DHS Finally Responds to Senate Demand for Ammo Info but its Numbers Don't Pencil Out

Last fall, Senator Coburn sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security demanding an explanation by the end of November for the agency’s reported purchase of massive quantities of ammunition. Yesterday, Dr. Coburn released correspondence that he finally received from DHS purporting to explain the purchases.

First, here’s what was disclosed by DHS: As of November 2012, it had over 263 million rounds of ammunition on hand. The agency said it was purchasing an additional $37 million of ammunition in this fiscal year, but did not give the actual number of rounds. Using the prior year’s cost per round of approximately 35 cents, it appears that DHS is adding another 105 million rounds on top of the 263 million on hand, minus rounds consumed in training and operations this fiscal year.

Using this 363 million round figure, the agency’s explanation for its large purchases can be assessed. For Immigration (ICE), DHS claims that 1,000 rounds per firearm per year are necessary for training. Assuming training of 250 rounds per quarter, this estimate seems reasonable.

The Federal Protective Service or “FPS” (the agency charged with protecting federal facilities owned or leased by the General Services Administration) also uses “1000 rounds of ammunition per firearm per year for quarterly qualifications and training.” Again, another reasonable number.

Curiously, no average training rounds per firearm for any other component agency of DHS is provided. For US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), DHS gives a percentage, stating that 70% of all CBP ammo is used for training. The remaining 30% of CBP’s ammo stock is purportedly maintained for operational needs (20%) and reserves (10%). For USSS (the Secret Service), 60% of its ammo is used for training.

Another quirk in DHS’s explanation is that the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), whose mission is to “train those who protect our homeland” by training personnel from 91 federal agencies, has another approximately 35 million training rounds (almost 19 million on hand in November 2012 plus the estimated 16.6 million purchased this fiscal year) that are supposedly in addition to training rounds maintained by the other individual DHS component agencies like ICE, CPB, and FPS.

So, really, the only way to properly assess the numbers from DHS – assuming that the agency has actually come clean on its inventories and future purchases – is to divide the ammunition stocks by the number of armed personnel.

Let’s start with FPS. According to the DHS website, FPS has approximately 900 armed agents. Supposedly, the FPS has an available stock of approximately 3.8 million rounds this year (2.5 million on hand in November plus the estimated 1.3 million purchased this fiscal year) . DHS claims its stock is explained by the 1000 rounds per firearm training requirement. No operational inventory is disclosed. Dividing the FPS stock of 3.8 million rounds by 900, provides well over 4,000 rounds per armed FPS employee, over four times the ammo necessary for annual training.

The ICE numbers give us a similar result. This agency has about 56.9 million rounds for this fiscal year (42.3 million on-hand as of November plus an estimated purchase of 14.68 million this fiscal year). ICE has about 20,000 employees of which 12,446 carry firearms. This DHS agency has also armed itself to the tune of well over 4,000 rounds per gun-toting ICE employee, well over the 1,000 rounds need for annual training and far in excess of any peace-time operational requirements.

CBP’s is almost as bad. This agency has about 129.7 million rounds for this fiscal year (94.4 million on-hand as of November plus an estimated purchase of over 35.3 million rounds this fiscal year). According to the U.S. Department of Justice, CBP agency has about 37,000 armed employees. That equates into approximately 3,500 rounds per firearm-carrying CBP officer, well in excess of the 1,000 rounds necessary for annual training.

Looking at the entire DHS, the DOJ’s 2012 Bureau of Justice Statistics stated that the DHS had approximately 55,000 armed officers (relying on 2008 data). Although one newspaper claimed last month that DHS now has 65,000 armed personnel, DHS is claiming it has at least 100,000 armed agents. (This is an enormous increase, perhaps even more troubling than federal agencies’ ammunition purchases.)

Taking the DHS ammunition on hand in November (263.7 million rounds) plus the estimated purchases of 105 million this fiscal year, provides a rough estimate of over 3,500 rounds per armed DHS federal agent. This is well over three times the training needs for DHS personnel and over ten times what’s necessary for operational needs (using CPB’s 30% figure for operational and reserve needs).

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  • It is all a bunch of lies. It most of the bullets was for practice as they say, why on earth would you purchase the most expensive ammo to practice with ?//////// It’s a lot of B*LLS**T.

