AFL-CIO: We Will 'Steamroller' any Lawmakers Who Oppose Amnesty

Photo Credit: Breitbart

A principal official at the AFL-CIO, one of America’s biggest labor unions, said Wednesday the organization would politically demolish any politician who opposes mass amnesty for the country’s at least 11 million illegal immigrants.

“Politicians know that if they stand in the way of citizenship we will steamroller them,” AFL-CIO director of immigration Ana Avendaño said, according to the Financial Times. “That’s a fun evolution.”

Avendaño (pictured) has been involved in the immigration reform negotiations between the labor community, the business community, and the bipartisan Gang of Eight U.S. Senators.

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  • Idle threat. Just look how low your union membership has fallen. Your power is no longer complete control. As states wise up, they are starting to institute ‘Right To Work’ in their states. Your free ride at the expense of hard working Americans is now on a very steep decline. God Bles America and God Bless our God given rights.


  • when liberals start to lose, they resort to fear tactics to bolster their power and control. Don’t buy into their lies and coersion. “Evil cannot prosper when the good are unafraid.” —Ronald Reagan

  • reggiec

    So the unions continue to self destruct. Push amnesty so there are more recent low education people to compete for jobs now held by legal citizens. They must think their present members are really dumb.

  • SCREW the aflcio, stop giving ANY funds to that POS org…..

  • The last amnesty was supposed to be the last amnesty. That was a sacred pledge from politicians in the 1990s when they “pardoned” over ten million illegals. Now they don’t even bother to make a promise they know they cannot keep. Secure our borders before this goes any further.

  • Disgusted

    The union official just supports, yet again, their bully tactics.