Congressmen Push Back Against Michelle Obama's Scrawny Federal School Lunch Program

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Republican Reps. Steve King of Iowa and Tim Huelskamp of Kansas continued their fight against the Agriculture Department’s recent public school meal regulation overhaul on Friday.

The congressmen have argued that the new regulations imposed by the USDA, as required by the Michelle Obama-backed Healthy and Hunger Free Kids Act, are overly restrictive for growing and active children, largely due to calorie caps on meals.

“The voluminous menu that’s good enough for the federal bureaucrats’ cafeteria should be good enough for our children’s school lunchroom,” Huelskamp said in a statement Friday. “If USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack thinks the federal government should dictate what local governments put on their school lunchroom menus, why isn’t he leading by example? Secretary Vilsack should impose his ‘Nutrition Nanny’ standards on the USDA buildings’ cafeteria menus before the USDA seizes control of lunchroom menus in 100,000 school districts.”

King and Huelskamp introduced legislation Friday that would repeal the regulation that imposed the meal mandates. Their “No Hungry Kids Act” would eliminate upper calorie restrictions on public school meals.

To see the viral YouTube that Kansas Students made regarding Michelle Obama’s “healthy” school lunch program, click HERE.

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  • This is so typical of the Obama, do as I say, not as I do. All the while she is imposing these regulations of our children, she is stuffing her face with tasty, morsels full of calories, not to mentions expensive meals (at our expense). Thank God someone is finally standing up to this hypocrite.

  • Her ‘butt’ proves the hypocrisy of this whole charade. Good point Barbara Swann.

  • alcrab65 .

    My daughter tells me the kids throw away the forced vegetables. We usually pack her lunch.

  • Disgusted

    The O family certainly do not cut any calories or expense on their lunches. This is not about the kids, it is about CONTROL.

  • Lizelot

    The government is getting much too intrusive in our private lives en choices. However, that’s the price exacted when we happily hand our decision making over to nameless bureaucrats and control freaks. Perhaps it’s becoming clear that welfare and hand-outs mean loss of autonomy and independence, and that reality might finally open some eyes.

    ObamaCare is another red flag we should heed before we become totally government dependent and literally akin to slaves. Gun- and gun-owners registration, idem ditto. Red flags. Remember slavery? No control over private lives! Big Brother will be watching our every move, and squashing us.

  • Lizelot

    Why am I suddenly asked if I hv an account here when I commented on Rubio’s immigration reform proposal. Is this taboo? What gives?

  • USCavalry

    My kid comes home hungry 1 more time and she will be taking her own lunch for the next6 years.

  • [email protected]

    i would like to know who is she to make regulations and under what right as the potus’s wife? The kids are throwing away the crap she wants them to eat and bringing stuff from home or if they don’t have it at home they will go hungry for the rest of the day. They BOTH need to get out of our homes and pockets.

  • Nellie CA

    The free lunches have been going in the trash for years. I have seen school employees make the kids take something they didn’t like. Michelle needs to stay out of the lives of our family and their choices. My kids were use to healthy meals and wouldn’t eat in the school cafeteria. I worked but my kids had healthy lunches. The Welfare people depend on everything free and they are to lazy to pack their kids lunches. Some schools give free breakfast, that goes in the trash. I am concerned of what CA schools are teaching our kids and is this becoming a federal government school.

  • Impeach Obamas

    This was never a viable plan. Michelle just wanted her face in front of the cameras. She was never really interested in anyone or anything except herself. Such a damn phoney; she and her husband.

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