Congress 'Astonished' by Military Smear of Christians

Photo Credit: WND

Members of Congress have expressed astonishment that the U.S. Army Reserve would use a training brief that slams Catholics, evangelical Christians and others and are demanding the practice come to a halt – now.

“Our nation needs to have an honest conversation about religious extremism and what we can do to avoid religious violence. However, labeling these major world religions as extremists is wrong and hurtful,” said a letter by Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colo., that was signed by dozens of other members.

It was addressed to Army Secretary John. M . McHugh at the Pentagon.

“We call on you to rescind this briefing and set the record straight on the Army’s view on these faith groups by providing a balanced briefing on religious extremism,” the letter said.

The letter was prompted by reports that soldiers were taught that evangelical Christians are an extremist threat to America along with groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, KKK, Nation of Islam, al-Qaida and Hamas.

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  • The American people should not be surprised by this, when we have so many Muslims in DC. We all know how Muslims feel about Christians.

    • PartyOfTwelveBeatsAFullHouse

      No, most don’t know how Muslims feel about Christians, the media hasn’t told them yet.

      Do you know that our government and our public schools have given rooms for Muslims to worship at school in your children’s public school system? They asked them to accommodate students to continue with their faith of bowing to allah x times per day which requires them to pray at school. But the Christians can’t. It won’t be too much longer before the Caliphate gets control. They continually chip, chip, chip away at the Foundation of the U.S.A.

      • PartyOfTwelveBeatsAFullHouse

        In Sept 2006 when CAIR gave a briefing from a podium on Capitol Hill in answer to the kidnapping of the two Israeli soldiers, I went to their website and read it. It boiled down to five simple objectives they laid out.
        1. March on Washington. They had already done that and saw no change.
        2. Spread the word of Islam, donate Islamic books and videos to public libraries and public school systems. (Check your schools’ libraries for these books. They delivered them to the public libraries I know.
        3. Buy up all the media so that you can tamp down anti-muslim and anti-islam rhetoric. They have done this.
        4. Turn the White House into the Black House, no black doesn’t refer to the color of ones skin; black is the color of Islam. They called for all that could to get jobs in government and run for office. This was Sept 2006, look how much they accomplished in two years.
        5. This is where they call for a Caliphate in the U.S.A. Either you convert to Islam, become their slave or you are exterminated by any means necessary.

        It seems we made it to step 4 in record time. How much longer will that last step take them?

  • bob

    Any group could resort to acts of violence (terrorist) and many will if persecuted and pushed to far, Our government is at risk of pushing to far. I pray our government will stop its aggressive stance against its own citizenry. “DON’T TREAD ON ME”

  • lee595t

    See what happens when political correctness runs wild, the army is dead wrong in what they are doing screw the Muslim faith if thats what they want in our army. The Pentagon should be brought up on the rug on this but as usual they wont!!

    • Kent2012

      yes Lee, they are attempting to “impress” those that hold the purse strings………….

      • steamdwarf

        more than that, they are building an atmosphere in the armed forces that makes it acceptable to kill US citizens on US soil when instructed…a sentence here, all this ‘dangerous extremist’ wording there, upper echelon generals who disagree being encouraged to retire…

        • Kent2012

          yes the new secret police will be the 11 or 12 million illegal aliens that are here already….

  • The Western establishment are evil. They are anti-Christian…..and want to aid the Caliphate. It all adds up.
    Never before seen Obama looking so strange and glum. But I don’t think it was out of pity for the victims of the Boston bombing. His best friends, the Islamists had been rumbled.

  • Massada

    Demanding things said or written be rescinded only means at most they will no longer be in print or said in public…..does not indicate any fundamental change in the direction of those who originally stated or wrote said info deemed to be offensive or inaccurate……..There are times when those willing to die for a cause need to step up and shed their blood…this separates the true believers and those who are blowhards for a cause just or not…..The war of words will continue until CIV II starts…then we will have problems…until then enjoy the light show and be sure to put ones head in the sand….. Good night!

  • Disgusted

    Unfortunately our government (Mr O) is so anti-Christian that he will do whatever it takes to make American a Muslim country. IMPEACH Mr O and save America.

  • Wow. I guess the cat is out of the bag.

  • Alman114

    Let me tell you how the muslims feel about Christians, Muslims are taught that everyone but muslims are infidels and must be killed!! This is how they feel and what their quack-ran tells them and they can use any means available to accomplish this task be cause as long as they are doing it for allah and the building of muslim religion any means justify the end to include stealing, killing, bombings, lying, cheating, hating, espionage, anything to make the muslim religion the dominate religion and wipe all other religions and beliefs obsolete! This country is getting exactly what it deserves and will not stop because the leaders of this nation want this to be a third world nation and is coming quicker than anyone knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Toschano

    The American public just doesn’t get it…this is not a cultural war, it is a religious war. The one thing that stands as a common point in every attack, whether here, Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa, etc…is the Islamic religion’s philosophy to “convert by the sword”. Political and national borders are a mute point. Until we accept this premise and fight back on those grounds we will be destined to lose ground. The “Religion of Peace”‘s idea of “peace” is when the entire globe is Islamic and venerates Allah. This is stated in the Koran.

    This concept has nothing to do with Christianity because they persecute Bhuddists, Hindus, and Atheists and others. Just follow modern history, ancient history speaks for itself.