tracy, CA. Bubye Starbucks. U are remodelling the unit (I thought) for customers like me . . . . well, you can forget me. There are far too many other places to get a cup of coffee!!!!! You do not need my business – so I do not need yours!

  • Daisybutters1

    You are underhandedly misconstruing what he said. You have just lost any credibility you might have had with me. Good bye.

  • Bah777

    Guys if you have not read the entire article from Forbes, please do. This is a complete misrepresentation of the exact quote from Shultz. I am a Starbucks employee, but am also a supporter of traditional marriage. Don’t be a lemming, go read the article from Forbes and notice the context. I am very disappointed in Joe Miller and I feel this adds fuel to critics of Tea Party supporters.

  • Jemima7

    Wow, that’s a bit harsh, intolerant and judgmental on
    Starbucks part. I’m shocked but not surprised. The beauty of radical statements like this is it draws attention away from the real problem, the economy and the sucky job bad-bo is doing. He is an immature amateur and lucky for him the American people don’t give a crap.

  • Butterfly

    Ill support gay marriages when one of the partners becomes pregnant by the other partner and doesn’t use a sperm donor, artificial insemination and or surrogate mothers.

  • I think too many of us have been silent too long and God is not pleased.That’s why I think our country is in such a bad state.God has taken our protection away,because many have turned their backs on him.And I’m not going to be silent any longer.I want to go to Heaven.

  • Local is better anyway

    That’s perfectly fine. Starbucks has always been expensive coffee, not GOOD coffee. And I can get my Chai latte at a LOCAL coffee house and NOT support a corporate chain.

  • Dustin Gruwell

    you go Jessica!

  • Gooooodbye stabucks!

  • SettingAside

    So sad Starbucks is against religious freedom and spouts bigotry against those who believe in traditional marriage. This hate speech against others by Starbucks must stop. We’re all permitted to have our own views. Too bad Starbucks didn’t learn that in school or elsewhere. Having said that, goodbye Starbucks. We cannot patronize a place which is against religious freedom.

    • wygit

      Much less a single response to the whole “How on earth does gay marriage have the slightest effect on the ‘traditional marriage’ you’re so concerned about?” question.

  • Bluebadger

    Looks like I am getting my coffee somewhere else… Give my money to a company that believes in Bibical. Traditiional Values.

  • Hey has anyone been asked in a Starbucks establishment if they support traditional marriage?

  • Hey Starbucks, you can foot the bill for Obama care too ok?

  • Personally, I run on Dunkin’.

  • I don’t like Starbucks coffee but I do like their gun friendly environment. I don’t care one way or another about gay marriage.

  • I don’t have stock, but buy the product. I will refrain from buying the product until I can check this out!

  • LiveandLetDie

    If God made us all, then didn’t he also make homosexuals? If Christians are supposed to be loving, caring, forgiving, and accepting to all then why so much hate? If marriage is so sacred why are divorces allowed? Explain to me how allowing homosexuals to marry affects your life? There are clergymen who are homosexual so does that mean they are going to hell anyway? Get real people I know a whole lot of so called Christians who do things a whole lot worse than being homosexual.

  • Marriedtomylove

    Congratulations Starbucks, I will no longer use any of your products.

  • So If I Dont Like Sleeping With Men, I Cant Enjoy A Cup Of Starbucks? Well Folgers Here I Come. “If You Dont Like $9 Cups Of Coffee Please Join Me In The Coffee Isle At Wal-Mart!!!!!!!!!!!

  • just saying

    Then my business can go else where.

  • Andrew

    A majority of Americans do support equal marriage rights…. you all will be looked at the same as we view people who supported Jim Crow Laws for “Biblical” reasons.

  • I am in my 20’s and it makes me sad to see the moral decline of our country. Why does 3% of the population get so much publicity? It makes me sick. Why can’t we have prayer in school or the 10 commandments placed in our state buildings? Liberals are the most bigoted people there are.

    • andrew

      separation of church and state ring a bell?

    • wygit

      Why don’t you move to Iran or some other country where religious law is the law of the land? Of course, the Bible still wouldn’t be the book behind the religious law, but you can’t have everything.

      Are you completely ignorant of the fact that many of our early settlers came here to ESCAPE state mandated religion?

  • ruth1098

    The headline and framing of this story is plain wrong and misleading. I stand against gay marriage, and I say that this does NOT represent what really happened and what was really said by Starbucks’ CEO. Such manipulative, irresponsible, inflammatory reporting does great harm to our efforts to legitimize the traditional marriage side of the debate. It makes it appear as if we have to resort to cheap, deceptive tactics to get people on our side and that our case is built on irrational fear and anger. You would do a great service to all of us by retracting this headline and setting the story straight.

    • Are you citing this article only or could you be talking about the main stream media as a whole?

  • How is that reproduction thing working out for you homo’s?

  • Jeffsensei

    Wow! I thought the article was mostly about Starbucks. Interestingly, while everyone is getting spun-up, the only quotation marks in the article are around the words “embrace diversity of all kinds” and “You can sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares in another company.” The PUBLISHER is the one putting the truly inflammatory remarks out there for public consumption and attempting to imply that they are all attributable to the Starbucks CEO. Another clear case of the media hyping an otherwise mediocre story.

  • NoCoffee4Me

    I had a Starbucks Coffee… ONCE!!! That was enough for me… They had just opened a new location and were giving away FREE samples trying to win my business… I tasted several of the flavors they offered, looked up at their prices, and decided there’s absolutely NO WAY ANY of their flavors are worth even 1/2 of what they charge for just one cup of their stuff. I won’t call it “coffee” because it didn’t taste like a DRINKABLE coffee. Then again, I drink so much coffee anyway that you could literally count how many cups of it I drink each year on ONE HAND and you’d have fingers left over on that hand.

  • Go Starbucks!!!! Imma go buy a carmel frap right now!!!

  • Amanda

    Hmmm. A bit hypocritical to claim to want to “embrace diversity of all kinds” and then turn around and not embrace those who may disagree with you.

  • RN

    Now I know why I don’t like that overpriced coffee!! Wont’ be supporting Starbucks anyhow!

  • W. B.

    Not a problem for me, I have never liked Star Bucks. I know my God will not change his mind about marriage and neither will I.

  • Liberty activist

    I don’t know why you guys refer to Leviticus when it clearly says you can’t plant two crops in the same row, wear mixed fibers. you must stone disobedience children to death. I also like exodus 21:7 so I can sell my daughter as a sex slave just because god says I could. As a libertarian, your social conservatism is KILLING the republican party. what business is it of yours if two consensual adults marry each other? NONE. We are not a theocracy or a christian nation, never is, never was. The constitution prevents that. Get the government out of marriage before you lose another race. idiots.

  • Shari Wile

    the title doesn’t exactly match up with the content in the article.

  • Miller is okay- the real fight is between the extremely rich elites paying tinseltown to promote the Gay lifestyle, and those opposed. Of course, most people cannot fathom any equivalence, and truthfuly, even Gays were smart enough to be closeted, and mostly are because 1) most people extremely dislike public exposure of homosexuals, and 2) because they themselves feel it is wrong, but compelled to continue for social or psychological reasons.

  • Farfel

    I will not support INTOLERANCE of ANY SORT. No more $tarbucks for ME!

  • Kristi

    Thanks for the article, not only did this save me $5 for a cup of coffee but it will take me to Chick-Fil-A in the morning for coffee. No begging for tips there either!

  • ObviouslyOpenMinded

    Additional thought. I do not drink Starbucks because it is GROSS. Not because of any view points of the CEO. Good grief you are all so daft. Did you people know the CEO of Proctor & Gamble products is an anti-christian? Do you know how many of his products fill your home? Small minded fools the lot of you.

  • diversity of ALL kinds, huh? what about polygamy or incest or marrying my brother? That’s diverse….doesn’t make it right!

    • wygit

      Why not?

  • Dale Guyton

    I am not going to argue the Bible. He said if you believe in traditional marriage he did not want business so I will oblige him.

    • He did not say that. This website is misquoting him.

      • Vincent

        He clearly said that he didn’t want investors who decline to support the gay agenda. Starbucks is going to take another hit, and it will be well-deserved. Anti-Christian bigotry should not be tolerated any more than any other kind of bigotry.

        • You obviously have not read the exchange. He’s in support of equality. I’m a Christian, just not a sanctimonious one. It seems like most Christians are quick to judge everyone but themselves.

  • Carolyn

    Way to go Howard Schultz! I knew I liked Starbucks for some reason <3

  • Allen Clark

    Ok…but when did he say he didn’t want anyone who supports traditional marriage to buy Starbucks Coffee???

  • Your purported CIVIL right to marry does not exist. Marriage is not a right… it is a part of contract law.

    • open minded

      why use government force to stop it?

      • wygit

        Gee, they made all the same arguments 50 years ago about interracial marriage. They quoted the Bible a lot in that fight too.

  • Jonathan

    Starbucks CEO did not say that the way this publisher is saying it ,this publisher is twisting it around .i have no idea why ,what can you gain from wreaking more businesses here don’t you think the country is differing enough ? Mr hero??? At least publish the truth !!!

  • pls

    We are one sick society….with all the BIG issues that need resolved in this nation…it seems that this issue gets the most attention…if Adam and Eve were gay we would not be here to debate this issue…And all those who believe we should ignore God’s warnings and not take God’s word as truth …but twist it around to fit our own thoughts and lustful desires…the time is coming quickly when your arguments will not save you….we are one wicked generation that will destroy ourselves…..Was it Kruschev who said that we will destroy ourselves…

    • wygit

      You know what. Nobody’s trying to make you do ANYTHING.

