CPS Takes Baby by Force After Parents Seek Second Medical Opinion (+video)

A Sacramento couple is without their 5 month old baby after Child Protective Services sent in the police to forcibly remove the child from their care.

A hearing is scheduled for Monday, April 29, 2013 on the incident which was triggered when Anna Nikolayev and her husband Alex took baby Sammy out of Sutter Memorial Hospital and sought a second opinion at Kaiser Permanente, a rival hospital, for Sammy’s flu-like symptoms.

Anna and Alex were concerned about the quality of care baby Sammy was receiving at Sutter where he was admitted nearly two weeks ago. At one point, Anna questioned the antibiotics Sammy was being given and was alarmed that the nurse administering the treatment didn’t know why the child was receiving them. Anna claims that a doctor later said that Sammy should not have been receiving the medication.

When doctors began discussing the possibility of heart surgery, the parents decided to leave without a proper discharge in order to have the child examined elsewhere.

“If we got the one mistake after another, I don’t want to have my baby have surgery in the hospital where I don’t feel safe,” Anna said.

Watch video here:

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  • Give that baby back!!!! What nerve these government agencies have. How dare they take this couple’s baby. It is so obvious that mother and father love their child. The hospital is just mad that their care is sub par and they are making this family suffer. Give the baby back!!!!

    • Kent2012

      The child will be given back when we rise from our easy chairs, gather arms and begin to take out the government where we find it………..

    • Linda

      YES AND AMEN !

  • mrbp

    My guess is the hospital called someone they know at CPS because they didn’t want a second opinion to uncover what would probably have demonstrated “mal-practice” on their part. CPS can help at times, but I have also seen where they didn’t act because they were to lazy to really investigate a complaint.

  • obamasuckaveiner

    Government is getting to the point of controlling everything! That is what hope and change is, I will cling to the bible and my guns, you can have this asshole president and all his government agencies like CPS, DHS and such! They all suck!

  • Nellie CA

    There should have been an investigation before the CPS took the baby, not just the hospitals word for the situation. I was not happy with the nursing home care of my husband and took him out and straight to his doctor and she admitted him to hospital. The doctor at the nursing home billed Medicare but it was for the day after I took him out so I filed a complaint on the N.H and doctor. Make sure you have a Power of Attorney for the persons healthcare. I don’t think a parent needs this document. Nurses are over worked as well as doctors. I am allergic to several medications, when I was in the hospital the nurse gave me
    Aspirin l and I am allergic to this, she didn’t read my chart.

    • outspokeninutah

      so very true, I am allergic to morphine and was given morphine after my shoulder surgery…..fortunately they were quick when I reacted to the drug.

  • JaniceSix

    Welcome to Obama’s third world nation!

    • adriennebaksa

      You’re blaming Obama for this??? You’ve got to be kidding.

      • it’s only going to get worse……

      • jason12321

        He’s promoting the “government knows best” model that allows this kind of thing to happen.

      • BusyBee

        I can give you a fewor and blame President Bush instead…

      • No, you have to be kidding. your comment means you have not been paying attention to what has been going on. Time for you all in denial to wake up for the sake of your nation. Obama controls nothing. He is handled/managed by his handlers. The khazar Zionist bankers… control Obama. He got more financial contributions from wall street than McCain who was expected to get more because he is a right wing nut, or supposedly, but he acts like the opposite.

  • The nanny state is out of control.

  • Spirit

    What can we do? Either give us a starting point or keep these heart wrenching, brain tormenting stories to YOURSELF !!
    Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way!

    • Oh, so you don’t have to use any brain power to come up with solutions? So you want us to hide the truth so you don’t have to do any work? Geez, no wonder we are in such deep doodoo.

  • Disgusted

    California and all of the country having control over us. It is not fair, right or constitutional. Give the baby back to the parents and competent doctors.

  • sounds like what is happening in the UK

  • fanciladi

    It’s all about ‘butt cover’!

  • fanciladi

    Recently someone ‘idiot’ said that our kids aren’t our kids…they belong to the government. I know those aren’t the exact words, but this is a big example of that!

  • Praying for this family. this is despicable.

  • CSN

    Take the Baby to a Catholic Hospital, it will get better care than either of those half baked hospitals. Kaiser has a horrid reputation, but sometimes you can get lucky. At least, at present, Catholic Hospitals do not abort babies. Police should not have interrferred in this case. Can’t parents decide to get a second opinion? Since when did their Right to be parents, get overturned by a hospital which is malfunctioning.

  • jennyG

    Gut wrenching to see decent parents have there baby stolen!
    How do these bloody cops live with themselves.
    People really need to stand up to this because we are now all living under a dictatorship.

  • The same thing happened to us in New Jersey. We went to another doctor because the one treating our month old was really bad. She wanted to put our child in the hospital for a cold {his sister had a cold} and do an un-necessary spinal tap. The doctor we left behind reported us to DYFS. It was fortunate for us the agency had to call us to find our development which did not exist on their maps. This gave us time to get an attorney to defend our rights. We finally recieved an apology from the state but that is never enough when you endure such maltreatment. These doctors working along with the state are out of control. As a parent, you have a right to seek additional medical advice for your child. To do anything else, would be criminal on your part. The only solution here is to remove the immunity from these individuals claiming these allegations and let them be held accountable for them in a court of law.

  • Ann

    This is sick! The baby needs her Mommy and Daddy.Make this baby happy.

  • Suvine

    Be your own doctor

  • There is an international CPS pimping service where they take children for no cause and pimp them out to high official pedophiles in almost every country. Georgia Senator Schaffer was investigating it locally in Georgia and found that it was nationwide, that these children were being confiscated. One example was an oathkeeper whose child was taken from him at the hospital when it was only 16 hours old. He got visitation about 3 weeks later with his wife, and when they got the child, it had been raped in the vaginal area. The sheriff took custody of the child.

    Anyway, Senator Schaffer was going interntional with this investigation and she was found murdered in her home along with her husband. That is how dangerous CPS now is. I think its the same satanic khazars that run our banks.

  • I forgot to give you the link to her interview by Alex Jones before she was killed. Its a great interview and makes this all understandable and horrific, if they ever take control of the globe, you know what it will be like for our children. These are insane psychopaths.