Gang of 8 Immigration Bill Would Provide $3k Incentive to Hire Immigrants Over Citizens

Passage of the new bipartisan immigration reform bill could mean a $3,000 per year incentive for employers who choose a newly legal immigrant over a U.S. citizen.

The bill unveiled Wednesday says people who are granted provisional legal status will be treated the same as people “not lawfully present” under Obamacare guidelines, Investor’s Business Daily reports.

This means that provisionally legal immigrants will not be eligible for Obamacare tax credits or required to pay a tax penalty for failing to get health insurance – and employers won’t be fined for not providing them with affordable health coverage.

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  • McCain and his “Gang of Eight” prove that politicians don’t give a damn about the welfare of this country. We spend billions in unemployment benefits for our citizens who cannot or will not find a job, yet these jerks want to provide incentives to hire immigrants over Americans! What’s wrong with this picture?
    They are more interested in keeping their political career alive than doing what they were elected to do!
    This is despicable!

    • Paul

      I am so sick of all this crap. What happened to equal rights to all US citizens? I guess that only works for minorities or illegal aliens. We the working people are tired of paying out our cash so “others” can have it easy. This only adds fuel to the “bigotry” fire in this nation. If I didn’t know better, I’d say it is time for a working people revolution.

  • The Stupid Nine, Obama plus the Gang of 8 don’t give a damn about this country’s future and would provide amnesty for future votes. The criminal aliens should be deprived of the vote if any amnesty is ever passed. Then see if the Stupid Nine are so hot to make them citizens. Why should criminals be allowed to vote? If Eisenhower could deport 2 million why can’t the Obamination double that. It would reduce the load on our social services and discourage future criminals.

    • kaj

      Because they don’t want to deport anyone. This country has been sold out by our politicians.

  • Why is McCain still in office? Does Arizona have a recall procedure for Senators?

  • doug43

    Watching C-Span on this subject and the current Im Bill being introduced was interesting. First it suggest that it is to bring illegals out in the open, and they are going to do this by telling them (illegals) they will not get any Government assistance for up to ten (10) years once they come out, they will be forced to pay back taxes, fines and interest on these taxes. It will take them up to 13 years to actually become citizens, and they will be staged in after 2-5 years of good behavior. My opinion is it won’t happen as Washington plans (but then it never does).

    Those here illegally don’t care about becoming a citizen and paying their taxes…if they can get the milk free, why pay for it!!

    Washington suggested through C-Span that these people will be doing Jobs Americans normally don’t want or won’t do….but times have changed first off, and more and more Mexican businesses are opening with Mexican employees only…High Tech jobs, skill trade jobs, Construction jobs….just those jobs unskilled Americans don’t want! Washington really don’t get it! They need to get down with the citizens more often….stop believing their own BS! Free Guns Zones sounded Good on paper…but we all know where that went!!

    • DonMann

      Right you are Doug, and who’s going to make the illegals come forward. Hell; they have everything they want with their anchor babies.. That’s why the 14th Amendment must addressed to stop birthright citizenship. With this liberal, lawless Administration that works with Mexico to get them welfare before the last election. Right and who is going to make them??

    • Nellie CA

      I live close to the borders and we are experiencing more illegals from South Ameican countries, Middle East, China, Philippines and Mexico. We had a tractor trailer hit a van with 15 illegals from Columbia. Not the trucker fault! I don’t like to see anyone killed or injured but this cost the county a lot of money in every aspect. NO ONE GOT PAID! Van had no insurance, stolen plates. One of the situations here, an illegal buys a car from citizen they pay cash, they want a car with current tags or they steal tags. Never regester the car and they can move around with this car transporting drugs and illegals as the car is in original owners name. NO REASON TO STOP THIS CAR.

  • gracentruth

    When in the course of human events – – time to fire federal government and form a new one under the God.of the Bible. Peace,

  • Name one thing the gov’mint does efficiently. Boston and in empathy all America is suffering from unenforced and convoluted immigration policies. Where is the border fence promised in the last bill? Where is the strict enforcement the Dims promised last time? They are making a lughing stock of Rubio because he naievely believes Dims will live by the law. The new immigration bill needs to be held and discussed for about 5 years. No enforcement to handle Medicare or Social Security fraud, no enforcment of current immigration laws, no enforcement of current gun bills, no enforcement of budget limits, etc. When a gov’mint is this dysfunctional it needs to stop passing laws and figure out which laws it wants to enforce.

  • gracentruth

    One world government on the move in USA. Peace,

  • Gangs are never good and this one is no different. Sad to see Rubio & Flake cave into a RINO like McCain and Democrats.

