Texas Legislation Signals that Texas Nationalist Movement is Becoming a Political Force

Photo Credit: The Vindicator

A bill filed by a state legislator to reaffirm Texas’ intent to defend its state sovereignty raises for the first time the potential of defending that sovereignty by leaving the Union.

On March 7, State Representative James White (R-Woodville) filed House Concurrent Resolution 77. The resolution effectively spells out a defense of state sovereignty under both the U.S. and Texas constitutions and echoes almost word-for-word the resolution that members of the Texas Nationalist Movement have been lobbying for introduction since January.

“The question was recently asked by the mass media if the Texas Nationalist Movement is becoming a political force,” Texas Nationalist Movement president Daniel Miller said in a message e-mailed to group members. “Members of the Texas Nationalist Movement and the general public will recognize the text of this legislation as a virtual duplicate of the legislation proposed by the TNM to the 82nd Legislature and hand delivered to members of the Texas House of Representatives, the Texas Senate and the Lieutenant Governor on the opening day of the 83rd session of the Legislature.”

Miller said the group had wanted a call for a non-binding referendum on independence and was “disappointed” that language calling for such a vote was not included in the measure introduced by White, but TNM is fully supportive of the resolution nonetheless.

“While we in the Texas Nationalist Movement are disappointed that the legislators have declined at this time to give the people of Texas a measurable voice on the issue of independence in accordance with Article 1 Section 2 of the Texas Constitution, we are pleased that this legislation was filed,” he said. Miller said the language introduced by White is important in that it serves as a platform for further movement toward independence.

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