      But you sure seem to want the government to make everyone follow your religious beliefs.

      That’s called a theocracy. They have that in Iran.

      How on earth does two guys or two gals getting hitched, or anything Starbucks does, effect you in any way?

  • anon

    That’s fine. We don’t want to drink from those overpriced, bug-infested hives they call “Drinks” anyway.

  • nemnem

    See ya Starbucks………No big loss for me, I can make my own mocha fraps but I am sure you will be on the loosing end. What happened to tolerance on both sides of the issue? Oh we have to tolerate your views but our views are intolerable. Biggest bunch of BS and bigotry they throw on conservatives. Tired of being told Conservative ideals are bad. I will not go quietly anymore. Treat others as you want to be treated but the left and gays just wont follow the Golden Rule. Their rule is Treat us an SUPER special and keep your ideals to your self. Well, no way!

  • It used to be that the gay people just wanted us to “leave them alone” to do what they wanted in the privacy of their bedroom, now they are shoving it in our face and down our throats and that of our children and telling us who stand for Biblical morals that we are the ones who are intolerant and hateful. Give em an inch and they want a mile. Just because more and more people (even in the church – shame on them) are more accepting of gay marriage does not make it anymore right in the eyes of God. Jesus said to strive to enter in thru the “narrow” gate for broad is the way that leads to destruction and many there are who go that way. I would rather be in the “hated minority” than to compromise my faith and beliefs. Homosexuality is just like any other sin, it is to be repented of and turned away from, not celebrated.

  • What most of the younger Americans do not understand is that the progressives are using the gay rights BS to destroy the traditional family and religious organizations. They have filled the schools and the news media with socialists. The current anti gun push is another, People, you are giving away your freedom and to stupid to see it. The atheists are in league with them as well and doing everything in their power to destroy any kind of human values. Anyway, Starbucks is crap coffee so you are not missing anything by not buying it.

    • wygit

      Please tell me one marriage related right the “progressives” want to take away from you. Just one.
      Or one way in which anything they’re proposing is going to “destroy traditional marriage”.

      Please, I truly want to know.

  • Dave W

    The Starbucks CEO has been after gay dollars for a long time. Gays are a very wealthy demographic because, let’s face it, they are not spending on their children like real families do. Groups like Starbucks, that flaunt their erroneous worldviews, come and go, but God and the Church will always prevail as has been proven by 2000 years of mostly getting it right. I wish more people would bravely stand up, and stop supporting people like Obama, and others like this Starbucks CEO, that seek to bow down to the homosexual mafia out there that seeks destruction of families, one sodomite at a time.

  • Scott G

    This from a guy who does not support our troops…what a shame…too bad he is so un-American.

  • Ramblin’ Girl

    What about equal tolerance for those who don’t agree with his stand? My choice should be my choice. I shouldn’t be condemned for my choices, either. I am not shoving my beliefs down anyone’s throat. I would like the same courtesy.

  • Bill M.

    Bravo Starbucks! No CEO should allow discriminatory behavior in the workplace or support it on society either.

  • glenn

    that’s simple u want get it !!

  • Starbucks just lost my business permanently…

  • Betty

    This man is discriminating against people who have a differant belief than him. Why are we not allowed to have our own religious beliefs. America was founded on having your own religious beliefs. Who in the world is this man to say how anyone should believe. How important is Starbucks that we should want to buy their coffee and change our oppinion. O

  • The Starbucks CEO was MISQUOTED! Does Joe Miller not have fact checkers on staff? Am I the only person bothered by this?
    All you people getting all riled up over a lie. Rights are rights and gays should be afforded the same rights as anyone else. Or maybe we should go back to slavery and women not being allowed to vote?
    Anyone here divorced? God hates that. Anyone ever cheat? God hates that too. Anyone ever looked at a woman with lust? I bet you already realize that’s not good either.
    So many sanctimonious people on here. Is it any wonder that Christian churches are dwindling? Yeah, I’m a Christian, so save your pompous comments for Jesus, I’m sure he’ll care more about what comes out of your mouth than what’s in your heart.

  • Kris

    I guess I’ll be going to Starbucks a little more often. Kudo’s to you Howard for being a decent human being.

  • Rusty

    I never liked Starbucks any way,but it’s his company and he can refuse service to anyone he wants too. I still don’t believe in same sex marriage. I believe the Bible

  • Want to participate in population control? Become homosexual. GOD said to be fruitful and multiply and of course, this cannot happen with Homo’s, so those sicko’s adopot innocent children and corrupt them by telling them “willful sin” (being a queer) is ok. Those demonic spirits thrive in these aids infested homo community.

  • Guest

    When Ole Gab blows the trumpet on judgement day and the roll is called, then you will reap what you have sown. Sow well my friend..

  • rudyach

    Dunkin Donuts has better coffee anyway. So what are they going to do ask every patron, “do you support traditional marriage” and if you say yes, they will not serve you, what an idiot

  • chuck

    i will never drink starbucks again,they ought to fire that ceo or who ever he is,i’m sick of hearing all this stuff all the time,learn to keep your personal sexual preferance to yourself ,then this would be a better place for me to live ,i don’t care about you and closets already~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • sweca

    look at all these angry Christians and close-minded people, lmao

  • heidi

    Hypocritical intolerance at its best, Starbucks.

  • ann

    and they call Christians intolerant!!! I’ll stick to Chick-fil-a!

  • I never liked their nasty, bitter tasting coffee anyway. Thanks for giving me another reason to NEVER buy Starbucks products or frequent their establishments. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • All this religious talk is irrelevant. YOUR God doesn’t get to make the laws in OUR country. We are NOT a Theocracy.

  • leroy

    Interesting that this page is full of Starbucks coupon ads….

  • i will campaign not to buy their products too

  • enness

    Seems fair. I used to be a gold card holder and spend a lot of money there. Not anymore…although I’m still happy to have a venti for my birthday as long as they’re paying for it, not me.

  • Good…I won’t support you anyway! You are too overpriced and NOW perverted! You shall bear the brunt of that decision, sir! God said HOMOSEXUALS are ….well read it in Romans 1:26-7 and Leviticus 18:22! rather than supporting what is wrong why not tell the truth and help this people get back to the truth, ADAM and EVE, and NO other will do!! Don’t look for me to buy your coffe and I will let others know what you said and convince them to boycott that crap!!

    • wygit

      God hates shrimp. Leviticus 11:9-12
      So, how many sheep did you get when you sold your daughter into slavery?
      If my neighbor insists on working on the sabbath, how many of my neighbors do I need to gather to kill him?

  • Ryan K.

    A lot of pearls being thrown before swine here.

  • bigd

    homosexuality is morally wrong ,and maybe a lot of people accept it as normal,but I don’t,our Society as a whole has no morals anymore and I think that will be the downfall of our great nation,we are forgetting the under God part.
    marriage should be between one Man and One Woman.

  • truthistruth

    Why not make a sign and put it in all the store windows? Then we will see who wants to buy shares in a failing business. Let’s put away “junior high” management techniques.

  • Well all right then! This won’t hurt anyone but Starbucks !

  • Laqueesha Bombeesha McGee

    Still trying to figure out what gay people ever did to any of you. Can’t figure it out. I mean I guess if someone had done something inappropriate with your cat, that’d at least make a little sense, but it doesn’t sound like anyone’s had that particular experience. Don’t especially see anything wrong with gay people getting married and having families and such.

  • InGodsEyes

    No problem. I’ll take my $5 a cup on down the street to Dunkin.

  • Fujikoma

    Buffet Christians – those christians who only pick the rules of the bible that justify their bigotry, ignoring all of the other rules that they don’t agree with. It’s amazing that they all know that male homosexuality is an abomination (lesbians aren’t mentioned, so buffet christians should be fine with lesbian marriage), but forget that eating shrimp is an abomination also.

    • Too stupid to even waste time or space on.

      • Fujikoma

        Not as stupid as believing in made up god(s). Just because you feel that it’s stupid doesn’t make it any less TRUE. I doubt you follow all the other rules equally. It’s time to step out of the dark ages and quit shoving made up beliefs down everyone’s throat (through disciminatory laws). Allowing gays to marry does not violate your right to your religion, but restricting marriage does violate their rights to being treated as equals. The same applies to religious people opening business’ to the public. They are bound to follow the Constitution and serve everyone equally (not talking about serving minors or other exceptions like this). This is no different than requiring that bigots don’t discriminate because of skin colour. Your individual religious beliefs don’t trump someone else’s rights to be treated equally.

  • Being against homosexual marriage doesn’t make you a bigot or anything else. And if someone called me a bigot to my face It would be the last time. Sick and tired of people bowing to perverts.

  • MY POST WAS DELETED BECAUSE I POINTED OUT THAT THE STARBUCKS CEO WAS MISQUOTED. Wow, communists running the Joe Miller page. Propaganda at it’s finest.

    • Retired Plays

      You’re not the only one.

  • Unfortunately, they don’t mind loosing a lot of business. Oh we’ll…their loss.

  • It’s a shame Joe couldn’t tell you the truth about the story. These were his words…”“If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38 percent you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares of Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much,” he said, to loud applause from the audience.”

