Michelle Obama Visited Saudi 'Person of Interest' at Boston Hospital Yesterday

The well-known Saudi Arabian news site Okaz.com released a report claiming first lady Michelle Obama visited two young Saudi Arabian nationals — including one once considered a person of interest and who sources tell TheBlaze was being considered for deportation — in the hospital Thursday following the Boston attacks and reassured them of their health status.

Below is a screenshot of the Okaz report:

Steven Miller, a researcher at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, translated the Arabic-language article into English for TheBlaze:

“Yesterday, Michelle Obama, the wife of the American President, visited the Saudis in the hospital who were injured in the Boston bombing, Abdul Rahman Ali Isa al-Salmi al-Harbi and Noura Khaled Saleh al-Ajaji, to reassure them of their health,” begins the article before explaining the students’ injuries.

“Noura al-Ajaji underwent a third surgery yesterday to repair and beautify the thigh area, just above the knee, treat skin damage caused by shrapnel, and remove fragments. This was the third round of the treatment plan for al-Ajaji; the first phase focused on sterilizing the wounds, and the second focused on healing the gash caused by glass shrapnel. Medical reports issued by the hospital yesterday confirmed the complete integrity of her knee and thigh.”

Read more from this story HERE.

  • What more can you expect!
    As my Grandmother use to say “Birds of a feather stick together”

  • ihatelibs

    she and king boon belong in prison.

    • NO KIng George (W. Bush) does for war crimes

      • Kent2012

        another newser idiot democommie clown

        • AnubisHeavy

          The fact that people throw stuff in each others faces, while justice regardless of race, color or creed should be served. would you still object if the exchange grad student had lived as opposed to a saudi or anyone a little not you… enough for you? would you poop your pants if she visited a chinee in the hospital? Are we having an open dialog yet? lose the doublespeak titles to describe your fear of change… not obamachange, anychange.

      • vietnam6871

        Just what we need another “blame it on Bush” idiot. Get the hell out of here troll!!

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      • thisis4real

        Especially all the Dems that confirmed there were weapons of mass destruction through their own private sources.

      • ihatelibs

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      • CSN

        Michael S. Smith = Toad Troll. Michael have you heard of Benghazi? per chance! How about Dr. Gosnell?

  • txagsw

    Did she visit anyone else? That would change things a bit.

  • vietnam6871

    If she did not make some effort to see others injured by the bombs this would become a VERY telling moment. Does anyone know??

    • I am sure she did and I would be pretty sure her hubby or wonderfull President did

      • Kent2012

        you mean you idol, kenyan boy, the Benghazi bungler. Our great coward in chief, the communist from africa….

      • vietnam6871

        As I said above, get the hell out of here troll. I asked a legitimate question and you give a smart-ass answer.

        • Yes, he spent 90 minutes visiting every one of the victims at MGH.

      • ihatelibs

        those monkeys never turn down a photo op

        • The haters & racists posting here never cease to amaze me with their brainwashed ignorance and spoon fed rhetoric.

  • This blog of a news point is irrationally posting items based in humanitarian actions toward people from other countries as if it means our President and his wife are currying favor…. from the Chinese, from Saudi Arabia, certainly NOT from Russia nor from any of its Muslim states… but what you have indeed pointed out is that YOU are a dangerous man. Please remove me from your community.

    • Kent2012

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      • hmmathis

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      • Invitations are not necessary. It’s a free country. So you can’t handle truth? Get over it.

        • Jane Mayer rants that she doesn’t like the truth Joe Miller is posting and demands to be removed. My comment is she is here of her own volition, stop complaining and remove herself, since we neither forced or welcomed her vociferous diatribe. Yes it is a free country. And that means, if you don’t like how this site is operated, don’t visit it.

          • CSN

            Right on Amy!

  • SouthernLady

    And did she visit the OTHER 170 people injured? Actual AMERICAN people I mean… And just who is PAYING for these surgeries – three so far, this one to “repair and beautify the thigh area” (My thigh could use beautifying too!)

  • That was very nice of her remember that the P O I was found no to be envolveda and was total inocent of any conection to the Bombings so what was wrong with her see him

  • jb80538

    She needed to go visit her muslim friend. Totally ignored American citizens that were injuired in the bombing. These people need to go.

    • hmmathis

      His family probably was a big (illegal) campaign donor in the 2008 and 2012 elections.

    • And Moochele with them !!!

    • And you are getting your facts from where? Methinks you need to do some research before making such ridiculous claims.

  • I’m surprised the ‘Idiot -in-chief’ didn’t accompany her, these two are a SHAM!

    • The President spent 90 minutes visiting ALL the victims at MGH. Just the facts.

      • CSN

        10 Victims only!

  • Charles


  • both the obamas should be considered “persons of interest” … this is pretty suspicious activity if you ask me!

  • CSN

    Oh….how cozy! How many non-Abrabic nationals did Michelle visit at the hospital who had their legs blown off, or who were in critical condition? = 0. Michelle is just stoking the fire, since USA are enhancing Muslim Brotherhood Cartels throughout the Middle East, and they wouldn’t want to lose that precious support.

    • The President visited every one of the victims at MGH. Just some facts for ya. You can look this stuff up if you were so inclined.

      • CSN

        Was this before or after he released the “Person of Interest” who was deported back to Saudi Arabia? Was this before or after he decided he would read the Miranda Rights to the Muslim who ran over his brother and killed him while throwing bombs at the Police, and injuring hundreds. Also, I heard he only visited 10 patients, not the majority of patients. This is also about Michelle Obama and not Barack Obama. Keep cozying up to your Muslim President…his Crocodile Tears mean nothing to me. This whole episode should have been stopped before it happened, but Obozo has cut back on Terrorist suspects, and let these guys go, before they did the greatest harm.

  • What business did M. Obama have visiting someone who was suspected of terrorism and slated to be deported? Did either of the Obamas exert any effort to visit AMERICANS hurt in this act of terrorism? Both Obamas continue to be an absolute disgrace to free America.

  • Why would she disgrace the people in Boston?

    • bbeo42

      dumb question!

  • It is hard to believe this is true. If it is true, we are in a world of hurt.

  • WHY was she there—certainly not for any of the AMERICAN patients! These two are showing their anti-Americanism more and more each day!

    • The President visited every one of the victims at MGH.

  • Truth teller

    Not ONE person on this comment/screed section read ANY other news today? The Obamas visited a bunch of other wounded, including my neighbor, who were at Mass General hospital.

    • vietnam6871

      That was the question I asked many hours ago. It appears they did visit Mass General. You are the only one who answered me truthfully although I had found out in the meantime. Search engines are quite useful.

    • CSN

      Obama also supports arming (Jets, Guns, Tanks) and aiding through huge monetary stipends, the Muslim Brotherhood. Got anymore good news for us?

  • Nellie CA

    Is Michelle giving a Hitler salute? Looks like one! She did the same at the Olympics! She is just as bad as Obama. She makes me sick!
    Bush was backed by the Democratic Congress and Senators before the Iraq war! Hillary backed Bush! Hillary is either with Obama or he has kept her in the dark and used her. What does Obama know about Hillary that she wants to keep hidden.


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  • Backgammon

    What about the fact that this guy is Osama Bin Ladin’s son??

  • Disgusted

    What a waste of money for the O’s to go to Boston for the photo-op. They don’t give a shit about what happened. They are in denial that the perps were Muslims. Just a good photo-op, that’s all.