    • Kent2012

      surely the “lord and savior” can not tell a lie….the Benghazi bungler’s supporters do not believe that ! Why he is the champion of hope and change, not economic depression and world ridicule……..

    • AZ BOB

      Because it is free like everything else the get 300 all terrain assult vehicles. Only the best for taxpayer money. Why the congress over-site and budget office is also corrupt

    • bwsharpe

      you’ve got that right. Also, no one uses hollow points for training and poracrice!

  • jerry h holloway

    it’s the obama effect tell lies and stick by it like the song says that’s my story and I’m sticking to it



  • AZ BOB

    Just add this to the the rest of the lies the Liberals love.

  • Dont know

    DHS Recent purchases of 3000 MRAP mine-resistant ambush-protected armored personal carriers At a cost of over $400,000.00 each and 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. We must be going to have a war in the united states or is the DHS going to war with us ???

    • rafael

      That is all it can be ; War against We the People.

  • toppotjoe

    This all meant for you and me. “Culling” of the citizens of the United States is about to begin. We are nothing but useless eaters to them. They will use all means possible to exterminate us. These people are nothing but Zionist-Bolsheviks. Satanist, and they “love” it. Yearning for continual “blood-lust”. They have been murdering and genociding people across the world through their revolutions of governments and religions. Now it is our turn. We as a country have turned away from God, Our Christ, now we must pay. These traitors of our government, are using the Holy Bible as a blueprint to force the Apocalypse. Do you know about FEMA’S concentration camps here on US soil? Or Gunderson human cattle cars complete with shackles, to transport us. Or FEMA’S red, blue and white “Hit” lists. Or how about all those DUMB(deep underground military bases)they have built for themselves(the Elite/International bankers/industrial complex)and their lackey’s in the government(our elective representatives), who suck them off and take it in the ass, as they fight for a right to be apart of the “Elect”. Know this, they will even use nukes against us. They are narcissistic psychopaths. They think themselves as blue blood reptilians from another planet. They are not. We fight Principalities and Powers, fallen angels, called demons. Corrupting genetics from the nephilim. Fallen angels taking daughters of men for wives, producing diseased genetic giants and humans. Trying to destroy Gods pure creation(YOU and ME). DUMBases are the mountain sanctuaries the evil ones seek shelter in to avoid the Wrath of God. Scripture describes it as the evil ones wishing the mountains caves to fall on them as the seek to hide from the wrath of Christ. So fear not people, our redemption is at hand. But we might have to pass through the fires of a nuclear storm before we do. Evil, Evil government. You cannot hide or escape what is coming upon you. My master(Jesus Christ), has already beaten yours(Satan), prince of this world. And He Is about to do it again. You’re pissing in the wind.

    • delong003

      Question: If our dear ‘sweet?’ government did or does what you mention—-who is going to keep paying the taxes to keep feeding these bunch of idiots? If they knock off all of the ‘producers’—-their own leeches won’t be able to pay into the system. And then what would happen?? (And by the way–I’m on your side—I’m just curious as to the potential outcome………??)

      • You will work for food basically and whatever creature comforts they decide you deserve. . . There would be no taxes, as they would take it all and you in turn would receive a subsistence allowance of food and mediocre privileges. . . . This is how they would have it. . . IF they have their way !

        • rafael

          do what I tell you and don`t do what I do : it is the socialist liberals mentality .

  • Answer me this. How did we manage to get along before GWB created the DHS? What was wrong with the INS, FBI, etc. doing their job.

  • TMM

    This is all about a government gettiing ready to confiscate guns and ammo and take away our rights. This is where they are headed… Scary

  • rafael

    YES INDEED A BUNCH OF LIES ; never in the past we had this amount of rounds being purchased by DHS ; I remember in the U.S.Army : you had to qualify about every 6 months at 1 round per target to a total of 50 round max.per soldier ; that would be 100 round per 1 year. The rest of the time it was blank ammo for f.t.x ( field training exercises). Now the IDIOTS at DHS say 1000 rounds ???? W.T.F are they talking about ; the IDIOTS are using probably 20 rounds per range training. The police does not use this amount of ammo for training ????? What a bunch of Retarded Imbeciles ; Lies , Lies . nothing but Lies.