  • Rob Pritzlaff

    Could you please verify that this was actually said by the CEO? Video, audio, transcript, I don’t want to see on Stropes that this was a hoax or out of context. perhaps the CEO will back-tread on his statement if it was true. Thanks

    • wygit

      It wasn’t. Google “starbucks ceo marriage video” and you’ll see a hundred links to a video showing a stockholder saying earnings were “were a bit disappointing” because of an anti-gay-marriage boycott last year, and the CEO replying, “If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38 percent you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares of Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much,”

      The reporter here is lying.

  • Bob Roberts

    Can’t shareholders sue for that?

  • Kathy

    I do not drink coffee. Don’t like to go in there because I do not like the smell. BUT I do at Christmas time to get gift certificates for my daughter-in-laws. AFTER reading this, forget it. NOT one more penny from me.

  • I’m going to miss that wifi connection but there are lots of good coffee stops around anymore!

  • Kathy

    Guess they did not learn anything from JC Penney. MANY store closings . Just wait and you will see how many Starbucks will start closing. Oh well.

  • Assuming this is true, this guy is an idiot OR he is so filthy rich he doesn’t care. Either way, he has too much money if he can come right out and say stuff like this in public. That’s fine. People who think he should keep his mouth shut (either way) should not support his business.

    • wygit

      Um. He didn’t. The reporter lied.

      Google “starbucks ceo marriage video” and you’ll see a hundred links to a video showing a stockholder saying earnings were “were a bit disappointing” because of an anti-gay-marriage boycott last year, and the CEO replying, “If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38 percent you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares of Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much,”

  • wygit

    You copy and paste very well. Now are you suggesting our government follow that? Really?
    You know what they call it when a government rules by religious law?
    A theocracy. They have that in Iran too.

  • traditional values

    If he is sending such a clear message against those who believe in traditional marriage, what must his wife think of this. It’s obvious from his own life that he believes in traditional marriage. It’s worked for thousands of years.

  • lucidlynx

    READ AGAIN YOU IDIOTS: “anyone who supports traditional marriage over gay marriage…” it is not that he is against traditional marriage, it’s that he is against those who oppose gay marriage. try learning how to read between the lines. I am not American. I am Asian. And yet, I can read English better than any of you. Supporting gay marriage does not mean opposing traditional marriage between man and woman.

    • wygit

      And that’s allowed. Isn’t that wonderful? You can care for anything you want, as long as you don’t infringe on the rights of others.

  • thats ok i never liked there coffee anyhow i rather buy a cup of coffee at chick fil a and give chick fil a my buesness

  • I will be sure to go to Starbucks more often!

  • Schultz said that it’s a free country, and you can sell your shares if you don’t agree with Starbucks’ values. Please tell me how that was wrong…

  • Sid

    Not tolerating intolerance doesn’t make us intolerant ourselves. It makes us humans who support fellow citizens’ rights.

    Besides, the fact that you didn’t buy your wife, or get bought from your father, for 3 sheep and 5 goats means you don’t support “traditional marriage.”

  • chimmichanga

    well thats gay

  • sir clinksalot

    I find it funny that when people were boycotting Chick Fil A for the opposiite of this you all thought we were crazy. Now the shoe is on the other foot. Hope it feels good bigots.

  • The Frontiersman

    Who needs Stargazer’s mud anyway? The world survived before this brand of coffee came around, and will survive its demise. Eight O’clock coffee (and many other brands for that matter) are good enough for me. As Phil Robertson might say, “Who needs that yuppie coffee anyway?”

  • wygit

    And Sally Ride would have really liked for her wife to get her NASA spousal death benefit, but she can’t because of the Sharia laws our country has passed.

    And the bakeries and florists in Massachusetts, where gay marriage has been legal for the past 9 years, are doing just fine, thank you very much.
    Yes, businesses in many states are prohibited from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation, along with race and gender, but it has nothing to do with marriage. If a photographer was saying he wouldn’t photograph a Bar Mitzvah because a parent, or even the kid was gay, that’s against the law.

  • Abby

    He was actually speaking to a single shareholder. A shareholder who received a 38% return on his investment. There are more details/facts than “reported” here and a video of the exchange with Mr. Strobhar. I wonder if he (Strobhar) sold his stock this year? He apparently raised a stink last year too but he kept it and gained a bigger profit. I appreciate different points of view but I value truth over partial truth.

  • so basically you want to embrace every diversity but christians, chick fil a never said they wouldnt allow same sex couples to eat there work there or have shares in the company. Shame on starbucks I will go take my buisness somewhere else and save some money while i do it.

    • wygit

      What? Huh?

      Um, he didn’t say that, or anything like that.

      Google “starbucks ceo marriage video” and you’ll see a hundred links to a video showing a stockholder saying earnings were “were a bit disappointing” because of an anti-gay-marriage boycott last year, and the CEO replying, “If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38 percent you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares of Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much,”

      Nothing about customers, nothing about not wanting your business, that was it.

  • NoMore

    ‘If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38 percent you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares of Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much,’ he told him.

    Tell me this article that we are commenting on wasn’t spun to a certain view?

  • Wow, CEO Howard Schultz, you have just done yourself in. Do you know how many Christian groups were gathering at their local Starbucks? My husband kept saying your were going to support non traditional, immoral homosexual movements who would love to see the Sacred act of marriage dissolved. Well, looks like he is right and that is the last straw for us. Good thing I didn’t reload my gold card.

  • I will assume Joyce Meyer won’t endorse Starbucks Coffee on her televised show anymore. What a conflict of interest that would be.

  • Grande skinny chai

    I think traditional values Starbucks drinkers should buy stock, attend the stockholder’s meetings and over oust the CEO. Perhaps it’s time he stepped aside from heading a refreshment store since his priorities lie elsewhere.

  • I’m sorry you feel that way! You won’t get my business, or thousands of others. Cut your own throat! Too darn pricy anyway.

  • Lame

    Misquoted once again far right. Why not say what he really said and not do your fox spin on every damn thing?

  • Lost But Found

    I didn’t say the gay lifestyle is wrong, God said it is wrong. So if a CEO or just one of us common people support that lifestyle, take it up with God. And, trust this to be the truth, he listens and he cares about YOU.

    • wygit

      And if you want to live in a country run by religious law, you really need to move to Iran, where they’re into that.

  • Looks like I’ll be buying shares in Chick Fil-A instead. Thanks Howard Schmuck for saving me $50 a week on drinks.

  • liliana

    Pues no solamente yo si no muchos no volveremos a tomar ningun producto de ustedes no nos intereza participar de compañias q solo apoyan la inmoralidad y contradicen la palabraY los principios de Dios.

  • to put it into context, remember that Starbuck’s was founded in the Pioneer square area in Seattle. Which is kind of like the Castro area in S.F. or Midtown in Atlanta. He is just acknowledging the customer base that got the ball rolling. No pun intended.

  • wygit

    So who said anything at all related to whatever it is you’re babbling about here?

    Someone at a stockholders meeting said profits were lower than he liked because of an anti-gay-marriage boycott, and the CEO replied:

    “If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38 percent you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares of Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much,”

  • nancy proeger

    Think I’ll spend up my gift card and then give SB up! AMAZING!

  • We have every right to disagree with starbutt’s bias against traditional marriage. If he believies in same gender marriage, so that’s his right. But when we believe in traditional marriage we are bigots! Now how smart does that sound! It’s like he is saying, na na na na na naaaaaaaa! He
    can’t force his bias on everyone. He would go crazy! Maybe he is crazy!

    • wygit

      Who is against traditional marriage? Not me. Not Shultz. He was married to his first wife for 50 years, and after she died, married again in 1997.

      Traditional marriages in Massachusetts, where gay marriage has been legal for the past 9 years, are doing just fine.

      I don’t know why the “anti-gay-marriage” people keep calling their platform “Traditional Marriage”, as if it’s in danger somehow.

      Believe me, nobody’s against it.

  • leadstate

    I don’t support Starbucks. Starbucks wholeheartedly supports Obama, a president who is hell bent on destroying companies like Starbucks. This is another nail in the coffin.

    • wygit

      That’s why the stock market is the highest it’s ever been?
      Corporate America LOVES Obama.
      Corporate profits are up 171% since President Obama took office and are at their highest levels, relative to the size of economic growth, since 1947.

      • The market is higher than it has ever been because your president’s puppet Ben Bernanke is printing $85 billion dollars per month to give the illusion of a growing economy when they are actually making every dollar worth less.

  • cyu

    I’m going to support starbucks even more now. 🙂

  • Mr. Strohbar (who represents the lobby group Corporate Morality Action Center) wants to take away Mr. Shultz’s Liberty to run his company however he sees fit. But isn’t that what Liberty is about? It isn’t against the law to support Gay Marriage and Mr. Strohbar wants to take away the CEO’s Liberty to do what he wants with his company. And doesn’t the Starbucks CEO HAVE that right?

  • digusted

    Well now I’m going to do just that! CC;’s coffee for me! Its one thing to have your beliefs but to tell YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS they can take their business elsewhere because they don’t think the same as you do makes YOU THE BIGOT!

    • wygit

      Um, he didn’t say that, or anything like that.

      Google “starbucks ceo marriage video” and you’ll see a hundred links to a video showing a stockholder saying earnings were “were a bit disappointing” because of an anti-gay-marriage boycott last year, and the CEO replying, “If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38 percent you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares of Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much,”

      Nothing about customers, nothing about not wanting your business, that was it.

  • Austin

    Kind of ironic.. The CEO wants diversity but doesn’t want anything to do with people who think differently than he does.

  • Edward_Teach

    He don’t have to worry about seeing me or my money.

