Naked Feminist Protesters Drench Catholic Archbishop as He Prays

A group of naked women bum-rushed Belgian Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard while he was speaking in Brussels and doused him with water from bottles shaped like the Virgin Mary on Tuesday.

The women were reportedly feminist protesters from the Ukranian-based FEMEN group, which is known for organizing topless protests against the Catholic Church and others.

According to AFP, the four protesters charged the archbishop during “a debate on blasphemy and freedom of expression held at the Brussels’ Free University (ULB) campus Tuesday evening, baring their breasts and squirting water at Archbishop Andre Leonard as they accused him of homophobia.”

Photos of the event show Leonard patiently sitting quietly with his eyes closed and hands folded in prayer as the women empty bottles of water on his head and clothes.

Read more from this story HERE. [warning: most readers will find the photos offensive]

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  • raynbene

    As always, these classless, misguided females show the very intolerance and hate that they claim we are guilty of perpetrating by standing for tradition and sanity ! ! The Archbishop proved he would not return their hatred in the face of such an outrageous spectacle – if only more people could emulate him ! !

  • Now I can see why Putin had those crass, Femen-associated miscreants in the so-called band, “Pussy Riot,” arrested, tried, and incarcerated for long sentences.

  • skikruse

    Can I assume that the genitalia is not the only thing “wired backwards?”

  • Disgusted

    This world is filled sick and evil people.