    • Bulldognumba10

      Agree, the ammo is supposedly .40 caliber Hollow Point-Not ususally used for training?? I also read somewhere that it was special order ammo, whatever that means except the $$$ is much more. Whatever they spout off-You can rest assure it is a Lie!


    One big thing they forget. When you shoot at someone you better ready for a wall of copper and lead.

    • Jeff Gabel

      Remember, this is well planned, way in advance. They have been practicing how to do this for a few years now. They approach INDIVIDUAL homes with overwhelming force. Police or military in swat type gear. They approach the home from all sides. If the owner won’t open the door they break it down. The owner or resident either gives up all the guns or they search top to bottom and haul the people in the house away for not cooperating.
      They aren’t going to make an announcement that will allow people to group together in a tactical way to fight back. This is going to be cooperate or be killed. If you fight back with armed force you WILL be killed.
      Personally I plan on having my fire arms well hidden in a well planned manner. I will avoid the first round of aggression by acting like I’m cooperating. Then will try and connect with others for strength. If that is impossible I will start a gorilla campaign which, unless I can get cooperation from many others, will most likely swiftly end in my death.

  • freedom loving american

    anyone ever heard of “for the people, by the people, OF THE PEOPLE” this single line means that WE THE PEOPLE own the government, the dhs, secret service, nasa, everything in the country is owned by the people. all you need is petitions signed by enough people to get all the info out, or we start simply voting for a politician on every level of government who will demand answers to troubling problems like this, and if they stray, then they’re also out of a job.
    we just have one problem, America has become lazy, voters like to vote for who can give them the most, not who can do best for the country as a free market, small government, and the Bill of Rights protected to the last breath.
    the problem is not that we have a horrible president, or that we’ve had horrible presidents before him, its not that our congress has gone to the dogs, its that the People no longer want to stand up and demand that something gets done for the country, not for themselves.
    all we need to do is wake up, smell the roses, start voting out anyone who even thinks about making a law to interfer with any right of any man woman or child, and the rest will solve itself. simple task, only problem is getting there

  • T-Texas

    Then ammo and armored trucks they are buying are for Obama’s brownshirts.They are to be the best outfitted army in the US to do his bidding.

  • skipfoss

    What in the hell does the Social Security need guns and ammo and armored vehichels for are they going out to raid grandmaws house because her doctor supplied he with Oxy codone and she is hoarding back two pills a month incase of a disaster might occuer and she will have meds to make it through. Obama is so scared that if he doesn’t disarm us that we will get tired of his bull and take him and his czars out(I wish) this low life half breed knows we are going to find out that he is a fraud and Holder can’t protect him from a few million angry citizens ,so now he is trying to get the UN in to help cover his ass ,all he is going to do is get a bunch of blue boy’s killed

  • Larry B. Cates

    Lies, lies, and more lies! Nobody needs that much ammo for training purposes ! I haven’t used 100 rounds of ammo for training in the past ten years and still shoot perfect scores in CHL renewals. Owebama is arming all his peeps because he knows that he can’t depend on the military to back him up when the stuff hits the fan. If he gives amnesty to the 20 million illegal aliens in this country, we won’t survive another five years.

  • rpcr

    Exactly my feelings, why do they need hollow points for training?

  • ftouch97

    Call me paranoid but here’s how I see it. To complete Obama’s agenda…… Purchase over 2000 tanks, billions of bullets, drones, hire thousands of “navigators” (paid future militia) take our guns away=Marshall Law.

  • chris

    FEDZILLA is no longer trust-able,I hope enough people wake up soon enough word from Detroit

  • well I’m glad to seethe #’s for this finaly, I have 5,000 rds per gun I own so I’m one up on them . extra mags loaded, every gun loaded ready to stand my ground. so if they want to rock bring it. we’ll rock an roll baby. freedom to all

  • It would not surprise me if the extra ammo has been given to Al Qaeda by the justice department gun runners, Eric Holder and company

  • John W (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

    Folks, why do these agencies need to qualify with their arms every three months while the military only does it once a year? I damn sure won’t want one of those idiots protecting my building or my person if he/she had to requalify every three month; I’d go find me a former military (US Army, USMC, Seal, USAF Special Operation) individual

  • A bullet for each of us………………more than one for each of us?………Maybe they DO need more practice!! If they need THAT many bullets to subjugate us, maybe they need higher quality recruits.