  • Banner

    I am concerned that the above quote is misleading. From what I read on another site, it seems to me the above statement is misleading. Please provide the complete statement in context so we can better judge the meaning of what was said. Thank you.

  • He has a strange market strategy, heterosexual = 97% of the population, homosexuals = 3%. I don’t know why his board doesn’t
    fire him? Or are we under the tyranny of the minority? He wants to
    discriminate, no more Starbucks for me.

  • I made a point to support Starbucks when they refused to ban firearms in their stores. I guess they couldn’t handle the extra business they were getting, so they decided to alienate half the world.

  • candlebug2

    I will buy my coffee else where.I support Traditional marriage.

  • Bbotkin

    Marriage between man and woman for thousands of years! Now you want to impose your misguided morals on the family and society. Do what you want but leave me and my family alone….

    • ThomasMTroxell

      Pretty sure he isn’t messing with your family and neither are homosexual people, they just want their right to do as they please. Don’t want a gay marriage then don’t marry the same sex. Marriage was also only between people of the same skin color for ‘thousands’ of years and people used the same argument. Guess what? Times change.

  • Dr. Rob

    Swedes are very pro-homo, bro.

  • Lmw70

    Well, I guess Starbucks will not be on my list of coffees anymore. Good bye

  • Dr. Rob

    This whole site is a right-winged, right-biased, publication so it’s obviously being skewed right people. They feed you these things on a silver platter so you eat it up like french fries. Guess I can say that while I agree with the CEO I also believe that these sorts of things should stay as personal beliefs because businesses trying to get involved in matters like this just is for show and annoys the hell out everyone in the end. Bunch o’ Santorum all over this page – go have butt-sex with Chick-fil-a, Starbucks. Nobody cares

  • Hanus

    Personally, I’ve never thought Starbucks coffee to be very good, I’ve always preferred the regular coffee I brew at home both in taste and in price. Now I have one more reason to drive past the Starbucks. Yuppy stuff anyway.

  • I buy a lot of starbucks coffee,…but now will never buy it again

  • LP

    Please. I would like to see an official statement from Starbucks on this matter. Did the CEO say this as an official Starbucks statement or as a personal comment. Makes a diffference folks.

    • ThomasMTroxell

      “Not every decision is an economic decision. Despite the fact that you recite statistics that are narrow in time, we did provide a 38% shareholder return over the last year. I don’t know how many things you invest in, but I would suspect not many things, companies, products, investments have returned 38% over the last 12 months. Having said that, it is not an economic decision to me. The lens in which we are making that decision is through the lens of our people. We employ over 200,000 people in this company, and we want to embrace diversity. Of all kinds.”

      At that point the audience interrupted in cheers and applause. Then Schultz concluded, “If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38% you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much.”

      • ThomasMTroxell

        You realize that over 50% of Americans now support same-sex marriage and over 80% of 18-30 year olds now support it as well. Many, many people realize that Starbucks is a liberal company. Not a very good argument.

  • okay Starbucks, you’ve taken a stance, and now I will too (with my purchasing dollar) I’ll never spend another dime with you. Instead, I will use my purchasing power to support a business that supports traditional mariage

  • I just.. hate all this hate over our view in traditional/gay marriage/relationships. We do realize it’s almost saying “I HATE broccoli. If you love broccoli then I don’t want your business.” Why are we making such a huge deal over this? We can’t we simply love one another past our views? This CEO says he embraces diversity but if he wants everyone to conform to his views, it’s just plain hypocritical. I’m a Christian, and I love gay people. Sure I don’t agree with their lifestyle choice, but I still love them. Because people are people and people deserve to be loved. We can’t we all swallow our pride and learn to treat people with respect ever human is entitled with.

    • It’s one thing to say you hate broccoli It’s another thing entirely to say you oppose the right of anyone to eat broccoli.

  • Buy Seattles Best

  • wygit

    On the “voicing opinions against homosexuality”. I call BS. That hasn’t happened in the 9 states that recognize same sex marriage. Canada doesn’t have a 1st Amendment. We do.

    Yes, businesses in many states are prohibited from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation, along with race and gender, but it has nothing to do with marriage. If a photographer was saying he wouldn’t photograph a Bar Mitzvah because a parent, or even the kid, was gay, that’s against the law.

  • Sell coffee, not immoral issues, what a dumb CEO…

  • That’s okay, I don’t need a cup of coffee that costs more than my dinner, anyway.

  • Caitlin

    You can’t chastise someone for having an opinion. He preaches tolerance of gays but is grossly intolerant of those with a different opinion. I love their coffee, but if he doesn’t want my business, he doesn’t have to have it.

  • Benjamin

    I don’t usually pipe in on these things but I can’t help it this time. I am against gay marriage and a conservative, but this article frustrates me. This guy definitely manipulated what the CEO said. He never said anything like he doesn’t want conservatives drinking his coffee. He was being up front with one of his shareholders and telling him that he wasn’t going to change his stance because of conservatives boycotting starbucks. This has definitely been over exaggerated. Plus, the same people who got upset with liberals boycotting Chick-fil-a, saying they were being intolerant, are the ones saying to boycott Starbucks now. It’s really embarrassing. BTW…gay marriage isn’t whats destroying Biblical marriage right now in the church, its divorce. Jesus said it was adultery, but very few are calling Christians out on it. It’s just as much a sin and far more rampant.

    • Elena0411

      “…He never said…he doesn’t want conservatives drinking his coffee…”
      It was implied, as he told the shareholder to take his money elsewhere if he doesn’t like the low return. So, those who disagree with him need to take their business elsewhere. Cathy (Chick Fil A’s CEO) made it a point to say that he welcomed ANYONE to his restaurants despite their opinions. And every American has the right to boycott, however the CFA boycott backfired on the boycotters because most Americans don’t want to sanction sodomy, so they went out and SUPPORTED CFA.

      • Elena0411

        I’ve seen the video and know exactly what he said. Again, it is IMPLIED. You assume I am an Evangelical Christian; I am not. But I know that if you are inclined to do so, you may pray for someone while not supporting him with your dollars. I will stick to the latter. Marriage was established for the protection of children and the women who bear them, not to garner approval for deviant sex acts

  • Van

    I don’t buy Starbucks coffee anyway. I can make my own and better than theirs for a lot cheaper.

  • Guest

    Never liked their overpriced coffee anyway.

  • Ryden

    This is taken out of context. Here is the actual statement of Mr Schultz:

    “Not every decision is an economic decision. Despite the fact that you recite statistics that are narrow in time, we did provide a 38% shareholder return over the last year. I don’t know how many things you invest in, but I would suspect not many things, companies, products, investments have returned 38% over the last 12 months. Having said that, it is not an economic decision to me. The lens in which we are making that decision is through the lens of our people. We employ over 200,000 people in this company, and we want to embrace diversity. Of all kinds.

    If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38% you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much.”

  • grevyturty

    “Traditional marriage”? As found in the bible? lol Probably the most common form of marriage in the bible, it is where a
    man has more than one wife. For example, Jacob had 2 wives and fathered
    13 children. This is rarely spoken about when the subject of marriage
    and the bible is debated! Genesis 4:19

    Esau (3 wives), Gideon (many), Solomon (700) Goofy religiotards.

  • Lisa

    I think we are getting side tracked from the real issue. It’s one thing to voice your personal opinion yet show tolerance (please look up the meaning of tolerance) and it’s quite another thing to tell people “should sell his shares and invest in some other company”. This is not promoting diversity and tolerance. Regardless of my opinion, I’m not happy doing business with a company that isn’t tolerant of everyone!

  • CalmDownandMindYourOwnBusiness

    Shit! I’m going to go to Starbucks more! And I will buy Starbucks for any republican that is normal and acts slightly humane.

  • nwoso

    I don’t even really care that much for Starbucks Coffee.

    But seriously, have any of you who are frothing at the mouth over this issue actually read what was said?

    This article is completely inflammatory and dishonest. It grossly misrepresents what was said – the Starbucks CEO never said anything remotely like what this sham of an “article” states.

    Please read the transcript of the conversation and come to an informed conclusion rather than being sucked into the kind of profound dishonesty being presented here under the guise of “journalism”.

  • Dylan

    I’m all for living your life how you want it, but I do believe in traditional marriage..(In the Catholic Church, since I’m Catholic) but that doesn’t make me intolerant. It’s not like I (or most people I know who think that way) run around condemning everyone who isn’t like or doesn’t think like me. I think it’s very distasteful to discriminate against people for having a certain belief, and it IS discrimination. I understand that intolerance isn’t the way to go, but intolerance of intolerance that isn’t always even intolerance is plain stupid. At least the CEO of Chickfila made it clear that it was his personal view was against gay marriage, but there is no discrimination regarding employment or consumers for that franchise. I don’t understand why franchises like this even address this topic. I love your coffee, but I’m also pretty headstrong. You told me to take beliefs and business elsewhere, so I guess this is goodbye. 🙁

  • Jacinda

    Before I came to any conclusion about what was said, I would actually like to see the original transcript of what was said. I feel like I’m not getting the whole story here.

    • Elena0411

      OVER-exaggerate is redundant. Exaggerate suffices.

  • Ben

    Diversity is a one way street to them. We’re for diversity but if you support traditional marriage you should sell your shares of Starbucks.

  • poop

    God is a woman.

  • Elena0411

    Why don’t you establish a church, hold services and perform gay marriages (recognized only by your “religion”). No one will stop you. However, marriage (recognized by the state) affords couples some benefits in order to encourage childbearing. Homosexuals have no skin in this game They want validation of their sex acts, which is not why marriage exists.

