Toddler Shot In The Face, Mother’s Second Child Lost To Violence (+video)

Photo Credit: CNN

The fatal shooting of a 13-month-old boy in his stroller marked the second time mother Sherry West lost a son to violence, she said Saturday.

Her 18-year-old son was stabbed to death in 2008 in New Jersey, she told CNN. “This is the second child that people have taken from me in a tragic way,” West said. “I’m so afraid to have any more babies now. I tried to raise really good kids in a wicked world.”

The day after two teenage boys were arrested and charged in the fatal shooting of her baby, West said she was planning to leave Brunswick and return to New Jersey. The boy’s father has also been emotionally distraught, West said. Asked about the person who shot her son, Antonio, West stated: “I hate you and I don’t forgive you.

“You killed an innocent human life,” she said. “I hope you die for it.” A private memorial service was held Friday morning for young Antonio Santiago, who was cremated, according to West. She said the family is working with the Catholic relief organization Society of St. Vincent de Paul to help with unforeseen expenses.

West put Antonio in a stroller Thursday because it was good exercise for her heart, said West, who added she was disabled from a past car accident.

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  • SammysDad

    Death penalty and rot in hell!

  • Kent2012

    if kenyan boy had a boy would he look like this boy?

  • raynbene`

    It takes a really brave kid to shoot a baby in a stroller –
    What will be the defense for this kid ? – will Al or Jesse come out with some blanket statement expressing ‘grave concern’, or that this was just an ‘isolated incident’ and won’t happen again ? This is a real atrocity, and anyone involved with this kid should really try to examine how whatever life situation he has, how did he wind up just another murderer with no regard for life ? . . . he should forfeit his whole life in jail, . and there are those who say and really believe we don’t need traditional marriage or fathers involved with boys ??

  • CSN

    This guy deserves the death penalty… a lesson to those who would dare!

  • JustCommonSense

    Picked out a white woman and shot her and her baby. Is there anyone who doesn’t think this would be called “a hate crime” if their skin colors were reversed?

    • Ken McClelland

      so far, what i’ve read on other posts related to this story, is that most anyone who’s black or liberal are saying that conservatives are always trying to inject racism where there is none. this nonsense from the same people who claim that asking for ID at the voting booth is racism. may the Lord of heaven comfort this poor family, and may He deal with the shooters and those who support them based on their skin color as He sees fit.

      • frawgeyz

        Amen Ken. Amen!

  • Sad for this mother. Praying for her to feel the comfort, peace, and healing of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

  • CaptTurbo

    Ya, ya, ya. If O’brozo had a son he would be just like him.

  • JustSayin’

    Something isn’t quite right here…just a feeling. As a mother of three, I can honestly say that I could not be on camera like that less than 24 hours after my child was shot dead before me. She’s moving back to NJ vs GA for safety? NJ? I dunno…no eye contact, looking away, her body language is strange. I could be wrong but if I’m not it wouldn’t surprise me. Also, how could she give away all his clothes the week he died? Too strange.

    • Melinda

      I am a white female from Ga and I have to agree. There is something just not right about this. She already gave away his clothes and on the news from Atlanta this morning, the mothers daughter had proof that a day after the shooting, the mother called the insurance company to find out how soon they could cut her a check. Her own daughter has serious doubts about her story. I may be dead wrong but why would the alledged shooters shot an innocent baby dead while only slightly wounding an adult witness who could identify them. Just doesn’t make sense when you really think about it.