    • DonMann

      Amy, Jeff Flake has been an advocate of amnesty for a long time now.. and has worked and supported drunken Ted Kennedy and amnesty back in 2007 with Juan McShame.. RINO’s and traitors!!

  • alcrab65 .

    This is wrong in so many ways; What about all of the unemployed Americans? Where is that 3K per person going to come from? just to name two…

    • Nellie CA

      Taxes from the Middle class working people. Borrow from China!
      China is buying up default homes, businesses, plants (Smithfield Port), They will own our food supply and the mfg plants they own will say “MADE IN THE U.S.A”

  • DISGRACEFUL!!!!! not only screw us over for the JOB then pour salt in the wound by taking OUR TAX DOLLARS AND REWARD THE EMPLOYER?? SHAME ON THE RETARDED “8”!!!!!!!! BASTARDS!!!!!

  • Nellie CA

    The media should take pictures of what the illegals do to property and the crime rate with illegals and refugees. Just more gangs and crime for the police to deal with.
    Mexico doesn’t have the money to support criminals and the laws on being in their country with out proper documents is very strict. We are expeiencing more people from other countries coming across the Mexican borders, IS MEXICO DUMMPING THE CRIMINALS AND FOREIGN ILLEGALS ON OUR BORDERS? The Border Patrol has picked up people from Columbia, Brazil, Cuba, China, Middle East but they are not allowed to send them back to home country. Mexico will not take them with out documents.

    You have one family rent a house and the owner finds 5 famlies living in the property. They trash the house and strip the house of everything they can take before moving out.

    In my area the illegals are moving into a repossessed home, the bank don’t know the house is occupied, they strip the house of everything, windows, door, drywall, plumbing. They want the copper for recycle and move the other property to Mexico. With the Mexican trucks allowed to move all over the U.S.A it is easy for them to take a load of the stolen property to Mexico.

    The trucks Mexican trucks moving across the U.S.A has caused more problems with drugs, human traffic, guns, illegals, illegal products.

  • Ste Margarita

    Don’t you people realize that undocumented WORKERS cut your grass, prepare your food, wash your dishes, and will eventually empty your bed pan?

    We are the “mules” who drive the American economy, but we don’t reap the profits from our sweat and toil. How many of you pinche Americans are willing to pick crops (in the hot sun) for $6/hour with no benefits? You people would not survive 30 days without us.

    Let me give you clueless Americans a history lesson: When America could no longer exploit African slaves or Chinese Coolies, they were replaced with undocumented Latino workers. We’re here because greedy American corporations are eager to hire us for low wages/no benefits whilst your Government has “turned a blind eye” and subsidized the neo-slave trade.

    Let me explain how the process works:

    I come this country (without a pot to p in) and pick your carrots for $6 per hour: that’s roughly $13,000 per year for my rse to sweat like rancid pork whilst you grin-goes enjoy climate control and send your spoiled, moron kids to college.

    The flip side of the coin is something that your politicians won’t tell you :- because some of my kids were born here, I am entitled to a whole potpourri of free benefits (which you have to pay for!): Medicaid, SSI, Food Stamps, Section 8 housing, AFDC, EITC, subsidized home utilities, Head Start, free public school (pre K-12) for my 5 kids, etc.

    With Obamacare, the quality of my family’s health care will be the same as yours! And I don’t pay a single peso in income taxes! Just the taxpayer cost of sending my 5 kids to public school is twice what I made working!! And my kids will go to college free (via financial aid & minority scholarships). If you add all the free benefits to my paltry “slave” salary – I make over $100,000.00 per year – not bad for picking carrots! Would you not cross a wide open border to make six figures (tax free) for a job that requires no education or skills?

    We undocumented WORKERS who have been enslaved by your countries imperialistic / capitalistic system are reacting: we continue to grow in numbers through immigration (legal or otherwise) and a higher birth rate. Meanwhile, you bourgeois, white people are having fewer children because you are forced to pay for our needs as well as yours. The same thing is happening in Europe and Palestine. The land that was stolen from us – will be reclaimed.

    We have already won by taking away your freedom of speech – that is why you can only “vent” and “complain” using anonymous forums such as this meaningless blog. If you spoke out publicly, you would be immediately branded a racist and probably lose your job. Meanwhile, we Latinos are free to speak out without fear of wearing a scarlet “R” letter. My ancestors walked 8,000 miles to this continent in their bare feet 13,000 years before Colombus.. this is Mi Tierra… Nuevo Aztlán.

    The socialist revolution is coming! We will soon be the majority! They’re gonna be some big changes! The slaves will become Masters. Like the Bible says: “The meek shall inherit the earth.” Watch “The Planet of the Apes” if you don’t understand.

    El pueblo unido jamás será vencido!