    • Elena0411

      And I expressed mine. People who engage in all sorts of deviant sexual behavior want to be validated and respected. Nothing new there. And as far as the “LGBT community” goes: the L’s and the G’s can’t stand each other and both want to disassociate from the freaks they believe the T’s to be and none of them believe the B’s exist. Individuals and societies are free to shun WHOEVER practices behavior they find distasteful. Or do you want to take that right away from me?

      • Timmy J

        Once again why do you focus on the sex part of it? How do you know so much about the community? Are you a part of it? I’m a gay male and I have friends that are gay, straight, lesbian, trans, and purple. I’m pretty sure “shunning” people isn’t a right, nor is voting on their civil liberties.

        • Elena0411

          The sex part is what it’s all about. As you are well aware, homosexual unions are notoriously short-lived or “open.” Clearly, I am not a lesbian. I read. Many of us “hausfraus” can.
          I don’t know what pretty shunning is. However, I can and do shun people I don’t care for. But by all means, let me know when the government forces me to invite you to my dinner parties.

          • Timmy J

            I’m sorry that you are so narrow minded that all you see is the “sex” part. Hopefully you do not have any close friends that are homosexual or any of your kids are homosexual either. It’s people like you that “shun” that cause children to commit suicide out of fear from your shunning. When did you become such an expert on homosexual unions? Do you have documentation or cites for your claim?

          • Elena0411

            No my children are NOT homosexual, Thank God (quit clutching your pearls , Timmy. ALL parents worry about the possibility, even before the kids are born).

            Children should not be having sex with anyone, and if they are, I doubt they’d care how I felt about them, much less commit suicide (drama queen).

          • Elena0411

            “When liberals get mugged, they become conservatives, when conservatives find out their child is gay, they become liberals.” Your mother is simply playing the hand she was dealt. I understand. We love our little snowflakes more than life itself and want to thrash anyone who dares hurt their tender feelings. But if you are old enough to go cruising, you need to understand that not everyone will give you a standing ovation for having sex with another man.

            And rest assured that I would know if my un-athletic, boy crazy girls were lesbians. My gaydar is pretty sharp. I knew YOU were gay from your first comment.

          • Timmy J

            Sure…I’m done feeding your ignorance. I do pray that none of your kids are gay because I’ve seen how hard it is to have a parent such as yourself and I am completely grateful to have such an awesome family that loves me regardless. You know nothing of me or my family and I nothing of yours. Trust me, being around people like you and growing up in the south I already know what these circles of ignorance get me. It’s always the same baseless arguments that go no where, but I do also hold a shred of hope some where in the back of mind that maybe something I said could make someone feel or think some thing other than their closed mined, tunneled ignorance. Once again, I truly do pity you and I wish nothing but the best for you.

          • Elena0411

            Aww, thank you.

          • mike1jeremie

            Point: Being gay is no different than being a sky diver. It is an identification based on what you do. It has nothing to do with what you really are. Just because you allow yourself to get excited with the wrong form of stimulus does not make you anything other than either perverted or weak minded. A human takes control of their urges and conforms them to the truth. Only animals act out urges without reason. To claim to “be gay” is to accept a lie that allows you to ignore your biology.

      • read4hsm

        That is definitely not my intent, nor do I want it. Your statement actually strengthens my argument, that nobody has the right to force their beliefs on anyone else. I don’t agree with your beliefs, but I’m not going to ask the U.S. government to establish laws that force you not to practice or share your beliefs, just as I don’t want them to force the LGBT community not to practice theirs. Not familiar with the LGBT politics, so I can’t respond to your comment on that.

        • Elena0411

          Marriage is established to protect children and the women who bear them. That is not a “belief” that is fact. It has been devalued by no-fault divorce, yet family formation (biological) is its only reason for existing.

          If you are not familiar with the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, mutated, space alien, etc. community, why do you claim to know what they want?

          • Timmy J

            Definition of MARRIAGE
            a (1) : the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law (2) : the state of being united to a person of the same sex in a relationship like that of a traditional marriage b : the mutual relation of married persons : wedlockc : the institution whereby individuals are joined in a marriage

          • Elena0411

            Reason for the existence of marriage: women can bear children.

          • Timmy J

            I’m sorry you are stuck in the 50’s and only value yourself as a “baby machine”. You really are worth more than that. You can bare children in and out of wedlock and you can choose to not have children at all. Our lives are really short lived compared to the human existence. I really do feel sorry for you and your ignorance really is blatant as I read more of your posts. I started off a little mad but now I truly do feel sorry for you Elena.

          • Elena0411

            Timmy, babies were conceived in the ’50s the same way they are now. You still need a male and a female.

            I don’t see myself as a “baby machine’ as I’ve only produced two. And, between feedings, diaper changes and carpools I’ve actually managed to pick up a few skills along the way, such as knowing how to spell “bear” (not bare, dear. I know, autocorrect, right?). And you can relax. There is no need to pity me. I have a lovely home and family and do not need to go “clubbing” for a little company. I am indeed blessed.

          • Timmy J

            haha, good for you Elena. I’m so glad that you know the difference between bare and bear. I honestly do pity you, I pity your closed mind and I pity any homosexual people that cross your path. I also have a lovely home and family. I’ve been with the same man for 5 years now in a monogamous relationship. I also don’t go “clubbing for a little company”. I am indeed blessed because I have a wonderful family that loves me and I know that soon your opinion wont matter and that you will be just a blemish in the wrong side of the history books. Your kind is a dying breed. I also take solace in the fact that future generations wont have to face the bigotry that so many have faced in the name of Christianity.

          • read4hsm

            What they want is what any human being wants: the right and freedom to express their love for someone however they choose to, be it through marriage or otherwise, without others shunning them or labeling them negatively because of their decisions. I don’t have to be familiar with their community, your community, or anyone’s community to understand that, because we’re all human beings and deserve equal rights. Please read my comments again if you’re still confused about my very basic argument, because I don’t like repeating myself. I definitely appreciate your rebuttals though, as they’re certainly challenging me to really present my views as clearly as possible. 🙂

    • Elena0411

      I’ve been married over two decades “hunny.” And have children. Yes, homosexuals can indeed have children, with members of the opposite sex (no matter how distasteful they find it). No need to bring in third or fourth parties and label them a parent. The government cannot afford to test every couple for infertility, but if it were feasible, they would not need the protection offered by marriage. Religion has nothing to do with it. And I think my mind is open enough to reason and not emote.

      • Timmy J

        Well, if that were the case, Elena, then i’m sure that you are aware that there are 1,138 benefits, rights and protections provided on the basis of marital status in Federal law.

        • Elena0411

          Totally unnecessary for homosexual couples.

          • Timmy J

            Well thankfully you aren’t in the government making the laws or decisions and thankfully your opinion doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

          • Elena0411

            I am voter and many people (apparently asleep now, but very active earlier) feel the way I do.

          • Timmy J

            Well if that is the case, then thankfully my rights can not be voted on! Soon you will see that when our supreme court strikes down prop 8. I’m sure all the African Americans are thankful for that too. You people probably would still have slavery and separate but equal around as well….

          • Elena0411

            Being black or white or asian is normal. Homosexuality is not. If it were, you’d be able to produce fertile offspring.

          • mike1jeremie

            Sorry Timmy but you CANNOT reproduce based on your given choices. You can ONLY reproduce when you follow the truth of your biology. SS is not nor will it ever be normal. Without the ability to consummate a marriage no matter what laws are on the books ssc will never truly be married. Just because you have mental issues and have not worked them out does not mean everyone else should act like you don’t have a problem. You need help and as long as you in denial and are encouraged to stay in denial you will not get the help you need.

  • Well he doesn’t support “diversity of all kinds” what about me, I believe in traditional marriage, that is a kind of diversity just like the opposing view. I have been a loyal Starbuck’s patron, but no more. They do not want my business.

  • Timmy J

    It’s not a “personal choice”…

  • Timmy J

    This is so well said, sad that people can’t understand this.

  • Timmy J

    Read4hsm, I changed it lol thanks 🙂


    wow … great stuff I am reading. Great debate everyone. Lets keep it clean if we can … I know a lot of emotion goes into these debates. But there is some really good talk here. Thank you everyone…

  • joeschmoe

    The CEO is obviously an idiot. Who gives a crap if you support one over the other based on any belief? Who are you? You aren’t making a stand for anyone when you say things like this. But hey, who needs people when you have money, right? All you did was make a bunch of people hate you, and lost business with your small brain, that you obviously wish was bigger, with a statement like that. I promise you Mr. CEO, you could have made a better statement by ignoring close minded people and supporting gay marriage without your cold tongue. Ever heard the saying “kill it with kindness?” Get creative not mean not angry. Smile when you get the point across, a smile goes a long ways. Plus its the nice people who are remembered not that one asshole that offended many 🙂

  • Christians are to be “in the world, but not of it.” As long as we live in the world, we will have to do business with SOMEONE who has intolerant/incorrect views. And it is going to get much, much worse. I know it is painful, and I know that sin is upsetting. But if we start boycotting CEO’s because of their sin, we will soon find ourselves without gas, groceries, or any way to feed our families.

  • Elena0411

    Despite the government schools’ brainwashing, there are still more of us than them. Johnny may not be able to read (or add, subtract or divide), but he is learning how to suppress his natural aversion to homosexuality.

    • Numbers make you stronger, eh? I see this argument a lot from people who seem to wear it as a badge of honor or sign of righteousness. History doesn’t support that view, however. No empire lasts forever. Time will tell, I guess, won’t it? I’m sure we’ll all be long dead by then, but maybe future generations won’t have to be victims of this type of bigotry & Skydaddy nonsense.

  • Mike from Shreveport

    The headline and contents of this article is a bald-faced lie. Read what was actdually said, and you’ll clearly see this for the smear job that it is.


    Why does the author have to misrepresent, He never said ““You can sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares in another company” if he did not agree with the company’s pro-gay marriage stand.” he said that if they weren’t happy with 38% profit, they could sell there stock and try there luck elsewhere. Nice spin buy the author.. (JUST LOVE LIARS FOR JESUS).

    • I’d say ‘Amen’ if not for the fact that I don’t make it a habit of believing in Skydaddy nonsense. So instead, I’ll say, “Well written” and “thank you.”

  • The Eyeopener

    So you call Schultz “intolerant” because he wants ALL people to be allowed to marry, but supporting only a heterosexual’s right to marry is somehow tolerant? That is circular, hypocritical logic and it’s finest, people, and you’re better than this. Be opposed to gay marriage all you want, just use real media and research to back up your opinion, instead of the hackneyed “facts” that come out of this totally one-sided biased drivel of a site.

  • rp

    I would have stopped buying their products, but their liberal ideology turned me against them and Ben & Jerry’s long ago. I don’t buy or support either.

  • whatever

    Aww, how cute, it’s the exact same thing as the whole Chick Fil-A fiasca. Seriously, people need to get a grip and stop acting like opinions of the store-owner are the reason why they shouldn’t buy things at restaurants. This is just proof that BOTH Democrats and Republicans, BOTH Atheists and Christians, BOTH liberals and conservatives, BOTH anti-gay marriage people and pro-gay marriage people are complete bigoted idiots who need to get a grip on their damn lives.

    the agnostic, independent, “true” middle-groundsman

    • Anonymous

      You are so awesome!!! XD Way to speak the truth.

  • George G

    No more Starbucks for me. Thank you for previous overpriced coffee though! 🙂

  • That isn’t what he said, Joe Miller. That’s just how you and other Republican extremists have chosen to interpret it. I’m sure this is just a perfect grandstanding opportunity for you to draw attention to yourself and to stir up controversy, which is pretty much all your political party has been doing for many years now. So thank you. Thank you, for walking in GWB’s footsteps and making gay people the bogeyman, just as he did to get elected in 2004.

    Hope it works out for you instead of blowing up horribly in your face. *end sarcasm*

  • Anonymous

    It seems almost everyone on this page is a judgmental bandwagon rider. Those who live in glass houses, should not throw stones. If people are so confident that the Lord will eradicate the “repulsive” people from existence and sever all happiness from their lives, then why speak it? You know it to be fact…what is the point in throwing more rocks in the water? Do you like seeing the ripples of others who agree with you to make your own sense of faith stronger? I don’t know. People should just keep to themselves.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for saying this! 🙂

  • BeJebus

    you lost the election to a write-in! now stfu you titanic titwillow.

  • its ok you got crappy coffee anyway

  • Read the article and do not take Joe Miller’s word for what was said. He completely twisted the words around that the CEO of Starbucks said. He was talking to a shareholder who was complaining that his stock was worth less. It was pointed out that was not true and then he told him if he didn;t like the 38% return he got he could sell his stock and invest his money elsewhere. Never did he even remotely insinuate that if you were against gay marriage that they didn’t want your business.

  • I use to agree to meet my ladies fundraising group, new meets, and others at my local starbucks… there is a perfectly nice coffee shop across the street … I will recommend it to our group and others…

  • thoughtsfromflorida

    Mr. Shultz in NO WAY said that “if you support traditional marriage we don’t want your business”. That is a complete misrepresentation of what he said. What he told the shareholder was: “If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38% you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares in another company.”

    His statement had nothing to do with who Starbucks wants as customers. Not surprising that Mr. Miller didn’t win office given his propensity for lying.

  • Proud2bstraight

    drinking Starbucks EVERY day now! Imagonna start standing up for my
    straight rights and the fact that my partner (and husband) has a penis!
    GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What in the hell does drinking coffee have to do with my daily performance and sexuality? Nothing.

  • Go read the book
    Openly Gay
    Openly Christian:
    How the Bible Really is Gay Friendly

    by Rev. Samuel Kader

  • Joan Rogers

    I shared the story, however, this is a free nation. Personally, I do not care who supports what or do not support . Staying away from a business because of what they believe, is pure nonsense to me. If I want a starbuck Latte’ I will get one. I also buy refreshers there. We are to love one another, love others as yourself what should anybody care about what a business stands for or not?I shared only for the stupidity of it all.

    • Sherlene Stroud

      AND why should a business stand for anything except it’s business? That’s like saying if your not white we don’t want you in our business! You are in business to make money and do a service for the people not try to make us do or like something that is against our faith. I loved starbucks (you’ll notice there is no capitalaztion on their name,that’s because they are no longer important!) but I will never stop there again and I will tell all I meet why! And if you don’t like it too bad!!!!

  • afchief

    Just lost my business! Hello McDonalds! I wish Tim Hortons would move further south

  • …if
    he condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by burning them to ashes,
    and made them an example of what is going to happen to the
    ungodly…2Pet.2: 6. Ungodly means literally “without worship to God”,
    ie. worship of idols.

  • As a supporter of traditional marriage and someone who doesn’t like Starbucks anyway this isn’t and issue for me but I think it a bit odd that this article has a Starbuck’s coupon ad smack in the middle of it.

  • I am all for traditional marriage and have never even liked Starbucks coffee to begin with so not issue for me personally…with that said I would think the people at AdChoices might want to explain to you why the only coupon ad showing in the middle of this article is for Starbucks coffee. If it is suppose to change ever time the page refreshes like most ads it hasn’t changed after several refreshes.

  • EM

    I have no misconception that Starbucks is a bastion of conservatism, but the title of this article is a lot more inflammatory than what Schultz is quoted as saying. Either the quotes are wrong/incomplete, or the title is intentionally baiting people. This is irresponsible.

    • Sammy No5

      I was just going to comment the same thing. Even the linked article doesn’t have the CEO saying anything more than, “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to invest in it” basically.

  • Liz

    Okay, bye!

  • Danny

    I never been in a Starbucks. People who pay 8 dollars for a cup of coffee are very stupid.Now this piece of shit definately gave me a reason to not go there. Ill go to chick fil a instead.

  • I smell a huge lawsuit

  • Everytime I’ve been to Starbucks the servers are snooty and rude anyway ….bye Starbucks

  • Don’t really patronize Starbucks- I will now make an effort to DO so! WTG Starbucks!

  • Nick Tropiano

    Schultz (Starbuck’s CEO) told him “You can sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares
    in another company” if he did not agree with the company’s pro-gay
    marriage stand.

    This is not the same as saying, “we don’t want your business” — clearly. The headline of this oped is an obvious outright lie.

  • Starbucks, that’s okay cause if you thinks it’s your right to tell people what to think then I don’t want to visit your establishment anyway and by the way, your coffee is to expensive, hope you go broke.

  • Strangely unprofessional. Why would you slap away half of your potential clientele? Be careful what you wish for, Howard. And, you really can’t be a proponent of both homosexuality and Darwinism (assuming he is) as they are an oxymoron.

  • No wonder their coffee look like the results of fudgepacking

  • cebg

    So long Starbucks! The wrong message! If he said he supports marriage for ALL people, that is one thing, but to blatantly tell people that if they don’t support gay marriage over traditional marriage is ignorant and there are lots of businesses that sell coffee!

  • Andyb

    Thanks for letting me know how you feel about straight people……not another cup from starbucks…..I never really liked you insipid tasting coffee anyways

  • Timely1

    Like Chick-fil-A, they have the right to make whatever social choices they choose. I support that. Unfortunatelly the progressives don’t see it that way. As a matter of economics, I never go to SB and pay $7+ for a cup of coffeee when I can buy two sandwiches from Chick-fil-A.

  • Timely1

    Coffee beans don’t need (XX) & (XY) chromosomes to reproduce whereas chickens do. I support Chick-fil-A over SB so the Gay chickens stay “in the closet” and I can continue to enjoy their delicious sandwiches.

  • Bigtime

    Sure no problem. I will take my $20 weekly to another coffee shop.

  • MadMike

    Goodbye Starbucks…NEVER again will I spend my dime at your establishment…And Goober Schultz I hope this drives your precious stocks into the toilet!

  • Back to Truth

    I suppose that his desire to “embrace diversity of all kinds” would also include child molesters, murderers, and rapists, etc. since they too are doing “what they enjoy in their hearts”. Let’s quit dancing around the real issue and simply accept The Truth. Nobody likes being told “their choices” are wrong any more than little kids like being told that “fire is hot – don’t touch it” either, but they need to be told.

    • ConstitutionLover

      You don’t have to embrace diversity to allow gay marriage. If too loving consenting adults choose to build a life together it has nothing to do with rape or molestation. The key is consent. Two CONSENTING adults can choose to marry and live together happily, healthily, and everyone (including the surrounding community can benefit). Rape and molestation are about a lack of consent. The act of rape (sexual touching or penetration) would cease to be rape if the victim was consenting to the action, then it is simple sex. A child is too young to legally give consent. This is the key.

  • Guest

    I never wasted my money on their overpriced coffee made by a soda jerk called a “Barista” in the first place. Call it Gaybucks I don’t care

  • Adios Starbucks! I can make my own cappuccino!

    • Elena0411

      There are some amazing machines on the market. And they never mess up your order.

  • Back to Truth

    Just as we must then assume it’s OK to molest little children and rape women, etc. etc.??? After all, “we are in a new age” aren’t we? Please, it you have a brain turn it on!

    • i hate social conservatism

      Lol. Your god says it’s ok to sell your daughter as a sex slave (exodus 21:7) and god also said to force raped woman to marry their rapist. So your god is the asshole.

      • Back to Truth

        And exactly who are you assuming is “my God” anyway? And why would you assume that I have “a God” anyway?
        Are you asserting that we all have “a God” to whom we are ultimately accountable? If so, then we’d better get to know “this God” and learn what is required of us.

        • TheGodDelusion

          sorry there like didn’t mean to offend you, i was referring to people who actually believe in “a god”,

          • TheGodDelusion

            Mike* not like

      • TheGodDelusion

        And Mike, your slightly Hypocritical to also assume that is my god! i have a belief system, but i can assure you it is not any main stream religion.

    • TheGodDelusion

      i have a brain and logically it tells me there is no supreme being, and anywhere in my statement did i say it was ok to molest or rape women or children, no i didn’t so maybe you should open your eyes, become a bit more literate and read what the hell people are saying and then use your brain to interpret it properly and not say shit that wasn’t said. if you want to get on the subject of rape and molestation go associate with catholic priests and pedophiles

      • Back to Truth

        Carefully reading your statement I didn’t find any prohibition or protection mentioned against molesting children or raping women in this “new age” of tolerance and acceptance that we’re living in today. Is that possibly because there is an ultimate standard of right and wrong that we must adhere to and to which we are all accountable?

        • TheGodDeludion

          i’ll give you that one.

  • Johinza

    have never understood why anyone would need the blessing of our
    government to get married. One of the great mysteries in my life.

  • ebber

    Good to know their stance. I will take my business else where…yes, maybe Chic-Fil . (: I keep the Judeo Christian dictionary of marriage. (: (Starbucks – tooo much caffeine and way overpriced, anyway. )
    Sad to know their disdain (spite?) for people who differ in beliefs with them. Chic Fil simply took their stand in what they believe – the Judeo Christian family definition and did snarl at others who differ from them. Starbuck snarls at those who are different – the diversity – which they hypocritically say they support lol

  • ebber

    correction: Chic Fil did NOT SNARL at others

  • Anonymous

    Oh my goodness, there are more important things to talk about than gay marriage, I being a Christian think all sin is sin, God doesn’t way homosexuality over a lie and more importantly he gives us freedom of choice, so let people choose, and key it be between them and God. Now lets talk about things the world really needs like away to fight hunger, homelessness and child soilders

  • Silent Majority

    Glad Starbucks made it clear that they DON’T care about our business, and the 99+% who are not gay, and the large majority who standup for traditional marriage.

  • sfmiletic

    Thank you, Mr. Schultz for being so very crystal clear. As per your statement, I will not purchase any products from your establishment.

  • wow, reading some of the comments on here … I would like to think of myself as a christian, however, I do support gay marriage and gay rights! I do believe it is wrong and don’t believe it is for me. However, I have people that are very close to me that are gay or bi and I love them very much. I don’t believe in their lifestyle but it does say in the bible you are supposed to love your neighbor and pray for them. Everybody sins, and it says in the bible there is no big sin or little sin … a sin is a sin! So whether you are out being gay, having sex before marriage, gossiping, adultry, stealing, killing, or telling little “white” lies its all the same in his eyes. I am more about loving my brother than about judging someone for their life choices. I am not the one paying for it in the end so how does this effect me? Let people live their life and stop trying to make yourself a part of it because they didn’t invite you to be a part of their life! Pray for people instead of judging them! Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, remember people! None of us is without sin or perfect!

    • TheGodDelusion

      well said

  • Boss

    You are just a CEO, and you serve us! We share holders are your BOSS! Resign if you do not want our business!!

  • Erin

    Correction: * attracted to the same sex

  • Mike Jones

    meh. I don’t drink their crappy coffee anyway.

  • Sara

    It’s not just the fact that Starbucks’ CEO voiced his opinion. That’s fine. The fact that he said that he didn’t want our business if we opposed same-sex marriage was completely arrogant. He should want everyone’s business (that’s why they are such a success in the first place! Because people of all backgrounds, views, etc. buy their products!) Without us, the shareholders, Starbucks would be a nobody. Voiced your opinion, that’s fine but DO NOT ostracize customers of yours who have different views.

  • And this post wins the award for the most misleading headline possible!
    Okay, there have probably been worse, but this one takes the cake.
    Telling an investor who threatens a boycott “You know, you can always invest somewhere else if support of gay marriage makes you uncomfortable” is in no way tantamount to saying “We won’t serve customers who don’t support gay marriage” (which is what the headline implies).

  • Gregory Smith

    Be very careful of calling how God created an individual sin! Would you call a black person sin for being born black? Would you call a blonde sin for being born blonde? Would you call a female sin for being born female? God created gay people gay. That is NOT a choice.
    If I were your relative, I wouldn’t care how you FEEL either. What I care about is that God made me this way and in Genesis, he declared it Good. I am fearfully and wonderfully made in Gods image. And that my soul knows very well!

  • anazagasty

    Here is some anatomy for you: men need there prostate stimulated to have a full orgasm.

    • Elena0411

      No. Only you do. Don’t project.

      • anazagasty

        I don’t have a prostate. You’re the one projecting… sweetie!!

        • Elena0411

          Maybe you just want one…?

          • anazagasty

            No I like what my husband has a little too much for that honey. Maybe you’re just too busy wishing I had one.

          • Elena0411

            If your husband needs the “extra” stimulation you describe, he’s not straight, dumpling.

  • MGM46

    You would think that any public business would remain neutral in these matters. I can’t afford Starbuck’s overpriced dishwater, and even if I had to go without I would not drink their coffee.

  • Carlos Santiago

    I quit catering to Starbucks when they raised their bottles of water to $7 during Katrina, scalping the emergency crews..

  • wyatt81

    He’s a hypocrite-and intolerant. Arrogantly so.

  • kate

    I wonder if he came from a “traditional” marriage

  • Concerned

    Please stop using the word “GAY” to identify homosexuals it is incorrect to identify them with this word. THE CORRECT WORD IS HOMOSEXUAL!
    Remember also that a homosexual marriage will not now or ever produce
    any offspring (American taxpayers, inventors, future contributors to society) which means that heterosexuals will have to bear the brunt of
    producing future Americans. By their choice, the homosexual community has no future or legacy.

  • Elena0411

    If it were feasible to test everyone for infertility, marriage benefits should only be extended to those who CAN a procreate. It’s the sole reason we have marriage. It is NOT an institution that validates skewed sexual practices.

    • Erin

      FYI, the comments on reproducing were not meant to be taken that far. Obviously the point was missed that anatomy and the ability to have children show that a man and woman are naturally supposed to mate.

  • Elena0411

    One can’t be both “pro homosexual marriage and support traditional marriages. The former invalidates the latter.

    • Elena0411

      The go live in a commune. Society cannot survive without adhering to practical rules.

  • Elena0411

    If you are not a Christian (and from your comment I assume that is the case) you cannot tell them how to practice or define their religion. And you certainly can’t use a belief system you 1) know nothing about and 2) find contemptible, against those who DO practice it. As a matter of fact, even if you define yourself as a Christian, you can’t tell others how to practice their version of it.

    • Sammy No5

      I was never telling anyone what to do. You obviously didn’t read my comment because you ascertained nothing accurate from it. I am a Christian. I believe God is love and commands us to love. 1Corrinthians 13:4-7 talks about love as positive things, not negative, and in verse 13, says that of the three that remain, love is the greatest. Again, I am not telling you to love. All I simply said was that it makes me sad when “Christians” judge and hate in the name of God, and thus push non-believers away instead of welcoming them with love.

      • Elena0411

        If you are a “Christian” and support gay marriage, while you describe those Christians who are against sodomite marriage as evil, you practice your own custom made brand of “Christianity.” I can call myself a Zoroastrian and read a line or two of their texts, that would not make me one.

        • Sammy No5

          Again, you are not reading what I am saying. I never said Christians against gay marriage were evil. I said it makes me sad when Christians condemn and hate in the name of God. I’m sorry whatever I am saying is causing you anger and leading you to lash out with hate. That is not my intention.

          • Elena0411

            So “judging and unloving” is not what you consider evil. You “disapprove” (better) of Christians who see homosexuality as a sin (just as Jesus did). Made-to-order religion.

  • people are fighting so hard for gay rights its almost as if they’re taking away hetero rights. people are no more accepting now than then, its just that to openly be against homosexuality would cause all types of criticism and persecution for a person now. gays can have the same rights as us with a commonlaw marriage. if u don’t think youll be together 7 years to achieve this u shouldn’t get married anyway. homo or not. and don’t get me started on the absolute ignorance of comparing homo right to civil rights. gay is a choice. I cant wake up and say i’ll be white today

  • BobC

    I find it the height of yellow journalism to slice and dice quotes to support an ill founded argument. The entire quote……

    .’If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38 percent you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares of Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much,’

    This comes across as not quite the hate filled and vitriolic statement that the author would have you, the reader, believe. The CEO was very blunt, agreed, but he was blunt in a way that brings this issue down to its very core. It is a business decision, on both sides, the CEO chooses to “embrace diversity,” and acknowledges in the same speech that this may have an effect on his business. He is informing the shareholders that they are free to follow their own business decisions as well.

    The only people making this any other kind of issue are those with an agenda (on both sides of the aisle).

  • Chris Johnson

    Joe, anyone that believes that the government has a role in marriage is a power hungry troglodyte TYRANT.

    Abdicate. Say there is no role for the government … because it’s true.


  • What Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz actual said to shareholders who opposed gay marriage was “The lens in which we are making that decision is through the lens of our people. We employ over 200,000 people in this company, and we want to embrace diversity.” and he also said “If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38 percent you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares of Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much,”

    • Mr. Silver, how dare you report the ACTUAL WORDS used in the statements made by people expressing their convictions. And by that I mean: Thank you for ACTUAL REPORTING. We have no real news anymore, we have everyone’s emotionally-charged opinions overlaying the words that people say. It’s infuriating. And I mean it’s infuriating for a.) the idea that we might ever have a conversation about important things, b.) the people convicted that marriage for gay people is wrong, c.) the people convicted that marriage for gay people is not a religious question but a civil rights issue and therefore support it, d.) people who fully support marriage rights for people who are gay, and, finally, e.) people capable of critical thought, reasoning, drive to unify instead of making the “other” a criminal of thought, word, and conviction.

  • elijah

    I fell like he is challenging me to buy coffee from Starbucks. I am 100% against gay marriage. watch out Starbucks im coming to buy your crappy coffee. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

  • elijah

    I feel like he is challenging me to buy coffee from Starbucks. I am 100% against gay marriage. watch out Starbucks im coming to buy your crappy coffee. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED


  • They only espouse tolerance when they want it for themselves. It doesn’t seem to apply to those who are intolerant. Bye bye Starbucks – I hope you’re not too big to fail, because I want you to fail!

  • Carole J.

    You Won’t have our business.

  • Hahahaha Don’t worry mister CEO, WE WILL NOT BUY YOUR COFFEE, See you in BANKRUPTCY court asshole

  • wanda stone

    Well if you support gay marriage ….then I don’t want to give you my business!!!!

  • Erin

    Agreed, not the “sole purpose”. Did I SAY that? Nope. I said that anatomy and the ability to procreate show that the relationship between a man and woman is natural. Love when people twist words.

    And so you believe the answer to not being able to visit your “partner” in a hospital is to re-define marriage? Why not just re-write the law to allow people to give permission to those who are not related to them to do those things? Seems like that would solve all the problems the homosexual community is complaining about.

  • Why am I not surprised? Very thankful I like Panera Coffee so much better than Starbucks 😉


    support “NO GAY DIVORCE”…please pass the law.

  • Chris

    Starbucks’ business is coffee, not what I personally support or don’t support.

  • Justme

    I just heard about this..i had a little over $23.00 on my Starbucks phone app, so i went and ordered four Mocha Fraps which i have been drinking 2 to 3 a day..for almost 2.5 years..i said good bye to the employees i have come to know, they were always super nice to me. After i got my fraps i thew them in the trash and told them to tell their ceo to kiss my butt. I then called Randalls(safeway) because they have a Starbucks in their stores as well..i asked if they had the same opinion as starbucks, they are contacting their public affairs department and getting back with me, same with Krogers..This could of been totally different if he did not say he does not want our business or in his stores..that was just unA,merican and plain RUDE..

    • He didn’t say that. But because of crappy “reporting” and bad headline writing, it seemed that way.

  • Also, could someone please fire the headline writer?

  • Saint

    yeah victor, you totally changed his words, why you gotta b so dishonest?

  • Kris

    Guess I’m not buying Starbucks any longer. DONE

  • Diana

    I guess I will no longer support Starbucks Good luck for your future

  • Oosik

    I’m a wishin more businesses would be transparent about what causes they support and thinkin of all the money I could be saving!

  • Oosik

    I’m glad to say, I’ve never ever given even one red cent to Starbucks; never ever even once. And besides that… just in case you’re not aware… places like Walmart now sell coffee-makers for less than you’d pay for just one cup of coffee at Starbucks. And, another really neat thing about these coffee-makers (besides all the money you’d save) is, you can make coffee right there in your own home. Imagine that! Who’d a thought?

  • Linda

    Hope that company goes bankrupt tomorrow. I can be opposed to gay marriage if I want too!

  • Ashley Weber

    The fact that anyone would fall for the “spin” in this article and the gross manipulation of facts is further proof that most Americans lack any critical thinking skills whatsoever. The CEO is obviously not against traditional marriage, but thinks we need to respect the rights of ALL people who desire to be married.

  • stoppostingmisinformation

    What actually happened at this Shareholder’s meeting was that Schultz simply said that if this person, who stood up and started complaining about the company’s policy on diversity, didn’t agree with the company’s policies they were free to go invest elsewhere.

  • Thanks a lot Starbucks, now I can’t enjoy a white chocolate mocha from you.. 🙁 Idiots!~

  • Kb

    what ever happened to being “open and accepting towards everyone’s beliefs” I love how this only applies when you’re agreeing with them.

  • Nicole C.

    He’s intolerant of certain’s people’s views but that’s exactly what he’s doing as well. Go figure. Shame. I love Starbucks coffee. Isn’t this guy supposed to be running a business?

  • Rose Marie Matheny

    first of all I don’t care what they believe or don’t believe I like the product keep the politics out of business that’s what partly wrong with our nation now to many politics everywhere but the government and besides it hear say I didn’t hear with my own ears

  • TheBebopman

    This language is well spun. Schultz said nothing about NOT wanting business. Just a strategic wording on the part of these articles to be divisive. Also no mention of the 38% returns for shareholders that Starbucks recorded, despite the negligible drop in sales revenue.

  • pastoraaron

    It’s a shame: I actually enjoy Starbuck’s products. Why can’t Starbucks just be about coffee? I do support traditional marriage, and don’t support gay marriage. So I guess they don’t want my business.

  • Staplehawk

    I actually went here quite a bit. Now because business folks feel the need to inject themselves into social politics, I’m going to have to cut up my Starbucks card.

  • Angela

    Io non bevo questo merda di caffè, perché fa proprio schiffo!!!! I don’t drink this coffee, because it is disgusting. Why do you think you have any right to dictate morality, just because you are a rich bastard who sells the ignorant masses bad coffee?

  • MrMopFist

    Will never purchase another product from starbucks ever again. He’ll get his day in hell.

  • Yes, I do realize that this is long-winded, but I have to the right to that as well. :3

  • Where to start? First of is the headlines a lie, plain and simple.
    Secondly, In what way does letting EVERYONE marry those they love hurt heterosexuall weddings? It doesn’t in any way, shape or form.

  • As much as I love Starbucks, I will no longer buy coffee from them… Youve just lost a very faithful customer!

  • Steveinlc

    Starbucks coffee and CEO can go to hell. I don’t like their coffee, their CEO, or the way they treated our Military personnel. To

    • Yeah, the whole “way they treated our Military personnel” is an urban legend just like this headline.

  • Jimspar

    I love how after someone posted the exact phrasing of the statement in question the argument continues. Why not just tell the truth, you are not going to support Starbucks because they embrace diversity. You have a religious OR moral bias against same sex unions. I do not eat at chic-fil-a because none are local, but if their was one, I would not go. I am without religion but do believe that all of our species is equal, I do not care what you do as long as it does not hurt others, I also believe that if you chose to live your life gay or straight it is none of my business.

    • Anita M

      try reading the bible and see that God says homosexuality is an abomonation to Him, but do you even care….You will someday!

      • If you can’t spell it, why should we trust you?

      • Jimspar

        Like I said, I do not care how people consensually carry on behind closed doors. If your invisible superhero does, that would be their and your problem.



  • Cob

    If he is saying that to the stock holders, he is saying it to the customers. I guess that I will be saving big bucks on coffee from now on.

  • After Starbuck’s turned down our military, who raised money to buy their coffee, this comes as no surprise. I will not spend another penny at their establishments. I dare anyone to send a gift to me from a corporation that sees my opinion as wrong.

    • The “Starbucks disses the military” trope is an urban legend, just like this headline.

  • If you only accept business from pro-gay supporters, thats NOT diversity. Its actually quiet the opposite.

  • I like Seattles Best Coffee better any way and I can get it at my local Bashas Market.

  • RonaldusMagnus

    Coffee’s too bitter anyway, I go to McD’s, smoother.

  • Anita M.

    It’s a crime to pay that much for a cup of coffee..I wouldn’t even if I had that kind of money and now that I know this, I know I am right.what a travesty of a human being……….

    • atl2ptown

      yeah, except this never happened

  • RescueKyron

    Read this Just In TIme!! We always stock up on cartons of Starbucks for home emergencies when electricity is out in storms – now have erased it permanently from the shopping list!!! Never Again… and that is non-negotiable, same as One Man One Woman Marriage is non-negotiable. Stuff that, sodomites.

    • atl2ptown

      Should I be shocked when you don’t put in the effort necessary to find out this entire story is a lie?

  • jipawhlo1

    that’s an interesting position for a CEO to take. If he feels so strongly about the matter, perhaps he should collectively close the 571 shops (at minimum) in the (at least) 8 countries Starbucks has a presence where homosexuality is, in fact, illegal and punishable by anything from fines to death.

    • atl2ptown

      this never happened